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Turn any image into a Terrain

teacher avatar Film VFX

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (58m)
    • 1. Course introduction

    • 2. Terrain from Dubai Palm pictures

    • 3. Terrains from any image: Colour pictures and abstract art

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About This Class

in this course you will learn how to turn this in to this
You will learn how to create a terrain from an image, any image whatsoever and technique to add details to the terrain.

We will start with a black and white clipart (dubai palm picture) and them we move to colour pictures and even abstract art.

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Film VFX


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1. Course introduction: welcome. In this course, you will learn how to turn this into this. You learn how to create at the rain from an image, any image whatsoever even obstruct art and you learn techniques on details to the terrain. 2. Terrain from Dubai Palm pictures: All right, Now we're going to see how you can make a terrain a range of mountains in world machine from any picture. And I have selected for this purpose the, um, Dubai, the Dubai Palm Vector. So you know, when you search if you want to be this way, when you when you search search for Dubai pound factor vector. Why? Because we want to have black and white values. And if anybody don't, you can take it too far too short or gimp on then changed into gray scale meaning. Change it. Just get the black and white so you just get rid of the colors. But it's very good to start with black and white. Now I'm going to save this, okay? So save six target as I'm gonna take it to pictures and Okay, this is not allow me to save the picture. Roids. See pictures. Okay, this is bungee amenah. Yeah, it's called Palm Jumeirah. Good. Okay, let's get out of here now and go to Oh, yes, gimp. Why? Well, you could do it in photo shop. You know what? Let's just go now. Teoh here on them pictures. This is our bombed Your master, it is 600 by 600. Actually, the resolution is not very important now when it comes to using a clip art back and white for this purpose. So 600 by 600 is okay is absolutely OK, even if it's less actually, if it's black and white, Um, because it's not a terrain hate field map where you need have different values of gray and then you can scale up or down. It's it's It's This is a wait. This is a completely different story now. Okay, So when you look at this, you think fine, let's use it. I'm going to show you that we may not necessarily be able to use it to start with. Okay? There's a few things that are a few things that need to be done, right. It's very simple. It's just the limitations of world machine World machine Have the important pictures. How do you import anything? Where this generator file Input for input. Bring it in here. Fine. OK, we open load, click unload On we go. Now. This is the last bit within using, right? So whoops. My picture is not there. Yes, because world machine does not support J picks, I think what do you pick is one of the nos common like it? It's probably the number one in terms off, not quality in terms off, widespread in Internet, but it's not supported by world mission. Fine. Whatever. Let's change it. So we can do is we need to make it either a PNG or one of these formats. I tend for world machine. That's my choice. Yours could be different. I tend always to go it if because War machine lost if it works perfectly. And tiff is one of the highest qualities of images taken in this case, Not really. That much of a a point, actually. Just bringing a clip part of 600 by 600. It's fine, but I'm gonna make it. Okay. Where do we do that? Well, I'm gonna show you how to do it. What has to do is go quite separate. Open it and clear and close it today and save it in in photo shop you don't have for the shop. Guess what? I deliberately kept this one. This is gimp, which is like the free version Free photo shop. Kind off some. Yeah. You could do 90% 95%. Some times 99% off You need to do it for the shot can be done in gimp. If you have Photoshopped, fine. You don't photo shop do England, which is we're gonna be doing quite a few things by the way outside. So in these kind off image editing in population manipulations off there Good. I'm going to do it first in operate. Oh, now in this photo shop, guys get put us reporters after this one foot up is here often, right? So you need to do is pop in it and save as don't even bother exporting. Actually, to say that should do are waiting for this thing to open. Okay? Save as undone. Select your tiff somewhere about it here. Our Carsey, maybe you can see it's the last month. Okay, Tiff. Okay. Click tiff save, um known whatever. Just whatever. And that's it. We're done. Close Now. This is what we've done here in for the shop. You could have done the same thing, actually. Would Kim, like, open again visit been different? Okay, not really different open. And then you go to your pictures and I think it's gonna be this one, Jay, back. Okay, this is the photo shop one just made with Photoshopped the tiff on. So this is Jay Beg you open it and then you say yet whatever. Let's file. You can do it here. No, I don't think you can do it. Here. They can do it would save us. You could do it export so it can do it. We explored exports pounds and then you choose your your tiff should be somewhere here. Yeah, if OK turned when you write it, by the way, for gim. Just don't remember. Don't forget. Don't forget to type in the extension, okay? If whatever. Okay, I'm gonna get it. Fine. Let's move on. It is going now we go back to whether she and this is a file in Britain, and we go load. Now. We're