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Twitter Marketing 101: Marketing Strategies That Work

teacher avatar Somenath Sen, SkillShare Instructor Teaching 100+ Classes

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

19 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Enroll Now !

    • 2. Introduction To The Class

    • 3. Understand Twitter

    • 4. Following

    • 5. Tweet

    • 6. Direct Message

    • 7. Mention

    • 8. Hashtags

    • 9. Trends

    • 10. Understanding Your Target Audience

    • 11. Retweet

    • 12. 8 Quick Tips Form This Chapter

    • 13. Always Engage With Your Audience

    • 14. Write Tweet That People Want To Follow

    • 15. Understanding Twitter Ads

    • 16. Promoted Trends

    • 17. Promoted Tweets

    • 18. Promoted Accounts

    • 19. Some Marketing Strategies That Work

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About This Class

Want to learn how to promote brands, increase sales, engage customers, and drive site traffic using Twitter? This course helps marketers and business owners craft, implement, measure, and optimize a winning social media marketing strategy. Class starts with the best uses for social media marketing. Once viewers understand the conceptual underpinnings of social media marketing, Then they learn how to create Twitter profiles; write engaging, high-quality content that incorporates the unique features, such as hashtags and rich media, and maximize your reach by adding target followers. Finally, learn how to measure the results of those efforts using best twitter ads, and see how well your posts and tweets are performing.

Topics Include:

  • What is social media marketing?
  • Creating a brand presence that people want to follow.
  • Defining your objective.
  • Finding & following your target accounts.
  • Writing tweets and using retweets.
  • Understand what is the right time to tweet.
  • [BONUS ]Get 200+ pre written tweets to make your viral post instantly.
  • Adding media and hashtags get trafic almost instantly.
  • Searching for potential clients.
  • Attracting followers on different platforms.
  • Using twitter to capture target leads for your business.
  • Using twitters ads to boost your marketing campaigns and enhanced your brand value.
  • How to use twitter ads to boost your campaign instantly.

So What are you waiting for enroll the class now !

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Somenath Sen

SkillShare Instructor Teaching 100+ Classes


My courses are specialized in technology domains that are well aligned with market trends, geared towards enabling gainful careers and are affordable. My aim is to teach technology the way it is used in the industry and professional world. My up to date course library will give you the perfect way to jump start your career and dive into today's job market.

