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Turn your Drawings into Animations using only Procreate

Lettie Blue, Architect & Digital Illustrator

Turn your Drawings into Animations using only Procreate

Lettie Blue, Architect & Digital Illustrator

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12 Lessons (1h)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Animated GIF, PNG & MP4

    • 3. Animations: The basics

    • 4. Animations: One step further

    • 5. Add & animate videos & Live Photos

    • 6. Time-lapse video: The basics

    • 7. Tricking time-lapse video

    • 8. Animated cards

    • 9. Animated stickers

    • 10. Animated lettering

    • 11. Animated logo

    • 12. The End

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About This Class

Procreate is a fantastic app to create digital art on your iPad, but do you know that you can also use it for animations?


In this class, we will have a lot of fun creating many different animations using ONLY Procreate. We will learn how to create simple effects and how to bring our drawings to live. Also, I will show you a few tips and tricks to improve your workflow in Procreate.

I will keep things as simple as possible but you will make the most of this class if you have basic knowledge of Procreate.

In this class we will cover things like:

  • How to create and share GIFs, Animated PNG and MP4 videos
  • How to add text to our animations
  • How to import videos and Live Photos
  • How to draw over videos
  • How to Create a Rotoscope Animation
  • How the Time-Lapse recording tool works and how to use it to create animations.
  • How to use other tools like: solo visibility, crop canvas, layer masks, liquify, transform tool... and many more!

Does this sound interesting to you? If so, grab your iPad, open Procreate and let's have some fun!!!

Did you just discover Procreate? Are you looking for a basic, intermediate or advanced tutorials? Check out my previous classes on my profile page!

Didn’t you find the tutorial that you are looking for? I am all ears! :) Contact me on IG @lettieblueillustrator or send me an e-mail [email protected]

