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Twitter Marketing for Beginners

teacher avatar Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

21 Lessons (2h 60m)
    • 1. In depth unfollowers complete strategy

    • 2. How to choose which users to copy following on Twitter and find people to follow

    • 3. How to make a small niche following by only following a few people.

    • 4. Using pictures to get retweets and favorites

    • 5. Formatting tweets for maximum engagement with YouTube videos

    • 6. Free organic engagement with copromote: share between Facebook and Twitter free!

    • 7. Hootsuite fast auto posting strategy using Microsoft Excel to schedule tweets.

    • 8. Twitter analytics tutorial for seeing your ROI with tweets and followers

    • 9. Fiverr gigs for tweets on your account

    • 10. Fiverr hands on creation and promotion of a pay to tweet gig

    • 11. Izea getting paid to tweet different strategy and summary to bid fast

    • 12. Fiverr versus Izea. Which is better? Overall Fiverr is definitely better.

    • 13. Getting paid to tweet with Izea: overview and hands on

    • 14. Izea Followup: $25 for two tweets!

    • 15. Twitter is the traffic really worth it, ROI, and long term SEO benefits.

    • 16. Using Fiverr to buy followers to speed up the initial growth.

    • 17. How to write tweets quickly for bulk sharing in Excel with bitly and HoutSuite

    • 18. How to get people to write your tweets by hiring freelancers on Fiverr or oDesk.

    • 19. TrueTwit validation with unfollowers and building Twitter followers

    • 20. Using HootSuite to make bulk tweets

    • 21. HootSuite bulk scheduling uploading with excel and working through errors

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About This Class

You can get started on Twitter marketing by finding others with similar interests that might then be willing to see what you have to share also!  I started off just building my following and today I suggest you might want to do it a bit differently than me!

Meet Your Teacher

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


You can become a MASTER OF DIGITAL MARKETING by following me on Skillshare and watching my classes each day!

BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. In depth unfollowers complete strategy: Do you want to see how to get lots of free followers on Twitter using unfollowed hours? I have already gotten nearly 10,000 free followers from an ideal audience that are now engaging with my tweets and going to my Web site. You can see I've done this with these two accounts. So also show you on here. This is Jerry Banfield. I've gotten 3200 followers. I started with 50 and I'll show you a band work. I started with around 2000 followers. I've got 8000. So combined. That's 6000 here and 3000 on my other account. That's 9000 new followers I've gotten in just a little over a month by using this strategy . So here's how I'm doing this, and I'm making this for Joseph, and I'd like to thank the founder of unfollowed hours dot com. I already posted one of these tutorials, and the founder of UN followers dot com gave me six months free on my pro subscription. I highly recommend a pro subscription. It's $10 a month and watch what you can do with it. So this is Jerry Banfield. This is my main Twitter follower account. Now these are the exact steps I take when I use on followers. And I just showed you I've gotten a over 6000 followers on this account and I've gotten over 3000 followers on this account in just a month. So here's exactly how to do it. First, I start on the new Owen Followers page because ultimately, this is a following follow back strategy which is very effective. I start with a fast unfollowed because if someone unfollowed me, I certainly don't want to keep following them. So I started off by and following them. Now no one I'm following has unfollowed me. Next, I go to new followers and I want to keep all of the new people following me. If they're doing a follow follow back strategy, I want to keep them. So I go too fast. Follow on the mode over here and now I watch for a green across the board so green I click follow. So I'm following all of the new people that followed me Now this one they followed me and unfollowed me back really fast. So I'm going to skip them and I'm slowing this down a lot for this tutorial. You conduce this all very quickly, so I'm slowing it down so I can carefully explain it. So now you can see I've been doing this, so I don't have anyone knew following me that I haven't followed back. Now the key is next is with the number of following and number of followers. So you can only follow between 10 to 20% more people that are following you. So to get this strategy to work really well, you need to get up to about this number of followers around 8000 followers. Because the maximum you can follow a day with a pro account on here is 1000 people. So once you get up to around 8000 you can always follow 1000 new people every day. But this account, it's a little more challenging because I can only follow a few 100 more per day right now. But I'm slowly and consistently growing. So given I've already got over 3000 followers with this strategy in a month in another month, I will have enough to do even faster. So what do I do next? Well, I go into here and not following back. So this is where I purge the following. And then I can follow new people. What I do first is I go in the last tweeted and I sort this by last tweeted I want to remove inactive people first and you'll see why this is important when I go to follow more people. So people that are inactive are much less likely to follow me back, so I just unfollowed them first. Now I set this back to zero and now I go backwards from how maney days I followed them. So in the last step of this, you'll see where I go to copy followers and following what I'm doing now is unfollowed people I did that with before who didn't follow me back and I trace it back in days. So I've already unfollowed all of the people more recently than five days. So now let's try three. So now I go through and unfollowed everyone I've followed within the last three days. That has not followed me back. So that's what I'm doing now. That's how I'm dropping this following count because I need to drop the following number of people I'm following. So that I can follow new people when I follow new people, then that's where I have the chance to pick up more followers and ultimately building followers on Twitter is my goal. And the why of that is you can see I use hoot suit or hoot suite. I put tweets out all the time and I want people on Twitter to watch my videos go to my website. So even if it doesn't happen that often, I can bulk schedule ah, 150 tweets at a time across both accounts. So if I get any action like right here, I got to retreats and a favorite. More than likely, several people watch the video. That's total free engagement for me, So why wouldn't I want that? So that's when I'm building with this. So now I go to exclude people I followed in the last two days and I try and not do more than two days because every time you follow someone, they might follow you back. But if you want, follow them too soon. Like you can see. That guy followed me 10 hours ago and then unfollowed me more recently than that when I first started this video, then he missed having me is a follower, so he wasted his time with that. But especially if you can see most people are active around every two days or so that are really active on Twitter. So that's what I've wanted to do is exclude people I've followed in the last two days and you can see these air people. I followed within the last one day and I don't want to start on following them yet. I want to give them more time to follow me. So here's where the magic happens. Now I'm going to go copy of following and this is where this is the key part of this strategy. You have to figure out who has a following. That's right for you. I happen to see Kim guards present locally and she has a giant twitter following. And I feel her following is ideal for me because the type of people following her, the type of people that make a good follower for me to now I'm looking to find a new user to copy on Twitter. But for now, her followers have been following me back. Almost all of the followers I have are her followers. So that's awesome. So I continue to copy or followers. Right now, they're converting it about 20 to 30%. So on the band work account. If I follow 1000 people a day, I'm getting 200 to 300 new followers a day out of her followers. So I will be testing new user names in this for this copy following. But for now, I know her followers are working good, so I'm going after them. And here's the magic with this. I don't waste any time being picky. Now, if you have more time, you can be more picky, like you might say. Well, I'm not gonna follow these guys. I'm not going to follow. This guy was inactive. Nine months. I'm gonna start with this guy and I'll follow him and be more picky about it. So if you have a little more time and I'm making this tutorial for my friend Joseph if he wants to try and mawr intentionally pick which people follow based on how long they were active, how many people there following people with very few amount of followers are more likely to notice you following them. But some people like me that are doing this strategy that are obviously following and following back might also be able to pick up really fast and follow you back. So if you have more time, you can more slowly go through and very intentionally try and pick who to follow like I probably don't want to follow her because she's obviously doesn't appear to be doing following follow back. And she's got a lot of followers. She's not likely to notice a new one, so you can do this slowly and try and increase your conversion rate. So, like what I'm doing now is a lot slower than what I usually would do. So what I usually would do is do. I would usually just go through like this, especially when I'm trying to follow 1000 people I'd rather just roll through fast like this because I don't know who is actually going to follow me back. When I'm trying to predict who's going to follow me back, I may be right. I may be wrong, but the only way I can be certain to know is just to follow ous many people as possible. See who actually follows me back and then do what I showed in the beginning of this video to just unfollowed the people I'm wrong about. So this is what I usually do, because it's a hell of a lot faster. And if I follow some people that aren't an ideal follower, whatever, I doesn't matter, because I'll just unfollowed them back when your account, smaller though it might be better even were. My account is now. It might be better to try and more precisely follow people and follow them back. But I don't desire to spend that much time you saw how much slower that was. Look how fast this is. I've already followed, like 300 people doing this fast now. And once you hit the limit, then unfollowed hours will tell you you have to stop and you always want to pay attention. Of that, you can see now I've got 3500 people I'm following and 3200 followers. So what will happen is then you can see this takes a lot longer when your account smaller. Now, if you really want to get dirty and I don't recommend getting dirty, but I can show you how to do this to but for growing my accounts. I don't do this because I want to grow and have a big following. And if you remove people from following you saw how I removed all the people on following me. But I'll just show you this In case you want to know if you are having trouble growing quickly, you can go through an unfollowed people that you're currently doing following follow back with. But as you can see from what I did to start when I started a new one, followers and I went through and did fast unfollowed. I unfollowed every single person that unfollowed me so I don't recommend doing that. But if you're stuck in, you can see if you need more following. The only thing I could do right now would be to clear out my mutual follow back. But I'm not going to do that. I'm going to grow steadily because every follower is really important to me. At this rate, I need to get my followers up to around 8000 to 10,000 like my other a company account has . So then I can really do this strategy well then I can follow 1000 new people a day. And that is where you can consistently grow fast during the strategy. And you can see I've got 1000 overlapping followers with my company account copying the same Twitter account. But that means I have 2000 of my 3000 followers are unique copying the same following, so sometimes people just don't notice you followed them. But for this strategy on followers dot com is awesome. And I found this tool when I was looking around for a tool like this to grow on Twitter on followers dot com is awesome for building a free Twitter following. That's 6000 followers I've gotten in around a month and you can see I'm consistently getting a little bit of engagement, especially on some of my midnight tweets with about everything I post my Twitter traffic has greatly increased since I started doing this strategy, and I'm gonna pull that up on another window and show you that, because to me, that's one of the main. The main benefits from doing this is to get that traffic to my website into my YouTube channel. Now take a look at my Google Analytics over here. So this is my twitter traffic. And this is this month compared the last month. I've got 142 visits from Twitter this month with 78% new sessions. And there the amount of time they spend is about comparable to my other traffic sources. Now, that's I only had 34 the month before before I started doing this in just one month. I'm already up to 142 people visiting my website. And my YouTube channel has similar growth because I post a lot of these these air YouTube videos. So on about half of my tweets, people are not even going to my website. They're going to YouTube, and my YouTube viewership is growing about the same. So that's powerful. And just a month of doing this strategy, and I will show you why I was inspired to do this strategy. Let's take a look at the account I'm copying, and I need people for this Twitter. There we go. All right. Kim Garst has 296,000 followers, so you can see on this. She's got about 100 times more followers than I do on my jury bid, feel account and on my band work account, she's got about 30 times, 30 to 40 times as many. But here's the key thing. In just a month, I've gained a lot of ground using her followers. I've got her followers to follow me and then go to my website and watch my YouTube videos. So imagine me doing this strategy every single month, which I'm planning to do over time. This is going to greatly increase my website traffic in my YouTube traffic and from there the opportunities I have to make money and share what I'm doing with more people on beam or influential online, she said. And she told all of us that the presentation we went to that Twitter is her number one traffic source. Well, right now, Google Organic Search is my number one traffic source. I get over 5000 visits per month from Google Organic Search, and the amazing part about that is, a year ago I got almost none. So I'm growing my Google organic following or following. I'm growing how Google sends me traffic and at the same time I want to grow another traffic source. Twitter that I know works really good for people who are influential in the world of social media growing that at the same time is growing. My Google organic traffic will help both of them all grow together. The bigger you are, the more everything grows together online, so growing my Twitter traffic will help me get more organic search results to YouTube and to my website. So that's why I'm doing it. Google takes into account your twitter sharing and uses that to help rank you higher. So that's the power of Twitter. And that's why I'm doing this strategy. And I hope now that I've showed you how to do it. You have the ability if you want to build a Twitter following to do exactly what I've done and use that Twitter following to help you do whatever you're trying to do and be more in Flint influential online. So I'll finally show you my how this is coming out even now. Earlier on in the game band work is the company Twitter I had originally, and you can see the band work Twitter. Combined with my company band work, Facebook Page is has a 63 clout score, and my Facebook page is about to go over 800,000 lights, which is awesome. But I'm the Facebook ads guy online, so I have to have a big Facebook page of my own. But this cloud score may not matter as much now, but in the future, things like clout score continue to be more important. A 63 is towards the top 5 to 10% of all influencers online. A cloud score like that, especially going forward in the future, is a concrete measure of how influential you are online. Most users have a cloud score of 0 to 30 and getting up in the 63 is getting up towards celebrity level towards major magazine level. That's big, and Twitter is very helpful in putting that score up. Since I've started this Twitter strategy, my cloud scores went up from 55 ish to 63 in just a month. This strategy is powerful, and that's why I'm doing it. And that's why I'm showing you this. So I appreciate you watching and going along with me in this tutorial, and I hope this is helpful. I hope you will visit my website and see the incredible amount of things I have for you at jury banfield dot com. I have a search bar on my website because I have so many things on my website. I've posted more than 50 new Blawg posts in the last six months. Jerry Band for you are the best thing that ever happened to me since I started Internet marketing. One of the nicest compliments I've got online, and that's when I'm trying to do for you. So thank you for spending this time with me, and I hope this is helpful. 2. How to choose which users to copy following on Twitter and find people to follow: How do you find people to follow? That will follow you back on Twitter. Here's how I do it. First you need to know the niche, your in or the kind of person who's likely to follow you. So I know there's a few kinds of people who like to follow me. So what I do is go on Twitter and I go to search up here. I type in something and I know people that are into you to me are likely to follow me. So I go down here. I searched for you to me and I go to people. And then what I want to do is find the accounts I want to copy. So I might as well follow you to me. When I want to do then is right. Click Tab. Open up the U to me account. And then what I do is I copy you Timmy's followers. So where I showed you in the strategy to copy followers and I was copying came guards followers in the strategy as I made the tutorials. What I do is pick an account like this, and I then copy their followers so that people who are following you to me. I want them to be following me. And then I can just scale that up by continually going down here and picking more. So like, this guy is one of the founders that you to me, he's got 4000 followers. I can pick up something like the unit me blawg. I can copy their followers Discount courses is run by an instructor on you. To me, I can pick up his followers. That's all I have to do then is keep finding all these accounts that I can go copy these accounts Now. This one's not necessarily worth copping with small amount of followers, but the Maura counts I pick up. I then have a ton of copying. So just on this one account you're looking, that's almost two months, 1.5 to 2 months of copying this one. Twitter accounts followers. So that's all. You have to do a search scroll through and find big accounts who have followers very similar to yours. I don't necessarily recommending using celebrities because the followers air two big. Ideally, what you want to do is find someone about this size to copy or even a little bigger. I mean, you can copy my followers if you want to, because they're obviously proven to follow back. And that's what I did. I went to Kim Gars because I knew if you look at her followers, she's obviously doing some kind of following back and got in a community ah, group of followers that consistently followed back. So the best thing to do is to pick someone who you can tell they will follow you back. So that might be Kim guards followers. That might be the unit me Twitter accounts, followers. You might decide I'm too. Just go scrape this guy's followers because he made the course and, well, they're obviously following him back. So follow me back. That's the idea. You just pick an account that has the kind of followers you want. The strategy is about targeting the right of cow. Like Kim Garce followers worked pretty good for me to get engagement. If you pick the wrong kind of account to target, the strategy won't work. Very good view to get actual engagement on your tweets, because if you just generically are looking for followers, there's practically an infinite number of people. You could follow. You want to pick people that are likely to be excited about what you're doing. So for me, you, to me, presents an ideal following. Since I make so many una me courses, you, Timmy's followers are who I want to. I call it scrape. I want to use this strategy. I'm showing you to follow and get follow backs out of you, Timmy's followers. So I hope this makes it clear how you pick the target off using this strategy. Picking the target is the single most important choice you make in running this strategy, and you can just do it based on the data. So, for example, of you try following Kim guards followers and they don't follow you back than try following mine. Try following someone else's followers. You just keep hitting different audiences until you find one that works really good. That converts at a good percentage. You want 20 to 30% conversion, so if you're following 1000 people, you want several 100 follow backs. If you're not getting several 100 follow backs, then you have not chosen