Turn your 2020 Goals into Plans: Entrepreneurship Success | Goal Setting | Krystal Kelly | Skillshare

Turn your 2020 Goals into Plans: Entrepreneurship Success | Goal Setting

Krystal Kelly, Travel & Equestrian Coach

Turn your 2020 Goals into Plans: Entrepreneurship Success | Goal Setting

Krystal Kelly, Travel & Equestrian Coach

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7 Lessons (1h 6m)
    • 1. Intro to Goal Setting Online Course

    • 2. 100 Bucket List Exercise

    • 3. Declarations, Affirmations & Intentions

    • 4. Creative Vision Board

    • 5. Prioritizing your Goals

    • 6. Calendar Breakdown: Turn your goals into plans of action!

    • 7. How Bad Do You Want It? Exercise

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About This Class

Having Goals isn't good enough. It's one thing to make a bucket list, it's another thing to actually CROSS THEM OFF YOUR LIST!

How many people have you heard saying things like, "I'll do that... when I win the lottery!" or "I wish I had a million dollars," or "I wish I could afford that car / house / etc." 

So, do you want to be a "WISH-er" or a "DO-er?" Many people give themselves the excuses of never going after their dreams and big goals because they can't visualize a way for these dreams to come true. They don't think they can make a million dollars unless they win the lottery (wrong). They don't think they can find the perfect spouse so they choose to settle with the wrong one. They don't think they deserve a promotion because they aren't smart enough / social enough / educated enough etc. so they work the same job for years and years without any advancement.

But YOU refuse to settle! You are a "DO-er" and YOU are going to take ACTION today! 

In this Course You Will Master:

  • Effective strategies to turn your goals / ideas and wishes into ACTIONABLE PLANS
  • You will learn the strategies to achieve your goals no matter how big your dreams are!
  • Creative vision board implementation guidelines
  • Daily task setting
  • How to set up and manage your day
  • How to break down your goals into years / months / weeks / days 
  • Master the art of visualization

Enroll in this course today to become a MASTER. Turn your dreams and wishes into ACTIONS and PLANS. See them through and achieve what others couldn't! 