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1. Enroll Now !: 2. Introduction To The Class: Twitter is one of the most popular social media. Need Talk in the world User have been increasing every day. Twitter is a short message communication tools that allow you to send out messages, which called tweets and it up to 14 to get along, and this message will appear on someone timeline. Who can follow you on Twitter? Your tweets can include a link to any Web content, block, post videos, photograph or even a Pdf. It is very effective tool for people to communicate with a group off audience. It's make possible for politician to communicate with their Communist artists to connect with their followers, friends to communicate with each other and businesses with directly interact with their target market. First of all, I can tell you, what should you not learned in this course? He will not learn how to set up a Twitter account. You will not learn how to create your profile, how to add profile, picture how toe had cover image and how to follow someone in Twitter. So what? So do you learn in this course? By taking this course, you will ever to understand what is Twitter language and how to use into it a language to promote your business. You will know how to use off several strategies that will see only increase the number off followers and increase your brand visibility. He will learn how to use studio to drive thousands of visitors to your website. You will also we learned how to target and English with the right audience. They will learn how to use Twitter to gain feedback about what people are thinking about your products and services. You will also learn the different advertisement opportunities that Twitter offered to those who want to increase their exposure to their target market. Finally, I give you 200 plus pretty in tweets that will turns from your Twitter marketing experience and save you a lot off time and also help you to realize how to promote visibility and enhance customer royalty by using Twitter. So let's get started with Twitter marketing ones. It of one course 3. Understand Twitter: Welcome back, guys. Twitter used their own style and language toe, connect people or business toe each other. For example, two people have toe speaking the same language in order to understand each other. Similarly, to return make use about unique language. It is necessary that all user know the language toe Evert confusion in one message or to it . One could only write one for the character. For this reason, total use symbols that will only take few characters. This key word and symbol should be learned in orderto masses. To make sense. Twitter use several kind of language and style on this are following through its direct message or deem mention hashtagged Friends on Retweet into our next videos. I'm explaining all these language and a right way to use it. 4. Following: following Following is done when one user subscribe to another user to it by subscribing are following, one will be able to see the tweet off the one being followed. He is now a follower. A marketer goal is to have a lot off follower who is be a bit about the latest product and always very mind off the brand. The four no limit is 1000 per day. Don't follow more than that. The result. Your account will be burned permanently. Also that effect on your brand. 5. Tweet: do it are, too. It is an expression off a moment or idea it can content. Takes photos and videos millions up to it our share in little time. Every day bitey fall to its are visible toe all user in the network. However, sender could manually restrict the deception off to its on Lee to follow us, which could be made from that Twitter website. When you follow people there good instantly show up in your timeline. Similarly, your tweets threw up in your followers timeline to see Interesting, too. It follow interesting people, friends, celebrities, new sources or anyone who's to its you enjoy. Do It is any message post to Twitter, which may contain photos, videos, Ling's pdf and up to 1 40 characters off text. Once you have signed up, just type your first to it. In the update books, Click the Tweet, but then to post the update to your profile. Actually, Sweetland is 1 60 character. Twitter is a 20 character for you. Their names and the other 1 40 character are all use. There is a limit off tweet posting as like following limit, you can post a 2002 it for day 6. Direct Message: Dydek Message new tutor user are often confused about how to send a private message to another user. All off your to it are available for anyone who view online as part off your on going to It s Team. But it is possible to send a private message to other user with the Twitter direct message features. Nobody else seemed this private message. Expect the user communicating with each other. People use this feature when they don't want to make their message public. In order to send a direct message to order to ITER user, that person must be follow you. Once the person you want to send a private message who is following you simply click on the message link in the top off your Twitter profile and click on new Message Burton in the pop up in the name and type your message in the box provided on hit the next button to stay in the message. Your dialect message will appear in the receiver Direct message inbox Instantly. You can use a direct message for one on one private conversion or between groups off user using group message for one on one message. You can only send direct message to users who follow you, and you can receive message from any user that you follow for a group message. You can only invite user who follow you to a group. Other user participating in the conversion can invert their followers even if they are not followed by anyone involved in the group. Message users who have been blocked by anyone participating in the group message cannot be invited to join. 7. Mention: mention by reading at then user name on our to it user is mentioning a user name in the tweet. The person who owned the user name will be notified off the mention and will be able to see that tweet. People who are following you will also see that it on their timeline. How do I didn't differ? Your mention I mentioned is simply any tweet that content and user name in it. Do it with at least play are also considered at mention. You can view any to it that mention you or are in reply toe one off your tweet In the mention tab on your Twitter homepage. Anyone you mentioned in a tweet using their user name will see the tweet in their mentioned tap. 8. Hashtags: Hess tag hashtag are used eso that searching on a topic will be easier every time. Ah hashtag is used before word people who