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Turn a 2d photo into a 3d animation with After Effects!

teacher avatar Zoltan Siket, motion graphic designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

21 Lessons (1h 46m)
    • 1. Turn a 2D photo into a 3D animation with After Effects

    • 2. About the course's structure

    • 3. Why Photoshop is useful for this course?

    • 4. The basics of Photoshop - interface

    • 5. Importing files and important tools

    • 6. Creating the folder system

    • 7. Preparing the PSD file for After Effects

    • 8. Settings and interface of After Effects

    • 9. Importing files to After Effects

    • 10. Timeline and keyframes

    • 11. The effect panel and the effect control panel

    • 12. Creating solid layers, text layers, adjustment layers and null objects

    • 13. 3D in After Effects

    • 14. Precomposing

    • 15. Importing the prepared image and setting up the 3D space

    • 16. Set up the camera

    • 17. Exporting the project to a video file

    • 18. About the puppet tool

    • 19. Animating with the puppet pin tool

    • 20. Importing After Effect projects to each other

    • 21. Thank you! Good bye and good luck!

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About This Class

This course will help you learn Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects through an interesting and challenging visual project: the process of creating a 3D looking video scene from a still photograph!

The course is structured around the workflow of a professional After Effects user.

  1. You will learn the basics of Photoshop and get familiar with the tools you need for this project
  2. You will learn all the important parts of Adobe After effects ie.: import, timeline, effects, special layers etc.
  3. Than You will learn the animation process step-by-step from a 2D photograph to the finished 3D composition with added slow motion effect
  4. You will learn to create a new project from multiple projects

At the end of the course you will understand the workflow of creating 3D effect not only from photos, but logos, icons or info graphics! You can use your knowledge to create stunning animatied scenes from wedding photos, or pimp up your family album or your YouTube videos!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Zoltan Siket

motion graphic designer


My name is Zoltan Siket. I'm a graphic designer and motion graphic designer with more than a decade of experience. I have worked for DTP operator, VFX artist and motion designer for about 7 years - and motion design become my passion.
I love creating something that come alive by animating. That's why I'd like to share how to create animations easily in after effects.