Meet Your Teacher

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Krystal Kelly

Travel & Equestrian Coach


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1. Intro to Goal Setting Online Course: welcome to the Goal Settings Strategies Online course where you can turn your dreams into actual plans. The greatest danger for most of us lies not in setting are aimed too high and falling short , but in setting our aim too low and achieving our mark. So basically what that means is the risk that you are taking by not setting big goals is actually much worse than you achieving small goals or no goals for yourself. So this course is not about setting small goals. This is about setting big goals. We want you to go on, take that trip. Write that book you've always wanted to write. Make the money that you deserve to be making make millions of dollars. You know, make those deals owned. Those businesses live in your dream house, the house that you've always wanted to live in. Take those helicopter lessons by that dream car You've always wanted to drive fly first class Life is about first class, not economy class. Go to the hotel that you've always wanted to stay in, compete in the, you know, marathons or physical activities you've always wanted to do try new hobbies. Um, participate in new sports. When you're setting goals and going after your big dreams, you have to realize you only have control over three things in your life. The thoughts you think, the images you visualize and the actions which you take. I eat your behavior, and as the famous multi millionaire and motivational coach Jim Rohn says, You cannot change your destination overnight. But you can change your direction overnight, and that is exactly what we aim to do. In this course, we're going to change the direction of your life, and we're going to do that by making you achieve your big dreams. We're gonna help you set goals, take action, make plans so you can actually achieve everything you've wanted in life. So you might be wondering, Who am I? My name is Crystal Kelley, and I am a world traveler, an author writer podcaster helping empower women to travel the world on horseback. Married to the man of my dreams, I'm an adventurer and an explorer, public speaker and expert, and manifesting my big dreams and turning them into actual realities. In this course, you will learn the power of positive thinking how to structure your bucket list, creating your calendar of dreams, Creative vision board strategy for success, how to prioritize your goals and turn them into plans and the How bad do you want to exercise, which will make you unstoppable and roll today, turn your goals into plans and achieve your biggest dreams. 2. 100 Bucket List Exercise: Hello. And in this video, I'm just gonna cover bucket list. And it's actually quite surprising to me to know that less than 1% of Americans are actually writing down their goals. Um, I've always been one of those people that actually I always went down my goals. Um, to think about writing down your goals, though, is there's a little bit more to it than that, because just writing it down doesn't necessarily solve the problems. But studies have shown that writing down our goals increases our chances of achieving the goals tremendously. So if you just have it in your brain, chances are it's going to stay in your brain. Um, if you write down your goals, though, and you share it with a friend or a loved one, this number actually increases success rates by over 70%. So riding down the goals is Step one, and then Step two is right down the goals and share with a friend or a spouse or someone that you trust. Um, this helps you hold yourself accountable. Um, when you share it with a spouse or loved one, your sort of putting the pressure on yourself to achieve that goal. It's now something believable. Israel. You've now admitted to someone else out loud that you have that intention of completing that goal. And that's why that helps increase the chances of success. Um, so you're going to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals when you share it with someone and when you have it written down, Um, and and you know, by doing this, it's going to see more riel, these goals. Sometimes when we write down our goals, you might kind of look at your own list and sort of laughed like, Oh, gosh, I'll never get that will never live in that big house or drive that car. But you know, when you share it with someone else, may be your friends have just as big of goals as you or they have similar goals. You know, everyone secretly wants to be happy. They want to be healthy. They wanna have more money, you know, So these air common themes, so it might seem ridiculous, but as soon as you start sharing it with others, you'll realize, Wow, they actually have very similar goals to me. So after you've written down your bucket list, items, and I'm gonna give you the exercise in a moment. I want you to print this list off and you're gonna hang it on your wall or by a frame for it. Put it on your desk, put it next to your computer, putting extra bedside table. Just make sure you put it somewhere where you can see it every day, even if you're not actually staring it and reading it every day. But it's just kind of subconsciously there. It does actually make a difference. So, for example, when I moved to England a couple years ago, my husband and I for Christmas we decided to make a bucket list, and so we cut out magazine clippings and we just threw it all on a big piece of paper, and it was just hanging in our living room. All we framed it. We made a big deal out of it. You know, we did all of our bucket list items in different colors with different markers, so we really made a big thing out of it. Um, and it hung on our wall for two years, and it's funny because, you know, we weren't staring at it at it every day, but we would walk by it every day. It was on her way to the kitchen or would sit next to the sofa, and it would be kind of just there as we watch TV or something. And just by sort of subconsciously having it over us, we actually crossed off so many items on that list within those two years, it was actually crazy. And especially because a lot of the items on the list they didn't seem like items we were going to achieve anytime soon. They kind of seemed like, Oh, that'll happen, you know, 10 years from now. And we ended up crossing them off and achieving so many things that it was almost ridiculous. It was almost insane to think, you know, two years ago that that had just been something that we did for Christmas. Um, so this is something very important. So this is your exercise on again? It's very simple. And take it seriously, you know, write down 100 at least bucket list goals of things that you want to do or you want to achieve before you die. It has to be 100. You know, if you want to do more than 100? That's great, but minimum at least 100 things. And I would suggest that you include, um, bucket list items in all of the categories which I've listed below here. So you'll see there's, you know, financial goals, health goals, travel rules, happiness goals and then have some long term goals. But also try and include a few short term goals, which you think you might be able to achieve within a few months or, you know, a year. Because you do. I mean, as soon as you cross something off of your bucket list that's just going to stimulate you and excite you even more to pursue the other things on your bucket list. And I don't want you to be shy. You know, this whole course, it's not about having small goals. Put your most insane crazy, big, huge goals on this bucket list. Put some small ones to put some short term one since the long term ones. But don't be afraid, you know, don't This is not the how are you gonna achieve it? List? This is that. What do you want to achieve? List? So the how that's gonna be figured out, you know it's gonna come to you. So what you need is you have to tell the universe what it is that you want, because you don't get what you don't know what you're asking for, okay? You only get what you ask for. And if you're not asking, that means the universe thinks that you don't know what you want, so they're not gonna give you anything. So I again have some money goals, have some health goals and travel goals. Happiness related goals, long term, short term goals. Um, include try and include as many of you know, the different varieties in your bucket list, but really just go crazy. If you write down 200 things, that's fine. Um, and I'm just gonna quickly pull up here. So this is just an example of this word is basically travel related. This is a bucket list that I had made ah, several years ago. I actually don't remember how long ago was that. I made this probably like five years ago or something. But as you see, there's a little check marks. Um, I've accomplished a lot of the things on this list I mean, there's a lot of check marks on here, and I think this list raise money for charity to change. I've raised over $3000. I think it's much more than that, actually, because at some point I stopped keeping track of how much I was. Um, so, you know, hitchhike. I've done that when I was in Romania. See wild monkeys in Asia, Um, get lost in a foreign country. I've gotten lost in pretty much every foreign country. I've been to, um, a green led adventure on horseback, you know? So this was sort of, ah, specific travel related. And if you want to do, ah, 100 financial things or 100 health goals or 100 travel related ones, you know, go crazy with this exercise and share, you know, with somebody that you are close to, um, someone that you, you know they know, You know, that they're not gonna laugh at you. You know, I posted this bucket list online. That was sort of my way of being accountable to the world. So again, you can see there's a lot of check marks. You know, I've accomplished a lot of these items and I don't look at this list regularly. In fact, this is the first time I've looked at it in probably a year. And I had several things to check off without me even realizing. So I just went through an updated it. Um, so just the fact that it kind of exists in the world, you will start checking off those things without even realizing it. And that's sort of what I want you to know is you know, when you make these lists, you know, even if I haven't checked off all of them yet I've checked off quite a lot. And you know what? I'm happy about that. And the more you start shaking it off, the more it's easier to check off all the other ones. So that is it for bucket lists. And I will see you in the next video. 3. Declarations, Affirmations & Intentions: Hello. So in this video, I'm just gonna briefly tell you about declarations. You could also call them affirmations or intentions. Um, you know, whatever word choice, it's up to you. But basically what a declaration is or an intention is you're gonna write another list. Um, right as many as you want. And in this list, what you're gonna do and you're gonna have to commit. Okay, So if you are serious about achieving your goals, I need a commitment from you. Well, you need a commitment from you, OK? Because whether or not you become rich or happy doesn't really affect me, but it will affect you. So you need to declare to the world your intentions. You need to do that when you wake up on when you go to sleep at night for the best. Um, for the best effect when you wake up and when you go to sleep for the best effect. So you're gonna make a list, And in this list, what you're gonna do is you're going to write down as many as you can think off okay of intentions, and you're going to write them down as if you've already achieved them. So, you know, for example, I'm so grateful to be driving a Ferrari. I don't have a Ferrari right now, but if I wake up every single morning or every single evening before I go to sleep and I out loud, put my hand on my heart and I declare to the world I am so grateful to be driving a Ferrari and say it like you mean it. Say it like your hands are wrapped around the steering wheel of your dream car. Okay? And that kind of throws into the universe. That intention. Okay, that affirmation. It makes it solid because our brain actually can't tell the difference between what's true and what's not true. OK, they can't tell the difference between you having it. Were you not having it. So if you have that feeling when you say that word, I am so grateful to be driving a Ferrari, say until you mean it, until you believe it, you know, fake it till you make it. In this sense, you want to kind of trick your brain into thinking that you already have that thing. I already have a healthy and the perfect body. Maybe my goaless lose £20 maybe in the daytime I'm working on that. But in the morning when I get up, if I say I am so grateful for my healthy body, I have the most amazing perfect body and I'm actually visualizing my dream body as I'm saying that, and I'm seeing my face in the mirror having that dream body. If I'm saying something like that, it's so powerful. Imagine waking up and saying I am healthy because for the rest of the day, because you've already declared to the world that you are healthy, it doesn't matter. When you go to a restaurant, you will naturally choose the healthier food on the menu. Or you will naturally drink more water that day because you already have that intention. So your brain is already subconsciously thinking you're healthy, so it's going to make healthy decisions, so you're going to write your declarations as if you already have it. OK, that's one. But also it's so much more powerful when you incorporate some kind of feeling or emotion or one of our senses. So you know I can touch such and such, or I can already smell the I don't know flowers in my beautiful garden or something like that. You know, add some kind of sense or visualization or an emotion, because when you add an emotion to your sentence, you know I feel great earning $10,000 a month. When you're adding that emotion, it just triggers it in our brain and in our body, and it makes it seem more and more real. You know, if you're having a bad day and you turn on some, I don't know beautiful music, it can immediately lift your spirits. It lifts your mood. Okay? It's been proven that music can improve your emotions. Same for watching a comedian. You know, if you want your comedian, you start laughing. Even if you had a horrible day. So you know just by saying these emotions, if you start to feel great, then it just solidifies that declaration even more. And if you say I feel great earning $10,000 a month, your brain doesn't know the difference, and it will find a way to make that happen again. This is not the how you need to achieve it. This is the you know you don't need some kind of exact road map. If you're sitting there right now and you're like, I don't know how I'm gonna in $10,000 a month. I can't put that on my decoration. It wrong? Put that on your declaration. Say it every day, twice a day until you believe it. And the second that you believe it and you actually feel great. You will make that $10,000 a month. Okay, So if you want the secrets the secret to success into achieving their goals, this is it. And you do need to say these declarations out loud. Like I said in the morning in the evening before you go to sleep, Um, put your hand over your heart and really make that intention to the world. Say it like you mean it. If you need to be passionate about it, if you need to sing it in the shower, Whatever. Do whatever it takes. Don't worry about looking stupid. Just do it because you're not gonna look very stupid when you have the perfect body and you're earning $10,000 a month and you driving your Ferrari. So that is it for decorations. And I will see you in the next video 4. Creative Vision Board: Hello, everyone. And in this video, I'm gonna be talking about vision boards. Um, you probably have already heard a vision boards. As far as you know, You take a big piece of paper and