going to be able to see it. I think Yes. Here we go. Tiff open. What do we see? Let's bring in this window to see clearer what we're able to see. Good. Three. What is this? Well, this has read your file the way it's meant to be right. Then. I think you have bought This isn't what I signed up for. This isn't what I wanted to have. All right? Okay. No, Always keep. You may get him a golden Sorry, May go for Ryan. Specific stuff. I I told you not to mess with these things. There's always keep it natural innovations. Okay, for the rest, we're gonna keep everything as is and then with straight to our beloved node, which has come here, Come over here, actually, because there has read it. Okay, let's escort. Let's go. Let's add one in the middle because we need to invert this This invert this first. Okay, Okay. I've added an inverter, So filter Andi inverter And I put it in here because this is it's better to do it before come. Could do after anyway. So this is invested then come because, Well, you want to make it the rain out of the picture. This is not a good starting point at all. So you need to reduce this reduce. I don't use clump. The camp is the node. Don't clip it. As in clipping it so reduced. I drink it way down. It's a choice you are going to make because there's no basis. You are going to be able to change it later. Let's leave it at that. Okay? Should we do that? Do I? Probably too high. We're talking about edges here. We're going to make the rain that looks like in the form of mountains and innovations out of this. So when you find something sharp, like this start is no good. What is the next step? Okay. When we bring in rial the rain data from the NASA or from another website, we get real terrain stuff. It's already terrain. So you don't need to make an effort to look like a train. You may want to change it at some things to more detail. Remove things customized to your liking. But he you're bringing in another train. You're bringing in a picture, man, you are bringing in a picture. So to make it look like a train, the magic node is blur. This is your friend. Your first friend is clump to make whatever go down to the level of elevation you want. That's the first friend, but your best friend for making eight. Picture a clippers picture white on black picture is to blur who have lost my pictures. Yeah, I can get a feeling. But what is this? Michael? I can see it. The blue comes with a huge default of 400 meters. You only need about 10. 20. Something like that. I must check. 20 years, twenties, adult. I mean, maybe more. Maybe more. School 14. This is something that you can tweak until these think. Well, those ages are not as bad Us. That used to be nice. Okay, This is probably a good starting point. You think? Do you have enough slope in there? Year could cause erosion is gonna make it even better on sediment carrier. The erosion is gonna make it even better. That would be Abdo's channels. Channel diversion now is gonna make it look good on any time you can change the elevation. Why? Going back to the club? Good. Let's now move on. I want, however, before moving on to tell you that you have this option and you have the option off combining it with the blur. So combining your riel with the other one would have guard one meaning Let me show you Combine. Er, basically minor here and then you're going to combine your blurred one with the real one. When did you do that? I strongly recommend not to do it. Everything. Why are you showing it? Because sometimes it helps. So I would rather give you more options than less. I tend to go most often than not clump blur on the continue. Sometimes you may want because your picture and dictates starting. You may want to go really wild on dirt on the young blur. But counter measure this wildness and still bring in some of those, um, details. You combine it on your combination was gonna be something like, I don't know, just add in a little bit of it, something like this. Be careful because once you start building, you may end up with a weird line here of the edges. Well, I'm giving you everything you could possibly imagine to discourage you from using this root . But I'm telling you, it is there. You may want to combine the rial where the blurt one. I'm going to do that now, but it's possible. Let's go back. Although moments have used 100 on this one, I know that, but nobody But maybe if I increase it just a bit. Well, to see what we're doing, we're gonna have to look this market preview on them. Yeah, not. Not any higher in North any higher. I was like this. Okay, Okay. Don't you know, Blur? He knows. Bring it down 80. Yeah. Okay, Good. Nice. Okay, Now we have the general for now that we have the general form, you can do whatever you want. We have brought the picture to a level off ingredient enough for starting a nice meal for cooking. But you still need to go through the process of cooking, right? So this is just an ingredient. We have tried to bring it closer. This is not your hate filled map closer to what you can use for the cooking. All right. So what do you do? You reduce on you, blur. Biggest part is blurred. Now, the next bit is going to be well, How does this look? Like the rain does it? No. Okay, let's make a look like a train. We're going to work on erosion. Erosion makes things look like a drink. You know what? Let's do it before erosion. Let's add some stuff. Some goodness here, filter. We're going to go to Paris in Terrasson. Let's tell us to stop Paterson, and I'm going to add a few. 27. Why am I doing this? I want to introduce levels off detail inside the shape. This should be enough. Ready is going to look ugly. Okay, Thinks are going to just like when you're cooking a meal. If you stop it in the middle, you can't eat that