typed those hashtag will find the tweets that contained them in marketing. Hashtag are used to promote a curtain service or cutting porter. Most business would prefer their website linked to be exposed, so too much has stock could be distracting to those links. However, when properly used those extract, they're very effective. Marketing tool. How to using hashtag to categorize your tweet Before using hashtagged, Give these steps in your mind to reach out target audience for your business people use the hashtag symbol before a relevant keyword in there, too. It's to categorize those two it on. Help them so more easily in Twitter. Search clicking on a hash tag word in any message. So all other to it mark with that keyword Hasta can put anywhere in that tweet at beginning middle or end. Hashtag words that become very popular are off then trading topic. Many people does not know that feature that is possible toe chat on Twitter. Using hashtag, Twitter user could start a discussion around the cut and topic by using the block chaired hashtag. They will also set a time where they will all used the same hashtag, tweeting retweeting and responding to tweets. Nine thing you should know about hashtag hashtag should be a topic off your tweet. Don't overuse has trick because it is? Look, spending on that hard to your band. Limit your hashtag toe to toe tree part to it. Using hashtag can help you connect your business toe. Others with similar interests. Anyone can create 1/2 stag at any time. Hashtagged are searchable on Twitter and helping people to find interesting tweets and user clicking on a hash tag bring up all the reason to it that used the same hashtag hashtag can be used to tie together post in a Twitter party or a checked hijacking. 1/2 stag with an unloaded treat is very bad because it's a pick your brand, So I covered them 9. Trends: trend cutting, Keyword and topic are called trading when they're tag at a greater frequency than other texts. That means a lot of people are tweeting about this topic on each one off them. Use the hashtag every time are tweeting about the topic is mentioned. A gotten even might be the origin off. The trend, which people have been talking noble trained, are determined by an algorithm on by default artillery it for you based on Who You hollow and your location. This algorithm identifies topic that are popular now rather than topic that have been popular for a while or on a daily basis to help you to discover the hottest emerging topic off the discussion on Twitter that matter most to you. You can choose to see trend that are not Tailor it for you by selecting a specified trained location on twitter dot com, locus and trend I didn't defy popular topic among users in a specified geographic location . Human notice that some trend have have stag before the key word it includes specifically in tweets to mark them as relating to a topic so that people can follow the conversion in search, clicking any off the train take you to the Twitter Search results for that trend, you will see all that it include the keyword or half stock posting a tweet include the extract reward as it appeared in the trained list with the hashtag. Due to the large number off user tweeting about this specific trend, human, not always be able to find your particular to it in search, but your followers will always see your tweets. 10. Understanding Your Target Audience: after setting up a Twitter account, it is a now timeto work on building the audience. Without then all the effort. Creating and perfecting that profile and composing informative content will goto West. That is the reason why companies will go to great lengths to ensure that people are following them. On Twitter. Some companies use promotional activities to gain a lot off follows. It was then be the Parker opportunity to connect to people engage with them in discussing on twit, real evident in commission about the company or a product. When they find that with informative, they will continue following. If not, they will stop following in building an audience. This it is best to follow on Twitter. The first thing to do is place the Twitter collar button on your website. Buyers who frequently visit the site to purchase and do business will be able to see the button. They will want to follow on Twitter to be updated on the latest product and events. They do not need to leave the side to do so. Another 50 strategy is toe include the tweet, a link in every email message being seen toe businesses every day, one strained an email. The receiver off the email will see the link, and there is the possibility to following on Twitter at a Twitter link every time when you send out an email this year, Toe added to your Lincoln profile, you took Channel Facebook and printers that count and other social networking profile level level every day. There is a chance that people want to visit your profile and see your to their propriety. They like to follow you also, when participating Forum and community message board Busier toe. Add the link. Do the Twitter profile on there. After placing the two telling on all possibility places, it will now be time to process to the next goal in building an audience. This diggin goal is to find Twitter user who have the same interest and be able to engage with them. It could easily be done by searching for people who wrote basically keywords on their profile or on their bio. This pretty pointy word would be related to the industry. One is connected Toe Follower Wonk is an effective tool to complete this type of tax signing with your Twitter account and use the tools user could also be Twitter. According to their location, these people who are Peter by the tools would be followed, makes your toe keep time reading their latest tweet and reply their enquiries on concern. This was provide of way for the user to notice that count. Let them know the reason why they're being followed. They might want to know that they are followed because off similar interests or because they're living in a got in the location. Another way to increase visibility in Twitter is to establish once authority in the industry, trying to it with Kirsten relating to one's expertise and answer. Most of them search for these tweets using keyboard filter. Why is to say a link to the site by steering a link to the site. Traffic will be driven to the site. There will be more visitor who will learn about the site if decide, does not content. Answer to cosign often ox. Try to a bit decide with information. This will not just update the Twitter account, but also improved website that you own 11. Retweet: Richard Ridge I agree to it is a re posting off someone else to it. To Terry to it. Feature help you and others quickly here that tweet with all of your followers. Sometimes people type rt at the beginning off our to it to indicate that they are re posting someone else content. This is not an official Twitter command our future, but identify that they're quoting another user to it. Redo. It looked like a normal to it with the outturn name and user name next to it and with the retreat icon on the name off the user who literate that if you see a message from a stranger in your timeline look for recruited by influence to it, the recruiter would be someone you follow. There is no limit. So the number off time our tweet can be retweeted. But do there will only show up to the most recent 100 people who recruited any public to it . Andi redo It are counted toward your 1000 to its for the limit 12. 