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Turn a blog post into a video in 20 minutes

teacher avatar Ville Ekman, Introvert Freelancer Marketer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Preparing the text and copying to Lumen5

    • 3. Workspace overview and setup

    • 4. Creating the video storyboard

    • 5. Choosing the music and rendering the video

    • 6. Our video premiere

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About This Class

Expand your blog audience by easily turning your blog posts into a video using Lumen5. Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text. Lumen5 uses artificial intelligence to simplify the video production based on text material, including stock image and sound suggestions.

After completing this class you have necessary skills to quickly turn blog posts into professional videos.

This class is especially useful for social media managers or entrepreneurs who want to expand the audience of their blog posts through video channels like Youtube, Facebook and Vimeo.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ville Ekman

Introvert Freelancer Marketer


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1. Introduction: Hi. My name is being the eggman. I am a free 100 marketer, Weber. With both small local companies and global public elicit corporations, I've noticed how video has become a crucial tool in any marketers or business. Olders toolbox. I want to help you to get started today with video by turning your foot posts into engaging videos. 2. Preparing the text and copying to Lumen5: for discourse. We will use the free version off luminous five Act for which you can sign up by heading to bloom in five. Con collector, Sign up free button, the right hand corner of the page or looking. If you already have an account when you're looking for the first time, you will see welcome screen like this to three. Options to create the video are either start from scratch, use article or book closed or copy and paste your content, and I do recommend you using this option to copy and paste. This makes it easier for you to adjust the content first. Make sure it works well for video. It's just this one, and then we can paste content. I have taken this text from propose. I will show you the original proposed. So I did copy everything from here to avert document on made him adjustment. One thing to remember. Make sure the first slide is in caging on it Keeps viewers watching, for example, include the main problem you are solving here for this example, I said, avoid over hooking your meeting rooms with smart room booking systems, so there is a problem presented on there is a handoff, the social as well. Second thing to remember is used short sentences. So if you have have it off writing very a long and complex sentences, I urge you to just that just for a video like mentioned. Don't try to cover too many different topics or point of view, that makes the video two long right. So let's couple fix from here. Copy, Go back to Parliament five application. Commence the or control. Be spending your system, your system and go. We're just while when women five is going through the text, analyzing it on and creating a platform for you to start working on it. 3. Workspace overview and setup: This is the working space implement Fife. On the left hand side, you can see the text that you just pasted. This is called the story and we can from here Then start adding the slights. Slights are here on the right hand side. Woman five has already created the first slight for us from the topic from the subject line on it has to altro slight ready. I will quickly go through the options you have here. So now we are on the story that her step called media Here you can access millions of cooperate free media that are available from different sites on used them as backgrounds. For your slights, you can use the search feature here hisley for meat cheese that would be suitable for you. You can also upload your own media in case there are images you want to use the spec arounds. Third tab is good music. You have access to a huge number of different types of music. You can choose the mood from selector here on a big something that works for your view, you can also use the search feature here to search for different. That's music. Ford Tab is called style, and here you can just some of the visual elements off the final video. Then, when we moved to the slight area, you have an option to change between landscape or square. The square only works with debate subscription. So for now we will stick with this landscape, and this year shows how long the video is going to be on. You can preview the end result by yourself. You click preview and see there's some effect on the background and that's it. That's long. How long it's gonna do. Stay there. Then on the right hand side, we have few options. We can preview the whole presentation. So far, we took that. Then you can render when you're ready. You can render on Donald your video from here. So that's your working space. Now let's go back to story and start working our presentation 4. Creating the video storyboard: Let's start creating our video presentation created the slides from text is as easy as clicking on there. Women five automatically. I didn't device where descendants ends, so we just need to call the move your cursor over it. It gets highlighted. Panici, click on the new slide is created. Well, just get doing this. Where to land the post And here we go. Good thing here is you can immediately see how long it is going to be. So we have one minute, 21 seconds. It's been over a minute, but that's still quite good. All right, let's start working with different slides. You probably noticed how when lemon five was creating the slights from the sentences. It did pick up a different background forage. And here the artificial intelligence is working in the background. Women five is looking at the text that they have on trying to fight certain Key Verge and then trying to link that text to images that would work as a as a background for the text. So it's been pretty advanced, but obviously it doesn't always work on. You want to make chances, so that's tempt main part of your work flow here is to go. Truth slides make sure day look, arrive. The background is good, that Texas is fine and do some other small modifications. Let's get started on the 1st 1 here. I did change at the highlighting earlier, but now I want to chase it back. So let's go to style. I want to use a yellow highlighting color here, and I can. Background color can be darker if we have a Aiken slides. All right, that's good on. Then I will change thes avoid core booking. Your meeting around school is going to be the text that is highlighted. The next one. All right, I'm so here to harness is good. It's burst there. So no chances there. Say this. 3rd 20 year. Maybe I want to have a big, different looking meeting space in time. That slide, I will go to media. I can type in here, search for a meeting room on. I have quite a few options. Let's take this one. It's a bit different than the previous ones on. Maybe I need to darken that pope it to make sure that the text stands out there right, the 4th 1 for this one I do have my own image I want to use, so I would not show you how to do that. So after media tap, I will click uploads on upload medium. Now I can track and crypt files here. I think we need to come out from the full chagrin finder. The circuitry wise. I want to use treat images. I would just direct them here. There, there. Okay, upload. And now I have them here. Okay. For this light, I want to use this application from all right. And for the next one, you can see this is what happens when a woman five detects a long sentence. It divides that sentence into multiple slights. If I select a background in Miss four, the main slide, it's also used pretend sub slides as well. He You can remove this by going to the first sub slight on and going in front first leather and just hitting backspace. So then you only have one slight Well, I actually do like to split that into two, so I will just great there. I just hit enter and now have a slight again on the next one. I think I want to remove this light. It's it's addition information that's not important enough to make my video longer. So I just click the trashcan My gun and click it again did confirm the lead on. As you can see, video already got six cents shorter, so we are closer to our one minute gold. All right, the next one. So for this one, I want to use something that has a calendar icon. So let's go to medium library and make a search for Let's say help Luke Calendar. All right, I think this I mean, this is pretty good, So I would just track it here. No, you can see that there is a certain background color. This is prawn. You can say that into style that so I couldn't background color. Let's see what options we have. I think that's pretty good. Bluish background. Very good. This is another slide that's not necessary here. This doesn't that any value, so I will just remove that one. All right. It's starting to look pretty good. We are now at one minutes 16 seconds. Mark, I trying to make a bit shorter on looking at thes two slides here. I don't think they had any critical value. So I'm just removing them made this very suitable for social media, keeping it close to one minute mark. So just delete it slides. I want to keep the take to action here by mentioning companies offering. So I leave that there have just changed background. I have image official image I want to use here. That's pretty good. Just need to change the exposition just a little bit. Make it stand up. Maybe down here. No, we are one minute, two seconds. That's good enough. You can upload your own logo on at SETI a year. A swell, or you gonna remove it and nothing like this. Five seconds. Very good. It's under one minute. Time to choose the music. 5. Choosing the music and rendering the video: Now it's time to choose the music. Let's go to the music tap. Now it's all about your own taste. What do you like there? I think this is quite nice. I will just click. Select Andi. That's it. No. When we have everything set up, we can go to prove you and see how it looks like I'm happy with. And then we'll just hit trainer or right. The rendering is done, huh? Are video is ready? What we do now is to either share video directly to Facebook or downloaded. All right, let's see how our project turned up. 6. Our video premiere: