Turning Photography into Filmmaking: Making Images that Work Together | Daniel Lewis (ItsForGotham) | Skillshare

Turning Photography into Filmmaking: Making Images that Work Together

Daniel Lewis (ItsForGotham), Street/Brand Photographer

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8 Videos (30m)
    • Welcome to Class

    • Shooting Our Image: Select 1

    • Shooting Our Image: Select 2

    • Shooting Our Image:Select 3

    • Shooting Our Image: Selects 4 & 5

    • Choosing Our Selects

    • Editing Our Selects

    • Conclusion


About This Class

Hey guys, good to be back after a 18 month hiatus, hope you're ready to learn!

I'd like to thank you for joining me for class number 4 on Skillshare. We are tearing through these! If you haven't already, please register and take the previous 3 classes, you will need to apply them when working on this latest assignment.

Your mission is to begin thinking like a cinematographer with your images. You have free reign to submit 3-5 images of any style, the only requirement: They Must Tell a Story! Not only must they tell a story, you should be able to submit one word to sum each image and then place those words together to tie a common thread. Essentially, we will be developing critical skills needed for basic elements of film production. If you can effectively create a mood or aesthetic and further communicate that to a paying client, you will be in excellent shape! I'd like to continue sharing these skills in order to help move forward in your career as a photographer/filmmaker.

In our previous assignments, we've focused on learning tips and tricks for editing and more recently, applying those skills in the field. I want you guys to put forth your own twist to editing, this does not mean I'll accept just anything, you need to plan and attack just like you would for a professional shoot!

Successful projects will include all of the previous themes we've discussed, intelligent composition, strong balance of environment and subject, and a cohesive style of editing.





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Daniel Lewis (ItsForGotham)

Street/Brand Photographer

New York City based ItsForGotham has been drawing from a unique brain condition known as synesthesia since late 2012. Using this subconscious ability to "see" sounds and "hear" colors has led to a development of a unique approach to capturing and evoking any given emotion. Pursuing themes such as neighborhood violence, corruption, silence and human psychology, he began pursuing the craft more seriously in his free time and would later develop a certain technical ability to shoot and edit vari...

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