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Tween Bedroom Design: Create a Vision

teacher avatar Cheryl Adams, Design Expert and Writer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (9m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Create a Vision

    • 3. Create a Vision Project

    • 4. Summing Up

    • 5. What's Next?

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About This Class


So your tween wants to create a space that reflects who they are, but where do you start? Tweens, or those young people in-between kids and teens, are at that spunky, wondrous, creative, tech-savvy age of wanting to be more independent yet still needing mom and dad's help. This series will enable your tweens to redecorate their rooms while giving them the tools and skills interior designers use.

This first intro class in Styling Your Space will be to create a vision of likes in colors, styles of furniture, lifestyles, and accessories. Practical concerns, such as budget, space available, and other design considerations will come later. For now, your most important first step is allowing your tween to daydream and get in touch with who they are!

Meet Your Teacher

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Cheryl Adams

Design Expert and Writer


Hi! I'm Cheryl. I studied Interior Design and Architecture at University of Florida. I'm also a writer with eight years' experience writing articles, short stories, fiction, and non-fiction for adults and children, including my current book-in-progress for tween girls on how to decorate their rooms. Check out my website

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1. Intro: Hi, I'm Cheryl. I'm a writer. I have a background in architecture and interior design. I also have a website, and I'm writing a book between girls and how to decorate their rooms. Tweens are at that age where they're spunky, creative, tech savvy and want to be very independent and design their own rooms. In this series, I'll help you empower your twins to decorate their own rooms using tools. Interior designers use this first class will show you where to start. Whether it's a new design, a total remodel or just a fresh update, we'll help your Tween creative vision with a few simple items from around the house that you probably already have. Also, with a quick trip to the home improvement store or the paint store, you'll have all the materials you need for this first project. Practical considerations such as space, available budget and other design considerations will come into play later. For now, the first step is allowing your Tween to daydream so she can discover who she is and create a room that matches her personality. So let's get started 2. Create a Vision: so your Tween wants to create a space that reflects who she is. So where do you start? The first step in helping your Tween decorate her room is to help her create a vision of what she wants her room to look like. Ever think about what she likes about her current room is there are Rog, a pillow or a bedspread she adores? Maybe a friend has a lamp or a chair she really likes. Usually helps to have an item to start with to build your color scheme and the style of your furniture. Another way for your Tween to find a starting point. Instead. Heffer Creative Vision Board Ah Vision Board is a collection of photos, magazine pictures, words and phrases that describe who you are in the things that thrill you. A lot of people use vision boards to envision their lives and create success. In this case, your Tween will create a snapshot of who she is, so her personality shines through in her room design. So the first step is to let your Tween daydream. There are two types of vision boards. The first is a hands on, made with materials gathered from around the house. When I use my hands to cut, arrange glue and color, it allows my creativity to flow in my mind to become clear, So we'll be creating a hands on board for our project in this class. Another type is a virtual board made from websites or APS and those I'll be listening at the end of this class. Are you ready? Before your Tween starts creating her vision board, she'll need your help gathering a few things. Some posterboard card stock, cardboard or foam core scissors, craft glue, glue sticks or tape colored pencils and markers. Now I find that poster board works just fine. Cardboard would work to. It's a little stiffer if you'd like to post the board after she creates it. And phone core is the white board that has some foam in between. So it's lightweight and also good for posting on the wall Later. In addition, fabrics, paint swatches and old magazines will help your Tween create her vision. Fabric stores usually have left over fabric swatches that they sell in small bundles or in the clearance bins. Paint stores and home improvement stores display paint sample cards that you can take home , and relatives or friends may have old magazines they'd be happy to give you if you don't have any lying around the house yourself. 3. Create a Vision Project: before your Tween start searching for pictures for her dream room, it might help to make two lists. The first list is for the furniture, flooring, window treatments and accessories in her current room that she will be keeping in the new room. Let's face it, we'd all love to be able to start from scratch. But budgets, which will talk about later in this series, usually dictate whether we'll be able to buy a new bed or will need to keep the current one . Plus, she may have some favorites she doesn't want to let go off. So if she has, like great carpeting, a white sleigh bed that's her favorite, a white desk and purple mini blinds, for example, those items will be the starting point for her new room. The second list, a wish list, will contain the items she would like to put in the new room. If she's had her eye on a polar bear beanbag, a certain comforter with matching drapery or a furry desk chair. Those would go on this list. She can keep the wish list items in mind as she creates her vision board. If she's starting from scratch with a brand new room. Lucky her. Just start with the second list of wish list items. If she doesn't have a list of wish items yet, then let her daydream Samore and go right to the vision board. She'll definitely have a wish list in no time. Okay, Now for the fun part, give your Tween space to spread out with all her supplies and make sure she allows her mind Time to get into her creativity. First step. Cut out pictures and words you like from magazines and take your time. If you have a picture of something you like and already have in your room, use it to you can also print out things you find online. Anything you feel inspired by can go on your board and this is important. Tweens. Arrange everything on your board before you glue it down. Step two. Find paint chips in the colors that you like. Try to coordinate with the pictures you found in the magazines so that your vision of your room starts coming together into a color scheme. Step three fabrics. I love fabrics. There are so many patterns and colors to choose from. Look through the samples. You have and try to coordinate with the colors and the patterns that will look good with what you already have on your board. Remember, arrange everything before you glue anything down. Step four. Find words and phrases that describe you and your likes. Cut them out of magazines, draw them yourself, or you can even print them off your computer. This will be the last step, so make sure you have everything arranged and then you conglomerate and tape it down. 4. Summing Up: So how did your vision board turnout? I hope you're starting to see a vision of your room that reflects your personality By tapping into your creativity and who you are. You'll be much happier with your final design. Listed on the right are vision board, APS and online sites where you can try some virtual vision boards. Pinterest is a great actor. Browse for more ideas for your room. You can pin furniture and room ideas to a virtual bulletin board for later reference. Be sure to ask your parents if you can get online. Hi Tweens. I'd like to give you a few reminders before we go first. Make is many boards as you like, and keep collecting pictures. The more you have, the more clear you'll become on what you want. Watch for repeating colors, styles and themes that show up in your boards. Second, honor your personality and make your room say ew. After all, you're the one who will be spending time there. So you wanted to be a place you feel comfortable and like to go to three. Remember to post your vision board to this class by up loading a picture to our class project section. I can't wait to see it. Four. Tell your friends about this class. You'll have fun sharing ideas and giving each other feedback. And sometimes your friends remind you things you've forgotten you like, So have them and roll to five. Enroll yourself in the next class of this design, Siri's. Now that you've created a vision of your room, the next step is to start planning and finally never stop dreaming. 5. What's Next?: thank you for taking the first design class in my Tween bedroom design. Siri's. You've taken the first step in helping your Tween create a room that reflects her personality and that she'll be more likely to treasure for years to come. The good news is, if she's not happy with her first vision board, she can make a new one. In fact, by making more than one board, she can explore different options and choose the one she likes best. In the end, the important thing is to let her explore plan and discover In the next class will talk about design principles such as color, furniture, layout and how your Tween can measure her room. Each succeeding class will guide your Tween through the steps to design her room, just like an interior designer. So look for the next class and be sure to enroll