the right kind of audience, and you can see your follow backs if you're using unfollowed hours, and I just sign in here because Joseph actually runs this strategy for me, and it's great because then I don't have to actually do it myself. He goes through in dozens. You can see he's followed hundreds of people in the last few hours, and you can check your conversions. All you have to do is look at your new followers and you can see who's following you back and it tags it on here, and you want to always follow your new followers. You can see the tags then. So Joe's copied a lot of band works followers, which is good, because if they're following my band work account, you might as well copy them over to my other Twitter account to. But that's the thing. You can then see the tags on these to see where your actual followers air coming from. So if you're just getting started with this strategy, it might be better to try and test different audiences out so that you can find one that definitely works for you. So if I go down here and I look OK, so Joe copied this follow erred straight from one that I just showed you. So he's got the discount courses copying Kim Garst hubs their soda. He's copying several different audiences. And then the tag right here shows exactly where they came from. So this is very valuable because then you can see exactly where you're getting conversions . So the discount course on this is giving me conversions. So that's how you pick your followers. And then that's how you go forward. Continuing with your followers is by seeing who actually follows you back, and then you keep going forward based on that. So I hope this has been helpful. I'm honored. You are continuing to use and learn about my Twitter course, and I appreciate the time you spent here with me. 3. How to make a small niche following by only following a few people.: if you want to make a really niche close tight following using these Twitter marketing strategies, all you have to do is be very particular about which users you copy. So you want to pick a user, for example. Maybe if I wanted to do this, I would just pick you to me to make a very close niche following and then be very picky about who you actually click. Follow on. So you might want to go down and actually open up every one of these profiles. You can click open up in Twitter, and then you can be very particular about who you actually copy and try and follow. So if you want to put more time and effort into the strategy to really make it a good one, that's how you do it. You first pick a very carefully chosen user name to follow. Or you can also pick a very carefully chosen hashtag to follow something. I love dogs. You could pick a very narrow, niche community thing like that and then take the time to go through and look at every single one of their Twitter profiles to see Okay, exactly who my following what kind of content do they put out? And is this the kind of person I want to follow in the part of? That would be how maney they're following. If there have a similar number of followers there and following, then you can be sure they'll probably follow you back or, if they're more following than that, might be an ideal format. But if you pick people like that 1st 1 I showed she's only following 236 people back. Probably not a good one to follow. So all you have to do to really increase the effectiveness of this strategy is be very picky about who you follow. This will be most helpful when you're just getting started. What I do is I just try and pick up the most followers possible in terms of conversion rate . I want to get the least amount of time put into the strategy and get the most amount of useful followers. So when I try and do is very carefully pick keywords and accounts to copy, and then I don't audit the people very well, so I'm following. But if you want to make a niche following, you want to go through and very carefully audit. Click on profiles. Look through at who you're following and try and do your best to predict Who exactly will make the ideal follower for you? That's not how I do it, because it takes a lot of time. But I've got a few questions people have asked of saying, How can I make this strategy more focused? How can I build a very small niche following? How can I just pick up a few people following me and not look like I'm tryingto have, ah, gigantic number of people following me, but to build a very small niche community? This is exactly how you do it. Picked the exact right keywords or picked the exact right user to copy and then be very particular about who you actually follow. This will absolutely take more time. Absolutely take more energy. However, if you've done very well with it, you might get a higher return out of the investment doing it this way. So I appreciate these questions you've asked in the course, and I hope it's helpful in my response on how to make a very small niche following using this strategy 4. Using pictures to get retweets and favorites: for getting the most engagement. Using pictures to get retweets and favorite is most effective. Kim Garst is one of the Forbes most 10 influential women on social media, and Twitter is her number one traffic source. She leads by example in this, and I am taking a lot of what I see her doing it right and applying it to my own Twitter account. And it is working. The reason it works is when you put these pictures up, Look how big that comes up in the organic news feed. And I mean, it's just Twitter's no news feed. Really just give you straight. Most recent, but you can see whenever she post these pictures, they tend to get a lot better engagement than her other photos now and tweets. She has a hard time because she just sits there and writes the tweets. But usually she has to get someone or spend time on canvas doing the tweet. You can see she gets the best engagement by posting these pictures, and she told me she's going to do this more often. Check out my news feed. You can see the same thing happens here. The biggest features in the recent tweets are these pictures. They get more retweets. They get more favorites. The pictures stand out. So when you scroll down through my Twitter feed, you can see these pictures from the people I'm following Stand out a lot and in my own Twitter account, even when the picture doesn't load. Even when I've used Instagram, I'm still getting higher retweets and favorites because there's something people can relate to about pictures that makes it more comfortable. So this was just a picture I posted of my Christmas tree, saying It's easier to put it in the stand before you take off the twang or whatever you call it on outside this because people know it was a picture and it was relatable. Got six retweets and four favorites. Despite a lot of my followers being social media and having huge YouTube video posts, pictures get a lot of action on Twitter on The proof is right here on my own account on Kim Garce account and in my own recent tweets, Do you, if you want to get the most engagement out of your Twitter followers, dropping pictures and YouTube videos is the way to go for it now. Next, I'm going to show what my favorite thing to do in the Twitter news feed is. So this is my second favorite to get a picture in the news feed one way or another. 5. Formatting tweets for maximum engagement with YouTube videos: My favorite organic engagement strategy with my Twitter followers is very simple. I share links to my YouTube videos over and over and over and over again. The reason is I want something that converts, and I want something that shows huge in the news feed. Look how massive this is in the news feed, and the beauty of it is someone can click and start watching right here. They can literally just click on it and start watching. They don't have to leave Twitter. They don't have to go to my website, and I've got them hooked right here on my YouTube video. And if they really get into it, then they can click over here and then they can go all full screen on it like that. How awesome is that for getting traffic to YouTube videos? This is an awesome free source, and I love it because of the functionality. Look how big that is. It's right out there in the open, so I'm doing that repeatedly. Look, here's another one, even if people and the best part is people that love the video can retweet it and then share this giant video out onto their own following. That's really cool. Many of my recent tweets are exactly that. In the best part, when I show you later in this how to use Hoot suite to make bolt tweets, I can bulk tweet these YouTube videos out like this. Here's another one linked in tutorial. Even if no one actually retweets it or anything, I'm getting something very valuable out of it. So let me show you what I'm getting this valuable out of it over the last year. These are my external website referrals. Now they're a little bit down on my traffic sources, So I'll go back here and show you on my traffic sources external websites down here. So the bulk of my YouTube traffic is advertising, but the most valuable YouTube traffic. I get his search and suggested videos and then direct. But the direct can come from an external website to if Google it doesn't track it right. But this is my fifth biggest traffic source, and it's my fourth biggest organic traffic source. Now, when I go into here external website, look at the top five over the last year. Google searches the jug or not, and I only got 584 views from Twitter, but they watched for an average of five minutes each. That's over the last year. I haven't been doing this strategy this year. I've been doing it just for the last few months. Now look at the last few months, so this is the last 28 days. Twitter dot com is now my second largest external refer, even over my Facebook page, which has 800,000 likes just doing this little strategy for a little bit of time on Twitter is proving to get me a lot of free views, and I say a lot because the organic original views air some of the most valuable because I'm getting minutes watched on my channel, and I'm getting access to potential subscribers. Everyone on Twitter average five minutes this munch watching my video. So that's five people every day that washed five minutes of my video on Twitter. That's really cool, and it's bigger than all of the other sources except for a Google search. So look how fast that's gone up. I've just started more actively using Twitter. So in the last year, hardly at all this month, so that over a whole year with a bigger following would be a quite significant source of traffic for me, The easiest way to do it, too, is to just go through. And sure, it's so easy to do this strategy. All I have to do is click share on the YouTube video I want to share. I click the Twitter button. It comes up all I have to do, maybe make a slight modification on it. And then I hit tweet, and that went to the ma. It went to my other Twitter account. I have two Twitter accounts, so I've just tweeted that twice here. But look how big beautiful that is in the news feed. Look at that. A giant video and I get minutes watched on it, so minutes watched help a lot for ranking. So let me explain that a little bit. So I love you two videos for organic engagement because these YouTube search and YouTube suggested videos happen once you get organic ranking on it. So the Google search comes in that way. To Twitter is a free traffic source that allows me to get people watch my videos, which then helps them rank higher, which then helps them get more minutes watched. If I am just starting out and can already pull 200 organic views in for free on Twitter, I can count on this strategy to scale well. The more views I get from Twitter, the more subscribers I get, the more reviews I'll keep getting. So Twitter is now my number one source of totally free YouTube views in terms off. I take no effort other than putting a quick tweet up and usually bolt tweets in the hoot suite with YouTube links. It's an awesome strategy to turn Twitter followers into or gay engagement. And I say this over sending Web traffic. I am getting Web traffic to my website, also from Twitter. I am significantly increasing my Web traffic with Twitter, but I like you to be even better because YouTube inspires that deep level off trust that video content encourages people the really get into what I'm doing and get to know me and feel more personally connected. A website often is challenging their achieved that same result, and to share my website means someone has to leave Twitter. The beauty of the Twitter YouTube share is that no one asked to leave Twitter. They can sit here on Twitter and that capitalizes on laziness. Laziness is a fact of life, and this is the most engaging way I get people in touch with and paying attention to my tweets. And then if they like it, it's so easy to share it. And that's where the beauty of this strategy is. Is just making the videos, sharing it on YouTube and then cheering it on Twitter from there? I love this strategy. I'm doing it all the time now, and throughout my courses you'll see the exact same theme of how I go about building this huge free organic audience and how powerful that is. So this is my foundational strategy from making these Twitter followers. I'm working so hard to get on both of my accounts worth it. So thank you for watching this, and I look forward to sharing with you in more detail how I get and benefit from having all these Twitter followers 6. Free organic engagement with copromote: share between Facebook and Twitter free!: do you want to see how to get awesome free organic engagement on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, and even better than that, to use your Facebook audience to build your Tumblr and Twitter audiences or any other way around? You use your huge Twitter following to build and share your Facebook posts. I'm using an APP called co promote right now to do this, and I think this little tutorial might be really helpful for you, depending on the kind of audience you have online. So first, who am I to be sharing this information with you? I'm Jerry Banfield. I have a huge website with content telling you how to be successful with Internet marketing , Facebook ads, YouTube and a whole lot more people say, Jiri, you're the best thing that ever happened to me since I started Internet marketing. You can see my Facebook page as hundreds of thousands of fans, 794,000. At the moment, people are following my personal profile, which is just crazy to me. And then I have thousands of subscribers on YouTube, so I've put up a lot of good information already, and what I've been frustrated with is my inability to get anything out of this giant audience. I have online for free, so I have 794,000. Facebook likes right now, and I've been frustrated with my lack of ability to monetize the audience itself. Now I make Ah lot of opportunities for myself out of my YouTube channel, especially, but I want to actually make these fans worth something. So I saw a Facebook ad one day, which is funny, since I've made billions off impressions that have ran on Facebook ads and at the same time I've rarely, ever meaningfully interacted with one co promote is one of the very rare exceptions. I saw their Facebook and one day, and I'll go to their website or search for them, so their websites co promote dot com. The idea is you get shares and retweets from real people free. The idea that they got me with on their Facebook at is that you can increase your social shares by 26% or 26 times, which doesn't actually work out that way. Well, that remains to be seen. It says you get rials shares from real people, and that's cool because I've seen that firsthand. And the best part is you can use Twitter and Facebook interchangeably. So co promote says that 15 million people are reached daily with 742 shares today. It only takes 30 seconds to join with, of course, the disclaimer. Individual results may vary, So I signed up for co promote, and I was really skeptical first, including sending an email that I wasn't too impressed with it. Toothy support team using their chat box down here, and your gay has been very nice and responding to me, and I hope they can forgive my feedback initially when I use the app. But what's cool about it now is initially getting started. It takes a while toe load anything, and that makes getting started frustrating. So if you want to try this, just sign up for it. Fill out your profile connector profiles and then just come back after a while because I wanted to start sharing things. But I had nothing I could share initially, which then I couldn't do anything for increasing my reach. So I thought, Well, this is stupid. I shared that feedback with um and then I ended up coming back and realizing there's a lot of value here and I'm going to show you where the value is, especially if you have a massive audience on Twitter or Facebook. There's huge value getting organic sharing here, and this is exciting. So let me explain. Let me show you what value I'm getting first. So I've created these new posts. I've put my posts on life company Facebook Page, and then I've have a Twitter couple of Twitter profiles and my newest one as well. Technically, it's my oldest one, but the newest one I've been working to promote has 2500 followers on it now. And I'm just doing the follow and follow back method. So and I've got a tutorial on that to hear it is actually, so I put this up on my Twitter page. I put this up on my Facebook page. So then I go in here, I hit boost new post, and so I want to boost this post and I click boost on it. Then I put in categories and you can only do one per category, which I don't see why they create it like that. I would like to be able to boost this in more than one category at once. But when I can do is just go in here. I want to boost this across every Twitter category so you can see I'm creating all these new promotions and then I'll show you what I've actually gotten out of these promotions. So I just want this to go as broad as possible. And when you sign up, you get all right, So what I'm doing, I'm clicking Boost post and the way I get these posts shared is I've got credit What's called Karma Cash for sharing other people's posts and for just signing up. So now I'm boosting in it and giving other people the chance to earn their own cash by sharing my posts. So it's a cool, like sharing economy that it set up with, so I think that's fun. So what I'm doing are setting up a bunch of promotions, so this is how I actually get the organic sharing out of it. Then I'll show you what other people have shared of mine, and then I'll go back and show you how I was able to have this credit essentially to share , and by then you'll have the entire process of how this works to get organic quality sharing . Now is it always quality? That's you can debate. But the fact is, I've definitely gotten some good quality sharing out of this, almost totally for free. I have paid $20 a month, have a pro account, which gives you the ability to create all of these promotions like you see here, instead of just being able to create one or two. So when I want to do now is, I'm have to reload the app because it goes slow sometimes. And it was going really slow right there. So when I want to do is track my posts so you can see these are all my new ones. But check out what some of my older ones have gotten. So look at this 18 share, 754 K reach. Now what's cool about this is this is shared on Twitter, and you can see I have a very small when I call very small audience on Twitter. A few 1000 people, but these are getting shared hundreds of thousands of people on Twitter by profiles a lot bigger than mine, and I can see who's actually shared it right here, and I can see there. Lots of them are smaller accounts, and that's just awesome. That's just gold for May, because I want thes smaller accounts with potentially