8 Quick Tips Form This Chapter: Before we move on to the next chapter, I give you eight quick tips that help you to reach of your target audience. Always have your original profile picture in your profile. 80% people are, although someone profile if they have orginal and natural looking profile photo, including your whips that you're ill on your profile. We all love visitor. So if someone visits your profile, they click on Europe's That link and visited your site. Regular tweeting keep you relevant. People most probably follow you because delegate regular update from Don't do It. Your wife's that link again. Energy in No one likes them thing again and again. So makes your wife said promotional to it with other relive interests. Don't use too many Has stock too many half stack looks spammy on. People would not pay it instant to your do it. Twitter is all about conversion. You have to be a part off the conversion, so do not hold her too much. Also, there is a follow limit housing part day. You need to follow that Oliver's make your Twitter profile public. If your account is private, people cannot see your tweet unless you allow them to follow you. You are a business. You should want people to see and interact with Duval lovers. So make your profile public. All of this don't do it under 11 or root content. Don't ever do this. If you route to your follower, they and follow you and you can't meet your target audience. 13. Always Engage With Your Audience: always engage with your audience always makes you to answer questions every time. That person will be grateful for the help they received. It will s your where for building Deeper reason sick with them. If they're naughty, it customer. There is a bitter possibility that they will soon be if their existing customer that they're royalty toe the brand will be an end. There are people who will mention one of the name when asking Coursen. However, not all people will know how to do that. That is why you have to monitor all tweets related to your business. By do so searching the name of the product, personal name, our brand name. That is how you will be able to know whatever somebody is talking about the product or not . Twitter is a useful way to collect feedback about customer thoughts and feelings. They freely expressed the sophistication and this sadistic person thought there to it. Take a note off every tweet, whatever it says. Something negative saved searches and monitor them as often as possible. Another way off. Engaging with your followers is asking them course then are discussed with them. For some topic could either be related to the business or just ordinary coast in about current events, hobbies or even their current favorite television cities. Pick up some topic, which is related to your business, on which is popular and interesting. 14. Write Tweet That People Want To Follow: Now it's time to make some to it. This is the message that you want to convey to your follower. The contents would be interesting to the follower. If not, they might be on follow you when you write in your content. Makes your when people visiting your profile for first time Danes fair to follow you right . Information that benefit to your reader. In that way, they will want to continue following you so that they will be updated with the latest information about a cutting industry After reading the most recent fight to tend to it. They will then decide whatever the crown your account is. You school to following or not makes your you know which type of people you are targeting. Because follower would not want to follow to it that are under 11 to them. It might also be useful to read to it composed by computer and identify which to it are mostly retweeted or God. Most reply and the topic which got the most cosign and which topic follower are mostly interested, right content rooted to this topic, the most general type of tweets are costing courts link presentation image and reduced sometimes people say their presentation as well By asking Costin, one could involve the follower to participate in a useful discussion. It might be helpful to add useful Link and previous blog's to the to it so that the reader will have ideas about the topic off the discussion Follower will not just be better chances off them. Actually trying to your service and product if they have all relieving involved course could easily village looted by followers finding live in court that goes with your business . That's would be getting more target. Following on a detailed you target audience, find relive in courts that go with your business that could get you more target followers. Putting links that give more information about the latest update in the relevant industry is more important content for your follower. You could also put here which that link so that your follower visit your website and read, then commission in details slights. Their presentation could be also build on Twitter. The link to this presentation and it will be visible to your follower. You also consider your presentation to it link to your customer and your perspective. Customer could review this plantation in Twitter this year to include contact details on the presentation. Interested customer could also directly respond. Toe Twitter photos and videos are always interesting to people this year. Tweet quarters off your products and videos off existing event because your follower will be more engaging with this also to their will. Give more Pirie on to just hurt do that to it that have media on them. Link wise People would written more information in their mind when they see 1/4 or a video rather than just takes. That is the reason why media's would be regularly ambled in tweets. 