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Twitter Growth Marketing: From Beginner to Expert (Chapter 2)

teacher avatar Nicholas Ivanecky, Teaching Techustler Courses

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. 02 Twitter Marketing: Development Preparation Part 1

    • 2. 01 What you will Learn

    • 3. 03 Twitter Marketing: Development Preparation Part 2

    • 4. 04 Twitter Marketing: How the Code Works

    • 5. 05 Techniques for Gaining Followers

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About This Class

Update: Join over 3600 students in the Techustler Course Series. You don’t want to miss this opportunity in learning practical knowledge in Tech.


Main Description

Have you ever wondered how people get their social accounts to the thousands?

Why is it so difficult to grow a following today?

What are ways to get to 10K easily without paying hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars?

These problems can all be solved when you take my course. I have designed it in a practical way so that when you finish the content you can immediately put it into use.

Now, why should you use Twitter to target potential consumers?

Twitter is the main voice of the internet with over 300M active users. This presents a huge opportunity for marketers, which if you know how to target your potential consumers, can be your greatest asset in taking your business to the next level.

This course contains over 35 lectures and 1.5 hrs of content. It's designed for beginners to become professionals in social media marketing with an emphasis on practical knowledge. You’ll learn the tools needed to grow your accounts, to build an account, to create content easily, to automate your accounts, and most importantly how to reach the 10K followers.

Twitter Course Structure

The course follows a familiar structure where in each video I will teach the concepts followed by the student applying the concepts practically. If your goal is to become a better marketer, you should understand python and how to access certain APIs for data. Today’s marketers are resourceful and practical which is what I teach in the courses.  

Environment Setup

This course aims to simulate a live in-person course as much as possible. After you finish each lecture, you should practice and try the solution on your own. You learn the best by practicing and doing.

Testimonials from other Techustler Courses and the Instructor

“Great set of videos Nick! I really liked the format of the videos with you in the corner of the screen showing us how to use the website. Cool songs you use at the beginning of each video. It really gives off the vibe that your course is hip and up-to-date with modern times. You do a great job of keeping of with the times. Stay modern, but classy at the same time Nick!” - Penelope

“The course is amazing so far. I didn't know you could do so much with Slack. I can't wait to build the on-boarding site and start bringing users into my community. I highly recommend this course.” - John

"He is a crafty problem solver, coming up with clever solutions to solve problems on schedule. When we worked together on a project, he quickly came up with and implemented UI solutions for the app to finish on time." - Doug

"Nick is highly focused and is the type of person who puts in the time and effort to solve a problem while not sacrificing quality. His attention to detail led to his design of a creative and great looking app." - Christine

"Nick's great at guerrilla customer development, he knows how to analyze data and make strong connections to the market. He understands the user flow when solving their problems." - Taso

"It was a highly positive experience working alongside Nick at DigaBlue and with the work ethic he has, I am certain that he will produce great results in his future endeavors." - Saif

"Nick is an aspiring tech entrepreneur with what I would consider a strong passion and desire to learn more and excel in the evolving digital age. He is an experienced programmer with a track record of creating both his own website and various mechanical devices." - Elliot

"Nick taught me so much, and invested a good amount of time being my mentor--teaching me to become a better non-technical leader." - Rohan

What is the target audience?

This course is designed for people with little or no experience with Twitter marketing and who want to grow their following to 10K on both social networks. By the end of the course, you’ll have valuable skills that will help you build a strong community and convert them to users or customers for your product.

Next Steps

Now it's time to become a Techustler and join me in registering for the course. I can’t wait to have you on board!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nicholas Ivanecky

Teaching Techustler Courses


Update: Join over 7,300 students in the Techustler Course Series(Udemy and Skillshare). You don't want to miss this opportunity in learning practical knowledge in Tech.

I'm a product manager with 3 years of experience in both web and mobile products. I have worked on professional assistant mobile applications to local business advertising solutions on the web. Until recently, I led the product team for WeBeam, a professional networking tool focused on enhancing attendees's experiences at events. In this role, I managed the development of WeBeam from idea to live product. I created user flow diagrams and PRDs, collaborated with marketing to develop the user-interface and worked alongside engineers during development, QA, and user testing. Successes included growing pre-launch sign... See full profile

