Turning Photography into Filmmaking: Making Images that Work Together

Daniel Lewis (ItsForGotham), Street/Brand Photographer

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8 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Welcome to Class

    • 2. Shooting Our Image: Select 1

    • 3. Shooting Our Image: Select 2

    • 4. Shooting Our Image:Select 3

    • 5. Shooting Our Image: Selects 4 & 5

    • 6. Choosing Our Selects

    • 7. Editing Our Selects

    • 8. Conclusion


About This Class

Hey guys, good to be back after a 18 month hiatus, hope you're ready to learn!

I'd like to thank you for joining me for class number 4 on Skillshare. We are tearing through these! If you haven't already, please register and take the previous 3 classes, you will need to apply them when working on this latest assignment.

Your mission is to begin thinking like a cinematographer with your images. You have free reign to submit 3-5 images of any style, the only requirement: They Must Tell a Story! Not only must they tell a story, you should be able to submit one word to sum each image and then place those words together to tie a common thread. Essentially, we will be developing critical skills needed for basic elements of film production. If you can effectively create a mood or aesthetic and further communicate that to a paying client, you will be in excellent shape! I'd like to continue sharing these skills in order to help move forward in your career as a photographer/filmmaker.

In our previous assignments, we've focused on learning tips and tricks for editing and more recently, applying those skills in the field. I want you guys to put forth your own twist to editing, this does not mean I'll accept just anything, you need to plan and attack just like you would for a professional shoot!

Successful projects will include all of the previous themes we've discussed, intelligent composition, strong balance of environment and subject, and a cohesive style of editing.