Twitter For Filmmakers: Building Your Twitter

Alex Ferrari, Filmmaker, Post Guru, Social Media & Marketing

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11 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Importance of the user name

    • 2. Optimizing Your Twitter Account

    • 3. When Should I Tweet?

    • 4. Who Really Loves Me? Analyzing Your Followers

    • 5. Who's Following My Competition?

    • 6. What do I Tweet? Creating Engaging Content for Twitter

    • 7. To Re Tweet or Not to Re Tweet

    • 8. The Art of Retweeting

    • 9. 80:20 Principle on Content

    • 10. Optimal Sizes for All Images for Twitter

    • 11. #hashtag for follower explosion


About This Class

Are you not getting the results you want for your film or video content from Twitter? Haven't cracked the Tweet code yet? Are you ready to take your Twitter game up to a whole new level? Then is the course for you. 

Twitter for Filmmakers is my up to date method on how I generated over 10,000 Followers (True Fans) in 10 weeks. They don't teach you this in Film School!


You'll learn NEW SKILLS that they don't teach you on YouTube. The "secret sauce" I use is a gold mine. I'll teach you how to find, engage and eventually monetize true fans of your independent film, video content or streaming series.

This is a LIVING COURSE, I'll be adding and updating it often!

As the founder of the popular filmmaking blog, Indie Film Hustle, I knew I had to learn how to crack the Twitter code so I could generate traffic to my site and indie films.

I now share my proven techniques with you. 


Here's what you will learn from Twitter Hacks:

  • What are True Fans?
  • The 1000 True Fan Theory
  • Social Media Etiquette
  • The Temptation of the dark side (buying followers)
  • Optimizing Your Twitter Account
  • When Should I Tweet?
  • What do I Tweet? - Creating Engaging Content for Twitter
  • 80/20 Principle on Content
  • Optimal Sizes for All Images for Twitter
  • #hashtag for follower explosion
  • How to Schedule Your Posts
  • Automating Your Tweets
  • My Secret Sauce on How I got 10,000 Followers in 10 Weeks

...and much more.


Enroll NOW and turn your Twitter account into a traffic generating, brand building and get eyeballs for your film! Let's get started!