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1. 02 Twitter Marketing: Development Preparation Part 1: so hello. Welcome back, Tech Hustlers. Let's get started. Now we're going to focus on building the Twitter essentially app on the development side of things. So now that you saw the profile, it's time to go into the development side to access or to make a twitter up, but we need to do is go on aps dot twitter dot com. Perfect. And this is their application management. So, as you can see, because we already signed into Twitter with a previous profile Nechai Vanek, you, uh, you are already signed in and you can ah, start creating a new app. That's what we're going to do. We're going to create a new up and add in details about her application. So again, anything with the Red Star, as you see here, here and here needs to be ah, added inside. Um, what I recommend for your name is if it's the product that you're kind of creating just mentioned, put your product name if it's the project. But your project down here in our case, Nikki followers, I was gonna call it that in terms of description, what we're going to say is, ah, marketing two for growing followers against something very basic. But again, it is just described what this application is going to do for us in terms of our website. If you have a website for your product, I would highly recommend to put that there or even a privacy policy on your website. You put that link in here. So in my case, because it's a profile of myself, I'm going to add my profile inside here in terms of callback You Earl, I wouldn't worry too much about this right now. Um, it doesn't really impact anything with the application, so do not worry about that. And then you need to accept the developer agreement. So this is key. Make sure you do read here a little bit about what the limits are of the a. P I what services you can use and, ah, what restrictions you have. So again, you see rate limits. That's key or any reverse engineering is not allowed. So keep that in mind. So we have to agree in order to move on and create the application. And ah, let's create it. You need to add your mobile phone to the Twitter profile before creating an application so please read the support dark here. Okay, so I guess right now we need to go back to our Twitter account and, uh, go into our profile. So let us actually go. We'll click here, which is going to lead us to settings. And I believe we have to go into mobile, and we're going to add our mobile phone number, so let's do that right now. No. Five. Perfect. There you go. Verification number is coming. My way to get the verification number 234 Perfect Lynch. Excellent. So it's activated. Just remember, when you do activate it with the phone, um, you need to turn off any notifications. So right now we don't have any, which is good news. Do not do this because again, your phone bill is gonna go off the charts. So make sure you are not subscribe to any notifications, but none that are Phone is activated. We can continue on with our application here. It's perfect. We have everything filled out. No, we just need to create our application. Oh, another air popped up. What does it say? So the client application failed validation, not a valid U R L format. What that means is you see the website here. This website needs to have a proper http colon slash slash in front of it. So again it doesn't recognize it, but this format does. So now. Finally, I think we're ready to create a application. And here you go. So, Nick, Ivan, Nikki followers. It is a marketing tool for growing your followers. Here's our link. Now, the key thing with this application management is this just identifies that you know, our profile has created this application. But now what we need to do is get the keys So the secret keys decline keys in order to make our application work. Uh, in the best place to do that is the keys and access tokens. So if you go here, you see application settings, Consumer key. It's going to be very important for us as well. Is the consumer secret key? So these air two keys very important for us, but we're also missing our token, our access tokens as well. So let's actually create my accents token. So now we're gonna create that. And now we also created our access token here and then our access token secret. So once we have these do main tease 1234 We now do not need to worry about the Twitter side on the on the website. We can focus completely on her Python script and developed the marketing tool, and that's Twitter development. 2. 01 What you will Learn: so Hi, everybody. And welcome to the first course in our tech hustler, Siri's. It's how to growth hack in Twitter as well as instagram these air two big platforms we want to target. Why? Because they have over 400 million users each Twitter has about 420 million and instagram about 4 60 million right now as of 2016. So these air huge numbers and you want to know essentially how to market told your audience , right? This is the reason you're taking this course, um, a little bit about myself in my background. So I'm a product manager. We've been right now, I've actually published four Iowa's applications. So I really understand what it takes to get your app or your product out into the market. Which is why I'm teaching this course. Um, so thank you for joining it. Now, what you're going to be learning in this course is number one. How to set up your Twitter development environment, how to understand the rules of Twitter because there are limits associated to it. So we're going to teach you that, and we're also going to guide you step by step with some of the coding instructions. How to set up your developer environment either on your Mac book or your PC and get results right for your marketing. So that's key. And again, since we're called Tech Hustler, I hope that at the end of this course, you can be a tech hustle yourself because we're teaching everything practical. That's the main knowledge. I want you to learn nothing theoretical but all practical knowledge, which you can apply so I can't wait to start the program with you. Very excited that your on board. So let's get started on to the next video. 3. 