Twitter Growth Marketing: From Beginner to Expert (Chapter 2) | Nicholas Ivanecky | Skillshare

Twitter Growth Marketing: From Beginner to Expert (Chapter 2)

Nicholas Ivanecky, Teaching Techustler Courses

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5 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. 02 Twitter Marketing: Development Preparation Part 1

    • 2. 01 What you will Learn

    • 3. 03 Twitter Marketing: Development Preparation Part 2

    • 4. 04 Twitter Marketing: How the Code Works

    • 5. 05 Techniques for Gaining Followers


About This Class

Update: Join over 3600 students in the Techustler Course Series. You don’t want to miss this opportunity in learning practical knowledge in Tech.


Main Description

Have you ever wondered how people get their social accounts to the thousands?

Why is it so difficult to grow a following today?

What are ways to get to 10K easily without paying hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars?

These problems can all be solved when you take my course. I have designed it in a practical way so that when you finish the content you can immediately put it into use.

Now, why should you use Twitter to target potential consumers?

Twitter is the main voice of the internet with over 300M active users. This presents a huge opportunity for marketers, which if you know how to target your potential consumers, can be your greatest asset in taking your business to the next level.

This course contains over 35 lectures and 1.5 hrs of content. It's designed for beginners to become professionals in social media marketing with an emphasis on practical knowledge. You’ll learn the tools needed to grow your accounts, to build an account, to create content easily, to automate your accounts, and most importantly how to reach the 10K followers.

Twitter Course Structure

The course follows a familiar structure where in each video I will teach the concepts followed by the student applying the concepts practically. If your goal is to become a better marketer, you should understand python and how to access certain APIs for data. Today’s marketers are resourceful and practical which is what I teach in the courses.  

Environment Setup

This course aims to simulate a live in-person course as much as possible. After you finish each lecture, you should practice and try the solution on your own. You learn the best by practicing and doing.

Testimonials from other Techustler Courses and the Instructor

“Great set of videos Nick! I really liked the format of the videos with you in the corner of the screen showing us how to use the website. Cool songs you use at the beginning of each video. It really gives off the vibe that your course is hip and up-to-date with modern times. You do a great job of keeping of with the times. Stay modern, but classy at the same time Nick!” - Penelope

“The course is amazing so far. I didn't know you could do so much with Slack. I can't wait to build the on-boarding site and start bringing users into my community. I highly recommend this course.” - John

"He is a crafty problem solver, coming up with clever solutions to solve problems on schedule. When we worked together on a project, he quickly came up with and implemented UI solutions for the app to finish on time." - Doug

"Nick is highly focused and is the type of person who puts in the time and effort to solve a problem while not sacrificing quality. His attention to detail led to his design of a creative and great looking app." - Christine

"Nick's great at guerrilla customer development, he knows how to analyze data and make strong connections to the market. He understands the user flow when solving their problems." - Taso

"It was a highly positive experience working alongside Nick at DigaBlue and with the work ethic he has, I am certain that he will produce great results in his future endeavors." - Saif

"Nick is an aspiring tech entrepreneur with what I would consider a strong passion and desire to learn more and excel in the evolving digital age. He is an experienced programmer with a track record of creating both his own website and various mechanical devices." - Elliot

"Nick taught me so much, and invested a good amount of time being my mentor--teaching me to become a better non-technical leader." - Rohan

What is the target audience?

This course is designed for people with little or no experience with Twitter marketing and who want to grow their following to 10K on both social networks. By the end of the course, you’ll have valuable skills that will help you build a strong community and convert them to users or customers for your product.

Next Steps

Now it's time to become a Techustler and join me in registering for the course. I can’t wait to have you on board!