mawr organic and engaged fans. And now some of the accounts share to a lot more fans. And there are certainly some accounts I've found with a bunch of fake fans. But it all works out good because some of these larger accounts are likely to have a lot of really fans to like. Steve Ryan seems like a good one to me, and he's tweeting this out to his 300,000 followers on Twitter, and you can see some of his tweets get a lot of action. And so that's really cool. And then what he's doing is he's going in and sharing what I'm creating out to his followers. An idea is for everyone to kind of find a symbiotic relationship with what works, So he's going to tweet or he already did tweet my Google AdWords tutorial, and that's just awesome because he's sharing that with his fans, and that's free traffic for me, and you can see all of these people have shared my post. Now a couple of people account for the majority of the fan. Reach on it. You can see there's a lot of smaller influencers to, and that's to me. What's most ideal? I'm not trying to reach the masses as much as I'm trying to reach the right people. The right people to find out about what I do are often the type of people that share these kinds of things. So that's really sweet. And I'll show you another one. That's Ah, here's my biggest one. Here's a fruit, my Facebook marketing tutorial. So this has been shared on Twitter, which again is awesome because I don't do much on Twitter. I'm trying to build my Twitter presence, but I don't do much on it right now. Having these people share my post is really good. You can see all kinds of different people on Twitter are sharing my this post of mine. And then I've had a few people with a lot of fans share this so you can see Steve Ryan. She is going to share this at 3 p.m. With all of his Twitter followers. How awesome is that? So this is the value this platform offers. You can see I've got 26. Viral engagement's off off this one post I've promoted. And if I look back through here, some of my older ones are getting just awesome traffic, cause this is all I mean, $20 a month to do unlimited promotions. It's all free after that. And that's really cool. So now you ask. All right. Well, how do you get to do this in the first place? Well, here's my karma. Cash. I've got four million people I can reach. And this is where my big Facebook page finally gets me some good additional use just for free. Because I've built this page with Facebook ads and you can see on YouTube if you search for Ah, I'll go to my YouTube channel and you can search for Facebook Ads 2014 and you'll see in this my Facebook ads tutorial. One of many of them you can see. I have three out of the 1st 5 Facebook tutorials on newest Facebook ads. YouTube. You can see in any of these tutorials how I've built up this giant audience on my Facebook page. But what's frustrated me is I have not been able to use it. So now all I did was going on co promote and I put my page in. And then I've been sharing other peoples updates. So you can see I've been sharing other peoples updates on my Facebook page. So I look at the posted one. So I shared this and co promote. I'm not sure why the screens and weird like this, but I shared these updates on my page, and I earned 794,000 reach every time I shared an update on my page. Now the caveat is, the updates have to get engagement. But as long as you get a little bit of engagement with it, then it counts. Is enough date. So I could easily just promote the post a little bit if I wasn't getting any engagement and all on it with Facebook, spend a couple of dollars to promote the post to my fans and get engagement on it. But the bottom line is, I now have four million more people I can reach by sharing these things on my Facebook page . So Here's I shared won by Ko Promo, which is the company that did this. That's hosting this platform and you can see, then I've got 794,000 creditkarma for that. And what's cool is they just do it based on your fans. They treat all fans equally, which is awesome because bigger pages especially have a hard time with organic engagement. Like you can see, this is a good post as far as my page goes. I shared it on my page and I reached 266 people with it. That's a good post as far as my page goes, because my pages about Facebook ads, but the problem is larger pages generally have very low engagement. Let me show you Hub spot now. Hub Spot is a social media marketing company. You could say the world's leading inbound marketing and sales platform. Now look at this. They have a nice graphic here, and they got 26 lights on it hob spot, and they might. Here's one with eight like seven likes. You can see bigger pages, especially business type pages, have really hard time getting any organic engagement at all. I mean if Hub Spot has about the same amount of fans I do, and they're getting that few of likes on their posts, which are crafted very carefully to get engagement, and their engagement is that bad. It's really good to be able to cross platform promote between Facebook and Twitter, because Facebook you have to deal with the news feed. So what I'm doing is turning my Facebook audience into a Twitter audience. And that's what's beautiful, because Twitter is really good for Web traffic. Twitter is better for organic search ranking because Google actually goes doing indexes more Twitter. So I'm using this massive Facebook page I've built with Facebook ads, often at less than one cent for each follower. And now I'm turning those into organic engagement on Twitter using co promote. And the way I do that is, I picked people's post to share out of here so you can see this only reaches increases my karma cash by 2500 because it's on my Twitter channel, and this was confusing for May, so this saw my Twitter channel our Twitter feed, but what I can do that is scroll down through here and look for ones that air on my Facebook page. Now, the thing is, you can Onley share three updates per day per media platform so I can only earn on Lee. I can earn up to 2.1 million karma cash every day. Actually, even more than that, I can earn 2.2 to 2.3 million karma cash every day so I can have a bunch of people with smaller accounts sharing my stuff for free all the time. How awesome is that? And right now, I don't actually have anything else I can share on Facebook because of the categories I've picked and because I'm already sharing all the way through Monday. I've got a post Monday morning. Now check this out. See, I just shared this vehicle promote. Eight minutes ago, I got a couple of people on my page, liked it and engaged with it. You can see it reached 149 people and it got a couple of my fans to engage with it, which is awesome. So then co promote gives may karma cash based on that. So that's how I get my karma. Cash is when people engage with the things I posted on my page, and it takes a little bit of time to update. So you can see that post just one hour eight minutes ago and it still hasn't updated. I don't know if they manually have to update it or what, but I'm here is another email support got ice. You see, zero reach on here, which is frustrating at first, but you can see when I go back through here all of my promotions actually are credited, and all of them showed it zero at first. So the bottom line with this video is I'm showing you how you can take the audience you have on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook and get in this co promote network. They say they have about 300,000 users in it and share things back and forth between your social media accounts. At first I was trying to be picky about what I shared, and then I realized why I'll just share anything on my page. I want this karma cash. I want people to share my post. That's what I want. So I'll just put whatever I won't feel like on my page. If a few people unlike my page. Oh, well, I'll make. I'll put my ad campaigns back up and I'll build my audience back up. It's not a big deal. What I want is this, and especially if I can use my engagement on Facebook and cross it over to engage on Twitter than that to me is awesome. So that's what I'm trying to do with this. But co promote gives me the chance to do this really cool, interactive sharing between Facebook and Twitter. And you can see I just created a bunch of new promotions that will be promoted soon, and I've been using this app for ah, a couple of weeks. I think May, CNN. I don't remember all it's been a couple of weeks. I've been using the AB, and I've been very happy with it over that period of time. Now the the caveat. You pretty much have toe have a pro account because you can only boost one promotion at a time. Now, if you only have one tweet, you want to boost toe one audience, then you could probably do it, or you could start out not paying $20 month and build up your shares since you can only do three a day, you really need to build up into the future with shares. So that's what I hope you can get out of co promote. I am happy with what I'm getting. I'm trying hard to build my organic social media presence online because people keep telling me they love what I have on my website. They love what I have on my YouTube channel, so I'm trying hard to share that with more people because so many people love it. I'm thankful. Have over a 1,000,000 naff using thousands of subscribers on YouTube, and I'm thankful to have a huge audience on Facebook. I hope this has been helpful for you, and I hope you will visit my website at jerry banfield dot com and learn more. 7. Hootsuite fast auto posting strategy using Microsoft Excel to schedule tweets.: Do you want to see how to schedule a ton of updates? Fast on social media? I know it's really frustrating trying to go through, especially if you've got five different channels you got Twitter, Facebook, Google plus linked in. How are you supposed to schedule updates in a quick fashion and do it without putting Todd ton of effort in and yet still make it come out good. So there's the bulk up loading tool in Hoot Suite, but that's got quite a learning curve. This hoot suite approach makes it a lot easier. You can see I've already started by scheduling tons of different things here, and I've got two different Twitter accounts. So I'm using the auto schedule tool so that my tweets don't go out at exactly the same time either, so I can maximize the impressions I get. What I want to do is have my tweets, Facebook posts linked and Google plus Post going out at all hours of the day. So this takes two things. First, my hoot suite accounts set up. I've got five accounts selected by default as favorites. So then every time I put a message on, I've clicked, scheduling and I've set up auto schedule already so that I can schedule updates every day. You can Onley do about 10 updates per day with auto scheduling, and you can set it all days of the week and all hours. I have a global audience, so that's how I do it. So auto schedule. And then, on the other hand, you get a spreadsheet with pre formatted tweets. If you've paid someone to do the tweets, getting them in this format is ideal, and then it's just a matter of copy and pasting. So you go through here, copy the message auto schedule, go through here, copy auto schedule, and you just roll through real quick and you can schedule. If you've got 120 updates that 10 updates a day, which is roughly what I've got here. I can schedule 12 days of tweets in advance, so this is so much better than when I used to do, and often before doing this. What I would do is I just would have blank I wouldn't put anything on my social media channels because it was too much of a pain t even bother with it. But this strategy allows me to take just a few minutes, as you can see right here and then I can have content coming across all of my channels based on what I've already created all the time. Now the best way to do this is just to get a massive file off status updates, and that way you can then do it without having to duplicate your content that often. So if you've got thousands of these, you can just roll through them repeatedly. Now who tweets currently one of the best tools for this. But there are other tools I'm checking out, which actually can help you save your most engaging updates and then share them again. So I'll be looking into those. But for now, who'd sweet is the easiest way to do this. You just keep dropping these tweets in one of the time, and you've noticed I've got them all formatted in terms of character requirements. They're all with short links already, So if you're paying a freelancer to do this for you, it's important to get the freelancer to do things in the right format. That way, you can just copy auto schedule, paste, copy and What I like to do is have different places. These go. This goes to YouTube videos. Sometimes it goes to my website. Sometimes it goes straight toe you dummy course, the idea being that if you're watching all of my tweets, there's a good amount of variety. If you are just seeing a couple of them, you're likely to get directed to my YouTube channel, my you Timmy courses and my website at some point. So this is all you have to do to just pump out tweets linked in posts, Facebook page posts. You just pump these out real fast, get them all scheduled because putting something up is much better than putting nothing up . So your channel just being blanks about the worst thing you can do, and I've been guilty of that a lot. So having a system that does this for you, that's really easy. And you can also just right the tweets. It's better to write the tweets in a spreadsheet, though, so then you have them to use. If you just write him in hoot suite, then what happens? You share it and then it's just gone. So then you have to go back and look through it, which is a pain. So I just go through like this and then when I have something new, I can easily add to this a little bit myself when I've got a little bit of new content on my website. Then I can just quickly make a little bit more. I can add a couple of tweets to this real fast on the bottom, and then these are ready to go in my next round of scheduling. So I hope this has been useful for you. I'm not going to show you as I do every one of this. But you can see how fast this is across five social media channels to schedule all of these updates really fast, nearly effortlessly. And then you have those updates going all hours of the day. There, auto scheduled everywhere. It's a much better system, then just trying to do anything freestyle. So I appreciate the time you spent watching this, and I hope, taking a look at how I schedule all my updates so fast across Facebook. Twitter linked in Google Plus and another Twitter account has been helpful for you 8. Twitter analytics tutorial for seeing your ROI with tweets and followers: forgetting engagement using your existing Twitter followers. Using Twitter analytics will really help you see exactly what's going on in your Twitter account. Zoom in on what you're doing of right and get to know your followers and how your followers are responding to your tweets. If you want to see the R. O. I of this strategy, looking through your Twitter analytics will give you things like engagement rate, link, clicks, retweets favorites and replies so that you can see exactly what it is you are getting out off your Twitter followers and your efforts on Twitter. You wouldn't want to keep doing this strategy if you weren't getting anything. So seeing Twitter analytics will help you find this, and I will review that on both of my accounts now. So to get to your Twitter analytics, you need to be signed in, and then you go to analytics dot twitter dot com, and I've already went there. So then I'm showing you now the two tabs up here, tweets and followers, and I will do that on both of my accounts. This is my followers Tab right here, where I'm showing you my company Band works followers in September. I had 2600 followers. When I started doing this strategy, You can see a straight, consistent upward shot of my followers. I've been doing this strategy ever since before I created this course and that my followers have not stopped going up since then. That's what's really cool is there is no practical upper limit for this strategy. You can build hundreds of thousands of followers, and the more followers you build, the bigger opportunities you will have. What's cool is you can get to know your followers and Twitter analytics. So, for example, Twitter Analytics says, I have around 1800 followers out of these 30 some 1000 in the US now Twitter does not know exactly which countries everyone is in, but it tries to do a good job of giving you data on the people it does have. So I've got followers in the UK, Canada and several different states in the US, but these air on a bigger scale. I've got 2300 followers in other countries, so that is a product of who I've chosen to do this strategy with. So that very represents exactly which Twitter accounts I've copied followers from. So I've copied a lot of followers from Kim Garst, for example. So this is often a reflection of who the account's followers you copy are from. And then who actually converts. So you can see in these follower analytics exactly. Who else has very similar followers to you so I can see that Lolly Daskal has 2200 followers that are the same as mine, and Kim Garst has 1900 followers that are the exact same is mine. So that helps zoom in on exactly what you're doing. That works you want, ideally, to pick out the right followers you want to copy. And I have been trying a bunch of different profiles to copy, to see exactly where I get the highest conversion from and where I get the best followers from and was cool as you get interests here, for example, I've got a bunch of followers interested in marketing entrepreneurship business, and then I can see their interests here, which then helps where I'm sharing across other platforms to see what else they're interested in. Besides these interests, specifically, I can see things like, Oh ah, lot of my followers air into music so that cannot meet. Plan my tweets, Then where I see the rial r A y is I go into my analytics where I look at my tweets and this is where I see what I've actually got back. And I tried a couple of promoted campaigns not for very long in here. The majority of these are then organic impressions. So I've got 147,000 impressions in January, with about 30,000 of those paid and most of those organic. So that's really sweet to see how much engagement I've got on all these different accounts and I'll show you one for February. On my other count, you can look at each individual tweet hereby, impressions and engagement and the engagement rate can help you see what type of tweets are most popular that you're doing now. This gets a little complicated when you combine it with something like co promote. So I'll show you on my other Twitter account, how that combines. But this is Onley off of my organic reach without using anything else except Twitter paid ads for a couple of days, and if I go to a previous period, I can change it to where this is just organic engagement from December. So this is no boosted engagement and all what I can learn from here is then which tweets had the highest engagement rate? Which tweets had the most raw number of engagement. So, for example, my try it answering all of life's big questions had one of my higher engagement rates, which tells me I can probably do more spiritually videos. Now this one, how to get paid to tweet had a very good engagement rate. 3% And this is all organic. So none of this is paid, and none of it is even combined with another sharing platform. So this is all for free. You can easily semis, then the value off looking at Twitter analytics to see exactly what returned you're getting . I got 324 clicks in December to my website for free. If I had to pay for those, even if it was 10 cents a click, that's $30. But realistically, if I had to pay with Twitter ads, that would cost me 50 to $100 to get that many link clicks. So I got all this for free. These retweets are gold. They go out to a dollar Followers, Favorites replies. A lot of organic engagement on Twitter. 