Turn your Doodle Sketches into Digital Artworks | Ashish Mishra | Skillshare

Turn your Doodle Sketches into Digital Artworks

Ashish Mishra, Artist & Designer

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8 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Importing your sketch into Photoshop

    • 3. Refining the Outlines

    • 4. Filling in the Colors

    • 5. Adding Shadows and Highlights

    • 6. Adding effects

    • 7. Final Image Output

    • 8. Closing Thoughts


About This Class


"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." - Pablo Picasso

A huge number of aspiring artists stops drawing because they think, I'm not good enough, or my art is not perfect in comparison to popular artists on social media.

What we forget is how we developed the love for art in the first place, we forget all the doodles we used to make on the last page of our school notebooks. and how we felt proud of ourselves when someone appreciated our artworks.

But later on, we get too busy learning all the fundamentals of art, studying all the tips and techniques definitely helps us but it takes away the most important thing, the "fun of drawing", drawing just for the sake of drawing nothing else.

In this class, I'll teach you how to digitally paint your doodle sketches, the one that you scribble down on your sketchbook when you get an awesome idea, or when something inspires you but you just leave them and never work upon it.

I'll guide you through all the steps and all the tips and techniques involved while refining and painting your sketches, using Photoshop.

Thank you :)

Link to my class outline-

My Skillshare Class Outline - "Turn your Doodle Sketches into Digital Artworks"