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Lettie Blue

Architect & Digital Illustrator


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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. I'm letting illustrator at the devices silence of where I am addicted to the appropriate up . If you have already watched any of my tutorials, you've realized that I use appropriate for everything I mean, for joining, creating Parton's dress photos and stuff like that in this last, I want to show you how to use this app to great simple animations. We are going to create an animate our our works using Onley procreate. What? Using only appropriate? Are you sure you don't need photo show up animation creator after feds or any other up? Really? Yeah, I'm sure. So let's do it. 2. Animated GIF, PNG & MP4: Hey, thank you for joining me in this class I've in creating animations for a while now in procreate, as you just saw my intra video was made using the time lapse recording to. But since procreate 4.3 was released, we have a few extra ways to create our animations and share them into Jeff PNG on before. So first we are going to talk about the newest options and make a few examples. Then I will show you how to import a video into pro creates on. We will draw over it and finally we Werner all about the time lapse recording toe and how to trick it to create our animations. Having said that, let's get started, go to actions and then share when we top any of these options. What procreate do is to export our layers and create with them on animated GIF, PNG or before we will talk about the difference between this options later on. How does this exactly work? And how can we control what we want to appear in our animation and when you know that's animations are made by friends under the frame is basically a single picture in a sequence of pictures, right? Well, what's for agreed does is to use our lay a panel as a time nine panel. The first friend in our animation will be the layers situated at the very bottom off our panel on the last, the uppermost play we will control which less appear in our animation, making them visible or invisible Onley. The layers that are turned on in the moment we create and he made its file will be displayed in it. Empty layers that are turned on will appear a swell in the animation, So we will have to check visibility off our layers before creating our animated file. Also, we have a few layers inside the group. The group will be considered a single frame instead of her group of friends. At the time I'm recording this class groups off layers that are turned off will appear in our animation as an empty frame. I suppose they will fix this in the next update. So in the meantime, we will have to flatten the group's off lands that we want to keep invisible or delete them . Okay, I am using the preview window to show you how the animation is looking. But before exporting anything, let's talk about the exceptions. With this lie there, we can control how fast or slow our animation goes. What we're changing here is the time that our layers are displayed. Remember one visible there or group off layers correspond to one frame. So this will be one frame per second. Six 23. The maximum is 60 frames per second, which is really fast. We can't adjust the turn for each frame independently here but for the whole animation. Mm. Remind me to show you a later trick later. Okay. Here we can double on and off the bathroom. Visibility. This option is not available for MP for. And here we can choose the resolution off our animation. We're ready now. Is the resolution off our animation to a maximum off for 80 by for 80 pixels, which is quite small size but perfect for our website because it will load fast. We will use the suction, especially if we have many animations on it. Full resolution creates the animation with the actual canvas size. Which means that if we have a big chemist, we will get a big file. We can export our animation into three different for months. Here you have their main characteristics. We can use Jif almost everywhere. It supports Onley 256 colors. That's why sometimes gifts half weird colors. Well, almost always right. It doesn't support seven transparency. So when creating a Jiff, we will have to use solid colors and do not decrease the layers. Opacity animated PNG was created to so give problems. It supports millions of colors. But in return we get a bigger file, and this format is not a supported us, Steve. We can use it for wet, all with browsers supported, but Microsoft edge on Internet Explorer. We can also use it in a couple messages, but for the moment, or the messaging apps like what's up or telegram don't support it and before creates a very small size without sacrificing too much quality. But it doesn't allow transparency. It's perfect for Web and social media out of this re options. This is the only one supported by Instagram, although we can share our Jeff's on instagram stories and Garrett messages if we upload them first on it. If I don't come 3. Animations: The basics: these options were made to create simple animations. Off course. We can create more complex ones, but it's easy to run out of place. Let me show you how I combine, feel simple animations and create a more interesting one. This is the original, are weak give. You usually create many lays to make our illustrations like me. I recommend you to duplicate the file so we have a backup. How we can merch delays as we need not worrying about making mistakes that we can't undo when great animation in procreate, we have to design first. What part off the drawing will be changing or moving so we can duplicate the layer or group of players in this case and change Onley that part? For example, let's make the low battery. I can beer in this beer by simply erasing the battery. I can lay off the bottom group. If the changing part is the whole drawing, we will have to draw a different pose or drawing pearly, for example. Ah, let's make the apple pencil vanish. Weekend right both. I will choose this fund, make it bigger, and now let's draw a few lines in a differently I'm making grip. Create another layer on. Leave it empty. Also, we need to design what type off motion we want to create. For example, translation. We can move some parts off our drawing or the whole drawing randomly around the campus. We're following a path rotation. We can rotate our drawing or apart off it super easy using the transform too. Don't forget to duplicate the layer. You want to rotate first. Okay. Brokering. We can't choose the center off rotation yet. So here is the little trick to make our Don't we move around, I specific point. Just a point. You want the drawing to rotate around? In this case, it will be the center