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Howard Lynch, Teaching you to get results

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9 Videos (22m)
    • Introduction Video

    • Addmefast account creation

    • Twitter Traffic

    • Getting 1000 points

    • Targeted vs Untargeted (lecture 1)

    • Hashtag research

    • Shortening Your Link

    • Targeted final

    • Untargeted final


About This Class

In this class, Howard will teach you the basics of using Twitter to drive free traffic to your offer, website or business page.

Included in the course

  • Creating a business twitter account
  • Acquiring "points" which will allow you tweet to get favourited and retweeted
  • Shortening your link to track clicks and effectiveness

Enroll now and let's get started !

It may seem confusing to use Twitter for business, but these 5 Twitter business ideas will ensure you will really cut through all the noise and get Twitter marketing information that works.

1. Special Offer Drip
This is the biggest factor why Dell is so successful. Distribute Twitter-only coupons, and your most loyal customers will flock to you. Not only do you identify your hottest buyers from the rest, you also got a brand new marketing channel to reach out to prospects you otherwise are not able to reach.

2. Local List Builder
Local marketing is the new rage. It's a little know fact Twitter is a really potent local marketing tool. You can search for a particular locale using the Twitter search engine, and follow tons of people who are in your area. Develop a relationship, get easy consultation gigs--that's a lucrative Twitter business strategy right there.

3. Authority SEO
If your Twitter account is a mavenship maker where you can become an authority in your niche, how much more will that effect be quadrupled when you pair it up with SEO success. Even thought your tweets may not have link juice, but because of its high PageRank--you're able to rank in the front page of Google with a few measly backlinks.

4. JV Attractor
Any marketer worth their salt is looking to network with other marketers. That's why marketing experts are saying conferences are the best ways to form strategic alliances that will lead to cash in the pocket. Twitter makes that easy by cutting away the distance and time issues and makes connections easy. Twitter is the Country Club of the Internet.

5. Sales Scoop Exploder
One key factor in a Twitter marketing campaign's success is relevancy. The more in tune you are with your prospect's needs, the more sales you will make. Plain and simple. The best way is to again go to Twitter trending topics, see what people are talking about and tailor your marketing messages around them. You'll see response rates go up.





Howard Lynch

Teaching you to get results

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