Twitter Ads: Eazl's Twitter Advertising 2018 Certification Course | Davis Jones | Skillshare

Twitter Ads: Eazl's Twitter Advertising 2018 Certification Course

Davis Jones, Co-founder of Eazl

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24 Videos (2h 14m)
    • Twitter Ads: 2018 Twitter Advertising Certificate Course (Short Trailer)

    • [Section 1] Welcome to the Twitter Advertising 2018 Certificate Course

    • [Section 1] Twitter: The “Instant” Social Network

    • [Section 1] Play the Interactive Twitter Ads Manager Simulation Game

    • [Section 1] Revealed: The Results of the Twitter Ads Simulation Game

    • [Section 1] Let’s Set Up Your Twitter Ads Account (Beginner)

    • [Section 1] Let’s Set Up Your Twitter Pixel with Google Tag Manager (Intermediate)

    • [Section 1] Recap: The Twitter Network and Building Remarketing Audiences

    • [Section 2] Concepts We’ll Be Using to Launch Twitter’s Objective-driven Campaigns

    • [Section 2] CAP: The Three Components of the Twitter Ads Ecosystem

    • [Section 2] Let’s Design Creatives in the Twitter Ads Creative Center (Beginner)

    • [Section 2] Launch a Video View Campaign with a Risk Reversal Strategy (Intermediate)

    • [Section 2] Launch an Engagement Campaign Using Event Targeting (Intermediate)

    • [Section 2] Let’s A/B Test Ad Content in a Website Clicks Campaign (Intermediate)

    • [Section 2] Let’s Build Brand Awareness with Competitor Audiences (Intermediate)

    • [Section 2] Let’s A/B Test Follower Campaigns vs. Awareness Campaigns (Intermediate)

    • [Section 2] Let’s Launch an App Install Campaign with On-platform Remarketing (Intermediate)

    • [Section 3] Let’s Create Tailored Audiences with an Off-Twitter Datasource (Intermediate)

    • [Section 3] Let’s Launch a Remarketing Campaign Using Tailored Audiences (Intermediate)

    • [Section 3] Let’s Analyze the Viral vs. Paid Reach of Your Promoted Tweets (Beginner)

    • [Section 3] Learn 5 Optimization Techniques for Your Campaigns (Intermediate)

    • [Section 3] Let’s Bulk Edit Your Twitter Ads Campaigns (Advanced)

    • [Section 4] Find Out the Results of the Campaigns We Launched

    • [Section 4] Let’s Reinforce Some Key Concepts and Get You Your Certificate


About This Class

The Complete Twitter Advertising Package!

  • ​Install the Twitter tracking pixel and use it for retargeting
  • Deploy all of Twitter’s objective-driven ad campaigns
  • Target Twitter users based on a variety of characteristics and behaviors
  • Build and use Twitter’s custom creative formats like Twitter Cards
  • Learn to analyze the success of campaigns using real data
  • Earn your Eazl Twitter Ads 2018 Certificate


Perfect for Digital Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Community Managers, and Public Relations

It seems that people are increasingly numb to advertising that tries to take you from a complete stranger to some company and turn you into a client right away. Today, people like to discover brands for themselves. Luckily, there’s a great network for that: Twitter. Twitter is a network where users go to discover new things, see what peers and influencers are doing, and learn what’s happening. That’s why it’s a great place to advertise.

You’ll likely love this course if you’re a...

  • ​Digital marketer who wants access to the most educated social network in the world
  • Entrepreneur wanting to introduce your products, services, or ideas to the world
  • Social media or community manager looking to engage an existing following
  • Public relations professional looking to control the narrative in important conversations

If you want to be able to launch Twitter Ads almost instantly, this course is for you. Eazl’s Twitter Advertising Certificate Course is a well-crafted learning experience that’s hands-on, concise, and engaging. In this course, you will:

  • ​Learn about the Twitter user base and their behavior patterns
  • Participate in an interactive simulation game based on a real Twitter Ads case study
  • Deploy campaigns with your instructor to build your intuition on the platform
  • Use multiple advertising strategies and see their results

Integrate digital marketing tools like Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics

This course is chock full of activities that allow you to practice what you’re learning. You’ll work with your instructor over multiple Eazl Side-by-Side exercises to craft creative assets specific to Twitter Advertising, install the Twitter Ads Pixel, target Twitter users, and deploy each of Twitter’s objective-driven ad campaign formats.

Why Learn with Eazl?

If Eazl is a reincarnated spirit, it was someone like Harriet Tubman in a past life: a rebel humanitarian. Since publishing Eazl’s breakout course called “Career Hacking” in 2014, Eazl has become one of the most powerful forces in independently-produced online education. By channeling Eazl’s service-oriented heart, the Eazl team has successfully built a community of more than 150,000 professionals worldwide. When you learn with Eazl, it’s like you’re learning with your smart business family. Clear, fun, practical, and human-oriented learning experiences have made the Eazl course catalog and community what it is today… and we’re just getting started.

Join us on this adventure today! We’ll see you inside the course.

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Davis Jones

Co-founder of Eazl

Davis Jones is the Chief Learning Officer at Eazl, a business school whose courseware is used by organizations like Tesla, Harvard, the World Bank, and Lyft and more than 150,000 students worldwide. Mr. Jones also participated in the Harvard University Graduate School of Education Leaders of Learning program in 2018. He specializes in:

Curriculum Design for Digital Learning Experiences User Experience Design for Distributed Digital Education Products Business Education Pro...

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