off the clock. Make a small dot Duplicate the layer. Flip it. I move it. Both dots have to be in the same spot. Make a group. Now we have two pencils or dating around that point. We just need one, of course. So turn off the visibility off one of them. And don't forget to raise the dot now create a group with our pencils group on the clock numbers. Duplicate that group on. Start creating the animation, - the's appearance. If we want to make something disappear. The only thing we have to do is not doing to the thing in the next lay. If we want our drawing to disappear progressively, we just need to duplicate the layer on decrease the layer opacity, duplicate the layer again on decrease capacity a bit more. And so one. If what we want is to make a part of our drawing, these appear we will duplicate the layer, create a layer mask on high the part we want to vanish into the thing there. Yeah, you can simply raise those parts, but you will be making permanent changes to your drawings so you won't be able to modify the part that is missing If you change your mind or if the animation doesn't look as you were expecting, repeat the process. If you want more parts to disappear, - all the movements, effects and filters goto adjustments. As I always say, this is like a box off toys here. There are many options to Greece. Super cool effects. Just play wrong once more. Don't forget to duplicate your layer before changing anything. Okay? - Please . It's so much fun, right? 4. Animations: One step further: Okay, lets keep going. Mm. Once we have all our friends done, we can see how our animation is looking by tapping and holding on the check box to turn on the solo visibility option. As you see, these option allows us to isolate away. Here. I applied motion blur to the pencil. Here, I added a black layer on decrease its capacity to get a fate of defense. And here I only have a black layer 100% opaque. Let's turn off the solo visibility. Don't forget to check if all the layers that you want in your animation are turned on. Okay? And if you decreased the capacity off any layer to use it as a reference to draw the content off the layer above, check the capacity off those layers to or they will appear like the drawing is fading out in the animation, as you see in the preview window. The speed. It's fine in some parts off my animation, but it goes way too slow in others. How can we fix this if the only thing we can do is to change the speed off the whole animation? Well, we will increase the speed off the animation on Do Nothing goes too Slow In these gays. I meet you make the pencil go faster Now the pencil movement is just what I was looking for . But the rest off the animation goes too fast to solve this kind of problems. What we have to do is to duplicate the layers that we need to be shown longer. What broke free will do is to display the same image more times. This is the only way we can control how long each drawing will be displayed. We already have a lot of lessons created on. If we try to duplicate all the layers that we need to, we will run out of players before getting the work done. So we will have to Murch the group's off layers before duplicating anything. And then it start duplicating the layers off the images that we're going too fast. Start by duplicating them once or twice, and checked animation. If it still goes too fast, duplicate the layer again, and if it goes too slow, just delete one or more off the duplicated less. Once it looks good, it's time to share it. There are two ways we can share it from here. Better also from the gallery. Just swipe to the left stop, share and choose. And before, for example, procreate will remember the friends for second that we chose the last time. So all we have to do is to choose the resolution and we are done. Who would have imagined that to create an animation in procreate could be so easy? 5. Add & animate videos & Live Photos: Okay. Now I will show you how to import videos in to procreate. As you already knew. There are. I feel different ways to import a photo or a file. You can use the same options to import a video. The only thing we have to do is to choose a video instead of the photo. That's all. What broke it does is to transform the friends off our video into layers. See, here we can crop the campus to get rid off the areas that we don't want to appear. In our video, I usually delete the even less so I have to make fewer joins. It's true that the more in between friends is mother. Their movement will look, but we have to find the right bones. Or we will be days working on a super simple animation. Please, two friends look almost the same so I can get rid off one of them. I have to let it half off the layers and do you see any difference? Okay, let's make something fun. For example, let's make a scream will effect. This is super easy. We just have to draw something in each off our friends. We can draw contour lines, motion lines. Actually, any kind off line or dodo will look good if we don't want to make permanent changes in our legs. We can always use groups slush. As you see jumping is not my thing, but I can easily make a rock crack by simply drawing a few crack lines. In the last relays, we can act text to our video. I would write, Jump, let's make it bigger And now let's use that transform tool to distort it a little bit. This will rest arise our text. It's OK because I won't need to change the world, I just wrote. If we want the text to appear all the time in our video, we have to duplicated as many time as layer we have on then make groups. This way. The text will stay still while I am jumping yes, in the transform to to a slightly rotate move or change Desai's off every other text layer . We can make our text wiggle. We will use layer masks to high bits off the text so the text looks like it's behind the object that it is moving in this case behind my head there is an animation technique. Cold road scoping. It consists off tracing over our friends to get a realistic action. Create a new layer above the boat off, mostly on start drawing the elements off the scene that won't move this case. I would draw a few rocks and also a few leaves and flowers before Sun joins the moving elements. Duplicate the layer on, place it above the next frame. Turn off the visibility officer duplicated layer on continued tracing the first play. I am just drawing this quite roughly and fast so you can get an idea of how these words. But you can create super cool animations. Using this technique, I will turn off this lee and changed the macron color so we can see how this is looking. Turn on the next two layers. Entrees moving elements again. As you see, I totally forgot to duplicate the layer before drawing the moving elements. So if you have a