thing. You cannot eat it. It's it's No, it's not there yet. But it's necessary to go through that phase to reach the final meal. This unless you're interested, actually using this one for anything. Like take it to the Russians and do some of the stuff with it. Whatever. But I'm telling you, I'm gonna need to have some details. So let's add. So listen. Okay, Nice. I e wants to. Okay, that what we need to meet Garrison when we bring in an ingredient that is so rough and so role you need to add more detail on detail comes in with erosion and a few other methods I'm gonna show you. But also terracing erosion is going to be really thankful. Erosion will. Thank you so much for bringing interest in before because especially when we're talking about a young an image it needs something to work with. If you give erosion just a flat, blurred image, it's going to do its best. But it's not. Give us. I'm gonna give you. It's what he can. Now that you offer Sarasin, it will help you. So, um but there isn't are straight lines like how realistic is this? This is no realistic. So we need to miss these three lines. Let's ruin them. We're going to introduce noise. Okay? Noise. Why do we need this noise? Have you noticed their staffs modulation? And there's mosque input. So what, we're going to tell world Machine, Would you please be so kind too? Add in some places and not some others and not others and we're going to tell with machine Not only that, when you have a listen, don't keep this straight lines. I want you to distort the straight lines following the pattern off the advice noise I'm gonna give you. Let's connect this one and they need to be different. By the way, it's not that they need. I recommend it needs to be different because it's different work. These two notes of doing two things different. Don't be too economical on the notes because you need They have a little bit similar scale . With some are one is harsher. So not know what you when you look, here's a cool. Yeah, but this is just going to be used for modulation on for, um Okay. Yeah, yeah. Is it Si? OK, what have you got here? The lines have been distorted. It's not beautiful. Yeah, but this is what erosion needs. This is the phase where you want to add stuff so that erosion tells you. Okay. Thank you. Yeah, I can work with this better. Let's add intrusion. Now it erosion. Now we are going to go with the most elaborate erosion because we were converted. Agreed in. That is rough and roll. Yes. We have added the Russian by. That is not enough. So we go in channels. The going simple filter, uh, universe filter is something I try to avoid, cause it sometimes share some really weird cuts. You know, it's not all great men that gives you sometimes something but 10% of the cases or in your surface, 10%. It could be. It could look weird completely and really sick. Sometimes it works great sometimes, but you know what's safe? Stay with simple filter. We bring in this way high under yes, go wild on unable stuff. Be careful because when you do that, especially when you do that it activates it. Also in relation to the sediment carry meaning. Whatever it comes off comes out is the erosion. It's stuff that is like I wouldn't say Fate is that it goes down. Whatever goes down, starts accumulating, it starts to hide in your mountain. So if I reduce this sediment, carry or bring it or say it disappears now when you enable this one, it works as well with sediment. Carry it like multiplier. This is a multiplier, and this is a multiplier of the multiplier. So it's a it's a lot. You want to be careful, but I really don't actually care that much because I really want to have some proper yeah, erosion. That child, you can go by the white. You can go and take any one of these presets. This classic world machine plus power is quite interesting. But guess what? Everybody used to stop so it has one unique look. You look at it and I think Yep, that's worth machine with classic with machines power. It's, um but I have something of yours that you tweak to your like in. Okay, so this is a starting point. It is still going to look not so great. But we're cooking nice. Okay? You have noticed that we are starting is going to get well, by the way, is another way of the index is well, which is same story here, but it's a different purpose. What you're able to blur. You are saying it may be interesting that you blur your terrace in and you come this way you combine it so you blur it on. Please stay. Stay very low. Okay, then maybe two meters, you blur it. So have I just done off? Blurred the person. But I also want, in this very case, to combine it. So I'm going to combine the blurred one on the This is one of the cases where you think Yeah, this may work very well. And then you take it to the erosion so that we see less and less off those things. Now you can see some detail. Have you noticed that when you look when you look at it now, you can't see the lines? See, there's ugly noise that they're completely gone. What we have just done is offered erosion. Enough details to work with. Is this enough? No. Does this look like a during? Absolutely not. Why? Because it is not enough detail. Okay? Erosion. You think you're gonna do erosion wants and get away with it? It's actually Taylor What I would recommend. I'm gonna do it now. But I could tell you it's much better that you work with erosion. You have a few notes of erosion, and it's much better to target erosion. Say, for a particular hate. You go for a certain strength and for lower hate, you go with a different strength. We do that later. Because now this is not a terrain. Is the stuttering. I mean, this bit here is flat. This is like, what is this man? It's no even it's not ground this. We need to make a look like ground when