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1. Turn a 2D photo into a 3D animation with After Effects: Welcome to beginners after effects Course, the place where you can learn in a project oriented easy way. My name is Jordan. She get I'm a graphic designer in motion graphic artist with more than a decade of experience I have there for small and big companies and animating become my passion. That's why I would like to share you. How can you create your animations by around photos and images like this? I choose this type of project because it's easy to learn, and through this you can learn a lot of really useful things about the software's after effects and for Pressure, Discovery and National Geographic Channel, just, for example, to use this technique in their sports commercials and movies. Or a series. How I Met Your Mother's main title made by the same way. So you can use this knowledge in your own wee. Those movies slide shows, logo animations, but it's a great way to pimp up your family albums and reading. For those, the point is at the end of the course, you will understand the structure of Photoshopped and after effects, and you will be able to create your own animations and three D effects in your own video projects. Thanks for watching and enjoy the course right 2. About the course's structure: Hey, guys. And welcome to beginners after effects Course, Thank you for being here this time and going to show you how the course build up. What are the most important steps? The reach. Our goal to create a three D animation from a two day photo. So there are 7 May sections in the course, like the structure of the course. The basics of Photoshopped prepare our image for after effects the basics off aftereffect animating, modeling, slow motion and import your animations. In one video project you are watching the first section here. You can get an over you about the course. Also, you can download the project fights and other assets we need to work together. The next step is about Photoshopped in this section. I will show you the basics of it. I will tell you why the software is necessary for this type of projects. What are the basic tools and partners and how can you import and export of five? I will show you how the polygonal a so toe the brush toe the patch to understand works because they become your best friends where you start preparing your images to work in after effects in the search section. We will prepare our picture in photo shop. We will create a logical folder system very be able to find their assets easily. And because of this, we can save time. After that, we will prepare our image to work by separating it to different layers. The next section is about aftereffect. I've introduced the software's interface, the tools, the partners, the timeline that key frames and though the other stuffs you need to know after effect is a difficult software. But you don't have to know everything to create around animations. So don't be afraid. You billing J. The fifth section is about animating reveal import, are prepared image to after effects and set up this three d space. I will show you how can you create and control the camera? Then you be run their your animation to a video file. You will get all the important informations about this process. Next, I will introduce you the puppet tool. By using this tool, you can create animations like slow motion videos. From here you can download another project file and the prepared Photoshopped image. In the last section, I will show you the way. How can you import after effects projects in one new project file? It's a simple way to link your animations in one new video project. This way your animation stays in an auditable condition, so if you have to change something, you can do it without re rendering it. After all, you can fight some bonus materials like photo shop and left, that affects shortcuts. Thanks for watching. I see you in next lesson. Have a great day. 3. Why Photoshop is useful for this course?: it's going to see driving it photo shopped for this type of animation in after effects, we will create a three D space where we will modeling our picture. For this, we have to separate image to different layers. These layers, location to each other and the movement of the camera creates the illusion of three D space . In order to the illusion work, we have to fear the missing parts of the layers. Photo shop is a great way for the stars because of the tools we can use in the software. Photoshopped fires are compatible with the after effects. So after we finish this part of the work, we can start to create our video. 4. The basics of Photoshop - interface: in this section, I introduce you other beef authorship structure, so let's open it. If you don't have the software, you can download the trial version from other Be that Come. I'm using the CC version, but it's not a problem if you have another one. The most of the things are the same in or versions, so let's open it. If you do this the first time ever, the interface looks like this. Here, you can find a minibar with money and many settings. But don't be afraid, because the most of the things we won't use for this project in the left side there is the tool bar, where you can find the different tools those which will useful for us. I will introduce you in the next lesson. Wanna buy one in the option? Many different settings appears, which belong to the selected tool. Another important information. Those two is where you can find the little arrow like this. You can choose other tours. Mostly, they have similar function or topic as the default one. Let's go in the right side, you can see different windows and partners. You can move them and place them anywhere. Ever comfortable for you. Also, you can close them, and because for this project we don't need most of the partners, let's close them to get a bigger place to work, However, you can need a pan out that you closed. You can reopen it any time. Just open the window menu and select the item you need. But like I said, for this project, we only need to panis the layer spanner on the History Channel, so feel free to close the other ones for our comfort. We can customize and save the workspace for this. Open the window workspace money, then click new workspace Jews the name for it, then save it. After that, you can use this or any other workspace, or you can arrested any of them by just one simple click. It's a very useful thing, so I suggest you always make a comfortable workspace. You can save time if you don't have to look for the partner you need. In the middle of this area is the campus. The image we import appears here, so let's see. How can you open an image? You can do it several ways. Click file opened Ambrose. The image you need or double click the campus and select the image. Dragon Drop works, too, I said the workspace toe after that we created a few minutes ago because we will use it while we prepared a picture for aftereffect. It is important to speak about the lay years and history planners. I assure you everything when we will use it. But let's see the basics. When you open an image, the reserve is a little lock. It connects to the layer because by default the layer is logged, so you have to open the image to start work. You can unlock the layer by click on the lakic on. Usually, this is the first step when we start working. Now, let's see. How does this to power network? Let's click on the brush to. Don't throw some lines just for fun. The layer of air you want to draw must be selected. You can see new informations appearing in the history panel immediately when you do anything, so by clicking on the selected field, you against the backward or forward so you can fix anything if you make a mistake. Now click on the move toe with this tool you can move objects on layers in the campus. And then you heard the space bar the hand to will active in this moment, you can't use this too. But you only have to heat the F battling ones and it will work. You can change this humanoid by press again and again The F bottom Anyway, you can find the ham to in the toolbar here, there as it is the same. But it is much more fast. If you use the space hockey, it is time to see the layers panel. You can see the active layer year and the night come next to it. If you press it, the layer will invisible. In the next lecture, we have to duplicate the lay years. So I will show you. Now How can you do it the fastest way express? I'm told the out button. Then when you realize it, it will be duplicated another way. If you drag and drop prion here, this paper recon is the new layer bottom. If you click on it, you will create a new empty layer. You can see it in the layer, partner. You have to select the actual layer. You want to work with, Let's say, like the brush tool andro something to the empty layer, Then select the move to, and you can move it independent of the other layers. Of course, you can change the visibility. Also, you can dilate any layer by moving into the trashcan or by the fastest way, select the layer. You don't need any more than president in your keyboard. These are the very basics of the software you need to know. In the next section we will see all the important to his video work with. 5. Importing files and important tools: let's open an image to see the most useful tools for this project. Let's see, how does these work and how can we use them so you can open an image by file open member of the chosen one? No, we haven't object to work. The first thing is to on a layer. By clicking the lock icon, you can find it here on just for practicing applicator layer by holding the A button and drop the layer somewhere below. Make it invisible by clicking the icon. No, let's rename it. You can do it by double click on the name. Let's name it to original just because it is the original picture, you know, and the tip. It is a useful thing to use colors for the important layers. By right click toe icon, you can choose the color. If you have just some layers, it's not too important. But if you have money many layers, it's a really good thing. Okay, let's say the move to will ended sad things first. Here it is. With the move tool, you can move the years and selections in the canvas. Eso it sometimes works like okay, bottom In its option by our here you confined to check boxes. The 1st 1 is the auto select. If it's alive, you can select players by just clicking on them like this the other way. When you don't use the auto select button, you can select the layer you need only in the layer partner by clicking on them. The show, transformed to a box, is used for two things. If it's active, it is easy to see which layer is selected. And, of course, you can transform your layer in an easy way. Just move the cars or to the edge. Then you can transform your layer immediately. If this mode