164,000 impressions. Four. Free doing the strategy in December. Now what I will do, I will show you my personal account, which has analytics from February and then combines with copra mo. So if you haven't seen co promote already, what I can do on co promote is I'm able to select Busta Post. So then some of my tweets are boosted on co promotes. You'll see the analytics from that there, but you might find interesting is the difference. And followers, even though I've been doing this on different accounts, this account has a different set of followers than the other ones. I've been copying different people, and it's cool to see if you want to do the strategy really well. Having to accounts to do it seems to be ideal, because you can then figure out exactly what works the best in Zoom in on that, you know, I have a higher percentage of us A followers, UK and Canada followers on this account. I also have a lot higher percentage of male followers on this account. And I've got, um, or focused group of people following this account than I do on my other account, where I've used a more shotgun strategy. So if you want a very niche following you want to very carefully picked the accounts, you copy their followers, then you can look in the analytics. This includes engagement unless followers and this is just for the last 28 days. This includes co promoting engagement. What you'll note is co promote has artificially boosted the number of retweets but co promote. I pay like $20 so I can boost unlimited posts on it. But co promote has gotten me a bunch of extra retweets and co promoters $20 a month. But then I can get I can share with 50 million more individual reach. So that's if one page had 50 million fans. I could get them to share one of my posts on it, so that's kind of how it works. That beauty of it is all these extra retweets, then put my engagement up a lot. They get me a lot of targeted followers, and I can see then which retweets combine well with my organic followers and with co promote. The bottom line is it's very clear looking at Twitter analytics that I'm getting some valuable engagement for free out of what I'm doing now. And it's not just a short term strategy. If you see the followers going up, I'm planning on doing this indefinitely. So I've got 22,000 on this and 30 some 1000 on the other account. When I'm looking to do is build hundreds of thousands of followers over time. And with these organic engagement numbers, I can expect to continually increase my organic traffic from Twitter. The power of doing this strategy is then creating that impressive social media presence and giving you something you can use on an ongoing basis to get free traffic. So I hope this lecture has been helpful on Twitter analytics, showing you exactly how to find what return you're getting on. All of this time you're spending putting into tweeting and getting new followers 9. Fiverr gigs for tweets on your account: Another way you can monetize your Twitter account is to use fiver to make a gig where you offer to tweet your links on your Twitter account. So here's a gig I've made on my own fiber account, and I'll take a look at it with you right now. I just made this new gig. I've just got back in the fiber. But I know these gigs can work really well, and I will show you that by looking at gigs. Other people are running so you can see I've got a link in here to my Twitter profile, which has 16,000 followers today. While I'm making this, I have up cells so that one person theoretically could spend 10 30 $5 ordering my gig. I mean, theoretically, they could order all of it together and spend $45 making one single order, and all I have to do is send some tweets out for them. I've tried in my gig to make a quick proof to show exactly how influential my Twitter account is. You can see it's got a nice clout score on its celebrity level clout score. So I've sent them the essential things they need Teoh. Order my gig. So all I have to do is have a Twitter profile good enough to get them to order the gig and then have this gig up long enough to get some orders. If you are building your Twitter profile, you could share a direct link to your gig on your Twitter profile. Do you go just like this and put in a 12 has me tweak your link. Then you see, it's a simple cell right there, and I just threw up the link real quick on this profile. And then I hit Tweet. So I actually just posted that on my Twitter page, and now someone can come click on this and then say, Look, I already know this guy's Twitter account. It's a no brainer for me to order it, so it's a perfect system on Fiverr. Using this course, you build up your Twitter followers and then you offer to promote it on Fiverr. Then you just throw a link up on Fiverr to your gig. It's a perfect little thing, but then the rial money making opportunity zoom out here the real money making opportunity , and I know a little bit about money making opportunities on Fiverr because as I'll show you here, I've spent over $5000 ordering other people's gigs so you can see I know what kind of gigs get ordered a lot. And it's the gigs that do helpful things like this. So tweet your link. Now check this out. Look at all of these gigs and look at how many orders they have. Look how Maney orders this one account has. So there's 12 orders in Q 790. Buyers have raided his 4.9 stars. Let's do a little bit of math on that real quick, and here's a thing most people don't actually rate the gig, so let's do a little math just on the people that have raided the gig. So 7 90 times five. That's 3900 and $50. With this one gig now, I'm in a guess. Let's check out the up cells first, so there's up cells to, So I'm going to guess, at a minimum, the ratings we've seen our fifth of natural money made, and that's based on my history. I've completed a good bit of orders on my gates, not a lot. I haven't put much effort into my fiber account, and yet I've gotten a significant amount of reviews out of the gigs I've ordered. But people have ordered my gigs a lot more than name actually reviewed. So even conservatively, let's take a look at this. So you're looking. She's made at least $8000 minimum on tweeting links out on fiber, and this is just one gig on one person. Let's take a look at the rest of her gigs. She has two gigs, and that's a sweet thing. It's very simple. Now look, this gig as 1000 ratings. Now, do you want to add 1200? Do you want to add that into the amount of money she's made doing tweets on Twitter? I know off the top of my head that 6000 right there, and if you multiply by two, you're looking. She's made over 20 $1000 by just tweeting on Twitter. So I'm showing you how to build this strategy up, and I have to Twitter profiles. You can see she has several Twitter profiles to, but I've got 16,000 followers already just in the last couple months, doing this strategy. Now she's been doing it longer. She's got 180,000 followers. But here's a sweet deal. You know this works, you know, from looking at my profile and from looking at her gig, you can be sure that this strategy works to make money and what I've shown you, the little power trick here of just tweeting out that you will tweet someone else's gig on your profile. Then you can get those first few sales of your gig like I've got here. I just made this new gig. What's key is to get the first few sales of the gig, because you can see when I searched here she comes up first, and now if I go by high rating, there's a bunch of other people doing this and I'll go back to recommended. There's a bunch of other people doing this. Look, this guy's got 2000 2000 reviews on Hiss. There's all kinds of people doing this successfully and making money with it on Fiverr. So fibers an awesome platform to monetize and get paid to tweet, and you can see she's got divers followers. But if you can get a niche if you can show a niche on your gig, and I will make another gig showing a more clear niche. But if you can get a niche on your gig like this guy says 100 K riel college students and 0% fake, well, I might 1% fake it just by luck. But here's the thing. He has a 72 clout score and works hard on his Twitter account. All you have to do is keep following people following back and tweeting. To build that kind of score. You can see even though my Twitter account small, I have a 69 clout score, and that's off of my Twitter account about 50% off on my Facebook page, about 50%. So if I spent more time on Twitter and last time on Facebook, I could do that just off of the Twitter account. If you focus on Twitter, you can do that just off of your Twitter account for free. So how awesome is that? So the same thing with this guy 2400 buyers that have reviewed the gig you can imagine he's made a lot of money tweeting, and you can know this is something you can repeat. It's not hopeless to get up in these recommended links. You can see some of these have very few reviews up here. 47. Now think about that 47 reviews to be in the top of something like Tweet Your Link. If you can get up in something like Tweet Your Link, you literally should be able to get your friends and family to order your gig enough and review it to help get you up here in the search results, There's some even more broad links. Well, let's just put tweet out and see what happens. So there's the same thing. There's big opportunity to push this strategy aggressively and get up in here into these recommended gigs on Fiverr. So I am excited to share the strategy with you. I am trying this strategy myself now just to verify with you that it works for me. I'm grateful you are learning about this, and I hope it's helpful 10. Fiverr hands on creation and promotion of a pay to tweet gig: now. I just told you that you could make a gig on Fiverr for tweeting and getting paid for now. I'm going to show you how to do that as I make a new game for myself live. So I'm going to start by adding a gig and copying from my other one and making just small changes to it. So here's how I do it. I will do the same title, but I want to do I want to emphasize I have a digital marketing niche following I will tweet your link to my 15,000 Twitter followers. And then I want to describe who they are, who are, and I want to make a nice way to do it. So I've been thinking and put it at the end because I want the bottom line up front. Tweet your link to my and I'm not date the number 16,000 Twitter followers and I want to say who they are. So who are entrepreneurs now? That's a nice little niche thing then, because I have an exact thing I'm offering to do so and I go into online marketing social marketing. I go to grab an image and I would like to use an image for Twitter. So here's the easy thing I can do. Let me just go screen capture my Twitter account followers. So that pops up in there and I use Camped Asia and snag it to grab my screenshots. So here's the Twitter profile, and now I want to zoom in zoom way in so I can get a big picture of the followers because five or requires a pretty big picture. So then I want a print screen and grab my Twitter followers here. Picture of that and now five requires the image to be a bit bigger so I can scale it up like that and I can go fill in outside just like that, and I also could zoom in on this, but I don't want it to become too pixelated. So here's what I've done. I've got a nice, big image. I just save it in a quick folder. Now I go back out here, I'm going to zoom back out, browse and it has to be a J peg. You think I would have figured that out the first time I go back in here? Save as oh, it already is a J peg. I did figure it out. First time. Boom. I grabbed this. The newest picture I just saved out here, which is here. Now look a nice simple cover photo. Now I'm just going to literally copy the text from my other gig. Paste it in here with the niche following of the most influential entree Perrin. New Hours in Social media, verified by a cloud score of 69. See for yourself there now. It's incredibly simple. So I want Twitter Tweet Link website followers. And then I give myself a nice, healthy time to deliver. I literally go copy my instructions for the buyer. Saving. Continue. Look, that's the whole gig. That's it. That's the entire gig created right there. I'm not going upload a video until I verify I'm getting traffic to it. Since I'm a Level one seller, I get to add gig extras. I'm literally going to copy and paste the gig. Extras here copy and paste and now I need to check the amounts $20.7 days, $10 and I put in extra what, one day on that and then I put $20 to deliver it in just one day. So that way I've got a nice integrated up cell in my gig. I go through the published gig, and there it is. And here's what's cool. Now, I I can click on this to tweet. I grabbed this short link, and I actually want to tweet this on my other Twitter account. So I have to go to my other window. Drop over here, drop on this Twitter. Drop that in there. I have take to check this out part. There we go. Look at that tweet. Wow. Well, I'm class. I follow. A lot of people saw him. I'm glad it wasn't any worse than that on my my tweet stream there. So look at this. Now I've got a nice sweet tweet and I've literally just promoted my gig to the people already following me on Twitter. Who can imagine Maybe they'd like to have me tweet their message and you can see from my recent tweets I'm grateful that I'm getting good engagement on my tweets. When you have 16,000 followers, it's easy to get good engagement. So this strategy takes some time. But once you've got these kind of engagements and you're promoting a five or gig like this , then you've got an easy way. I haven't easy way now to sell tweets on my account, so I'm grateful to have this opportunity. And I will follow up with you about the actual sales I get from using this strategy. I've just got started with it because I want to use myself as a good case study to show you what I'm doing. You don't have to believe just me on it. If you search around on Fiverr, you confined all kinds of other people that are making great money doing this exact strategy. So I know it works. And so the question is, how well can I make it work for me? I've shown you everything it takes to do it yourself. And I'd love to know how this is working for you, especially if you're getting this toe work and getting it to make good money for yourself. Please share it with us in the discussion of the course. So if you go in here into the course and I'm still designing this course, so it'll be a different role. But just tell us in the discussion items that are right here. Tell us how this strategy is working for you. So thank you so much for watching this. And I hope it's proved inspirational and helpful for you. 11. Izea getting paid to tweet different strategy and summary to bid fast: And here let's try another strategy. See if I can speed this up a little bit. So go through here. Let's just do all the rest like this there. That's all of them at once. And now I'll have to do is go through and decline them if the bids too low. And look how much these guys air offering in their maximum bid. I mean, that's pretty sweet to may imagine, if even 10% of these advertisers except my bid, all I have to do is put a tweet out on my account, and then I'll be getting paid a decent amount of money to put these tweets out now. The one caveat is, then I do need to go through and make an exact tweet. But I can also usually search by hashtag and I could probably search by ash tag and copy almost verbatim someone else's tweet or copy their recommended tweet because the end of this requires an approval process. The end of this requires an approval process that, after approved the tweet you put out. So it's important to match up the tweet with one that's compliant because this isn't a very good thing to do if it ends up taking a lot of time to do, especially if you're bidding on a tweet for a dollar to you don't want it to take long. So here we go. I made open bids on all those I have no Twitter offers left and these air all blawg posts. I have available that I can write and then up on the top, you can see I have some Facebook options that I can do. So let me look on so you can see them. There's more opportunities that I can do with Facebook, but I hope I've showed you how to use I Zia and why you might want to use I Zia in order to get your Twitter messages sponsored and to make some extra money online. Now here's something if you enjoy this video, I am just starting making these and I Zia. I hope if you like Isaiah, you'll take a quick second to use my referral code, because if you're going to sign up anyway, I think it be generous of you, and you could feel generous yourself. Toe. Put these quick four characters in at the end of it to give the referral to me in the case that you like it. You don't have to do it, of course. But if you appreciated this video, you can use this link to sign up for it. And then they'll know that I told you about Zia. I didn't set out to begin with to put this in there. But I figured since they have this, I would use it. My videos are if you notice on my channel in my website, I try and share everything you need to be successful online. And I show living proof all over everything I do that I'm doing exactly what I'm sharing with you. How to do this is why people say, Jerry Banfield, you are the best thing that ever happened to me since I started Internet marketing on my YouTube channel. I've got hundreds of videos showing you for free how to do all kinds of things. And then in both of my unit meet courses, I offer exclusive content that you can get to Onley through my you Timmy courses that go into further detail on the same kinds of things. You can get discounts on those courses using the top bar of my website. So I'm grateful you spent this time watching this video. If you want to try and get paid to Tweeter to post messages on Facebook by sponsors, I hope you'll give I Z a try and go ahead and put up bids that are lower than mine. Thank you for watching this. And I appreciate your time. 12. Fiverr versus Izea. Which is better? Overall Fiverr is definitely better.: which is better to get paid on Twitter fiber or I Zia. The short answer is fiber and I Zia, both are effective if you're in the U. S. A. For getting paid to tweet. If you're not in the USA than fiver is the best option because I z a currently only accepts accounts in the U. S. A. So the idea is to see what I've actually earned out of getting paid on fiber and i z a to tweet. So I've earned in the last month I've got $20 with almost no effort offering paid links to tweet on my account. If you want to get more than this, what you want to do is keep tweeting on your account your fiver gig where you're offering to pay to tweet. I did this in December when I first created this strategy in this course, and I almost immediately got a $20 order out of it getting paid to tweet. So if you want to get paid more to tweet fivers the way to go, you just sit there and tweet your get paid to tweet every day. Do you tweet your gig over and over on your Twitter account straight to your fiver, and then you can get orders and I'm fiber. So in that respect, I think fibers much better. Now, I Zia, I've actually got $37 sitting in my account right now that I've earned in terms of how easy it is, Isay is definitely easier because you just cherry pick that opportunities out there. So if you see, I just bid on these existing opportunity. So I'm already going after people who have made it clear they want someone to tweet the problem. I Zia takes a good bit of time between the moment you actually bid. And the moment you actually get paid, it generally