you bring in. A picture is different than when you bring in a satellite images satellite image of that is a terrain. An image like a glue part. You go black and white. It's just spread it flat. It's just flat. So we need to bring to on noise to it. So let me stop here. When it comes to the level of detail for erosion, I'm going to add another erosion. Don't you worry about that. We're going with that. And in these cases, we've got at least two erosion. It's let me just keep keep you there. Stop. We don't forget about that one. Let's go down here. What is this? This is one pop one route which has taken, like working on the Boehme do by Paul. Now we're going to go to generator and noise. Now, we're interested in making the rest off this flattening look more realistic. So one very quick weight off introducing, um, ground is bite making billowy. Bring it down a little, not too much. And then reducing the middle elevation. Un reducing stiffness. Yes, you're going to get a pattern that looks repeated, but this is noise. This is mathematics, but we're not obliged to keep it the way it is. You can change the seed because ducked helps a little bit but it is a good starting point, but it's not enough. Let's keep it there. That's out. Another one put it here on. We're going to add to make it now. Stephen's Choice. Seven's choice. Stephan is the founder of Cold Machine on. I really think he's preset. Night is really pretty cool. I think we way in a while. Let's make it higher. Even something like this gonna bring the middle elevation down, just start to slip it. And then Steve, Okay. Something like this. Just just something just What is this? It's something that's not other than flat. And then we're introducing a year. Some? Yeah. I think it looks only to to wild compared to this one. Let's bring it down. The elevation. Yes. Yes, Just a bit. Okay. Finally. Good. Without good with. Now that we have these two, we're going to combine them. They're going to combine them on then. Yes, I know the notes are getting too small. Let me. Yeah. Okay. So this is combined that we're going to go with add on with maximum. That doesn't work. No, we haven't done really much. Actually. What happened is that Stephen's choice has disappeared. more or less so it's It's not as strong as they're the ones. Not as big, is it? So we will not do that. We go back to average Andi, If you go zero, you are on the side of the Billary. If you go one, you are one of the percent off Stephen's choice. I'm gonna just something to Steph mistress in this case because reducing some of the seventies I'm going Teoh increased detail. Yes, that is it. Let me go back here and we see that we have something Now This is is this is the rain. Now this is on Lee like decide this. You're going to cook this part and then you need to have something around. It's not just was closer, but we have this one. But when it is to go with it as well, let's combine these two. Sorry. Now, now that we have this part ready, let's Yeah, let's combine them first to see what they look like and then quickly and combine here is gonna be at Remember this parts minutes what to your like in, But I mean his defense and what you want to have, It's it's okay whatever. It's your choice. It's Ah, it's your choice, cause here I got some. Right. Okay, so you have something like thes But this is not enough Because we have left an erosion outside just to get a feel of what we want. I think I may go with average No it ad and then not so much. Hey, Mago, I'm going to add, but not so much. 80% is about OK. Sh Yeah. Good. Okay, let's move on now. What do we have? We have some noise. You noticed that this noise is not eroded. We haven't other than erosion to this noise or anything. So is this one. Although we haven't erosion, it actually looks like hasn't go any good. This is why we have another note for erosion. And in this particular case, I want you to think different isn't just connecting a note. If you have time, go ahead and connect a node specifically on erosion. The late wire. So Wednesdays in version one here and one here. This way. This this combine, er actually is only to see what we're doing. We're going to combine in a later stage as well. Not as well but later stage because we don't come by twice. So it's better to do it like this, actually tow work on the ground separately. Um, channeled. Yeah. Yeah, child. Just like you see some child's on the ground. That's pretty cool. Yeah, on, uh, maybe should I have this one as well? Yeah. Noise? Yep. Nice. Some city sediment. Carrie, be careful. The more you have of this, the less details are going to see on your ground or bring in details, Actually, so not so much. Please. Okay, this one is for the ground. Now. We go to the form and we had China and erosion. Like Dublin effect. Uh, deeper channels. More stuff in here on. Um Okay. Okay. I'm gonna go with any inverse filter this time, okay? I don't see why, because May and I hope I hope we're gonna get something really crazy. Um, no, it's not too Muslim and carry this. What? Because I'm starting to lose my terrain, You know, it's leave it. It's OK. It's OK. Elevated again at some point in time for now. List of it. Let me see what resolution By working out five. Good. Well, it's not good actually good this because he's gonna go quick. I don't want you to wait. Let's click on this stuff right now. We're starting to see things. No. Okay, the inverse fielder is actually a little bit part off. This isn't, by the way, isn't if all terrain, that's just one of them starts. It's just the main dish. This is what I don't like about this Felder. Its It's the one. Typical Look. Yeah, this is changing. Simple thinker. One look that you always find it. Okay. Deeper, Charles. And we want this