isn't active, you can do this by pressing control on T button. From this point, the matter is the same. Let's go the next two hours we are need, the less so does here, Let's say, like the polygonal lasso tool, this tool is the most important for us. We will use it a lot on the good. New is through the stool and it's behaviour. You will understand all the other selections to his may functions, so let's select it than point anywhere to the layer. You can see the last point you played will be fixed so you can droving around anything. Then you want to close the selection. Just move your Coors or too near to the start point. Then, as you see a little round, he can appears. Let's click on as you see you have selected area. What does he do? You have to know if a selection is active, you can work in only the selected area. Advise it important because in photo shop, when something is selected or the UN selected part are locked, we can only work in the selected area. For example, I saw, like the brush tour and start to paint everything. But as you see, it's only works in this election. No step back for the few steps in history panel to clear the layer. No, select the move toe. When it's active, you can cut and move your selection. Press control de or select that select on the actual position will be fixed. Of course, you can invert the selected parts of your image. Let's see how. Just select the small area with the last sotu done. Hit the button on your keyboard. We were delayed. Selected part no step backward in the history panel or used the shortcut control and said Button. OK, no, let's inverse the selection by select in verse or the shortcut shift plus control. Plus, I know he did. L button. And as you see, it's working Well done. No. Let's see the option. Bar off the selection toes. As you see, it's almost the same. So this time, let's use the rectangular tool you can find a few weakens. It is quite clear how they work. If the 1st 1 is active, you can select only one area. If you sell it the 2nd 1 you can add new PC's toe the selected one. The third works opposite. If it is active, you can take parts from the selected area. The last one is very interesting about. To be honest, I never use it, but it's worked like this. Okay, let's just select the area contra de or select de select. As you see, there is another option in this bar, and it is very important. You can set the feather of the selection before you start to select an area, for example, said this value to 50 pixels, then select on area then he there button. It's very slight. This Andi. Sometimes this option is really useful, but no for us. It will be very important to use this election to a zero feather. Now, let's say, like the brush tool here, it is very easy to use on. It is not the most important tool for our project, but I think it can be useful. So let's see the some things of it. First, you can sell the size and the shape off your brush for this, just like the right button said the size, choose the shape, then use your brushing the converse Off course. You can set the color off your brush here and in the option bar. You can set the opacity and other options. That's not too important for no some of them. Let's go on with the close them toe. You can find it here. It works in a tricky they. You have to choose an aria. This will be the source of the sample for this present holding out button, then click when the target is in a good place. After that, you can use the to like the brush tool. Of course, you can change the source anytime. This dude is great when you have to fear the missing parts of the layers, for example, also go to fix mistakes in the image. Okay, now let's see the patch tool. I love this, too, because with it you can remove invented image elements. Let's see how just, for example, I'm using the stamp to now to clear the girl from here. And it's quite good, but everybody can see there is a pattern in here. There is too many repeated item on did. It seems to be like Photoshopped fail, but you can fix it. So like the batch tool, then circle on area where the original pattern is OK, they move this part of the image to another. This tool synthesizes the contents off your image and gives you freedom in choosing of the source. So these are the most important was for your aftereffects project. But feel free to try all. It is a good way to learn more about photo shop if you don't have too much experience of it . 6. Creating the folder system: let's speak a bit about the folder system. In my experience, a logical further system makes your life much more easy when you work in any project, even more if you have to work with the project that you created in the past. I know it seems obvious, but believe me, this is as important a simple I think if it works, no matter what type of fi system you use, but let me show you my preferred one. Usually, I start working by create a project further named by the date and the title of it. But for know the date is not too important. Then, in this folder, I Orbis creates up for orders like a assets be as the and render fathers, for example, e means off that effects every safe here only after effects project. If ice I vehicle liked all the necessary fires in the assets further, the fires of music's and sounds, effects, images and all the other stuff I need can be found here. PS. The further contains the prepared image that I will use in after effects. And yes, I given own folder to the Photoshopped five just because of the importance of it. And the last one is the run. Their folder. I will export here the run that video five from after effects. So I recommend you to use a logical folder system. If you are going to look for anything from a project fight to the finish movie clip, you will know where to find them, and it's a good thing. 7. Preparing the PSD file for After Effects: in this lecture, we will prepare the image for the working after effects by separating the layers. You will have a little freedom in this because you can decide home in the early years, you will separate which pieces of the image are important, which are not necessary. The method works with only two layers with the background on the foreground, but these more cool than you have 3 to 5 layers. So let's start open the image in photo shop file open or double click on the canvas. Them bro's your image. Here it is in the assets border. First, let's see the size of the image Contra Plus are plus I or image image size. I will work in HD resolution that 1920 times 1000 and 80 Pick says. So this is Lubick for me. So let's resize it here. The with Let it be 1920 picks ends. And if the height a little bigger than wonders and then dated pick says it is not a big problem. The resolution is OK in 72 dp Creepy means that bearing no, let's sound like the layer here then applicator layer by holding out bottom, then rename it the original by the booking on the name and because of it, importance. Let's mark this layer with the color by right click. Then look the layer by the lucky con. Here, let's save this image in a PS they filed by Contra plus ass or file Save. I would say that year to the P as the folder and let it name Bay Sunset. From this point, I will save the find many, many times because saving is very important. You do it right when you save your files like you don't notice that step. So he toughed in control and, plus now with the off button wants to change the view on In this mood, you can move the canvas with a hand tool or the hot case space. You can zoom in and zoom out. Vivid country plus and minus battles. Let's say like the upper layer. Don't applicator it again without button, then make it invisible by clicking on the icon here. After that, let's rename this layer to be G like background. Your target is to separate the layers off this picture by following the orders off this three d space, so there's have to be a background on in this image. It should be the sky and the city together just because they imagine a fine way. There is no sharp edges, rather objects that vou justified to separate them. Then these rocks on the girl are indifferent depth of the space, so you will have to cut them too. In the previous lesson, you familiarized with the stem tool and it might be a good method for make the whole background him again. But no, I show you a better method which sometimes works well, sometimes doesn't let's elect with the polygonal lasso toe the area which you want to clear , then right click field content other than press Okay, bottom as you see it feel the selected area on that is not the best, but you can make it better in an easy way. So, like the patch to Onda, we did select the better looking area, Then use the source for make a better looking background. Down here, the problem is the same. There are too many repeatable attempts, so select another good source than use it. If the streets here are repeated is not problem because streets are similar to each other and it will be like a simple city. Maybe one lost to the edge will be good. It is quite good. Let's use the close time tour to fix this part of the image. You can choose the source by holding the R button, then click when it is in right place. Okay, the background is ready. Hit Contra plus as to save the file. Then let's go on. Let's separate the stroke in the foreground. Let's duplicate the layer again with that button and by the book, click retro Name it to row Kwan. Then we'd contraband plus zoom in and with space key, you can move your canvas. Let's like the polygonal lasso tool on. It is very important to set the feather off it to zero Pixar here. Now let's start to throw this rope point by point. You don't have to be terribly precise but trying to be staying the rocks line, which basically you can move the canvas. And if you took your point in the wrong place, just hit backspace button as many times you need beat control minors. You can zoom out on Let's we need selecting by clicking near to the start point. Now you have to clear all the unnecessary parts off your image. For these, let's invest our selection by shift Pass Contra plus I or select members hit their bottom than select the select or contra pres de. No, you have, ah separated drug, but when you remove all the layers in after effects, you should see more off the rack. So let's complete it with the move to you can move it on for no. I activate the show transformed to partner to difference the layers in an easy way, zoom in wheat country and plus, then select the closed um, tool. By clicking the right button, you can set the size and the shape of it. By pressing the R button, you can select the source of your image. Click when it is okay, then make your rock a bit bigger. The repeated texter isn't too big problem here, but you can fix it with the heating brush tool, for example. So let's select it. You have to select the source