takes at least 45 days between the advertiser responding, you actually posting the tweet, then them submitting it ties e. And then you actually getting the balance in your account. That said, the balance and the work are about the same on isay and fiber. But if you are not in the US, forget about I Zia and just do fiber and which is more scalable? Well, I definitely think fiber is more scalable. All you have to do is go into your gigs on Fiverr, and then you have your exact gig. You are L link, and then you go tweet that gig link repeatedly on your own Twitter account because some of the people who are likely to want to pay for tweets on your account are probably watching your tweets already. I have not been doing that a lot on my accounts, but if you do it, you should be able to get a good response. The very few times I have offered that on my accounts, you can see I've made about $40 from it, with just tweeting and asking a couple of times. So I'm answering a specific question in this lecture, which is better. Five. Arise e I'd say fiber is better For most people, However, I Zia can be another good opportunity for you. And when it comes to getting paid to tweet, Mawr is definitely better. So I hope this answering of the question has been helpful for you, and I appreciate the time you spent watching 13. Getting paid to tweet with Izea: overview and hands on: Do you want to see how to make money with your existing social media accounts by getting paid by sponsors to post? I'm trying that right now on my eyes. E a dot com profile I Zia calls itself a marketplace for sponsorship. I've already bid on a couple off offers, and I've just set up all my social media accounts and I'm getting started with this. So I'm going to show you exactly how I'm doing it, which will help you see how you can get started with it. And then if you continue following the videos I create, you will see exactly what kind of results I make out of this and what kind of money I make out of it. So to begin, I have a Twitter account with 10,000 followers. It's my company, Twitter. It's actually got more than that. It's got 13,400 followers the moment, but I'm building followers organically with my Twitter account, and all you have to do is take a look on my website, how I did it, and you can do the exact same thing yourself. So it's right here in my popular articles, or you can just search for it. If another articles knocked it out of the top, using the search button and searching for Twitter followers. And I show you how I'm getting them for free and I'm getting high quality, very niche targeted Twitter followers, and it's all on my website. So the first I've connected all of my social media accounts to I z a before I've started this. Then I made a couple of bids here. You can see I bid $10 on this tweet $6 in this tweet. And I bid the max 243 on this tweet. So I'm bidding the max on every single tweet because if they don't accept it, who cares? But if they do accept it, I want to start from a higher negotiating place. And the second thing I've done to make a little sales pitch about why my Twitter account rules and I've used the existing data, I have. But keep in mind, you can repeat anything I show you using the information found on my website and in the paid courses available through my website. So I have used I've created a pitch like this, and I'll show you pasting it in here in a minute. So I'm scrolling down toe Look for Twitter. Give away. So I'm doing now is clicking and I'm looking at it. I'm not going to fool with it unless it's a minimum off $2.50 or higher, and I'm thinking I should probably go at least $5. The idea is, I don't want to waste time messing with things that aren't worth my time. And that's something I'm able to do because I've already got a huge following online. But if you've got a smaller following online and you're okay taking anything per tweet, Isay has got a lot of great tweet opportunities for you. So I'm just declining every single Twitter offer I don't want so that they're not clouding my available offers. And I'm not even hardly reading too much on what they want because I'm looking for what I want. So if they don't set a minimum bid that I can set a max been of, however I want now, I will read more about their ideal candidate, and then if they don't have an ideal candidate, I'm going to bid high, so I'm going to bid like $50 and I'm bidding $50 because they didn't set a minimum. So I just did $50 they can make a counter offer based on my bid. So I've made the bids and I hit, Submit, bid, and now it's in the pending offers. So again, I'm trying to just do this as fast as possible because I don't know exactly what they're going to accept and reject. So now I have, actually, I can right click tab this so I don't have to scroll so much. So this thing again, let's look in the ideal candidate first, and I'm just going to bid $50 on this again and just submit because I don't know who is likely to accept. So I just throw the bid out there and see what happens. So since I bid on that, I'll close that and scroll out here to go to the next one, and I'll right click tablet if I'm going to decline it, because when I want to see if the minimum bids too low, then I'm not going to bid on it. But this one has $58 bid, and when I'm trying to do is go for the gold bids. The bids that are really good really high because for advertisers getting a quality Twitter account for them to tweet off of can be difficult. So I want to aim to be one of the top people. You can see the ask for five K plus followers, so I'm just going to post my same thing on here, and I might want toe retreat and share your message. So I'm going to switch that in my sales pitch. So I've put the max bid. I re crafted it so it's not offer. Share your message, and so I'll submit bid and see what happens. And the idea is, even if they don't end up doing anything, they've still found my Twitter. My Twitter is about online advertising, Internet marketing. There's still likely to take a look at my Twitter, even if they don't actually use it at all. So that's a pretty sweet thing. So now I'm going to right click tab. Open this again. Now the maximum is 24 so that's good. 24 38. Let's look at the ideal candidate, so I'm just going to copy and paste my generic pitch and their ideal candidates someone that's in the industry. So what? I'm just going to submit my bid. And if they accept me, great. If they don't find it, I don't lose anything. If they reject me. Oops, I don't want open it that way. So I'm opening so that if I go through here, So this one, I don't want to do that one. So I'm going to decline that one. That's why I'm opening new window like that so I can get rid of these things I don't want. You can see. I've got a bunch of Facebook ones up here. I'm focusing on doing these Twitter ones first. Oh, here's something nice Bitcoin related. But see, they put the maximum bid too low, so I'm not going to do it if they put the maximum bid down into 44 not worth my time. Now. If it is worth your time, go for it. If you have a smaller social media falling and I'm sorry to be using terms like that, if you have a following, you don't think people are going to pay a lot for, then go ahead and grab those $12 tweets. I mean, that's easy money, right? All you have to do is tweet. But I'm trying to take these higher ones and show you how. I'm hoping that really makes some money doing this. An idea is I only need a couple off. People accept my offer. And I did this before. I'm doing it now because I got paid, I don't know, five or $10 to tweet a year ago when I had a really small audience. So that's why I'm doing this now? Because I know it does work. And when I want to do is see how well I can make it work and show you what opportunities you have to make it work. So this is awesome to do. Especially we can do it quickly like this. Oh, man, this is Yeah, that's perfect. I mean, look, in $19 to tweet, that's a steal. I mean, think about the things people do. $20 will do for $20 so I'm scrolling down next. Perfect. So I'm gonna do a $50 bid right here. They want at least 10-K followers. They better be prepared to pay me for having 10-K followers. The going rate on buy sell ads is around $50 for a tweet it this my level of followers So but if they make a counter offer for a lower amount, I always can accept it. So again, I'm just rolling through these as fast as possible. And what I'm doing is I'm trying to do every single one because I don't know which one is going to be just right for me. And this is pretty sweet. And now I see this one. I want t. This is why I'm continuing this instead of cutting it off. I want a carefully crafted sales pitch real quick for this one. All right, so I want to, I want to mention and I've Beta tested a lot of games before, all right, I want to communicate that Now That's see. Look how sweet that is. That's a very personal message for them. They can No, that's perfect. So I have nice. I have a customized tweet and there it as minimum of 10,000 active followers. I just meet the minimum, and I've given their max bid, so I'll see what exactly? If anything, I get out of that. I mean, can you imagine $97 to tweet a message and try and app real quick? Why not? And now this one. See, that's maximum of a dollar decline, that I don't want to do that scroll back down. And look how many more Twitter opportunities I have idea is I'm just going to bid all of these and see what happens. Just brute force. Bid all of them and see what opportunities I get. Or I'm going to decline the ones with small maximum bid because I don't know who is going to be stringent about approving the followers and who's not. So I would give my generic sales pitch right there. Submit, and I'll just bid all of these out. And then I will follow up with this and I will show you what actual money I make out of it , because that's what you obviously want to know, right? Is how much actual money can I make doing this. Now here's another one I want to reject. An idea is just to knock these out as fast as possible, and I will make another instructional video showing out a set up your eyes e a profile so that you can get offers like this. You can see I'm rolling through doing the same thing and there I will. And I'm putting my cloud scorn there because account score is one of the more concrete things that helps prove you have a really influential audience online. Now this $17 which is an interesting bid. I mean, I'm going to just put it up there and Emmy. It's $7 to put a tweet on my account. Sure, I'll give it a try. I post a lot of tweets on my account, so they're going to give me $7 for one. Probably take it, and this looks like the exact same one, but it's slightly different, and it's above I'm setting the minimum of $5. So I have submitted bids for both of those now and I Z. If anyone from your company's watching this about an option, this sort based on social media profile and 4 88 and the thing is, if you got a system, you gotta work it. So for 88 no, and I said to 15 and beginning in this but 48 No. Because then what if they bid lower? I want to deal with that. And you can see above this. I have opportunities to write a blawg post about things and some of those compay really well, and I don't exactly meet this. That doesn't matter. I'm just going to put my thing in bid anyway, I don't see that it hurts to get rejected. Now, the one thing I do need to tell you, I have a pro account, which is $5 a month. It allows me to bid on unlimited amounts of these. So if you want to go through and do this exact strategy $5 a month based on what you can see right here, I think it's worth it. And now I might want to make a passionate pitch about dating, and this one's very involved, So I'm gonna put $100 for a tweet on this. So they're now have put the I've made a little more of a custom pitch, and there I put $100 for the bid again, I have all these bids. It doesn't matter when I see whether the advertiser accepts or rejects it here, you can see. Then all of these air declined by me. But in the future the advertiser will have an update here too. So when it comes up successful, then I'll have an action required up here. And if I've been too high, then they will come up in negotiation. So that's why it's always better bid high and then negotiate down rather than a bid low. And you still might end up negotiating. And my thought is my websites perfect for about everything. My Twitter account. He's perfect for about everything because I've got a diverse following. So why not go for all these? I hope this video is inspirational for you because the idea of making money with your social media account when I I was starting my business online would have seemed really crazy and awesome. But now, between what I share with you and when I'm sure with you now. So I guess what I've shared already on my website and paid courses and what I'm sharing with you now hopefully should give you everything you need to exactly make the money doing something like what I'm doing right now. So I'm hoping that when I create for you gives you the tools to completely repeat what I'm doing. And there I'm running low on my Twitter offers now, which is good. I want to go through and do as many of these as I can. And now some of these All right, some of these it's better to not do because I'm not a drinker. So I don't want toe a few of these. It is better to have some things like, I don't want to promote something called Never hungover on my company, Twitter, because it seemed very hypocritical and not honest. But most things I have an open mind to rather I will promote it. But there have to be something somewhere that I'm not willing to promote. So never hung over is one of those things, - but they didn't put an exact bid. I'm go ahead and bidding high again. 14. Izea Followup: $25 for two tweets!: What's more important on I Zia is what did I actually get paid to do this And I'm is interested to figure this out. As you are the I Z. A payment account activity log is a nightmare. You could see it shows every bid. I declined, and in the previous step, you saw it declined a lot of bids, and it shows every other thing in one interface. So here's what Isaiah says about this. All payments are posted 30 days after publication. We are developing a page that will allow you to better track your opportunities and payments. Well, good. That's in the future. So by the time you see this May it will be better. For now. Let me show you two opportunities. I got submitted out of the exact work I showed you before. As you can see, I did that in real time. It didn't take that long to do. And I do it in real time so you can see hands on actual speed and every single detail of what you need to do these air. The exact two opportunities I got out of that submitted three m e privacy software, which down here is confusing. The bid was approved and the bid was declined. It's hard to say what order that actually happened in, but I think it was on two different bids because this one is the opportunity submitted, Word said. Bid approved, and so that up here matches this. That's $19.51. So, according to I Zia, I have $19.51 coming for doing that one tweet and then the same thing on Duracell. I did a tweet for Duracell $6. 83 cents and it says that opportunity was submitted. So it's a little too early to tell since I've only made this a few days after this. But it looks like I'm on my way to getting $30 for doing two separate tweets, so I can tell you what I'm going to do next. I'm not going to show you in real time again this time, but I'm going to scroll down here and submit more bids. My ratio My conversion percentage was less than 10% but here's the thing. I submitted around 20 bids on Twitter, so if that's $30 for 20 bids, every single bid I went through and submitted an excuse me, I think, is $25. So I'm still looking that on average, I earned about a dollar, a bid and the actual creation of it. I will make sure that's in the course. It comes up in actions required. And when it says ready for content, All I had to do was just literally write something in there. Now some of these other mediums are a lot more of a pain to create content for, But Twitter is ridiculously easy, so that's why I'm sharing it with you. That's what this course about. So on Twitter, it's really easy to go claim in a an opportunity bid on it and create it $25 right there. So that's my follow up so far, and I will continue to update with exactly what money I'm getting out of by Zia and how much time it takes. I've spent an hour or less on I Zia, and it looks like I made $25 already. I should be able to get faster at this, and as my account gets bigger, I should be able to get even more opportunities. So you can see this presents a good opportunity to make real money with your Twitter account, using the followers, your building. Thank you for watching this, and I hope it's been helpful. 15. Twitter is the traffic really worth it, ROI, and long term SEO benefits.: thank you for asking what kind of long term return you can expect to get out of doing this strategy. You can see, Since I started this strategy in September, I've consistently pushed my followers all the way up on this account and all the way up on another account. I'm very happy with return I'm getting from this strategy outside of just one. I'm getting in terms of the ability to earn money to get paid per tweet in terms of S E O benefits. Twitter has just reached a deal to show tweets and Google search results again. This is big. This means this Twitter strategy is a huge potential to be useful for S e o the way Twitter used to be. In 2012 I was able to push a new website up to number one on the term Facebook page likes, which was pretty competitive with people trying to get that term because it was instant money in the door, which it was for me. I did that completely off of getting the conversation going on Twitter with that website. Then Google stopped indexing tweets, and twitter became not as useful for S e o It's exciting to think. And to know that s CEO with Twitter is going to be very powerful again very soon when Twitter does real time Google tweet indexing. This is new information. It's just out as of February, fourth on Bloomberg business. And so I'm looking that thes over 50,000 followers will be very useful for me for getting search engine traffic and recognition in my website combined with what I'm already doing that I show you in my other courses, the possibilities air just a volcanic. So for an s CEO strategy, having these Twitter followers a great long term plan to be able to get that social media traffic. But it's not just good for S CEO. It's also good for building a resource. Twitter gives me the ability to share all of what I do with 50,000 people Now who, according to my Twitter analytics, are demonstrating they're interested in exactly what I'm doing. The biggest part of the followers is from the U. S. A. I've got lots of people following me that it would pay. I would have to pay a lot of money to get these people following me in this strategy. I'm doing it for free. If I show you my tweet activity in the last 28 days, you can see I'm getting hundreds of link clicks already. Hundreds of retreats, hundreds of favorites, hundreds of replies. My tweets are getting interactions on Twitter, which is very important for getting people to discover me. I'm getting discovered on Twitter, which is gold. If I had to pay on Google, AdWords or Facebook to get genuine discoveries, I might have to pay a dollar to $10 per genuinely interested person. I'm reaching them four free on Twitter. I would not say this is a good short term strategy, though. If you're trying to make money this week, this probably is not going to be a great strategy to build up more Twitter followers. If you're looking that you want to build a great foundation for your business, your company yourself, your presence online over the next several years, this Twitter follower strategy is proving to be very good for me. Having a lot of Twitter followers is impressive in social proof. These are the kind of numbers that TV show's hosts often are boosting and trying to get up to so Having as many Twitter followers as a TV show host can help you establish credibility online. And if you'll notice my followers have consistently went up using this strategy and not this just that they've went up even faster than when I started. You'll notice once I got past about 6000 followers, they've been going up very fast. The more followers you get, the easier is to keep building. You want to push into that 20% of elite Twitter accounts and pushed to 10 to 5 be one of those top 1% Twitter accounts. You can count on an awesome return over the course of continuing to do this strategy over a long period of time. It takes on Lee a few minutes a day to go through and follow these people on Twitter using unfollowed hours and then automatically schedule some tweets to come out. For all of the content you're currently doing rather doing affiliate marketing rather your writing your own content. Whether you're sharing another company's content, it doesn't take a whole lot of time and effort, but when it's done over a long period of time, for me, it's already producing great results. I'm getting discovered more than ever. I'm pulling random sales through my website on my you know, me courses all the time. And Twitter is a part of that. Twitter is helping me get more minutes watched on my YouTube channel, which then leads to higher organic YouTube ranking, which then leads to more people finding my website, which then leads to more people buying my you Timmy courses. Twitter is a great part of an overall business system. So if you're using this as a part of having a strong social media presence online, you can count on this strategy to produce some awesome opportunities for you. I appreciate all the time you've spent learning in my course about Twitter, and I hope this has been a really helpful answer for you as to what is the value of doing this strategy above and beyond, just trying to get paid to tweet 16. Using Fiverr to buy followers to speed up the initial growth.: Thank you, Scott, for asking your question about whether you should buy Twitter followers or not on Fiverr to help jumpstart this strategy. If you have a question, go ahead and post it in the discussions on the course, and I will make a video response to it in the bonus section of this course, just like I have for this question. If the question is something that a lot of people are likely to have, the best response I can give you is to tell you what I've done on my band work Twitter account. I bought followers on Fiverr over a year ago. I got my account suspended. It was a pain to get it unlocked. And then I got it suspended a bunch more times in the future, just off of using unfollowed hours, because it was easier to get my account suspended after I'd already got it suspended before I painfully went through the process of then losing all the fake followers I bought. But I still ended up with a few 1000 left after all was said and done, it made it a lot easier to get started with this strategy, but it put me off of Twitter for months on my Jerry Banfield account. I did not by any followers, and it's been a lot more smooth and peaceful growth process. It's also taking a lot longer to get started. So the question is one of do you want to suffer through dealing with buying followers on Twitter, potentially getting your account suspended in exchange for being able to speed this strategy up. You can shave 123 months off of your growth time by buying some Twitter followers on fiber . But you might also lose 123 months by getting your account suspended by getting the followers to disappear as soon as you've got them or having another unrelated potential problem on account of buying followers, such as getting a bunch of spam at tweets sent at you by random baht accounts. There's all kinds of negative things that could happen, but there's a big potential gain from getting those Twitter followers and being ableto quickly jump into adding of 1000 followers a day instead of painfully pushing past the two K limit. So the answer is whatever kind of pain you'd prefer to deal with consistent, predictable pain with not buying followers or having to randomly either deal with your account getting suspended or losing followers and suffer through biding followers on fiber , whichever you would prefer not to deal with is probably the right answer. So if you don't want to deal with getting your account potentially suspended, don't buy followers on fiber if you're willing to run the risk of it to speed this process up and go for it. 17. How to write tweets quickly for bulk sharing in Excel with bitly and HoutSuite: Twitter is a platform where it's all about organic engagement, and there's no news feed algorithm selection. So it's a program where its bulk So you want to send AZM any tweets out with Twitter as possible when I'm going to show you is how to write a bunch of tweets fast and then use Microsoft Excel so that all you have to do is take the tweets you've already written and then share them out again in the future. If you spent the time to try and create a tweet, you don't want to have to use that tweet once and let it go toe waste. So if you combine this strategy with Hoot Suite and with Bit Lee, you can get a very good return on the time you spend writing your tweets, because what you won't have to do is then spend a whole bunch of time writing new tweets all the time. So I use Hoot Suite. Hoot Suite allows me to share across both Twitter channels and across Facebook and Google plus and linked in with one effort, and allows me to schedule up to 10 automatic updates per day. Now if you want to schedule more updates. You can use Hoot suite on one Twitter account to schedule 300 some bulk updates at once. But what I want to show you now is just how to write the messages and share them fast as soon as possible. But especially in this to write the messages and make a spreadsheet that has all these messages. So I'm going to go back just to the spreadsheet start when I've gotten this spreadsheet is a new list I've made of tweets that are in the proper format and ready to go. So the maximum is 140 characters. So what? I do have a little feel over here that says L e N equals a one and if I zooming, you might be able to see it a little better. You point. Not so it says L e n equals a one, and in that one it says a four. So this allows me to get a character count of how many exact characters there are in this tweet. This allows me to do this whole strategy and excel without having to go over into Twitter. Now you can just scrape up, put these in Twitter. One tweeted a time. But the thing is, then you can't schedule them. When I want to do is schedule ahead of time. So if you go to my tweets, you can see I'm scheduled out all the way. It's February 22nd. I've got tweets coming out all the way through March 1st already. So that's what I want to do is always be scheduled ahead on my tweets. So these are the tweets going out now. What I want to do is be able to create some new tweets for my new content quickly. So here's how I'm going to do that. So I'll start on my website. I ultimately want people coming to my website and one of the simplest things I can do is just take my girl straight like that and put that in a tweet. So what I do, I go paste this in a tweet. This is the initial part of it. And then when I could do I want to make up to 10 different tweets on my website, I can just go down and paced in right here so and I just paste that and I have to go one at a time the way I did it. So they're now I've got the URL pasted. Now all I do in each of these is right Some reason someone should come to my website, so I just go in and write a little thing that I would think of. If you saw it on Twitter, you might want to learn Mawr. So something simple like, how have I written so many Blawg posts in such a short period? So there are good, quick little tweet Now I just hit, Enter on this and now I can see that's 98 characters long. Now what I want to do is the same thing and I can just put questions, things like, Have you been to jury banfield dot com? Quick little tweet. Next I do something else like you won't believe how cool my website iss and then something simple right behind that. Such as What do you think of my updated website format and then another tweet similar to that hundreds of free articles about Facebook ads and I can just keep doing this over and over again to get people out of Twitter out of Facebook out of linked an out of Google plus to go to my website. I just write up these little tweets and then what I do, I have them on this spreadsheet. So then I can use them over and over again in the future whenever I want to. That's the beauty of this strategy is that I've got all of these tweets. If they weren't good, then I can just use them again. And I'm just trying to funnel people ultimately to my website in order to get you to make core sales, to get people sharing my website, using all the free content I have on my website and then following me on other channels. So if I've got this stock list of all these tweets right here, I can constantly be talking about something on my website. And it's this easy to just go right, a bunch of them all at once, or when you write a new article or making update to just put this on here. So what? I'll do show you very quickly how to do that. So I have a couple of tweets for my home page. I also hired a freelance or to write a bunch of them about my home page. So what I want to do now is specifically do one article on my website and show you how I do that and then do a quick Q Timmy course link and show you that. So all I have to do then is grab an article on my website, and I want to do Ah, a new one. So I'll take this article here. So I've got this link frustrated how to live in the moment. Then what I do. I pull my Bentley over here and I want to shorten this thing so that the actual link can go straight in now. Have shortened it. And I've already got my bit later Put the long you are, Ellen. So I'll drag that out of here. So now I will bring the spreadsheet up, and when I do is pace that in there. But I don't want it to paste with the hard link. So I wrote keep text on Lee, and then I have to remove the hyperlink from this when it comes up. So I don't want the link in there. So what I can do is just say you see what happens if you have the hyperlink in here like this. It gets all messy, so I'll just delete that entire row and then paste it straight in there. And now what I do and you notice what happened when I enter. You don't want to do that. So what I'll do with Paste this straight down and then I'll write a few quick things about it from the Blawg post. And so first, there's no reason I can't just copy the title the start. So I malt having to do this so that I go pace the title back in here. And now I've got a nice little tweet right there. Now all tap back to the page. And what I can do, then, is just copy something else straight through, or I can just take a little thing from the page, like, want to learn how to live in a moment, one same thing. Then I can go back here, read a little bit more of this, and I can put another title in here something like, How am I able to be happy right now? And the same thing just go down here, little clickable girls different variations. And then when you go through an analytics, you can see exactly which of these titles work best if you want to really optimize. But I just share all of these kind of brute force and then get people to go through to my website. An idea is in. I want to get people who are watching my social media posts that if they read all of these different ones, then maybe they'll finally click on the URL at some point. So I put all these little variations on the title, and then I can send people straight to the page, and I could go through and do that for us many pages, as I wanted to. So now I've got several new links, and then all I have to do once I've got that, I just copy. I can then easily copy this and drop it straight and hoot suite. And now it shares straight to my website. I just hit auto schedule, and now that message is up there and then I take Aiken, take this one. I can do him a little out of order, so they're not straight up boring in that respect. That I can take that one. And another same thing. Just copy these things, post them straight in there. So I hope this has been help before you and seeing what you can do to build a huge library of tweets that then all you have to do is rotate them. You just go through and share them over and over and over again. You go through and share all of these tweets, and then you just rotate through over and over and over again, a brute force approach. And then you can get people the maximum engagement coming through on Twitter. So thank you for watching this. And I hope this has been helpful. 18. How to get people to write your tweets by hiring freelancers on Fiverr or oDesk.: are you so busy that you'd rather not take the time to actually compose all of your own tweets? I completely get that. And this will show you exactly what you can do to find people to get tweets written for you so that all you have to do then is copy and paste the tweets. And if you have something set up like who'd sweet, then you can just copy and drop the tweets straight in there without having to go write them yourself. It takes a lot of time and energy to write a bunch of tweets. So here's a quick way to find people to write them so you can use Oh, desk Otis is the main place I go to to find freelancers, and I just put in right tweets in the search. And look, I've got a bunch of people up here that I might be able to get to do things like writing tweets. However, if you want to go to advanced search, you can hit things like write tweets in the exact phrase, right? Tweets that way. Then I confined Onley freelancers who actually specifically said I will write tweets and then create a job for them and invite them. You can go a lot of different ways about this so you can do things in, like put advanced search, take that out and put skill search and put Twitter marketing in search that way. And then you can find a freelancer who would like to actually write tweets for you this way . Now I would go this direction, forgetting ongoing support. I'm still a the point where I'm trying to figure out the easiest way to get tweets written for me, too. So I do most of my work in oh, Desk. But it's a lot easier to get started to just find someone on Fiverr to write tweets. All you have to do is you go to Fiverr dot com and then you put right tweets. And then if you pick the category, if you pick the category off content so that you specifically say creative writing, then you can narrow it down very nicely to get people who are offering gigs to write tweets . So what I'm going to do, I found one of these gigs out here. It's this one in the recommended gigs for right tweets. I'm going to buy this gig and see how worth while it is so for $50 If I select this is $55 I can get ah, 120 tweets written that I can share. Even if I share 10 of them a day on hoot suite. Then that's a good 12 days of tweets for me. Is it worth $55? Well, for one time use. Maybe not. If I can use these tweets repeatedly and I can count on this person offering this gig to do this well, for me repeatedly then yes, that's definitely worth it. I could eventually get together a list of thousands of tweets and then just go through them over and over again. Now, you don't have to start out for $55 but what you could do is just start out and get five or $10 worth where you get a bunch of different tweets. I want ah bunch of tweets done for me at a time. I want hundreds of tweets done and $55 for 120 tweets. Seems OK, but what I can do is also take a look at some of these other five gigs. So I take a look at this gig and see how many tweets I can get. So on this I can get a team or tweets. Plus, I think the original gig is 10 so that I can get 90 tweets for around $45. The idea is, the tweets need to be written good, though, so I'm actually going to order this gig right now. I've already got the money on my fiver account from making sales before, and now all I have to do is then give this guy a link that I want to use for the tweets. So I'm just going to give him my you to meet courses to write tweets for. So then I can just repeatedly share my you to meet courses across all of my channels. Using these tweets, I'll give him 12 different courses, ask for 10 different tweets for each course, and then 120 tweets total that way 19. TrueTwit validation with unfollowers and building Twitter followers: should you use true twit validation or interact with people who are using true twit? True twit helps you to verify that people are really followers by making it harder for people to follow you. When you run into people on Twitter, you'll find things like this pending. You do not want to use true twit, in my opinion. Now, of course, there are times when you might want to. If you really want to just have a niche very small following. You're welcome to do that for doing this strategy and growing your followers. I do not use true twit. And if I see people have been a pending when I've tried to follow him, then I just click that and then that's it. I give up on trying to follow them. So this way I am just clearing out all these people who have resulted in pending because they require some sort of validation in order for me to follow them. You don't want to make it harder for people to follow you because that's limiting exactly what you're doing, and you want to clean out all these pending requests you've made because they don't do you any good. If someone's making it harder to follow you, then why would you want to deal with that? So that will come up. You'll get messages to say, Hey, I validate with true twit. You're welcome to go through and do that if you want to. I don't see the benefit of going through in interacting with these pending requests. I don't see the benefit of trying to interact with people that make it harder for you to follow them. So if you clear out thes pending requests, if you get a pending request, then you can just unfollowed them or forget about it. So that's the problem with using true twit. Why would you want to make it harder for anyone to go through and follow you? So that's my thoughts on true twit, I say for doing this strategy and growing your Twitter account as biggest possible. No to using true twit and no to trying to go through other people's validation with, True to it 20. Using HootSuite to make bulk tweets: do you want to see how to schedule massive amounts of tweets? Facebook posts Google plus posts linked in updates all at once. Using hoot suite. I'm going to show you everything I do to do that, and I'm going to actually post updates live on my accounts. I'm going to take you through the details, including managing the spreadsheets, and I'm going to give you short cuts that can help you drastically minimize the time it takes you to do this based on when I've done learning it, of course, the hard way. So first, what is it I want to do? But I want to do is put out posts automatically scheduled in advance on my band work Google Plus, which is my company, Google plus Page. Sadly, you cannot currently put updates out automatically on your Google personal profile page. Second, I want to put updates out on my first Twitter account, my personal Jerry Banfield account. Then I want to put out updates on my more popular ban work company, Twitter account, which currently has over 15,000 followers. If you see there's a tweet, I just put up on here, showing you recently how I not only get paid to send out tweets like this, but then I'm getting tons of followers for free. So I want to put off this helpful information out on my account automatically without the painful work of scheduling each message individually. Same thing on linked in. I want to put out updates that go into news feed all the time from my profile on LinkedIn, even if that many people don't engage with it, it's a fairly effortless process to get all that information out. Same thing on Facebook. I have 800,000 likes on this page and have 123,000 likes on this page. I want the Post to go out automatically, even if they only reach a few people. I want to be able to do a small amount of work that puts out all off this information quickly on social media. And more importantly, I want a system where I can do this easily and fast. So I'm going to show you the details of making this system in exactly what you need to do it, and I'm going to show you the technical details to that can help you solve problems like, how do I sort and get my tweets down the size? If I wrote them too long? How do I get my short? You are else. Lots of technical questions. Air in here answered. So first I've got 100 new tweets and Megan's of freelancer that wrote these for me based on my YouTube videos so you can see these air YouTube share direct links. What I want people to do is watch my videos on all of my social media channels, and I want them shared across all of my social media channels. So this is one short link, and I got that by using the share button on YouTube, and I just take this short URL the's short. You girls are good because they can go out directly on all the social media accounts without getting butchered into another girl format. And for the other thing. I used my Jiri dot tips custom bit Lee, You are all so then I can put that out without it getting butchered into the same way. So that's when I wants direct things to my you to meet courses like this. So here's how I do it. I use a bit, Lee. You are all shorter. So I have a bit. Lee, you are all short nor all moved out over here. And I got a custom link from Go Daddy and I mapped it to my Jiri bit Lee account my at band work bit Lee account and now jerry dot tips. I can shorten any link I want in here. I just put the Lincoln here and I can shorten it. So then I use those links in my boat scheduling over here. So what I do then, once you have the tweets written up. While the problem is, I didn't get this toe work in the right character format, and this is a big problem. I need to know how long each of these tweets are, So that's a problem. So here's the solution I found. So here's a simple little equation, Ellie and equals. So I'm going to take that raw format I have right here, and I want to mix the URL in here with the actual tweet. Now, this is easiest, I think I think it's easiest if you do this straight off in the creator for Twitter. So here I'll take you know what I mean? So when I goto a YouTube video, it's easiest to create the tweets straight in the tweet Creator out of YouTube. So you just create the tweeting here, you automatically have the character limit. The thing is, if you have your updates in a different format, you might not have that. So assuming you have your things in another format like this, this is quite common. If you want to share a lot, you want to get it done by a freelancer to tell them how to format it properly. I didn't give Megan good enough instructions on formatting it, but I'm gonna show you a couple of tricks now that you can use to fix and make the formatting proper. So I'm showing you all of this because hoot suite requires when you use the bulk upload er hoot suite has a ton of formatting requirements to use the bulk editor. Most notable, you can only schedule 350 messages at once, and you have to bulk upload into a C S V file and this exact format. So I'm going to make a C S V file in the exact format out of what I have here. So I'm going to show you oughta actually do that. So this is my rock tweets file. I'm going to delete this line. So I right, clicked and hit d to delete that. So now I scroll down here. I grab all of these at once, and now I go into note pad to do this next step. So I go in the note pad. I paced the tweets in here, and then I copy the space between them, which ends up being a tab. I go to edit, replace I paste that right there. I paced the tab there, and then I just hit space and then replace all, then copy. And then this is the old file. So I'm going to just make a new file. And this is the new file I was making before. And then I just paste in the here. So now these are full tweets. This is the entire message to go out on a social media channel. Now, here's what's cool. This is a little power trick I got from searching on Google. This tells me my character count. Well, the problem is, I need to have character counts under 140 in order to put this out on Hoot suite. So what I'm going to do to do that now I put this little formula in l equals L E and a one and that's in the B column. It takes this council characters and put it in here. And then when I did copy, this cell pasted it all the way down here. So now I have a character count on each cell. Well, what I want to do now is fix the cells that have the most characters before I try and upload them so I can see all these tweets needs to be shortened. So I'm going to do. To do that is delete enough words until the character count drops. They're so I'm just going to delete a few extra words. So there, that's still too long. So I just take out organic. That's 1 40 I probably don't want to mess around. I'll put it. I'll put it under 1 40 So they're now 1 36 So all I have to do are quickly take out words on here, and I want these to be indexed and communicate but at the same time, so it's just real quick. I just knocked these on out to get them shrunk. And it's important to have all of these the right length because if you put even one in that the wrong length, it will reject your entire list. And let me tell you, that's painful. So I just shortened these up and you can see the importance off getting the floor mat correct for a freelancer to use. And I recommend just giving them a spreadsheet like this that has the character count on it and including one with the girls in it from before. And for the sake of your time, I will jump ahead to where I've already edited these. You can see how long just editing those five took, so I will jump forward toe. I've already edited all the rest 21. HootSuite bulk scheduling uploading with excel and working through errors : Now I've got this. Every tweet on this is in the right format. So now the trick is to get my bulk up. Loading done. Hoot suite requires everything go in a format that has the date and time written out just like this. So I'm going to show you a huge short cut to getting that done. So here's how I do that. I have the times right here, and I have a formula for this. So I started with the date in this format. I scroll down to here, and then I just have a formula to add one to the current date. Now, you can literally copy this verbatim some date year cell number, which is the one before it and the day plus one. So I have that. And then I scroll down and I do the same thing down here. So I have a week worth of days summed up and all I have to do. Watch this. So I go change the date. Today's the first of December's I'm making this boom. All the dates change all the way down. It's just perfect. Now I have the time set up the exact same way So here is how I make this work. I want to start this whenever I'm actually going to schedule it here. And they have to be scheduled at least around 30 minutes in advance. So I want to grab these times, starting right here and scroll down and take a little less than 50 of them. I'm going to do this on all of these accounts. You see, here I have 123456 accounts. So here's how many tweets I can collective messages. I can schedule it once. 3 50 is the max divided by six. So again, schedule 58 per account. So what? I want to do his grab 58 times. So let's just start here for simplicity. And that goes to 88. Well, if I started on one, so it goto 87. So I grabbed 87 times here, and there's ways you can do this. That makes it a little easier. Now I go back into my friend note pad paste this in there, and I have to do this because the formatting required by Hoot suite requires it in this exact format. And this is the easiest way I know how to do it. There's probably a trick in Excel A combined like this. So what I did is I copied that tab. I pasted it in here and then I have a space bar in here, so I go to replace all now I copy and paste this and when I need to do is paste this into the actual CS fee file I'm going to use. So I'm going to make a new Microsoft Excel book. I've dropped that in now those air in the times who sweet wants them in. Now I need two versions of this because I have two Twitter accounts and I don't want to put them out of the exact same time. If someone follows me on both accounts, I don't want them to get hit with the same tweet at the exact same time. So here's how I'm going to deal with that. So these are the fixed tweets I just did. So I need 87 of them copied, and now I'm going to go toe handy. Random dot org's slash lists. I've paste them with control V into here and now randomize the order of that. Now that's pretty sweet. And I'm going to have to pace this and remove the numbers in here since we don't want that . So now I go back in. That's my C S V. So I don't want to mess with that yet. So I opened another CS or another random file here, and you can see we got a brawler. You know, I need to remove all of the numbers in here now on random dot Orgel. That's inconvenient, random dot org's. Isn't there a way I can do that without? Let's see if I switch to advanced mode. Yeah. Let's go. Bare bones. Text document Pace that in there? Yes, thank you. Random dot org's. Now, that's what I want. I closed this extra. See, SV file out. Now I stick this in here now those air in a random order. Wait. Excuse me. That was the wrong one And paste it into. That's what I'm saying. You have too many. CSP is open. Here it is. That's the one. I want it. Paste it into. Now these are ready to go out on hoot suite. So I go and save this in my hoot suite folder and I go to save it as a CS v file, I'm going to verbatim copy another name. December Twitter save. And then you just go through all the warnings here. Now, this should be a properly formatted file. And since I'm big on honesty, you're going to get this live with May for the first time. So I go down the scheduling. I click the bulk up loader. I choose this file that I just put in my hoot suite. Fuller. I want December 1st Twitter one. Now I select the first Twitter account. I skipped the next one. I select Facebook page one and to isolate Google Plus Page and linked in profile. So I'm going to do the next Twitter one separately. And no, you can put your date in a different format, so I hit. Submit and there's no date on. Oh, and there's one that's too long on the line text. Interesting. So now you go back here and you have to fix the errors. That's my times one. So I just get rid of that. So this line is too long, said Line 75. No, that's on the character count. I don't want that one. I'm gonna close that one, too. And that was my original tweets. One going to get rid of that. So what? All I want is the hoot suite. December 1st. Ah, so here. I did not paced enough numbers on there from my no pad file hoops so you can see how to get past some of these common errors. So this must have slipped through the cracks somehow. Oh, there's some quote in here. There's an extra quote bar that got put in from copying and pasting it. So what you don't want is any quote in here, So that is a good thing to remember when doing this. You don't want any quotes in because it messes up in excel. So I go, I can go over to my character count one which has my newest and I search for a quote. And so I just delete those because they come out really ugly, get rid of all the quotes there. Now that's all the quotes. So now I've got rid of all the quotes. I'm going to take 87 of these again, go through the random dot org's, and I'm not sure exactly what got parsed it might have been the randomized in here. It could have happened in here, but it doesn't matter where it happened because it clearly was a problem. So I paste this down here now. Now they're in a different order again. And now I need to go back and grab the times. I didn't put enough times in my note pad file, so there's a simple way to fix that. So I have the times only I'm starting at. Well, I know what I did wrong. I meant to do 87 I did 57 so I grabbed the times here. Grab 1 30 to start. So I'll just go down here and take a thana times. You see what I'll do now? I'll just scroll down here and take a bunch of times copy. Drop him back and no pad paste. Go to select this. Replace hopes. Replace paste and space. Replace all copy. Drop out of here. Go back over into the December 1st scroll up to the top paste. And then since I know my limits 87 because six times 87 comes out to less than 3 50 So I saved this. And now I go back to the hoot suite, Bulk, upload her again and I try a new file in here. I go back and do this file again, and I had submit and it appears I did not do my multiplication properly. So let's go over this again. I could have 3 50 schedule across all networks divided by six. I okay, I could have a maximum of 58 schedule at a time. So I took too many in here. And seeing these mistakes can help you understand what you don't want to do on yourself and everything you need to consider here and how to fix the mistakes. Because getting through these mistakes can be really frustrating. So you can see how I've went through here and fixed every single mistake. And I do it in real time because that's how you're going to actually end up doing it. If I just have some polished, pristine tutorial, then you get no sense of all the challenges that come along with doing this. So for the last step, I'm going to create one additional specific tweet line for the other set of tweets. So I go over here, I grab I want to get 57 so I'll grab up here a copy. I'm doing this because I want a different set of tweets for my other account. So I go to randomize. I go to grab this, I go back into my December 1st, I'll save that. And then here's what I do paste in here and now I save as I say, This is Twitter too. So this has different tweets than the other one. So I go back over here and I go to schedule bulk message, and I grabbed the Twitter to file, and then I only choose the network I haven't scheduled to do. You can see the jury. Banfield one right here is open the band work, one scheduled. So I pick this as the network. I don't want a double schedule it on one network, so I just successfully scheduled right there. Refresh. Now look at that. 350 updates done in around 30 minutes. How sweet is that? Even if I satin did them one at a time, that is. The other thing you can do is sit in here and do them one at a time. But look at how sweet that is for bulk uploading. Have them all scheduled across all of them. And I just have the message in the u. R L So hopefully on Facebook that will come straight in like that and maybe I'll get it shared nice on my page like this, but I might not. That's okay, but the nice thing is, then my Google plus profile here. My page has all this activity happening on it that tells Google. My links are getting shared on Twitter. All these followers of seeing these messages on both accounts. That's almost 20,000 followers on linked in. I've got hundreds of people following me. They get updates. The strength of this is sheer brute force, so you can see this is just brute force. And I've taken this. I looked at another lady who's successful on social media Kim Garst, and if you look at her tweets, it's more of a brute force. You can see she's just putting out tweets constantly, and the thing is, she's not sitting there doing these tweets all day. She has a program that puts out these tweets, just like I'm showing you. And the thing is with Twitter and things like Google plus linked in the tweets can be very time sensitive Facebook. So if you want to get something out, putting it out at exactly the right time is a good way to do it. The only way you can control four time is like this. You control for time by cheer brute force. And so an individual trying to sit there and tweet all day can barely keep up with what just took me 30 minutes to do. And I have. Let's look at the calculator to see how long I've got scheduled. So I had 58 tweets and messages per account divided by while there's every 30 minutes. So that's 48 per day. So I've got 1.2 days scheduled in advance on six accounts. So the idea is, I do this once a day, and then I can have my account scheduled all the way out through the next day. But the sweet part is, if you want to scale this up, what you need is a bigger list. So I've got a bigger list and I'm working to get them in the right format. I'm working. Have freelancers help with that. But when I get a bigger list of these tweets, I can just randomly grab one of them or grab a section of it and dump it in there because most people aren't likely to get my updates every single day. And that's OK, because when I'm doing this strategy on Hoot Suite, then I just do this every day and at some point, by sheer luck, someone's likely to run into my tweet at the right time and I'll show you the power this is having, especially on Twitter. This has been working really good on my Twitter account. My I'll show you on my YouTube channel. Over here. Twitter is quickly growing as one of my new sources of traffic. By sharing these direct links to you tube videos, I'll bring this over and on my external website traffic, you can see Google Search is currently the number one. But Twitter now and Facebook and Google blush using this new strategy are quickly moving up . The difference is this is a little thing I can do every day. I've only been trying this strategy a little bit. You can see even trying this strategy a little bit. I'm getting a lot of minutes watched on my channel and these and up. So you can say, Well, what's 210 views from Twitter compared to your 3500 from Google Search? Maybe not much. But I'm just getting this hoot suite strategy in place so that I can do it every day and do it simply so I hope what I've shown you is helpful for getting your updates scheduled across the board if you want more. And if you want to see all of these incredible tutorials, I'm creating showing you exactly how I run my entire website and business while you have to do is go to my website jerry banfield dot com. I have gigantic amounts of free tutorials. You look these are all recent. This is made on December 1st 2014. You can see these air two plus 1000 word post, for the most part and these air all in the last few months. It's because I have a smooth business system for working online, and I've suffered a lot of failures. I've learned the hard way and I share what I learned with you so that you can do this yourself. So I hope this is helpful. I know this hoot suite scheduling strategy has given me the ability to leverage all of these big social media accounts I have. And if you want to see the result of that, you can take a look at my clout, score a celebrity level, scores around 70. You can see I've got 68 even on Lee doing this hoots. We strategy a little bit. Now I'm pushing it Mawr actively and my scores consistently going up 68 means I'm very influential in the top. 10% of all people scored on clout, so that means people with social media accounts clout is a good indication of how influential yard line. And this strategy allows me and you if you use it to B'more influential online. So I appreciate the time you spent watching this, and I hope it's helpful