you cut out magazine photos and you write down your sort of bucket lists. But I'm gonna go one step further, and I'm gonna sort of modernize this a little bit. I assume that you are having a computer. Most people nowadays dio and a lot of people actually spend most of their time on the computer. So what we're gonna do is, um this is my screensaver vision board, You know, if they have some things on my desktop or whatever, But this is basically my screen saver vision board. It's my desktop photo. If my photo are sorry if my computer was to fall asleep, then I have other pictures, maybe different ones. Or maybe it's all of the's kind of edge of visual pictures which are rotating. Um, now, you know, I have, ah, Mac book, but whatever, this is the same for any type of computer. So it doesn't matter if you have ah, hp your windows or whatnot. Um, so Yeah, is what we're gonna be creating today, and I'm gonna show you a nisi way to do this. So again, I'm gonna go back. So this is can va. Um, Canada dot com, As you can see up here now, candle is totally free. You just make a little account. Um, again, it's free. You never have to pay to use canvas unless you want to buy, um, special pictures or things like that. And you really can design anything so you can type here. Um, And there it is desktop wallpaper. And it even has the dimensions of what the desktop is. Um, obviously, if it's not perfect, you know, your computer is gonna just to the size anyways, So you're just gonna select on this desktop wallpaper? Um, it has some templates were not going to do that. We're just going to choose a blank one. So here you are. Now, over here is you can see, um, your photos and elements and text, and you could do all kinds of stuff. So can Va has. And I was going to swap to one of my other ones. Ah. So for example, I typed paradise and I get all of these pictures here so you can see this beautiful photo. If this is, you know, place that you can visualize yourself being anyone this on your ah vision board. Then you would just kind of selected from here. And it'll pop up over there, and you can adjust the size of the picture. You can do different effects or filters. You can make it brighter or darker or make all kinds of different effects. Um, you can also add more than one photo. So, you know, I made a little collage for my mine is obviously a collage. I literally just took pictures and put them next to each other. Um, so you know, you could do the same thing here. Just kind of make a little collage. And again, you can drag and drop. You can delete it. You can just use that. Um, this little symbol here says it costs money. It's ah, dollar. As you can see, if you wanted to purchase that one, um but there's plenty of free images. This is free. That's free. This is free. Free, free. So you know you have enough free things that you can make your Vision board. You know, maybe I want to be staring out at the sunrise or whatever in an infinity pool. So that's going on my vision board. Um, so, yeah, this is what I did. I just took a bunch of pictures, and I just kind of moved them around onto my thing. Now, that's what you're gonna do here. And when you're finished, you're just going to You can download it, you can share it. Um, I would download it. Obviously, this one's empty, so it's not gonna let me. But if I was going to download it, I could do it as a PNG, which is just high quality picture or J pick. Um, and it will automatically save it to my computer. And then, of course, you just select the photo and add it as a change desktop background. Um, you know, I have a Mac, as I said, but if you right click on the windows, you'll get the same option. So that's it. As's faras these photos now, these ones, um, were not found in Canada Photos. That's just a nisi way for you to get started. So what I suggest is you come to Google, and you need to be extremely specific. So we've already covered some of that. So I'm just typing sort of generic things. I want you to be super super specific, as specific as you can. So don't just say, you know, big House. Don't type big house type. I don't know. Six six bedroom house, um, with a pool, and then you can go to images. All right, here we go. Here's a six bedroom house with the pool. Maybe I want that on my vision board. Just right. Click it. Save image. Not see, Maybe I want this one. This one's nice again. Comes with little fountain. Didn't know I wanted that. Now I do. Has a Jacuzzi that's definitely going on my list. And again safe. Yeah. So now I found my house. So let's go to the next super specific thing. Um, I don't know. Maybe a super specific type of car You want to drive, Or maybe it's something specific in the sense of success of your business. So you know, if it's I want my don't just say I want my business to be successful. Say I want my business to earn. I don't know, a $1,000,000 in one year. And if that's your goal, I don't know type 1,000,000 dollars, Harry, go pictures money. Or maybe, you know, in your vision, it's what that $1,000,000 would buy you, which is, you know, again, your fancy car or your fancy house or your fancy, whatever it is. Um, but this is gonna be sort of your visualizations or when you look at this picture, you know, my business made me that pile of cash right there. Cool. That's on your vision board. Um, yeah. And again, Just gonna save them. And then you come back to Canada. You're gonna put them here on your little thing. Dragon, drop them. You can upload photos here. These are photos of yours that you can upload. So again, there's my little car. So yeah, that's it. You just upload it, drag it here. Okay, so that is basically all you need to know. Um, there is no right or wrong. You can put as many pictures or as little of pictures. Maybe just want one picture again. Like I said, you could make it. Your screen savers or multiple pictures are coming. Um, but yeah, This is basically what you're going to be doing. And every day when you use your computer, this is what you're gonna look at. And I want you to try and clean up all of the extra stuff as much as you can, um, so that you can release it and visualize with your new screen saver vision board. 5. Prioritizing your Goals: no one in this video. We're just gonna briefly talk about prioritizing your goals. So I'm gonna open the numbers. Um, if you have the windows, you're gonna open Excel. It's exactly the same thing. Don't worry about it. Um, But what you're gonna do is you're gonna open a new document. I'm just gonna choose the blank. Want nothing, nothing fancy. It doesn't really matter, though. It's up to you. Um, and again, it's it's the same in excel. It's slightly. It's a different program. Just Mac books. And And when does they had just different programs? But it's the same thing. So what you're gonna do is that list of 100 bucket list items. You're gonna prioritize those items now. We had different categories. You had a health bucket list items you had financial, maybe had travel, maybe had long term, you know, short term, you know, whatever. Um, so what you do is kind of skin that list. I don't. You made 100 and 50 items. You're going to, um, skin that list and next to each and every of the items you know, you already would have categorised them. Hopefully. If not, you should organize them. But I want you to choose maybe your top five or, um, maybe even less. That may be your top three goals in each of these categories, and you're gonna bring them over to this table. So choose the top five. They don't necessarily have to be. Um, you know, all of them have to be long term or short term because you do have this different categories and maybe have the same goal twice. Maybe your goal is to lose £20 that's a short term goal and a health goal. So, you know, you might have some that are overlapping. Um, but she's five. So, you know, lose 20. Lt's my long term goal is to, um, eat vegetarian meals once a day. Um or I don't know. What's another house goal? Um, let's see. Have one. Uh, no. Once you I drink two