with the out button, just like when you use this timeto and this stool makes the deity is more homogeneous, much about their No, I have to create these mistakes from the top. Of course, for this you can use the errors, their tools or, like these, select the area, then the late with that button. That's okay. No, you can place your rack to its place, but it is important for after effects to keep all the visible parts in the campus. Now you can turn off the visibility. Let's duplicate the new layer by holding the add button, then rename it to Rack, too. Let me direct to these rocks in the picture with the bush, so let's start to cut it with control. And plus you can zoom in these bushes in here are not too important for me. So I ignored them on with a Lhasa to start to draw these racks point by point. These Bush is interesting for me, so I give it some space. Then, for no, I saw, like the bigger area to cut it after you created your selection, you can dilate it with the bottom than press control and the to select the area for the Bush. Select the Razor Tool on with Dr click. Select the size and the special shape to create the leaves. Let's change the upper city a bit here. Now use your a riser like a brush. Then let's create the leaves with this technique. If you be satisfied, just step back a few steps in the history menu. If you makes all the layers invisible, you can see if there's some problem. So let's clear the bordering details like this. - Okay , we have got the bush now. The layer order is important, too. The layers, which abo in the layer partners are, covers the below guns. But you can set this in after effects to lessen applicator layer again without bottom and the next type of you to separate this bush on the girl on this rock here. But before death in Iraq to layer, we have to correct this part with the close timeto on retailing Brush store. That's great. No, let's rename the new layer to girl and let's I like the polygonal lasso tool to separate her. You should be precise year, so zoom in with country and plus you space back toe, move the campus to a better position and drove around the edge point by point. We cannot see the rocks year, so just throw something that looks like Iraq. Finish this selection than by shift and control, and I or select inverse inverse selection, hit their bottom to clear the area. Turn off the visibility off the unnecessary layers on Daz. You see, you have some work here. So, like the unnecessary parts with the lasso tool than in the options bar, select the at the selection box. After that, you can continue the work, and when you are ready, just hit their bottom. And for now, you are almost ready with this part. As you see, this rack is in another slice of the space, so let's duplicate it without button and rename it to rocks. Re. Let's deal with this layer. A little later, after the girls layer, I'm tear down clear. Distract from here with the close them to, and the healing brush tool can helps you to. These bushes could be nice, so let's read with the rise air tool. By right click, you can choose the size and the shape off. You're a riser done, said the upper city a bit low to create a smooth edge off your brush. The the details you don't need. Andi, it's ready. Let's at the layer order to see what have you already got are just not things we have already got the strike so delayed Iraq's relay or with the doll button now duplicated slayer to create our last layer, rename it by double click toe rock three. And by selecting the polygonal lasso tool, let's start to cut out the rocks in the back. This time, you can ignore the rack off the girl because you already did it. But the Bushes are important for now. Let's close your selection, then in the select menu, inverse your selection. Then he'd their bottom to delay the unnecessary part. Now, making visible those layers you don't need. Then select the riser tool and let's start to create the bushes just like you did it before . Let's create a solid core layer here for help. You conserve the color in the pop up menu. Select the light one. He the okay bottom, then dragged the solid layer and movie to the bottom for no, you can see all the mistakes. If you made on, you can correct it. Now you can dilate your solid layer. The next step is to clear those parts of this layer, which is exacting in the others, too. Let's take a look to the layers to see what to do, like the clothes timeto my right click. Select the brush size on the shape of it. Then hold the out button to select the source off your layer on fear. The problematic part off course. You can zoom in and out of the country and plus and minus buttons and by the space bar. You can move the canvas that's created these Bush because we don't need it. And now let's take a look to the other layers to see what to do. Purity is Feel the front rack spot on here because it is exists in rock one layer. Select the healing brush to and create a repeated patterns you don't need. Check the whole image by make visible layers. Rocks rezo que in regards Layer is okay. Rock to is OK, Andre Kwan layer is okay, too. If you move your layers a bit with the move tool. You can see two if there is any problems. But as you see, everything is okay So let's make visible the background layer. Then save your file. You won't need this layer anymore so you can dilate it with the button or by moving it to the trash icon. And congratulations. You have just prepared the image to the working. After that effect, he'd have gotten to change the view. And you can close the image and Photoshopped to In the next lecture, I will show you the structure of after effects. 8. Settings and interface of After Effects: in this lecture, I will show you the interface of after effects. So let's open the software as you see amusing the CC version. But if you have another version, it is not a problem, because the structure is almost the same if you open the program. First time USC like this just like him for to show up here, you can find the menu bar with many sad things. There is a to bear here. There is a project window composition of in the timeline, and in the right side you can find different partners after effect is a kind of software that need a lot of space, so I'm using it with two monitors. Of course, it is not problem toe working on Lee. One bad because your comfort, I suggest to close other partners that you won't need. You can close the partners by right click close spawn out. So Cruz, the audio panel preview Bonneville useful you've on needy spanners to, but effects and presidents partner were useful to just like him for the shop. Here, you can find some kind of work spaces on. Of course, you can create here in new bonds I create a new workspace named a Like after effects. In order to understand the structure, let's create a new composition you can created by right clicking the project window. And so, like the new composition menu in the pop up menu, you can find the sad things here you can name your composition. I rename me to Sambo Sunset in the presence you confined different video four months. Here you can see the actual resolution off your composition, and if you want to resize it here, you can do it. I will work in HD resolution, but if your computer bit slower, I suggest you working in lower resolution. If this Jack books is active, it will keep the rate of pick says If you have a faster computer. I suggest HD resolution because nowadays it is the quality standard in big separate scrapping, says ROK. In the frame rates that things are, we used 25 frames per second because in Europe this is the standard in the U. S. A. Disease 30 frame per second. So it's up to you, Which do you prefer? The resolution is OK in quarter. That means in the preview window, you will see your project in this quality, and it is good for your computer. But you can change this setting any time. Start time. Cody's Okay. Zero. It means your time. Lammy starts at zero. Second duration means the length of the time. 30 seconds arena for, you know, in the background color. You can set the color off your background. Black is OK, so he the okay button. And, as you see your new composition, appears immediately in the project. Mean, though by right click composition. Sad things. You can change these settings any time In the composition window, you can see the actual frame. It is transparent. No, but with this button, you can change the view to avoid disturbing transparency. Greed. Let's see these partners one by one. Let's start with the project window. Here you can find useful informations about the fires. You can set the color of the current file. You can rename them to buy right click, and here you can find the finder qualifies You will work with were states year, So if you have money off them, this finder can help you. Now let's see, How can you import trying times to aftereffect just double kink in the project window and you can broke purifies. As you see, the selected file appears here with Tom Name, though the sound fires videophiles Photoshopped images vector Graphic files will be important year, so you can reach them in an easy way, and you can move them to the timeline from here to. So this is the timeline. I will show you all the details in timeline and key frames lecture. But the point is that all the key frames and transforms can be controlled in here in the layers, options and everything you change year will be visible in the composition panel, so let's speak about a bit. All of these buttons year are building to the composition window. Here. You can set the view of the composition to zoom in or zoom out. You can also change these by using the mouse straw veal. Here you can find some options for right. The first is the title action, say frame, and it is recommended to keep your important assets in this frame. For example, your titles because some types of television scripts, the videos and it's not a bad thing if your texts are visible in all this place, proportion agreed, can be useful if you have to create the precise system. With jewelers, you can create guidelines just like in father ship it country and our buttons you can turn on and turn off the rulers these button perhaps you to make visible or invisible to created masks. In the current time option, you can see the actual momentum frame, and it is a perfect way to enter an exact time for these. Just said the time called and he'd the okay bottom. It is also important to use this Resolution bar. You can change year the quality of the resolution, and it is very useful for us because with this you can save time. You can create the prayer ender with low resolution that much faster than the full one. And if you have to check only the read um, or the movement, not the details, it is quite enough off course you can set the custom resolution. You have already known this transparency con. With