Turning a Photo Into Art Using Smart Photo Editor | Bonnie Marquette | Skillshare

Turning a Photo Into Art Using Smart Photo Editor

Bonnie Marquette, Macro and Nature Photographer

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3 Videos (14m)
    • SPE Class Opening

    • Transforming the Photo Into Art

    • SPE Class Closing


About This Class

You can create a work of art by taking a good photograph and turning it into a spectacular work of art using the software Smart Photo Editor. We'll take a photo of a daisy and step by step transform it into an image worth printing and displaying on your wall. 

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Bonnie Marquette

Macro and Nature Photographer

Louisiana resident and native, Bonnie Marquette is a nature photographer specializing in macro photography and enjoys capturing the mysterious, vivid and sometimes hauntingly beautiful sights that define this unique state.

Winner of numerous International, National, Regional and Local awards, her work showcases the essence of this incredible area. She also has a background in Graphic Design and magazine publishing.


Accomplishments in 2015/2016:


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