liters water daily. Yeah, that's my would say health goals and then financial goals start my own business and whatever, whatever your goals are. So again, put put down your top five for each of these categories. And then what we're gonna do is prioritize things and sort of break it down a little bit further. And you're going to use this in your next video, Um, as faras building natural calendar. So what I want to do is your top five goals in each category. I probably put these on the wrong thing. I probably should have put them over here. Um, I don't know if I could move them. I can't. Um, so, you know, maybe these categories maybe these of actual coals. Um, yeah. So in health, these are my five goals and finances. These are my five girls, and then what you're gonna do is prioritize them. So, for example, what is the most important to you? The thing that you think you will stick with, um right now, because you don't want to start changing five different habits all at once. It's it's too much. And if you try and overwhelm yourself and do too many things, you're more likely just not do any of them. So you know of these five things, which one is the most important for the biggest priority to me? So let's say it's it's just drink water. Maybe I'm you know, most focused on that. So this is my number one go. Yeah, This this is my number two. This is my number three. And so you're gonna label them for your priorities. Yeah. Is this the goal? This is the category. Yeah. So you're gonna label the five things on a scale of, um, What's your number one? What's your number two? So, you know, on this one, maybe starting my own business is the biggest priority. Because, you know, if I don't start my own business, I can't earn $10,000 a month passive income, and then I can't make a $1,000,000 eventually. So that's my number. One is my never to, And that's my number three. Yeah. In order of priority, maybe my tropicals made my first travel goal is to, I don't know, travel out of town to the next nearby city and do something different. Goto a museum because I've never been to a museum or, you know, whatever it is, and then maybe my bigger goal is to, I don't know, fly on ah international holiday or take a cruise or, you know, good of France or, you know, whatever it is so kind of label it in priorities. It doesn't have to necessarily be easiest to hardest. You know, maybe your number one goal for travel is to go to under No Bali and do yoga retreat. So if that's your number one goal, put that as your number one goal. So you know, fully and treat number one. So maybe my number two goal is to fly first class. Maybe my number three goal is whatever it iss. Um, so it could be whatever is specific to your list, and then you're gonna do it for each of the categories, and you're gonna label them 1234 and five. So again, like I said, your good to feel overwhelmed If you're doing too many things at once. So take your number one goals for each category and break it down even further. So take your number one goals of health and your number one finance goal and your number one travel goal, and then you're gonna label them all here, and we're gonna break it down even further off those different categories. Which of these categories for which of the items in those categories is your number one focus? So, for example, if I'm, um, having all these different categories and my number one goal is to be financially free. I'm gonna put that as a higher priority to my health goals, because that's my number one goal and came. My number one goal is to be financially free, not to be super healthy. That's still goal of mine. But this is my number one. This is my number two. Yeah. So you're gonna break it down even further and say of thes different number one goals. Which one is your really super number one? Maybe you need to make another sheet and and do that. So, you know, health goal was, uh, drink two leaders water my financial goal waas start my own business. So this is my number one. This is my number two. Maybe in my travel, you know, the Bali saying is my number three. So you just again breaking it down even more and prioritizing what is the most important too? So you know that your number one focus right now needs to be starting your own business. So, in the next video, when you go into a calendar breakdown, that's I think what you mostly should be focusing on or things um, which are gonna help you to achieve that. Okay? So you could make a calendar for each and every thing, or you can include a couple of things again. When you're making new habits. I probably would start with one or maybe two. If you feel you can simultaneously do these two things, then great. Go for it. Schedule that in your calendar again. This in the next video. But don't do all five or don't do 10. You know, just just pick one or two for now, once you've accomplished that and that's working, you know, check. Done. Okay, I've done that. Move on to priority number two or Priority number three. Once you've accomplished this first school and your finances move on to your second goal in your finances. Okay? Where did I put that? Now, this is my second goal. So, you know, I'm gonna replace I'm gonna add that here, and I'm gonna, you know, work towards the TV lap. So that is how we're gonna prioritize our goals, and that's going to just break it down even more. And then in the next video, we're gonna talk about how to break it down into actual plan. So that's it for this video. And I'll see you in the next one 6. Calendar Breakdown: Turn your goals into plans of action!: Hello. And in this video, I'm going to recovering. Ah, making your goals into an actual plan as faras building your calendar. So what we're gonna do first? Now? Obviously, I have a Mac book. Um, if you have a Windows computer, don't worry. You would do exactly what I'm doing, but you'll do it in an excel sheet. Um, so for Mac book users, you're going to come to this numbers, um, thing. I already have one open, but you're going to open a new one. Um, so you're gonna open a new one? I'll just actually, I'll open a new one first, and then I'll come back to that one. So let's go ahead and open a new one. New documents. And you just got to choose a blank one. Obviously, they have different things. Don't worry about any of that. And same thing if you're in Windows is gonna open a blank excel sheet. Um, so you have this table, and it's already made for you and what you're gonna do with that bucket list that you made your actually going to break it down now, So see up here how you have sort of different. Um columns. Yeah. So you're gonna break things down. But before we do that, we're actually going to make Oh, sorry. We're actually gonna make another sheet. Um, make quite a few, actually. So let's see. Let's name this one 15 years. Let's name this 1 10 years, This name, this one five years. And this 11 year, What you're gonna do is with this table. Um, maybe start of the 15 and kind of work your way back. So again, look at that bucket list, that 100 bucket list items that you've already made and we're going to go through that entire list of 100 items, and you're gonna actually put them into your table based on how many years do you think it will take for you to achieve it? So, you know, if there's something that you feel like, Oh, man, I'm not gonna be a billionaire until 15 years from now. So you want to buy yourself a little bit of time to achieve that goal. So, you know, you would come to your 15 years and say billionaire, and then what I need you to do is you need to put the exact date um, that you're a billionaire, or, you know, whatever it is that your goal is So, you know, maybe this is your bucket list item or goal. And maybe this is the date you achieve that school. Um, yeah. So I'm a billionaire. I'm gonna become a billionaire by January first 20 blah, blah, whatever you that's gonna be 15 years from now. Um, And then what you need to do is yet you have to make the actual sentence. So I probably don't need