this, you can change the visibility of the background after effects can handle three D objects. That's why every year and with this button, you can change the view layout. I will show you this in the lecturers, reedy in after effects. So for now it is enough, the one you lay out. Now let's see. How can you use the effect for demonstrating every use in effect here in the effects and presents? But you can find all the effects you can search for them in the fine there. It is much more easy than find them in these FX structure, so I will use the fastball or effect by drag and drop it to the selected layer. The FX Contra panna appears immediately vin in the effect, and it's sad things just for the example. I change the value of the blurriness, and it's working affect contraband. There is an important panel, so I won't close it on. I changed the workspace a big just for the comfort. Feel free to personalize your workspace. If you feel comfortable in the software's environment, you're become faster and more effective. So I overwrite my workspace to save this new version in window workspace. Manu, summarizing what was said. You will use some of these tools in the tool bar. You can see all the actions in the composition panna and not just see, but you can also said the assets options here too. In the timeline, you can control the layers and our settings also the key frames and from the FX. But now you can choose the necessary effects and you can control them in the FX Contra upon that. 9. Importing files to After Effects: in this section. You even know that type of files you can import after effects. And how can you do that for these first, let's create a new composition. You can do it in the project window by right click. New composition. Andi. In the pop up menu, you can rename it Let's name me to importing five. The other set Things are not too important for us know, so just hit the okay button. As you see, the composition is ready to work. We have a timeline, so let's go on. All the fights that you want to use in the project will be placed year in the project window. So let's see how to import FIEs right click import file. Then you can browse your funds you need after effect is compatible with many five formats. It can use vector graphic images, sound files, waves and MP three, for example, G PAG being G gifts are not problem for the software. On the most of the video, five formats are compatible with it, too. Last but not least, for the show. Fires are compatible with the after effects to and it is a good thing because after effects can handle the layers of the PS. The That's why we prepare the image in photo shop. Let's start with the chipping image selected Andres. The import button on disrepair is immediately in the project window. Just move it to the timeline and let's see what some things are a valuable for us. In the next lecture, I will tell you everything about the timeline and it's that things but for no, let me speak about it to see the difference between the fight types. So let's see, What have we got here? You can open the settings of the layer and in the transform options you can set the different values of the position, scale, rotation and the capacity. For example, the set things are a valuable for every kind of flares, and you will use this later. But for now, it is enough to know about it. Let's import another former by double click on the project window. Let it be a sound file. It is an MP 34 months. Here you can see the Romneys of the items. Now just move The sound fine to the timeline. You can find a little speaker recon here if you click on it. The sun layer will be muted, just like when you make invisible a layer with the icon. You can also find some set things that belongs to the sound layer. It is useful for you because this way you can see the way form, and it helps you to added this lay. Or more precisely, there is threw away from in one layer because it is Storrow. If you hit the zero button the software starts prayer in during the project. The only problem is that when you have many, many layers with effects here, this program during process can be really slow. But if you need to hear only the sound layers, there's a short cut. Just hit the comma better. Ondo. The sound layers were played immediately here. In our view levels, you can set the volume off your music or any other sound. Let's go on by double clicking. Import a vector graphic file. This can be an illustrator file a Pdf or an E. P s, for example, so movie to the timeline. I turned on the transparency here to see what heavy got and zoom a bit for the same reason just like in a simple image, you can find all the transform settings here. Position, scare, rotation. Everything is the same. There's only one great difference. Let's activate this little ikan here that looks like a son. And as you see, the camera speaks as turned to sharpen allergies because after effects can handle the vector graphic files that made off vectors not picks us on. Because of this, you can resize them to any size without they become, Pick says. This is a really cool thing when you create infographics or logo animations, for example. Now let's important Videophile. It is a more fine now, but after effects compatible with many other video for months to from this point, everything is the same. You can control the file in timeline. You can handle transform, set things just like in any other layers. And just for demonstrate he'd zero better to see how the prayer in their works. Last but not least important. Photoshopped file As you see some new, important options come alive. If you say like the footage option, you will meet the pop up menu you can select how to import a file merged means you will import of fine, like a simple image without layers, or you can choose which layer do you want to import? I choose the girls layer for now. And as you see this time, only one slice of the photo shop image was imported said. Things are the same. That's the latest layer here because we need the other type of importing. So So, like the composition for no. Then he'd the import bottom. It is important to choose the auditable Lear Stein's options for no, because in the other way, we get a simple image again. But you see, is a pre composed item. That means if you double click to eat, you can find the layers of the Photoshopped filed. It works like a folder. The may further is the composition named Importing Fights. A sub further is the sense of composition, and you can find the layers in it. As you see these Photoshopped file is that you prepared in one of the previous lectures. Off course. You can work with these layers one by one, and that's the point. In this project. The sense it for there's transform settings are independent of the layers of it, so These are the most important fight taps. You can work within after effects sounds, images, videos, vector graphic files are all compatible with the software, so feel free to use them. 10. Timeline and keyframes: Let's speak about the timeline and the key frames for demonstrating. I create a new composition by right click New composition in the project partner in the pop up menu, you can rename it. So did the timeline on the other set. Things are not too important for now, so let's hit the okay button and by right click import file. Let's import an image to after effects. Just moved imported item to the timeline. And as you see, the layer appears in the timeline and in the composition window you can see to all the necessary assets you will work with will be placed year in timeline because this is the panel where you can move and manipulate so where you can animate your assets and everything will seem in the composition window. By pressing this little triangle, you can open the sad things of the selected layer. Here you can find a basic transform set, things like and your point positions. Kayla Rotation capacity. Also their values. With these little tie Americans here, you can create key frames, so let's create one key frames Are the figs values off the selected set things. For example, I have fixed the position of this commerical at the 14th frame by creating that key frame. If you move the slider in the timeline on, do you set another position, a new key frame veal appear on. As you see, you can set the values of the position not just in the time line but in the composition panel to on the software calculated the path between these key frames. And, of course, if you place the slider on the key for him, you can change the values of it. By changing the values between the key frames, you create new key frames by the zero button. In Lampard, you we started PRA rendering process on after effects. We calculate the new path off your object, and this is animating. Of course, you can create key frames off any options off the layer. For example, that's changed a rotation by creating a key frame here that in the end point, let's change the origin of value for rotating all the other set things working the same way . And if you hit the zero button in number, the prayer and Eric process will start and you can check. What have you done? You're isn't under slider, and with this you can select the active part off your timeline. So if you said like this little part, the soft, very process only this. Also, when you want to run their your project to a video file, these finished five. We contains only the selected area off your whole timeline. So if I said it like this, it will be five seconds long. Just for example, you can move the key frames in the time 92 on Did. You can reverse the selected key frames by select them and dry click on a key frame. Key frame time reverse key frames option. And from now the movement is reversed. It's good to know there's a simple way to add different dynamic of the movement by changing the key frames by selecting the key frame and hit F nine button or by rightly different assistant Eazy e's. The key friend will change also the movement. Let's do this with all the key frames, then hit the zero button in number and as you see the movement start and finished, we obey smoother which country button and click. You better change the key French to the original version on. In this way, the movement is more linear. If you select the layer and hit the U button, all the options will disappear that not counting key frames. So this way you can save place. Here you can see many icons and buttons, so let's see, the most useful is off them. This Ah ikan here is the same as, in fact Russia. If you turn it off, the selected layer will be invisible. This little speaker recon belongs to the out the old layers on it has the same function that the icon, if you turn it off, the selected out the layer will be muted. For demonstrating this point, he can hear I duplicate my layer by pressing contra, plus the buttons as many times as I need on the point. If you activate it on a selected layer, only those layers were visible that you have selected. It's a good method to make visible only those layers you work with. By pressing the Dell button, you can delay the selected layers. With the logic on, you can look your layers, it really working, but you can't change any settings of it until you are market. So it is works as the same as in photo shop. Here you can change the color of the selected layer. This option can be very useful. When you have money, layers and you want to organize them. This icon is useful. If you have many layers for demonstrating, I duplicate them. Beat contra, posed the buttons on I select and change a few off them. And as you see, nothing happens until you activating this. I can hear no other select layers disappear from timeline. But all of them they work on beer be visible in the composition panel Just they are in safe . Andi, don't take up any place by pressing it again. All the layers will be visible in timeline. This I can hear is for rectal graphic fights. I have shown how it works in the lecture importing fights toe after effects. But the point is, if you use a vector graphic fight and you will activate this icon after effects will handle it in that way. Another useful thing is this little motion blur Recon for activating it. You have to select it in layer on in here too. As you see when this option is active, the edges off the object were blurred. The movements with this option is much more pretty. Also good to know. With this option, the render time will be longer. So I suggested you to turn this options visibility on only when you check your project and when you create, surrenders or renders. Another useful thing is this. I can hear. Let's select all the key frames you want to work with than he'd this I come. As you see, the time man has changed to the graph editor. Here, you can manipulate the dynamic a few movements. I know it's not the basic something, but sometimes it can be very useful. So it's good to know by clicking on the graph editor button, you can change the view to the original timeline. As you see, I used these buttons to zoom out and zoom into timeline. You can do this from a single frame to the whole compositions. Time. Another important economy here is this que become. With this, you can change your actual to the layer tress really run. As you see new values are appears to. I will tell you everything about these settings. Intellectuals reading after effects. This re Aikens year. Also important for US videos. You can hind and open informations and set things of the timeline. If you won't need these informations or set things, it is suggested highlighting them because with this you can save space. Here you can select Li air mode, just like in photo shop. In this project, we won't use the sad thing, so feel free to hide this option bar. This first icon is belongs to the transform Set things. With this, you can see the values of the options, so let it be visible. This preview window here belongs to the timeline. With these buttons, you can start pra rendering. Also, you can change the loop options and some other preview set things. For example, if this full screen option is active, the software shows as the prayer in that animation in four screen. If you click on a selected layer by right click, you can see many other sad things. We won't use these in this project, but these settings are can be very useful. So it's good to know about this by pressing contra. Pose the buttons. You can duplicate the select layer by pressing that you button all the options will be visible. Which come thinkI frames off course. When you duplicate the layer, all the K frames were duplicating too. It is important to know, just like in father shop, enough there affects the order of the layers defines the visibility for demonstrating. I use the feel effect in this layer. Andi, if I move this layer below the 1st 1 we covered this one with the Dell button. You can clear the selected layers here. You can set the time Could precisely when you hit the enter button this line there we jump to the selected position in timeline and you can adjust your key frames or the other ascents. To this point. Just one more thing in the time nine more than one composition can be open for demonstrating. I duplicate the whole composition on. By doing this, I create the timeline to composition. And if I open it, it appears in timeline On another tub. This way you can control many compositions at the same time. The compositions you won't need. You can close here, but you can reopen it any time by the book. Recon it on the project window. That's all 11. The effect panel and the effect control panel: in this lecture, I will show you how the effect panel and the effort contra upon their works. Also, I show you some FX that can be useful for you. For this first, create a new composition by right like new composition in the project partner. Let's name it to effects here, and the other settings are not too important. So just hit the okay button. We also need an object toe work. So let's import a file by right click import file, then select an image movie to the timeline on. Because this image is bigger than the composition, let's resize it by opening the transform options Year on, said the size a bit smaller than the composition. Now we have an image to work. So let's see how the FX work in the effects and presents panel. You can find all the effects of the software. You can find them in a logic structure, but if you know which affect do you looking for, it is more easy if you use the finder and start to ride the effects name. Now I introduce you the motion tile effect. Purity is you can use the effect in selected layer in two ways. You can drag and drop the effect of the layer. And as you see, the effect appears in the effect on trope on there or another way. I stepped backward with the country and plus that battle, select the layer on drop. The effect of the effort control Banel because this banner of shows only the actual selected layer effect. Now let's see, how does the motion tile effect work and why it is useful for us in this type of project you always need a background on after. You don't need to work with this layer on father shop. It isn't after manipulated in after effects. With this effect, you can make bigger your layer in an easy way. For this, make bigger the output with option value. And, as you see it extends your original image. Let's activate the mirror adoption, and the problem is solved off course. Mostly, this effects works well, become a genius images with the appetite option. The method is the same on for no. You have a more bigger working background than your original image. If you want to turn off in effect, you can do it by pressing this little ethics ikan, and it will be passive. You turn it on. As you see, there are many other options in this effect. For now, these settings are not too useful for our project, but feel free to try them. My pressing contravenes at buttons. You can step backward till you got the original image. Another useful effect for this type of project is the fast bowler effect. After you find it in the effects and presents partner, just movie to the Effect Contra partner. As you see, you can use money effects in one layer. Let's set the blurriness year. It is important to know if you create a key frame in the FF control panel. It really appears in the timeline, but you can handle the effects that things not just in the affect control panel, but in the time 92 By pressing the U bottom. Only those set things will be open in the timeline, which contains key frames. If you press again, this top American older K frames were career, same as in timeline, so the point is you can easily control your effects in this panel. But you also changed the set things in the timeline. In every FX, there's a resident bottom if you press it all the set things we returned to the original value on. If you don't need in effect anymore, you can delay the selected one by pressing the Dell bottom. For now. I stepped backward Wheat Contra present buttons because I would like to say one more thing . It is important to know the order of the effects are affect the final result because some effects interact with each other. These two are not that kind, but good to know if in effect doesn't work. Try to change the order of the effects and it can help. That's Ah, let's go with some special. They are types in after effects. 12. Creating solid layers, text layers, adjustment layers and null objects: let me show you some special layer types in after effects, the most of them you won't use in this type of project. But if you know about these layer types, you can use them. In many ways, these special layers are the text layer, the adjustment layer, the new object and the solid layer. Let's see them one by one. The first is the text layer. You can create it by select the textile here, then click somewhere in the composition window. And, as you see, you can write your text immediately. This is the way to create a writer's or any other text in after effects you can control, or the settings in the character and paragraph money, just like in photo shop. And you can set here the color off your text. The size of the phone and all the other settings are a valuable year, which you need to control the tax layout. And as you see, a new text layer appears in timeline, this layer works the same as any other lay years in after effects. Just there are more options that belongs to the text, so this is the way, if you would like to create texts enough. That effect. Let's see the next type of special layers. It is the solid layer. Solid layers are actually blankly years with color, just like in photo shop. You can create it by right clicking timeline. New solid. Then you can set up your solid layer in the pop up menu. You can rename it, you can resize it on. Of course, you can send the color of it. Just press okay when you are ready and the solid layers appears in timeline. I place it down here to see the taxslayer because the layers order defies the visibility in after effects in time. And the settings of the solid layer is the same as the other simple layers. But if you would like to change the main set things of it, you can do it in layer solid set things money and by pressing OK, but and then you said things will be active solid layers. Great for you. If you would like to create a background just for a quick example, let's use this image resize it than send the color of the soil layer with the eyedropper tool here. So, like the sample colored and hit OK in a few minutes. It good works like the sky, and it is good to know some effects only works on solid layers. No, let's see the adjustment layer. You can create it by right click on the timeline New adjustment layer. No, let's see, What