Turn your 2020 Goals into Plans: Entrepreneurship Success | Goal Setting | Krystal Kelly | Skillshare

Turn your 2020 Goals into Plans: Entrepreneurship Success | Goal Setting

Krystal Kelly, Travel & Equestrian Coach

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7 Lessons (1h 6m)
    • 1. Intro to Goal Setting Online Course

    • 2. 100 Bucket List Exercise

    • 3. Declarations, Affirmations & Intentions

    • 4. Creative Vision Board

    • 5. Prioritizing your Goals

    • 6. Calendar Breakdown: Turn your goals into plans of action!

    • 7. How Bad Do You Want It? Exercise

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About This Class

Having Goals isn't good enough. It's one thing to make a bucket list, it's another thing to actually CROSS THEM OFF YOUR LIST!

How many people have you heard saying things like, "I'll do that... when I win the lottery!" or "I wish I had a million dollars," or "I wish I could afford that car / house / etc." 

So, do you want to be a "WISH-er" or a "DO-er?" Many people give themselves the excuses of never going after their dreams and big goals because they can't visualize a way for these dreams to come true. They don't think they can make a million dollars unless they win the lottery (wrong). They don't think they can find the perfect spouse so they choose to settle with the wrong one. They don't think they deserve a promotion because they aren't smart enough / social enough / educated enough etc. so they work the same job for years and years without any advancement.

But YOU refuse to settle! You are a "DO-er" and YOU are going to take ACTION today! 

In this Course You Will Master:

  • Effective strategies to turn your goals / ideas and wishes into ACTIONABLE PLANS
  • You will learn the strategies to achieve your goals no matter how big your dreams are!
  • Creative vision board implementation guidelines
  • Daily task setting
  • How to set up and manage your day
  • How to break down your goals into years / months / weeks / days 
  • Master the art of visualization

Enroll in this course today to become a MASTER. Turn your dreams and wishes into ACTIONS and PLANS. See them through and achieve what others couldn't!