mind like receive too, you will have to use a razor and try to remember the easy task off, duplicating this layer before tracing. Anything else. Having said that, let's keep tracing. Once they're done, turn on visibility off all your traced drawings on Let's see the result. Cool, huh? What if what we want to do is to use a life photo to create an animation? It was simple, imported into procreate. It will be important as a photo. See, we only have one there. The first thing that occurred to me was to change the effect to look unimportant again. Okay, now we have several ways. This one looks good, but the rest of them don't. I'm too wonderful. Zell's and ghosts everywhere. So cool. But this is not what I am looking for. So let's change. They fit again to life and use shortcuts. Instead, you can get this up owned up store. It is made by a couple on allows us to greet personal shortcuts to make things don't quickly. I've made one to transform life photos to be news. You can download it from the products on resources section off this class apple open insure cuts. It's shark cuts on top. Done. And here it is. Tap on it. Allow it to access to your photos. It will automatically open your life for this album. When it is done, take appears you will find the video on your photo gallery imported into procreate. Now we have all the friends off the video. I knew ghosts as usual. I will only keep half all still aha's Let's Jack if it looks OK. Yeah, it does. And for example, let's use this video to bring these throwing to life as the drawing will not change. Let's duplicate it as many times as a player we have. I'm then create a group or mentioned the last this way. Check. If the animation looks good, I need so share it. Okay, now we are going to talk about the time lapse recording toe, and I will show you how I've been creating animations in pro create before these tools appear. In fact, I still use this outside the box method for creating some of my animations because it's way easier to get some effects without creating a ton off layers 6. Time-lapse video: The basics: procreate is not technically made for animation. And because of that, most of you people, when you want to any major joins, you create key frames and in betweens in procreate on, then sport your image or drawings to for show or any other act to create the animation. Well, there is no need to do that. As you probably know, Appropriate has an option to recur. Your I work while you created. I will explain how this option works and how to use it to go beyond to just record our drawing process. Time lapse recording is enabled by default. We don't need to do anything to record our drawing process. We can watch our video right on the campus tapping here and while the video is playing, we can drag our finger these way to speed up or slow down the process, or even zooming or change the BUE point, moving our fingers across the campus up done to exit. We can also export our time lapse video topping here. The quality off the video is determined by our campus sides, but we can set a high resolution in our iPad settings. Notice that any change should be done before creating the campus, we will be working on. Okay. I usually create simple animation that no need four K resolution. So for me, it's perfect ass. It is set by default. But if you need really higher definition, do you really know how to get it? Here? We can disable or post time lapse recording. Stop, Don't perch. If you want to pose it on, then make the strokes that you don't want to appear in your video. Once you're done, turn on the switch Umbro created will continue recording. You're drawing process again that perch. If you want to the lid your existing video The section cannot be undone. So be sure you don't wonder recording while time lapse recording Is this able? Nobody will they recorded. So you won't be able to replace your drawing process. But your file size will be shorter 7. Tricking time-lapse video: property and replay Our drawing process are 30 frames per second, which means every time we make a stroke on the cameras it will add a new frame to the time lapse feed you. It's recording will be composed off two pots the finished growing on our drawing process from skating to that finished throwing at the begin off its recording procreate will show us the finished drawing during the 1st 1.5 seconds and then it will replace our drawing process at 30 strokes or actions per second. Every stroke will be part off a new frame. But this won't occur with every action. We will talk about this later. Okay? How many friends I will have if I draw Plant is way. The answer is jazz win frame. Why is that? Because I didn't raise the pencil. Not once. So one stroke, one frame If I draw the plant again. But now draw. We need this way. One stroke Jew three or Okay, this will be my recording. As you can see now we are watching how the plant is growing. But they make us playing so fast that we can barely see what's happening. So we need to increase the time between frames. How do we do it? Well, the trick is to make strokes that do not appear in the video. We have a few options so cheap our goal, the best one, is to make a few strokes or just up a few times out off the campus. We're working on a small piece off our drawing on. We do not want assuming and cement all the time to make the strokes out off the campus. We can set the brush capacity to the minimum. I make a few extra strokes or activate our flock or make the strokes use in day Racer, or use this election to, um, make the strokes outside that selection ask you. So I deactivated timeless recording to a detail to the drawing UN activated again to create an overly, as I told you before, Appropriate will not record all the modification we make. For example, it wants wrecker when we undo something, not even if we and do the whole our work, it will keep the timeless video as it was before, but it would draw something. Now it will create a new friend with the current situation off our drawing. We won't say in the time last video how the and do parts off our drawing are disappearing, but we will see that they are missing as soon as we make a stroke. Any changes we make in our layers won't be recorder. If we change the opacity of the lab, it won't appear in our time lapse video. Or if we apply a blend mode, it won't appear either. In our time lapse video. It doesn't record either Anything we do when we're using the transform, too. It doesn't matter if we rotate, sleep the start Kobe and pays Cottam paste. It doesn't matter. It will not be recorder. However, if we select a part of our drawing using the selection tool, cut and paste or copy and pasted, it will be recorder. Appropriates will record any action we make use in the brush much you raise or color drop tools on also defense that we applied to our drawing from the adjustments many well but the opacity option. What we are going to do when creating an animation with procreate is to force the up to record what we want it. We will make strokes that will not appear in the video after the actions that it does not record force a neat to record them. This sounds a little bit complicated, but it's really is. In fact, let's see some examples. 