15. Understanding Twitter Ads: If you want to boost your Twitter marketing campaign, you should try to eat their ads, Goto adds. Door twitter dot com And you could see a page like this assigning with your to direct ground and get started. Well, so what is to the right? We just see your dick? Costello has said. Advertisement is the center price off the company's business mortal. But Twitter does not want to run boring, despaired breast man with Big banner or something like this it want at to feel trust, then part of the system. So what is to to read? Exactly, and how will they work? More importantly, how they perform Twitter or 43 types off sponsorship opportunities for their advisor Dare promoted Trend promoted to its on promoted account, who disclose more about this in later videos. But if you want to really boost your sales and achieve your business goal, Twitter ads. If Foster and smarter way to do that 16. Promoted Trends: Among these three advertisement opportunities, promoter trained are most costly. They're suitable for Brand who had invest from big budget in marketing trained er refer toa as hottest topic on Twitter. The receiver large amount off exposure because their place near the time line off the user dear. The topic people have been talking about do It will be received better exposer when associated with trend companies use promote a trend for the lunching off their new products . Our new service there, also idle in promoting major campaign activities, usually did with the said wearing in the promoter Trained will be luncheon. A promoted trend will then be placed on top of the train list for occurred and reared. Ah, user on that clicks on Promoter trend will be later. The adviser promoted. Quit. It is the most effective among the tree advertisement tool because off its massive X cruiser user often toe go to Twitter to discover something new, didn't click on the trend list and participate in the discussion. People. Curiosity make them continuous clicking. Every promoter trained has its very own Dez word that analyze results promoted trend could be targeted. Toe the user off specific interest Gender Geographics keyword on device 17. Promoted Tweets: with promoted to it twits rather than appear to your followers. It will also be visible to the user who have the same characteristics and interest. Videos and photos will also be expand for maximum visibilities with promoter to it user could be target according to interest, gender and location. Another option for targeting is gender specially. If the porter off the advise their agenda specific, do it express of Ward. The user needed the moment. That is why the adviser who target keywords benefit from the very timely information they will be able to spend relive into it to the user as well. Adviser. Also use some promoted to it to advise Product line Special event on services experts. A list are also available to work with large brand in customizing campaign activities Similar with promote Trend Adviser will only pay for promoted to its which receiving engagement. That is why it is very efficient to use if you have some tight marketing budget 18. Promoted Accounts: with, From what an account, Twitter will promoted the account to the user. The job of the Twitter is to increase the follower by targeting either who are the same interest and be severe with the existing follower. For a localised company, Twitter use laser will like tool to target customer Onley within their geography. Twitter also has its own engine, which recommend home to follow. With all this, daredevil Evel Twitter will place the promoter background in front off the user, who are more likely to be interested in the business off the adviser. Targeting could either be according to specific interest. Specific geographic or specific gender ads will only reach user with similar needs. Men will have different preferences compared to women. Each of them will only receive edge on better appreciate it to them. Keywords using the time lane could also be used as a targeting option. People often express their warns on need on Twitter. This keyword used in recently tend to its on that could be helped adviser to know what their target customer need and other targeting option is. According to the device used that have been used with this information at will be especially delivered to Android use their BlackBerry user or are you is is that there is also the option for delivering adds to take stop user as well as mobile users. User will see the promoted accounts on the left side burn off their to reckon. If interested, they will engage with it. Advisor will only be charged when they're promoted. Account are being followed by user. Obviously, the choice of the targeting often depends on the product. Off the adviser. The customer will be the one to decide which kind of audience there was to tap as follower . 19. Some Marketing Strategies That Work: in this video, I give you some quick marketing strategy that work on which help you to reach your target goal faster. The 1st 1 is how to use hashtag Hess Trigger observed to be more effective than followers on Twitter. Message has tag help create discussion and people will be voicing out there. Taught it is a strategy that companies could use to trained and dominate discussion. The 2nd 1 is lightweight to use. Promoted to its. The goal of the corporate accounts is to get countless galore. Twitter will place promoted a cone Informed of perspective. User Twitter. Analyze user interest based on their tweets on the people they follow. A person who follows several popular singers. He is likely to be interested with singing gears. Ah, promoter account for singing years will be placed in front off this user. Likewise, a user who frequently post to it about basketball games. It is most likely also interest in basketball schools. Ah promoted account for a major sues. Manufacture could be placed in front off this Twitter user. The target Bonnie's combined promoted to it on a promoted trend to whether user trust twitter to be placed to discover what happening at the moment, The usually check in a few times for day to see what's trading. This is the perfect sport for advise their to position themselves. Twitter prides itself off an average person to 10% engagement rate. It even reached up to 52% engagement for some product. Lynches engagement is analyzed by the percentage off the click tort re to it and crave retreats. To be successful, you need to have a really awesome kind of news and associate it with a big event that people will be looking forward. Toa on the 4th 1 is using other media's anywhere. Television is a very effective tool to blast out your s. On other hand, it is a very effective tools for follow thought. By adding the word followers on television ads and print ads, the company will be able together an audience that would be receiving project update and promotion and be reminded off the brand every day.