thing to go wild. Yes, fine. OK, I know. I'm starting to visit. It's okay. Not to worry. I'm gonna go back and reduce it to about one. Increases a bit hot. Come back here. We still have our during some of it. By the way, we could have extended added because now these ages are touching them. The borders of the rectangle. He could have easily gone here and say, Well, you know what's find extends Islamic doomed of correct on this, um, to help it zoom extents. Where is it? And then you just click on this, which makes inevitable, and then you extend it it it so that you can see less of the You see more of it. I don't want to do that. Now. Why show you you can do that? Let's go back. Right. Okay. So I am okay with this for now, and it's built this stuff nice. Okay, under this, and it's time to bring them together now and then. We may even work on the to, but it all depends on how it goes. Complainer. Right. Good. Okay, It's a choice. It's your choice. What? You want to do it? Average more? Uh, yeah. I had a little bit that too much. You know what? Let me make that stuff insures a bit Wilder. Just a little. Yeah, Just Okay. All right. This is your 500 Dixons stuff under, and I don't think Let me see this. Billary is actually not helping too much if you keep it as is the spring it way down? Yes. Wondering stiffness to But you don't understand. Sometimes, Roy, stuff like this happens to work in sickness is way down and then over Certainly good. Speak speaks coming up. Mathematics have got there on Thanks. Sometime break. So we'll just be careful. You just take what you need. That works for you. Okay? I'm like preparing the ground a bit too, baby sister mantra. Yeah. Okay. All right, well, this is a little bit what you would consider starting point for further tweaking. Put you can. Oh, no. I can do this as well. And yes. All right. Okay, so you have noticed it's all about after weekend, but the idea is that we have moved from an image that looks like this to something that looks like this. It's not XtraJet, but we have and agreed to a starting point for a terrain. This is the starting point for the train is when you start here in verse. If you need Clampett because that's always needed. And then your best friend your must have is the blur. This is what makes the rest of the work doable. Otherwise, it won't take you anywhere. Okay, so this is one way off bringing here images now that you could change the image to anything else, and then you would apply the same preset. That should work as well. Okay, good. And here I have built a terrain at a resolution off four K. And you can see the difference in the resolutions or the level of details we have introduced using erosion child erosion. All right, so this is with four K. 3. Terrains from any image: Colour pictures and abstract art: good in this part. We're going to go to something. Not really much difference, but showing you that you actually are able to important literally any picture whatsoever, unused it as a terrain in with machine. And I'm really mean. And I really mean any picture whatsoever. Okay, Um and then up to you. If you want to make some two weeks, like tweaking the image before or just leaving it the way it is, like, as is, we're gonna have to tweak more inward machine. Okay, let's now go somewhere like this. We're gonna go. Oh, you know what? Let's go somewhere else. Simple pictures. I'm gonna delete this one. For now. This is a windows machine on windows. Comes in with a folder and the picture that say's simple pictures, and you've got some pictures that comes from it does. Okay, the this is this is stuff that, like you've got flowers and terrain and house and stuff on man animals. We're going to use any of any of these. Okay, so let's start with where should I go to tulips. Okay. You could use anyone you want, but let's start with this one on. You can imported the way it is already. I'm saying you can import in the way it is already, but it's good to tweak the thing gone, uh, change it to gray scale in a war that's just important. Away it is. First, I'm gonna show you that you can do whatever you want. Like, really whatever you want. Let's first. I'm going to photo shop, but not to impose for the shop on you. As in, you have to go through this step. Um, I'm gonna do gimp as well, right? Kipp is for you. Image processing application. Good. OK, so we're going to do for the show for this one. Why? Why am I going to for the shop? Because this is a J pic. Imagine. World Machine simply does not work with Jay Pack. What machine can work with p and G's love stiffs? Eso I just need to save it and it in a different format. You just open it in front or in goop. I'm gonna do the second image in gimp. Okay, so 1st 1 input the shop 2nd 1 in game. So you know how you could do it about, um don't bother even exporting to save us. It's fall down to tiff and you're done. Basically, that's it. Okay. Bye bye. Because done. Right. So I got active here. This stiff is color. Okay, so you know, what I'm gonna do is I'm going to I'm gonna open this one in. Yeah, I still in giving this time. Yes. Going gimp give. I'm gonna open to this one and then make it grayscale. I'm gonna imports both the color and grayscale Show that you can literally you can play with images and world machine you can open. We're not supposed to be. Here it is. Where? My one of my word, my recently used. Now I need to go to see Dr Pictures, Pictures, pictures like see Dr under users get the issues on and got these pictures. No, Actually, it is generally user public pictures, simple pictures. Yes, that's the one. All right. You know, I'm gonna open this one on if you have. If you wanted to do it saving the the tiff, you could do it with export. As you don't. You can't say vows in here