8. Animated cards: you this example? I will show you two methods. Do animating procreate. The first will be to greet one lap her friend. Let's see how this works in our animation. We will open this envelope so we have to create turkey frames. Key friends are the first on the last friends. Often animation, we need one for the closed envelope on one for the open one one layer for each one. Okay. We also need transitional friends between the key frames to make the illusion off fluid motion. The friends between the key friends are coal in betweens. I've created just three because this is a really simple animation, but you can create as many as you want. The more in between is the more fluid will work. Having said that, let's animate our envelope. I would make appropriate record the same frame four times by making four strokes each time I activate a layer. In my case, if I make fewer strokes, the envelope will open too fast on. If I make more, it will open to slow on. The animation will not look fluid, so play around on. Discover how many strokes your animation needs to look right their second method will be to have just will lead to great multiple frames. That's what we're going to do with the card. We are going to use the transform to to move the card use agreed as a reference in order to move the car the same distance each time we are going to make four strokes each time we change its position. I'm finally the baby is going to blink and I we just need to make the drawing to go inside. I make a few more strokes. I want to give this image in my video for two seconds. So I will make 60 more strokes and then I will close the envelope. I make one less stroke. Remember that our final Joey will be at the beginning off our time lapse video when we export it on. We do not want to reveal this surprise off course. We could use the first method to animate the guard or the 2nd 1 to animate the envelope. The first method is better for more complicated animations, but just used the one you like the most 9. Animated stickers: in this video, we're going to learn how to create animated stickers for sharing own Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp. We need at least two different drawings. I will use these messy hair Red head on her cut on the cat is going to say Hi. I will use the first method to Annie made the cut that is going to appear in the lower left corner off the campus. Okay, let's do it first. Brain the girl a few strokes to keep the girl in the video a bit longer. Now let's activate the first layer off the cat's hand. Three strokes next layer. Drink, strokes, necks. Six strokes on the last one. I'm here a few strokes more to keep the cat in the video full time. Now let's activate the high layer on this being clear to stand out the cat under Grayton. If you most drugs, um, we are done exported. Now we are going to use what's act. Agree that give with it and send it to someone here. We have to cut the 1st 2nd and 1/2 off because it shows us the final Joey and send it well done 10. Animated lettering: when we create Leonard in and share our time lapse video most of the time, it's not only goes too fast, but also the writing does not appear fluid. The words appear stamped on the canvas. How can we fix this? Well, I've come up with two options. I was playing the easiest one in this video on a different want in the next. The first thing we have to do is to draw a few pieces off home lettering, then perch. Our time lapse we do creates a new layer above the text layer. I'm feel it with white or any other color. Grady, Um, picture or whatever you want, as long as it hides all the words onset, it's a pass iti to 99%. You can see the phrase right. Well, let's look closer. I don't know if you can see them in the video, but I see it's likely the letters on. That's exactly what we need to make them appear progressively, select a racer and choose a brush. I will use the model and brush this time. Do not forget to enable time lapse recording, okay, and now we will make the letters appear using, they raise their tool is way. Remember, the more strokes you make for later this lower the animation will be. Change the brush size. If you need Teoh, let's see how it's looking. It's looking much better, right? So let's keep going. - Okay . I want learning licks. Blew it. Now what if we take its gunner off course, We can use re color on our phrase will suddenly have a different color, but I prefer to do it progressively, so I will pause the time lapse video on duplicated text lay. Use every corner or are putting bra. Since you prefer, I sent the lay opacity to see room. Now activate time lapse recording again. Increase the layer capacity progressively on. Make a few stroke each time to change it and now repeat the process. But now decrease in the lay a passage I'm Finally, let's feel this heart with bread. Create a new layer at the top, select the text layer and use this election to automatic. I'm top inside the heart now see like the new layer to say brush, red color and paint. Let's see the result 11. Animated logo: in this video, I will show you how I animated the logo. Just so when any maids in the logo, the first thing we have to do is to decide what parts off the logo. We want to appear first unhappy under by the logo into layers to make that possible. This time, before start recording, we will feel the continent off all the less with white on activate also lock in all, the less we are going to paint. Once everything is set, we will enable time lapse recording. Select the bras color layer on start painting as we have Alfa look activated on Lee, the content off the layer will be painted. Change delay and make the strokes You need to create the animation you're looking for. In my case, I'm looking for three growing columns. Changed the lay on the color this time on the circle is going to hit the column on Transform it into a men gun . Now you just have to support it and use it wherever you want. It 12. The End: Thank you for taking this class. I hope you have found it useful. If you have any questions, please feel free to post them on the community section. Now it's your time to create an animation and share it on your product section If you publish it on Instagram Tag me Atleti blue illustrator, I would love to see what do you create?