is this adjustment layer works like an empty layer to the facts, all the layers below it so you can drop any effects on it, just like the other layers. The differences that the effect which works in the adjustment layer we'll work all the other layers below. Let's see an example. Move the fast bowler effect to the adjustment layer than in the effort. Contra Partners said the value of the blurriness. And as you see these blurriness works in all there's below. I give another colored taxslayer just to see the resolute. The adjustment layer can be very, very useful when you use an effect that needed in all the years. So in this way you don't have to work on every layers, every key frames, but you can control all of them in one single layer in an easy way. Of course, you can use the effects in this layer, as in the others, you can create key frames on it, so it is a really useful stuff. Another special layer is the new law object. You can create a new object, my right click New Nool object. Andi. It is a bit similar to adjustment layer, but this layer focusing on the transforms for demonstrating. Let's see an example create a key frame off the position here than a few frames later. I sent another value. You can see the path of it. But as you see because it is an al object, nothing happens until you link another layer to it. For this whole days. Spira Khan and movie to the new object. And here comes the magic. The text layer will follow of the movement of the Newell object off course. You can do it with any other layers. Here you can see the settings activation off course from independent of this movement, you can set new values in each layers, transform, set things this method really useful when you need the same movement in many layers. And this way you don't have to set the key frames in all the years you just need a Newell objecting the layers to it that you need. And from this point, the problem is solved in an easy way, maybe the most of the special layers you don't need for this course. But I do believe if you know these layers, you can use them in any type of project on it. We makes your life much easy. 13. 3D in After Effects: let me introduce you how three D works enough that effects for this. Let's create a composition by right click New composition in the project window. Let's name it to three D and the other said things are not too important for now. So he did. OK, button and your composition is ready to work. I need an object for demonstrating. So by double click on the project window, let's import this P as they filed. I will use the after effects logo that I have animated for the beginning off the promo video. It is important to choose the auditable, the years ties and the composition set Things hit. Okay, button. Then, as you see the PS, the is appeared as a composition and is afford er that contains the layers off the photo shop image. Now let's select all the layers and move it to the timeline. The layers order is not too good, so let's set it by moving the layers. It is OK for now, after effect is not exactly really software like more. Your cinema four D about this program is also able to models really space and three D objects. So this way we can create the illusion of this three d space. Let's see how I make invisible these layers for watching only the a layer. And let's see the transform options off this layer. Here you can find the usual set things. You can move and skate. Also rotate this flat on. Do you can change its upper city, too? No, I stepped backward with contra possess buttons to reach the original state. Now let's activate askew, become and see the difference. There are new set. Things appear in transforming you when this cubicle is active and the transform books of the A layer is changing, too. As you see, this layer has received the nature of three D object. From this moment, you can move and rotate the subject in the three D space. Now let's make visit Buddhist layer and a low Toby, manipulated in three dimensions by the Q. Become on Let's see the transform said things of it. No, let's change the view mode here to horizontal because this mode perhaps, was navigating the three D space. Now you can see your composition from the top two. You can select any of these windows by pressing on the chosen one. And after that you can choose from the viewpoints to. For now, I saw, like, the top option. And now let's like the second layer with the arrows of the axes. You can move your objecting space. You can do this. Whatever layer in the same way. Just activate the cubicle here and move it to back somewhere. Here, of course, you have an infinity space so you don't have to adapt toe the compositions frame with a handle. You can move your cameras just like in fatter shop. So now you have a three d space where you can move your objects. But you also need the viewpoint that can move in this three D space. To for this you have to create a camera by right click new camera. In the timeline In the pop up menu, you can choose from different types of cameras. Maybe it seems to be difficult, but it is just in opportunity to modeling these cameras. Picture the droning can helps you to understand the system, but it is not problem if you work with the Deford sad things when you already just hit the okay button. And as you see your camera appears in timeline, and then the composition window to it has seemed. Ransom said things as any other layers, and it has a special camera. Options to you won't need the most of these cameras set things, but I assure you, the useful bands in lecture set up the camera. Now I'm zooming out the big just to see the camera and the whole composition. It is important to know if you have a camera. You can use the different camera tools here. If you heard this commerical, you can select the different types of it. Let's like the X Y camera to now, and by moving it, you can control the camera movement in X and Y axes with no big camera to you have a great freedom in this mode, only the point of interest will be fixed. The other camera tours are working in similar ways. Feel free to try them, so the point is we gears. Three. The objects and video camera. You can create new movements in your composition on the objects location to each other, and the movement of your camera creates the illusion of this really space 14. Precomposing: it's time to get to know about pre composing. What is it and what is it for? Pre composing is a useful on the quite easy thing. So for now it is enough to brush the mattered for demonstrating. I will use one of my project flies for this I'm opening it by open project in the fireman you. Then I select the project fire from the EEF order and he the open bottom. Everything is okay. So ah changed of you first to see the whole composition this project may be seems to be difficult, but there is nothing special about it. So as you see, it is the lecture for their system project. If I it is included, the Tyto, also some animated for the Ricans on this project, is good for demonstrating because there are many layers in it. So let me speak about pre composing a bit. Pre composing is not other like a composition in another composition, like a folder that come things up border. It is good for you because if you create a quite difficult system in your project that contains many layers that linking each other's in many ways it is a good way to simplify your system. Also, you can control your pre composed layer independent of the layers of it. Let's see an example. This project already contains a pre composed item because I handled the title as a separated part of the whole composition in the project window. There is a composition named Title, and you can find it here in the timeline by double click on the layer. The title composition is opening in the timeline, just like when you enter to a folder Weed Control plus a buttons. I select all the layers on by pressing the U button. Oh, the layers were closes. As you see in this composition, there is nothing girls, just the text and their key frames. Now let's see. How can you pre compose layers as you see these four, the Ricans building together on. They take up a lot of space, so I will use them as an example. Select all the layers you would like to pre compose Andi. If you hit the U. S. K. You can see all the key frames of these layers breasts again. The U button on Davey closes as you see all the layers have linked with an object to If I let out the new composition, this normal object, my working system, we crash. So it is important to select all the layers that interact with each other. After that, right click recompose. And in the pop up menu, you can name your new composition. Let it be folders. As you see, there are two other main options year. The 1st 1 isn't active for no. But the point is, if the first option is active, all the attributes like effects were believing out off this new composition and they will belong to the main one. However, the second option, we move all of these attributes into the new composition. So I hit the okay button on the folders, composition and peers in timeline and it doesn't contain any key frames. However, if you double click on this new composition, it will be opening and you can find here all the layers and key frames that you have selected. So then we save space on make the project simple. It is important to know if you have created a new composition, you cannot under it with a simple button For this, you have to enter into the composition, select all the layers, copy them with Contra Pelosi buttons, then pays them into the original composition with Contra proofs. We buttons. But because I didn't care of the time called, Their timing is in the best Now I stepped backward. We ate country present buttons, so that's mean pre composing. In my opinion, it can be very useful, but I suggest you if it is not necessary, don't use it because controlling your layers it is much more simple without pre composing. 