this many tabs, but make natural sentence. So, um, by January first, 2000 and gold, I don't even know what that would be. I'm just gonna guess by 2030. Gosh, it's gonna be for little that anyways, um, by this date on this year, I Chris, we can't any, Um Okay, multi billionaire and loving it. Hey, uh um, So again, you're going to go through the whole list. So what's my other 15 year old girl? 15 year goal. Um, I'm gonna have a 100 million dollar house by whenever So, you know, this is again your 15 year call. So every single one of your goals which you think is going to take you at least 15 years or less to achieve. Um, but all of them put what it is. Put the date and then make your sort of declaration out of it, including the date. Maybe have your name in there. And then if you can put in emotion, just kind of like with your decorations. Ah, that just makes it even better. And you want to try and kind of put it, um, sort of like it already happened unnecessarily. You know, by this date, I have fat, and I love it Or, you know, I'm so grateful, you know, put some kind of feeling into it. And then again, you're gonna come to the exact same thing with 10 years. Um, do the same thing with five years with five years. Obviously, um, you're putting stuff which don't put all you know, Don't put everything at 15 years because you think it's super unachievable. You know, if your goal is toe make $1 million don't just throw it into 15 years, because if you throw it into 15 years, you're kind of giving your self the excuse like, Oh, I don't have to try and achieve that anytime soon. I have plenty of time to try and get there. So, you know, don't just throw something into 15 years because you think it's gonna take you 15 years to get there on Lee. Put the stuff in 15 years, which you genuinely think is going to need some actual time. So maybe my 15 years I'm a billionaire. Maybe in 10 years. I am, Ah, I don't know, 500 millionaire. And my five years, I'm ah, having $10 million. Um, so you know, I'll put the date my little dick coloration. Um, so, you know, if in five years I'm getting $10 million then that means in one year I should at least have $1 million. Um, so that's how you're going to break it up and again with your buddy list. We kind of had different categories. You had health bucket list items. You had financial budget. This items maybe had stuff about You know what you want to do with your family or you want to be married. Um, or whatever it is, you know. So in five years, I'm gonna marry the man of my dreams and 10 years. We're gonna go on. Ah, second honeymoon. In 15 years, we're gonna renew our vows. I mean, whatever. Whatever your goals are for any topic, any category, maybe you have charitable goals, you know, in one year. Okay, maybe I don't really have the money to donate to charity, so I'm gonna ah, donate. Got to know five hours a week of my time to charity or my goal is to donate $100 a month. I don't know, whatever in your one year. And then in five years, it's I wanna donate. Ah, $1000 a month to charity in 10 years. It better be, you know, $10,000 a month and charity or, you know, whatever. Whatever your personal goals are, that's what you're gonna dio. So you know you don't need this money tables. Um, yelling. Dude, if you if you want to put extra stuff for extra notes, you know, just whatever it is that you need to help you believe it, maybe you want to answer Ah, photo there or whatever, so really go crazy with this? Um, And again, if you have a windows, you're going to do the same thing. Excel Sheet looks pretty similar to this numbers, and then you don't necessarily have to print this sheet out. Um, if you want to, though, uh, is definitely helpful. And you can also do it with a pen and a paper. You know, don't feel like you have to do on the computer. Um, but yeah, create this sheet. And then what you're gonna do is after you've done your one year, you could break it down even further. Um, in the movies round, I can. So I 15 years, 10 years, five years When you now what I'm gonna dio is in my one year. I have to break it down by months. So what am I gonna do each month and you're gonna have to add, um, multiple columns in this sense. So January February large April May. Okay. Put the whole year. Okay, add lots of tabs, but the whole year and again, probably working backwards is easiest. So, you know, we're starting from December. Ah, What goals do I need achieved by December? Yeah. So by December, if my one year goal waas make one $1,000,000? Yeah. So that means in this month I need to come up with a $1,000,000. How am I gonna do that? Well, let's see if I earn Ah, in January, $10,000 a month and in February iron $20,000 a month. And, you know, what do I need to do to get $1 million by December or if my goal was, you know, January 1st? Whatever. So by December 31st I need to have a $1,000,000. So how much money do I need to make by December? How much money joining to make by November on kind of work in reverse. Or you could work, you know, forward about roads as well, if you want. Um, so you know, that's my one million dollars. Okay, that's kind of my goals. So in. Sorry. That should have been a different column. Uhm, but okay. Whatever was January, I'm sure I could Maybe we're just not sure. Just replace that I get. Anyways, you're gonna put everything I know there's a way to do it. I'm just not gonna be dealing with that right now. You get the idea. So January February Able block. So my goal is one night. Also, every month. This is what I need to do to achieve its 1 January. My goal is I need to make $10,000 in February, I need to make low block their marginally to make low block. And then by December, I need to be at a lie. $1 million gold. Um, so again, it doesn't have to be the how it doesn't have to be. How am I gonna make $10,000? You just have to have that goal of okay. If I want to make a $1,000,000 this year, I need at least $10,000 in one month in the month of January, and then you can, you know, again, go backwards. Um, so that's just kind of breaking it down. And, you know, again, this is just an example. Put your goals put Something that you feel is believable. If you're looking at this and I propose no accurate to those dollars in January, that's ridiculous. Put your goal, which you feel is a bit believable. So maybe your goal isn't on many dollars. Maybe it's our, you know, $100,000 a year in passive in Cote. If that's your goal. So I only need 101 100,000 by December. So you know, if in November I make, let's say 75,000 and here I make whatever 60,000 and 50,000 I have 12 months to do it. So, you know, you kind of break it down to number, which is believable, Teoh. And again, you know, you could include your health goals. Your charity goals include everything that you want. Um, I wouldn't overwhelm yourself, though, because, you know, if you put 1000 things what you need to achieve, then it's gonna be overwhelming, and you're gonna feel like, you know, you're not gonna accomplish any of them, cause there's just too many things to accomplish. So again, that's where the whole prioritizing your goals comes into play. Um, So you're going to take the ones which are your top priorities, So don't try and fit everything just fit the ones that matter. I'm using the examples of money because that's kind of Ah, I think a universal goal. Everyone could use a little bit extra cash. But you know, if your focus is not money, it's health, or it's, you know, getting a promotion in your job or whatever it is, Um, put those ones the ones that actually matter to you. The most great. Ah, And then what we're gonna do is when I have monthly guess what we're gonna do next weekly and then one more, which is gonna be daily. So you have your monthly. So if in January I need to make $10,000? Yeah. So in one week, what do I need to do to get that $10,000? So again, you know, I'm gonna have seven days here. 1234567 Maybe this is my actual table, So at an extra one. So this is my weekly breakdown. This is