with you. Or maybe you can No, you can't. You just save as you want but you don't have the option to here. But you can export just say export. But for now, we need to change this to gray scale. So we go image on, um, we need to change the hue. So we're going to do some new saturation stuff here. Saturation. Sorry he had saturation. Don't. That's it. Grayscale. Okay, you can play with this. You can make this one writer darker. Whatever. Um, it's un adopt you, Daddy is I'm giving you now. I'm showing you Homer on the options. You have non traditional ways of working with world Machine. Then export your if, as a tiff, make sure you select your tiff. That's a preference stiff. Condemn PNG's. Well, but it's a reference, and I'm gonna call it to make sure you don't keep dot j Peg, you need to type tiffin air for whatever reason. Well again, tulips. Great skill. Okay. Done. Yes. No compression export done. Close. Uh, discard. Changes were Okay, so this done. This is the gimp this is done with for the shop. Let's go to war machine and importer. Goodness. Right. So, uh, thank you for the template. I'm gonna make use of it. generator. We go to file input under generator. This is Have you started images? Always. And then, as you see off Aled, a folder you can only see to the tiffs. Okay? Or the PNG's. If you have them, J picks don't show up. I'm gonna import the colored one. I'm gonna show you what it looks like, so just quickly give you a views that you know what we're doing. Go to the three d space on you, show you This is how it's being interpreted. Not this is a rectangle with equal parts. We're bringing an image that has a difference. Sighs. So basically one part is left blank. There's nothing there to show you as well. Help. If you want to see your image, just click on interpreters. RGB That is your image. It Okay, so what do we do? It is if you really want to have this fielding like this part filled in, you have a few options. You can Meyer tile. Leave it blank or repeat values. If you are bringing in a picture like a weird picture that is not meant as a terrain, chances are the borders are good representation for stretching So I'm gonna click on repeated values, which means that I'm just stretching this in here so that I don't keep it black. But if you have terrible you style if you have Mirer use mirror Yeah, you could We could Yeah, for example, this one we could use, like what it is now there's no about you just look, book, whatever. You could do this one or you could repeats edge values. I'm gonna repeat those values and leave you to play with your money flowing. Okay, this is it. Now we have covered the whole rectangle. You can do more if you want to go to lay out of you. And, uh and no, I think there's a book with this one. Run away. Go back to three D. Yeah. Yeah, sometimes Sometimes the three the layout of you, Miss behaves in a certain cases, even with some native world machine note, it tells you this is not compact compatible with layoff You. So I just wanted to show you I mean, that you can actually increase the size of your rectangle, but for now, it's just stick to this. Okay, Good. What do we have now? You think? Are you joking? What is this, man? This is a big mess. You want Distribute the rain that you can make off at the rain out of Europe's. So they need to tweak its all about tweaking and nothing is ready made. So let's go to filter. You're being despondent. Down filter. What's this problem? Spiking edges killed him. So we go to your best friend. When you say image, your absolute best friend is called camp. It's clump here. Come over here. I'm gonna Okay, what you do with it depends on what you want. Now the 1st 1 is killed, these edges. So it's gonna be clip which basically means bring him down. Now you have killed detail as well. Let me have a look. This isn't what we want. Actually, how about investing the image? So that's the high. This is high for no reason. This is how we shouldn't be high. They should be low. So we're going to invert everything inverter from the year filter. And then you bring this one down and bring the rest. The the flowers on the branches and everything Bring them up. This is a bit too much. So we need to equal always in terms off elevation have similar innovation for the branches is for the flowers. So we use the company. We are now going to bring this down. Just about enough to have them something like this. Yeah, Should be kind of enough. Should be enough. All right, so what we have here, we could have used the Mirer to get, like, yellow. And then this one over there, Yeah, we could have done that. But, you know, it's just work with this for now, right? So the first thing going to do is probably bring your little now shut it down. Okay, so we still have the form off our tips, and we're going to add some erosion on now. Me? You need to go little wild on this channels when you bring something that is not natively train, you need to go really wild on the young. So no. While you need to use child erosion and use as much off the capabilities of erosion as you can because then you transform, you deform. You want to lose the image definition off image. Not sure if you understand what you say, but what I mean, is that okay? And sediment carries one of your biggest friends. But don't don't increase it too much. Enable unable. So we're going really high on this high on this one, because without channeled, we're gonna increase the channel depth. See, now we're gettin you. Remember that Edged out was a bitter 1,000,000. Now you see some detail in there. Right? So we're gonna build disk 500 resolution, and yes, you have some spite here. This isn't good, is it? No. We need to do something about that. So what we're gonna do is ask the erosion to do a little