03 Twitter Marketing: Development Preparation Part 2: So welcome back, you tech Hustler's Let's start our next lesson and preparing our developer environment for our desktop says you can see right now we're clean or desktop. We need to download the code from the Internet. And where we're gonna do this is on Get Hub. Like I mentioned before, get Hub is where I post essentially my open source code. But also lots of other developers use it around the world to post free code as well. So whenever you do decide to ah, share some of your knowledge, let's say in the developer community, get up is a great way to do so. So let's type in my user name because that's where all the code will be located. Uh, was waiting over here. It should be a match. Perfect. There it is. So now we're gonna click Tron 1991. So that's me. And actually the 2nd 1 right here it's automating Twitter followers. This is going to be the report where we're going to download onto our desktop so again shows essentially everything while we're going to be going through a swell. What we want to do is click this button here, which is download zip. We're gonna download Zip. Perfect. It's already downloaded. We're going to go toward download section and pull up this folder on your desktop. We're just gonna call it automate Twitter. Okay? And there you have it. That is going to be our main folder, where all these activities will come through again. We can open it and we can see what files are located inside eso, for example, this See SV here is essentially all the user accounts that have already been followed. You also have sample Twitter codes. And what this means is, essentially, this is the script. And a specific file in general is going to be the one where you constantly added who you want to follow. Who you want to unfollowed. How many times this particular file is going to run? Uh, how many times a week is going to run our days. So that's a very cute file. Twitter follow Bob. What this file does is essentially has all the functions you need to and all the methods you need to run the code. I get functions and methods are just ways of, ah, running code, if you will. And then this Twitter info here. It's a very small file. Do you remember those keys that we use in our previous lecture? Well, those keys we need to put back inside the Twitter info file here and again, another key thing to notice that all these files and in P y that means it's a python file. So again, we're using python. Um, these air all in python file format. So there you go. There. Now I want to briefly go over how we're going to run the coat, even though it can't run right now. But we're going to use this thing called the terminal. So we get the best way to access it on the Mac trick will be to press command space, and we're going to search for terminal. So term and know, Hey, we're gonna press enter. Perfect. So this is the terminal. It may look a bit scary since it is a black box, if you will, and it kind of looks very old fashioned to how? Let's say coding was done in the eighties or nineties, but I could you know, this is what a lot of developers, even marketers in the valley use, So don't worry. This is just the standard. But essentially, instead of let's say, using this nice graphical user interface, you know, kick clicking buttons and whatnot down here while you're going to be doing is typing code into this, uh, or commands, if you will. So I'm just gonna brief you on basic commands you're going to be using in this course in the terminal just right now and what you're going to be using for the code to run. So, um, right now, the best commander you should type is ls. And what ls does is kind of shows what is inside. This entire directory that we're currently in says you can see within Ivan Tron. You have applications, desktop documents, movies, etcetera. Now what we want to do is try and find us automate Twitter, right? So in order to do that, we need to change the directory. The command for changing the director is CD space, and then we want to go deeper into desktop. So you see desktop right here. We want to go deeper into it. So let's change to that directory. So now, as you can see, we're in desktop here and still under Ivan Trump I've been trying is the main user of this computer. So it should be your user name of the computer There. Now let's ls again and see what's in Desta. Perfect. So within desktop, we see desktop to folder and automate Twitter. Perfect. So in order to jump in tow, automate Twitter, we're going to type it on a major twitter. Are we in? Yes, we are perfect. So, you see, we go into the file when we type in l s perfect. So that's a little basic terminal language for you. Another cool thing is, if you want to, let's say move out of directory, you just do change directory. Datta, can you move out? So you see, we're back a desktop or we can go back in and we're back inside. So a few little tricks here and there. Um, if you do want to run the code, let's say so right now. Like I said, we're going to be running sample twitter codes dot p. Y, uh, you need to make sure you have right on installed because this is a Mac book. Python is already installed, so you can just call it up using keyword Python. So you would type Python and then we'll type in sample Twitter codes. Uh, he Why now again? When we run this, the script will run for us. However, because we have not filled out all the information yet, it's not going to run. So I should expect error here, See, because again, it's were not giving it the proper credentials. But we're going to be doing that in the next lecture, so stay tuned. 4. 