Monday. Tuesday? Yeah. So on Monday, I need to make ah 50 Fogel's Ah, on Tuesday. I need to make another 50 calls on Wednesday. I need to, uh I don't know, collect ah 100. A male's from people to email them. Um, on Thursday, I need Teoh build my blogger, you know, whatever it iss um, So whatever it is that you need to do to help achieve those goals, you're gonna break it down. Um and you know it doesn't have to be rocket science. It doesn't have to be. You might do this. Realise that doesn't work. So, you know, you do this the next day, and then you do that, so, you know, in the beginning of kind of experimenting or whatever, but after a while, you'll get a system, you'll figure out what works. And, you know, maybe the first week your goal is to collect 100 emails, and you're making money through email list. Second week, you're collecting 1000 emails or whatever it is. Um, so, yeah, you're gonna break it down into weekly goals again. Set. You're kind of just priority goals. And then daily, I'm gonna show you a different thing for daily. So I'm gonna just show you what I already have, What's going and close this, um, I don't need to say that. So I'm just gonna open. Okay, So this was my, um, daily actions. So this is kind of what I need to do each day. Like an overview. So gold number one, wealth goal number two for my business. So these were my priority, So I had it broken down. Um, every day of the week So what? I did waas I took these daily goals and I turned them into an hourly plan. Um So for example, on Sunday I needed to set up ads, watch ah, video course and then work on my online courses. Work on some of my app sora kindle book or YouTube videos has quite a lot of stuff in one day. So I broke her down by our. So I made kind of a rough calendar. So at 8 a.m. I'm just gonna wake up, check my emails and messages at 9 a.m. I'm gonna have some bread. Crist, relax a little bit at 10. I'm gonna read my bucket list goals, and I'm gonna visualize them. I'm gonna do my decorations at 10. 15. I'm going to, you know, review my calendar for the day and decide what plan direction I'm gonna take. And then I'm gonna exercise, and then I'm gonna edit my videos, and I'm gonna have a lunch break, and then I'm going to focus on my social media. Then I'm gonna do my Kindle book. So I broke it down by our as you can see and even by minutes here, it's 15 minutes, 15 minutes, 15 minutes. So I took those weekly actions, turned them into daily actions. I turn them into hourly actions. So I really broke down 15 year goals, one year goals. I have obviously, my whole thing set up here, So I've actually turned my goals into a natural plan by setting up a calendar. Now, if I continue to do these every single day of the week, I am at some point going to achieve my monthly goal. My monthly goal. If I keep achieving my monthly goals, I'm gonna achieve my year goal. And then I'm gonna achieve my five year goals and so on and so forth. So this is how you break it down? A natural plan on what we're gonna dio is I'm actually gonna take you to If you don't have a Gmail, I would create one. Um, just for this for Google calendars. I think it's the nicest way to do it. Um, so that little hourly scheduled that you just saw I actually broke it down into my Google calendar, and I have it on ah app on my iPhone, so but you can have it on your computer or, you know, whatever. And I've made it to run automatically. You know, every single day in my calendar has the same thing. Um, you know, if I want that I'm not working on the weekends, obviously, I would remove that, um, So you can choose, you know, you can create, um, an event, and you could make it for every single day of the week. You could make it. So that's just all the weekdays. Um, you would go to more options and again do on it all day. Do you want to repeat? Ah, weekly monthly annually? Every week? Day a custom dates, Um, or do you not want it to the repeat? Is it just one time thing? You know, you can set the date. You can set the exact time you can change the color. So you saw mine. It's kind of color coded into different things. Um, yeah, you can get a notification. They can email you or you can If you're on the computer, you can get a little kind of message there. Um, so there's different ways that you can see that you can also invite other. So if this is, let's say, you're, ah, business calendar or something like that. And you have team members, um, or you want to share it with your family members or spouse or whatever. Or maybe you're organizing an event, and you need to invite people so you can actually invite guests to your calendar or to the specific event of your calendar, so you don't have to invite it to the whole thing. Um, so, yeah, I've broken it down into a hourly thing. And if I achieve all of these goals, you know every day or five days a week for the next month that I should reach my monthly goals and then my year legals and so on and so forth. So that is the gist. I know it's kind of a lot of homework for you to dio um, but yeah, it's very, very valuable. And it does make a difference. I would definitely set it up on your phone so that you do get notifications so that you can hold yourself accountable again or buy a planner book and write these down into a planner book. Um, I would still do the work sheet, you know, like I said to do the work. She and the numbers or in an excel sheet, Really Break it down as much as you can, Um, and then write it down in your little planner journal and actually go out by a nice plane or something that you're gonna carry around in your purse or in your I don't know bag. Okay. And make sure that you actually check it every day. You know, hold yourself accountable because you don't just achieve goals by writing it down on paper . You achieve goals by the actions that you take. So make the plan right, it'll down and then every single morning, schedule it in your little planner that at this time you're going to check your daily ah, schedule or your daily plan, and you're gonna go from there. And if you follow your plans Ah, the way that you set it up and obviously things might change your mind. Experiment here. There. It might take you a little while to get your system kind of perfected. But, you know, at least having that structure, it's gonna pretty much guarantee that you're going to get that success. So that's it for this video. I'll see you in the next one 7. How Bad Do You Want It? Exercise: Hello. And in this video, we're gonna be doing the how bad you actually want it. Exercise. Now, this exercise is gonna take some time. Um, but it is very important that you actually complete this exercise because it will be life changing. So it's going to seem like a whole lot of work. And you're gonna Ah, well, once I explain that, you're gonna say, Oh, my God, are you kidding? But if you do this exercise, trust me when I say you will see results, Um, so what, you're gonna dio now this exercise, do it on a pen and a paper, like an actual piece of paper and a pen. Do not do this under computer. It just doesn't have the same effect. You know, you physically writing is what, actually, in beds it into your brain, so you know, do not type it. If you type it, you're just gonna cheat. You're gonna do copy and paste 1000 times. It's just not gonna be the same. So do not have it get an actual journal or a notebook and do this exercise. So what, you're gonna dio and again this is the how bad you want an exercise you're gonna take that list that you made of your goals, OK, Your priorities. Now, remember when I said you know, she's your priorities. Break it down into let's say your top three. Okay, so we're gonna do this for your top three priorities. It could be held there, could be financed, whatever your top three priorities. Or maybe your top three priorities were all financial. You know, maybe you had no other priorities other than how to make money. So you know, doesn't matter. Take those top three priorities we're gonna do three. We're gonna do the same