bit more. Something like this. All right. You still have some spiking edge is Well, this is something that may have been sorted outs, would going even down. Come back here. Right. Okay. What you could do as well is you know what this stuff you can do in photo shop you can do in gimp? What? Guess what? We're gonna do it inward machine, because we can. We're gonna go to filter on blur this stuff blur. What's blur? Yeah, let's blow it before clumping. So you get filter there. Any clicking here? Blur is one of the beautiful ways off. Um, like losing the shape of her name is just making it more readily available as a terrain. But 400 meters is way too much. Let's make it 85 nice. Now you clump it. What about the cramping? Is not We need to change it because it's a bit too much, something like this. And then you go to road and you have just used on image off tulips like you've just used this to make lettering. But I think Well, yeah. Is this meant to look like a like? Yes, it could very much. Look at it. The train if you start working with it as a terrain. I didn't have us burning here. I'm giving Stephen's choice. I'm doing things a bit fast. No. So that you you follow the same speed, but he has to give you an impression of what you can achieve. Let's keep this one is is even see where? Such as brilliant testorides place. Okay, I'm gonna go change to see this. Looks good. Maybe just reduce a bit. Elevation. Some without. Okay, let's change the seat. See? Different. Yes. This is fantastic. Good. Right. So I have some detail that I need to add to this one. Let's mix them Combine. Combined these two. I can keep it the way it is, like average 50% which is not necessarily good. I don't know. You can play with it and see what you get Or something like this. Could be something interesting, right? You started to get some detail. Now, Now, if you're standing here, there's no we're gonna tell This is a to tip with. It is invisible. No, it's no. Do you go back here and then you can bring up You're on the details. Nice. So what you could do is even makes even further. Bring another the rain. Make it, um Smith gonna be so well that Yeah, we'll bring it down. We used to sit on us, bring the middle elevation down on. Um let's, um yeah, let's just having a za little mountain ish thingy with Rachel Grant the next, like not yeah, that's limiting it to this area. What she is gonna be showing movies here was riveted. Give it to him. Which basically means I'm gonna movies here, so I just could come here, and it's not moving this fellow. Get up. That's it. That should be enough, right? This makes them come on. These things. Have you noticed? Actually, the idea is not to show you how to to to do these things, but is to tell you what the possibilities are These combined this? Not at you. Just have It's something in here. Okay, This is rough. Yeah, it hasn't been eroded. Generally generally very, very highly recommended. Road your stuff before you mix it. Okay? I promise. This is the last bit because I think you get the point. You get the point. Standard diversion channel is really quite cool for this one as well. I don't mind going really big on this because the form is quite bulky. So I needed to a sediment carry to hide some of it. Nice on this one. You do channel, but not too wild. Yeah, that's when that should be enough. And now we build everything. Well, this is your brain on. You just made this from my picture off tulips that comes shipped in with windows, right? You could do it with literally anything. Shall we do one more? And then that's it. Um, we go with first. Close This one? Yes. Get another. You you There's this stuff doing more with gimp as well. I would for the shop. Right? So where are we going to to go, Going to go here and say, Well, this stock Adobe stock It's not the point to I'm not showing you that Darby's talk has existed just because for me, it's easier to get abstract art. And so you could you particularly any image? But I'm just saying, literally any image. But then you need to trick you later. Let's get this one save image as I don't need high resolution. I don't care about that. I was going to pictures, um, save it here. The pictures years or is this my library? Something pictures. You know, I'm gonna take it too. Simple pictures Just stay in the same folder, right? Let's go back to work machine on. But we're going to import this fellow. How did that imports? The U actually would have done. I've used on this card. No, I've used the color picture. I didn't use the grayscale. One of you noticed that cause I'm a disgrace. Qilong basically is getting closer to the rain field. Just venues of black and white. Um, have you noticed that actually, you didn't need to do that? Literally used a color picture for that. You can import a color picture or that you know, you need to have Hatem up with grayscale values. You don't even know about it. Just what machine isn't smart enough to intel it to interpret it that way it looks at it takes the lieutenant's it looks to the grayscale value of its image. Okay, lets go. Get this one on very quickly. That the same. Sorry about me too. If I was trying to go fast on their side out you get the point. I'm just trying to not convince you, but are tell you that you can do much more. Sorry. This image is a pig. We're gonna need to open it with gimp for the shop if you want. I'm just giving you options here. Not the same thing every time. Onda. Uh, open. Where is it? Yeah, the users pictures public, and then you go up to trusting years. Simple on this long one. Here. Must have one. Why am I opening this? Yeah. I wanted to change it to tive so exported as TIF Go back down, down, down, down. And you know, I'm not even going to change the colors. Uh, said please