04 Twitter Marketing: How the Code Works: So welcome back. You take Hustler's Let's get started today. So first thing we want to do is make sure we have sublime text. Let's go back to our website that is located on here. It iss so sublime Text go to sublime tex dot com and I want you to install this application . It's available for both Windows and Mac to keep that in mind. Second thing, log back into your apstar twitter dot com and go to your keys and access tokens here. And we're gonna get ready to get this, uh, consumer keys, consumer secret access token access token, Secret keys. We're gonna put these into our main files, but the main files we installed from get hope so keep that in mind. Uh, and then you have actually, let's start looking at the files since we're here. So first thing you wanted to was open this up so and again, if you have installed or if you have installed sublime, it should appear right here with open with. So we're gonna open the sample Twitter coats were going to I think we'll just open it recently. Twitter info shouldn't be empty. Mine were gonna do it the other way. Just open. Automate Twitter, Twitter info. That's looks right. Open Twitter follow baht. That also seems right. Perfect. Okay, So again, quickly, let's go dive right into what Each of these files are meant to do. Its main purpose, and that will add our peace. So twitter follow. But this is going to contain all of your functions for making sure everything runs so by functions. If you don't understand anything in this coat tried to understand that each one of these blocks here So this is a specific block or a function Eyes going to do a task for us in programming. So in python search tweets, this is going to be the function name, and this is what's going to be inside of the function. So you know, there's gonna be a certain type of recent and a count of 100. Uh, this recent might not necessarily mean a result type. It could mean a Twitter handler. So when we signed up for Twitter, our handler is going to be key as this result type, but also account means, you know, I want to follow 100 people who are unfollowed 100 people So that's essentially this main file. That's all you would need to understand if you want to do out of favorite. This entire function here is purely out of favorites. But for this course, what we're going to be doing is auto or ah, auto follow followers for user and then auto follow followers and then unfollowed non followers. That's a tongue twister. But, uh, this is what you're going to be using these three main functions. So these are all the functions in this course. Next is the sample Twitter coat. So now the which I showed you the big function. Now you're gonna implemented using just one line of code. So you know the auto follow. That's the name of the function and these air the parameters that go inside of the New York hashtag and number or account, if you will of, uh, things you want to follow. Same thing here, San Francisco 40 auto. Following certain followers here, I guess. Same format. So that's what this main doc is. We're going to be experimenting, playing around with, um, thes dashes over here. Eso There's three. Uh, guess quotes, if you will. Whenever you have a three quote and three quote underneath. That means it's a commenting out. So what a comment out means this code is not going to run because you commented it out. So on Lee, this code will run here. This code within the these brackets will not run. So you can kind of write descriptions or main purposes, if you will, to help understand what the code does. Um, then lastly, our Twitter Twitter info. This is where we're gonna put our tokens right now. So let me shrink this screen. And now let me put up our followers Perfect. Just gonna shrink this screen. Perfect. So, consumer keep We're just gonna crap this. That's our consumer key. Copy and paste. And it is going to go here. Same thing with consumer secret. We're going to put that in. That's just a simple drag and drop. I wouldn't be too concerned about that. Um, are owner So it's Nick either, Nikki. One. So this is our handle, So twitter handle. It's going to go in this file. Um, we scroll down access token, perfect. And then token secret. Okay. And I believe that is ever gonna save it, and that is Uh uh. Main keys. Right there. We have a development environment. Ready. Twitter follow. I already explained this to you. So we're good to go. We can go into the next video, and I'm going to explain right now. The main functions you need to run the code, but right now you have your entire developer developer environment ready to go. 5. 05 Techniques for Gaining Followers: So welcome back, Tech hustlers. Today we are actually going to start running our code and start to experiment with the two main functions for gaining followers again. What I want to do is organize your screen so that you have Twitter on one side. You have your sublime text on the upper part of your screen so that it it has the file sample Twitter coat stop, Pete wide open. And then after I want you to have terminal open as well so again. And make sure terminal you are within your automate Twitter function inside of that inside of that folder. So right now what I want you to do is we're going to test the auto follow function. I'm going to make these lower case. Make sure for yourself as well put auto follow in. Lower case, just just like this year out of follow followers for user, out of follow here. Everything should be lower case just because, um, it is case sensitive, this code. So what I want you to do right now and what we're going to be doing is we're gonna be following two people, but this hashtag g o t guilty. Just means game of Thrones. But there's a lot of people have been commenting based on that. So we're gonna follow to people based off of that hashtag and two people based off a San Francisco. Also, to people that have that are far currently following. Jack and Jack is the main founder of Twitter. So again, we're gonna save this and now we're going to run it. How do we run? We use Python, python sample Twitter code stuff P Y. And that's it. 12 34 56 Done. So you can see 12 were probably the game of Thrones people. There's no all of a sudden unearthing populates. Let's actually refresh our twitter when we refresh, we're going to see new followers here. There you go. So we're currently following six. So this count over here to to to makes a lot of sense. Now if we go to the actual followers, um, it may be a bit all over the place, but again, you have six. So again, that's why it's important to target niche specific people. So, for example, whoever's following Jack is most likely will esteem. Probably an entrepreneur in the business world But again, if it's great game of Thrones or San Francisco, it could be all over the place. So again, make sure it is niche. But again, as you can see, it works here, and it works here. Another interesting thing to note is this number. This number is actually the user idea. So over here we actually have the handler that we followed. But over here is the user idea, and I get It's the same thing. You don't need to worry. UM is just ah given number format. And that's how you gain Twitter followers. Let's go keep on moving and keep learning.