exercise, but for all three priorities. And this is where I say you're gonna hate me. But trust me, it's gonna be effective. So again, take your number one priority. Now, I'm just going to use the example of, um, starting your own business. OK, so if that is your number one priority starting your own business, maybe your second priority is earned $10,000 a month and passive income. Or, you know, lose £20 or whatever it is, whatever your top three. So these air your super priorities I'm talking about okay, something that you need to achieve what you're gonna do. And again on a pendant paper we are going to I was gonna title it here. You're gonna write down, Ah, 100 reasons why, Ah, 100 positive positive reasons why you must achieve this goal. Okay, so what, you're gonna dio? So let's say I'm using the yeast, starting my own business, and and you need to do it with the dates and everything. So first, let's just make the sentence. Okay, so by january 1st, 2000 and, uh, I don't know, it's just a 2000 and 21. I must, um, start my own business because, Dr So 100 positive reasons why you must achieve this goal. So you're going to write down a positive reason why you have to achieve this goal by that date. So, for example, um, I have to start my own business because it will allow me to earn side money. Yeah, maybe my number two. You're going to write the exact same thing, this whole first part in right, the whole first part. That's what I don't do it on your computer cause you're just going to start copying and pasting and That's not what we want here. We want that you're actually writing the whole thing. Now for the this example I'm copying and pasting just because I want to save some time for you guys watching the video. So, you know, by General Twining Mobile, I must start my own business because, um, I want to take started. Not gonna want to. It will give me the freedom to take my family on. Ah, vacations three times a year. Yeah, that's a pretty good reason. Um, because it will Let's see if I start my own business. What's a positive reason? It will give me the freedom to make my own schedule. Oh, are because I will be my own boss because, you know, whatever, you're gonna make 100 reasons. Now, this is your number one priority. It should be easy for you to come up with 100 reasons why you need to achieve this goal. Positive reasons. Um, And if you feel like you're getting stuck Well, first of all, you probably don't want it bad enough. And so you did a different goal or it Actually, I would say you probably don't want to Bad enough And by the time you come up with 100 reasons, you will want it bad enough so, you know, stick with it. But if you're having a hard time coming up with reasons it's funny. You'll have kind of you might kind of right very similar things in the beginning. Or you might right, um, things which are, you know, was the freedom to make my own schedule and to have my own boss or that I'm my own boss. You know, they're not so far off, but it's just really small changes that makes you want this, um, to achieve this goal even more so if you come up with 100 reasons, trust me, you will prove that you want it bad enough and you will really ingrained it in your system . Now, this exercise is not over. And yes, you do need to come up with 100 reasons. Trust me, it will seem hard. You might get stuck for a bit, but it once you start actually physically writing it on a pen and a paper you will find it's actually very easy and your pin will just start flowing and you will come up with reasons. Even if they're silly reasons, some of them will be major reasons. But the emotional reasons will really start to come out, probably after you've done 50. Um, in the beginning, you're just gonna do really obvious things. But maybe you're gonna get to really serious stuff like, um, I don't know, something super personal and super emotional like I have to start my own business because if I don't, you know, I'm gonna whatever become mentally depressed or something. But try and keep these these of the positive reasons. So try not to do the or I won't blah blah because that's actually the next one. So once you've come up with your 100 positive reasons, you're actually gonna come up with your 100 negative reasons why you must achieve this goal . Um, it's gonna be the exact same thing, but it's gonna be by January 1st 1 to 21 if I don't succeed or if I don't achieve my goal of starting my own business. Um, now you're gonna put your negative reasons I will be come depressed or again, don't copy and paste at all. I'm just showing this just to make the video quicker for you guys. Um, I've actually done this exercise. I have written out by hand. Ah, 100 positive reasons and 100 negative reasons for all of my goals. And I'll tell you what, Nothing else locks it in more than this exercise. So do not take this exercise lightly, do it very seriously. Said it set aside some time because it's going to take you some time to do this. But set aside, I don't know on our to do this exercise. If it takes you a couple of days to do it, that's fine. But be sure you do this. Um, so if I don't achieve my goals of starting my own business, I won't be able to feed my family. Um, I won't be able to go on holiday. Um, you know, these are gonna be so the 100 positive reasons is great because it motivates you. And you're like, Oh, wow. If I do it, then I can, you know, be my own boss. And that's gonna be amazing. You know, this is gonna excite you, but the excitement will eventually wear off. If you do. Ah, 100 negative reasons. It's going to scare the crap out of you. You know, if I don't start my own business, I'm not going to be ableto go on holiday. I'm not gonna be able to feed my family. That's a pretty serious reason not to start round business. If I can't feed my own family, that is pretty severe and pretty emotional. So I'm going to start my own business because I have 100 negative things that are gonna happen to me if I don't. Yeah, so this one is great, cause gonna motivate you, but this one is the one that's really going to kick yourself in the butt and make yourself , like, so scared not to achieve this goal that you have to achieve it. So that's what this one's going to do so again, do not cheat on this exercise. So you're going to write 100 reasons at least, and you're going to write it in this format with the date um, toe, hold yourself accountable and then, you know, say, if I don't achieve my goal off and then say what your goal is, and I know it's a lot of writing. You have to write the same thing. Ah, 100 times. But you know what? That is what's going to make it real for you. And that is what's gonna kick yourself in the But I promise you, when you finish is it causes eyes. You are gonna have the motivation, and you're gonna be fearful enough that you have to make it work. It doesn't matter if you don't know how you will find a way how you will. By that course, you will find that trainer you will lead that person you need to meet. You will read the book that you need to write whatever it is when you have that many reasons, you will find the answers. Um, now, remember at the beginning of the video, I said you're gonna do this exercise for all three of your top three priorities. So that video that we made about prioritizing and how you numbered it 12345 and you kind of broke it down. Um, you're gonna take your top three priorities, and you're gonna make this list both the 100 positive and 100 Negative for all three goals . Um, I know again, it's gonna be a lot of work. Um, it's gonna take you a little bit of time, but really commit to the sexual size and just do it. Um, you know, you don't want to cheat yourself. You've cheated yourself long enough. That's why you're watching this course. Don't keep cheating yourself if you want. Achieve your goals. This is how you do it. And no exercise is going to really kick yourself in the butt to make you do it apart from this one. So that's it for this video, and I'll see you in the next one.