be careful with this extension because complex to be told what extension to use . You know what? I'm not even gonna make great skill. Let's work with it. Let's call it. Come over here and bring this fellow right. Let me look at it. Open window. I'm going much faster now, but because you get the point, right, so interpret, that's all G B, This is your picture. Now take it away on. What you gonna do is okay for fun. Now we're gonna make it as Mirer. That's what fun. Let's see if I'm able to use this one. Yes, I'm able to Last noise. Okay. So I can change it to look something like this, You know why the Yeah? Would you like that double? Yes. Keep a lot of trouble. I don't know. You may not like it to me like it. Okay, this needs to be inverted as well, So let's go to filter and invent. This is your effort to stop it. That's way too high. We need to reduce it on your best friend. Always when you start with images, any images is clump. Even if you're working with real Rita rings and you go to reduce and it's reduces fellow way down. And yes, so we go to erosion. You can do you know I'm taking you crumpet. Russian clamp. A Russian clamp erosion. I don't want you used to discomfort Russian. Think I'm just going really fast to tell you this is what you can do. This how we can do it. You wanna have more details? Go, Teoh. You can have their simple trustful You can do tell us in. You can do simple transform and start playing with this stuff glassy eight on Do all sorts of things that you can you can do plenty of stuff I think is the ingredients you are bringing unusual ingredient in world machine A color picture off literally, literally anything. It could be a portrayed It could be anything whatsoever. And don't even bother changing it to gray scale. Just work color. It's much faster, right? So you could do you could deal with lots of things and then maybe tennis it or not, So yeah, plenty of options in there. Now we go to this and then, yeah, I like challenges. Version you've guessed because it gives you details for free. It gives you more detail. All right, this is the stuff. Your problem there is that What what happens is that you get detail in here, but you don't get it in here because your image is fat white in here, all right? Cause that the images white When it's white, it's white. It's no any different. So because it's white and we've invested, this is black. Now Blackman's well, if you want detailed, gonna have to add it manually yourself, let's add it manually, ourselves a bit similar. Yeah, I'm not trying to repeat myself here. Um, I'm like, let me just see Stephen's choice. And I think we're always seven choice. Now let's go to something else reached. Okay, let's go seven shorts because actually, it's much better to do it that way. Faster. You get free quick detail for free. Yeah, that's this. I'm not going to change it because you get the point. Combine. Andi, please always try to was it said, erode your stuff, Whatever that is before you bring it in even in even it a little bit. This is not a little bit telling erosion. Nice, very combined use to on there's gonna be I don't think well, is this enough? Maybe it's too low is to lose because we have average to think you need to add it. Flaws close. It was your choice. Oh, you get these ugly ability could really sharp things because this is abstract art. This is This Picture's is upset, aren't so. You've got some edges. Well, your friend, when you have ugly edges is called blur we are using. Haven't you noticed the same notes? Well, when you bring in Sorry, just connected. When you bring in an image, you have a number of notes that keep repeating themselves, and then you have guessed notes. It's like an episode off a Siri's. You get the main characters, the main actors, and then get every episode visiting our actors. It's the same thing for images you have. Invert if you need it. Camp blur. It's a must to have these invert camp blur. Invert when you need to. Yeah, if clump and blur are a must. If you have copies, always and blur is when you have hard edges, you're going to have them if you have a weird image. So any image it's not meant to be. Three. Where do we learn it? Do we care where to deploy? ARATS? Nibbler. It's after that to come out of the club. That's very like this. Way too much. Default is always way too much. Let's go 20. That's kind of OK, that's kind of Okay, So it's blurred it. Which basically means we have less of a problem. Now those edges have all of a sudden changed into lovely slopes that fit with the rain. That's what the blurred us. So now you can Clampett again. Clam Sorry. Used them clump node. It can use bias and gain. Shall we do it for fun? OK, this is for a change for a change. Let's change. I didn't mean to have it there. I'm interviewed here for a change. Okay, I'm gonna give up my favorite clump note for bias now in gain and try to change this. Make it a bit something, I guess. Yeah, right. Okay, you get the point. Not this was made from this. Okay, so feel free with your imagination, you can You can combine this and you know we're gonna do for if you really have time, go get a terrain from during the party. Yeah, yeah, I know. Limited resolution one cable, one K. No problem. Just go get three. Go get it. Know that the rain from NASA and go get a clip art, and then go get a court image and makes the whole thing together on Show me what you can do with right? And then at some of yours, Yeah, at some of the details. Especially if you want to add some ground seven choices. Quite a good one. Especially if you live in default. On what the Be careful. If you get way down, get some really weird spikes. Okay? You say council. Good. So this is how you can in a no traditional way, be creative with words. Machine