15. Importing the prepared image and setting up the 3D space: in this lecture you will import appears the fight that you have already prepared for work than you've remodeling this really space. Also, create a camera. So you were prepared. A project for animating. For this, let's create a new composition by right clicking Project panel. New composition that in the pop up menu let's name it to sample Sunset HD resolution is okay on 15 seconds were enough for you. I were working 25 frames per seconds, but these some things are up to you. The composition is appeared. So first, let's save your project. Finally save. Then save your files in the A E folder named by some person set president save button. And from now you should save your five It Contra pose as Syria. Time to save your progress. Now let's import your prepare PSD file with right click import file, Then choose it from the PSD folder than hit import bottom and in the pop up menu, choose the composition set things also the auditable layers ties option. Then he the okay bottom. And as you see a censored composition and the sons that be as the layers appears in the project window, you can start working with your file in two ways. You can move the sunset composition in the timeline and by the book like you can control the layers in it. With country opposite buttons, you can step back or another way. You can move all the layers of the PSD to the timeline, and in this way you don't have to work with two compositions at the same time. Both methods work, so for now I prefer this one. If you zoom out a bit with your mouse scroll wheel, you can see the whole composition. And as you see, the layers are bigger than HD resolution. But for now, it's fine. Just like in photo shop, the layers are dirty. Find the visibility, so let's move the layers to the correct order. By using the solar weaken, you can hide all the layers on. It helps you to define the actual one. That's right. You've only the original layer, so selected, unpleasant related with their button. Don't worry. It only had cleared from timeline, not from the composition. Now you have all the layers, so let's create a three D space. You can do that by making all the layers to sweetie layers. By activating the cube, I comes as you see, because of these, the transform frames of them have changed. Also, the transform options are completed by new options that perhaps you to navigating. Street imagines. Let's alike the two of you horizontal mood. Foresee the composition into use at the same time. Here, you can choose the view of ponds. Stop is recommended. For now, let's create the camera for checking yourself with right click on Timeline, New camera and in the camera options. You can change the sad things. I will use the 50 millimeter president. But if you prefer other president, it's not problem. So he did OK, button, and it appears in the timeline, and you can also see it in the composition window from the top. By holding the space bar or by selecting the hand tool from the toolbar, you can move the canvas so you have this three D layers. You have a three D space on the camera, too, so it's time to modeling your image in the space. It's a quite easy thing. It works like a real word. Imagine that you are the camera, so you stand here. That means the background layer have to be far away from you. So let's select it on movie deep in the space. Through this, a taxi summer here, As you see the layer becomes smaller, so let's resize it. You can do it in the composition menu or by changing the value of the size in the layers. Transform set things. If it become bigger than the composition, it is not problem. Let's Jack. What did you do with the orbit camera tool movie to the active camera? Window them by holding and moving it. You can check the layers relation with country present buttons. Step back until the original state, then select the move. Toto counting you. Let's unlike the rock one layer on. Because this is the closest to you. Let's move it to closer the camera. Move it to the right place on. You can set it smaller because it's bigger than in the original image. You can check your progress again with the orbit camera tool, and you can step back by pressing control. Plus that bottles the girls layer can stay in center directs. Relay year is behind the girl, so let's move it to be deeper in space than Scalea toe a bit bigger. You can check again your progress with the orbit camera. Two on. As you see, it's getting better. So moved Iraq to layer somewhere here between the rock one and the girls layer. Then who we turn ideal position. Check it again on now. It seems it will be better if you moved Iraq to layer further back. Okay, it's better. Just one more thing. Move the girls layer higher for a better composition. It's quite good, but as you see the layers read, Devon's enough, But you can fix this problem. Step backward. Beit Contra. Pass that buttons than in the ethic panel. Select the motion tile effect and movie to the background layer. Set the bigger value off the output of adoption, then less Jack. How does it work? As you see it's needed to activate the mirror adoption on Now That's great. Set the bigger value of the height option to. So if you would like to rotate the camera, it won't be problem. You have created the model off your image in three D space with the camera, so you own everything that necessary for creating your animation. 16. Set up the camera: you have already created this really space. So now let's at the movement of the camera. Let's select the orbit camera tool because you will use it the same as a few minutes ago. But for now, you will fix the positions of the camera by creating key frames and through these US at the movement. Of course, you have freedom in choosing the movements type. You can create animations like zooming in and out in space, or you can rotate the camera around your object. But there are many other possibilities, so it's up to you now. Let's see, How can you do this? The cameras layer has the same transform. Set things as any other layer on. By defining values in timeline, you can create key frames. So for now, let's I like the timeline for six second. You can be precise if you at the exact time here in they go to Time menu and the current time indicator will jump to the entire value. So move your skate treat. Never forget saving with cancer and there's buttons. Let's move the current time indicator somewhere to three seconds. Then, by pressing the time Americans, let's create key frames to all the sad things. They moved the current time indicator to the start point and select the unified camera tool in the toolbar than video. Let's at the position in the active camera window. As you see some part of this rock layer is missing, but you can fix this problem by pulling of a this layer bit. Okay, it's working. So let's move the current time indicator to the finishing point on Let's it another viewpoint and move the layer of a the same as before. Here you can see some of the key frames are used less so if you want, you can delay them, but they don't bother me. For now, by moving the time indicator to the starting and finishing point, you can set the key frames dynamic. Too easy, easy by right click on the key frame Key Frame Assistant Easy's or with the Heart GF nine and the movement with starts and finishes in a smoother way. Let's create the brethren there to see what have you done by pressing the zero button in numbered. It looks pretty good, but just for fun. Let's create another version for this. Let's create a new camera. And for now, you can make invisible the old vine by pressing to the I icon. Let's fix all the transform. Set things by pressing the time Americans then move the current time indicator to the finishing point. Then select the tracks that camera tool on with it. Let's move the camera deeper in space. After that, lets like the X Y camera tool. And with this, let's set a nice composition almost good. But it will be better if you change the viewpoint of it with the unified camera tool. Great. By changing the visibility of the cameras, you can select different compositions in one project, and it's a good thing. It is also important you can find different camera said things year that can be useful. One useful and spectacular thing is playing with that field. For this, let's change the offset thing to own. Because of this, a new line appears in the camera. That means the focus distance. Let's see how does it work? Move the current time indicator to the finishing point and said the focus to the background with the values. Then when the focus distance is there, let's create a key Freeman it on. Let's the bigger value in the picture. Sad things move the current time indicator somewhere here. Then said the focus, this stands toe. The girls layer also set the apertures value to a smaller one because from this you point the sharpness is on the girl and on the background to let's check the progress with a preview by hit the zero button in Phnom Penh. The rendering process off this camera set. Things take more time, but it's worth because this is a really cool effect. 17. Exporting the project to a video file: you have already said this three D space and the movement of the camera to so the last step is to expertise project to a video file. For this. The first step is to sell like that part of the timeline that you want to render. You can do this with the slider. It can be only a frame too many hours for now, I v A said the 1st 6 seconds here, you can send the exact length. Also, you can do this year after that press composition on after render cumin you or used the hockey contra pris M. And as you see the Render queue menu appears here. These blue tax year are clickable because here you can find the difference that things in the room there settings menu. You can set the quality, the resolution and other main possibilities. I prefer the best sad things president, but if you need a lower quality version for a preview, for example, you can said some things here In output model, you can set the 54 months. As you see, there are many possibilities you have. You can find here video format, second sees or sound for months to some form its quality are better than the others. But these fines were be larger toe. So it is on to you, Which do you prefer? For now, I'm choose the quick time format. Andi, In the firm adoption menu, you can send the video connect on the other side things I prefer age 2644 months. But there are many possibilities here. You can change the video set things and advance set things too. Then when you already just hit the okay button in this pop up menu, you can resize your video file if you need it. Or you can crop your file too. But for no, everything is okay. It is important to to choose one of the audio set things. If you have sounds, layer in your composition and you would like to hear it in your video, it is important to choose the audio output on option. Andi In here, you can set the quality of the sound too. But because I have no LBO layers in this project, I don't need this option. So I said, like the off button in the last menu, you can choose the location where to save your video file in your computer. Off course, I choose the render further. Its name is okay, so he the save button we d render button. You can start the rendering process the software we run their your project, a video file on when it's done, you are ready. But because I have created another camera with another movement, I went to render this video to on for this, I make invisible the actual camera by clicking on the icon next to it on Make the same with the invisible one. After that, the matter is the same hit contract M or composition up to render queue. Here you can see our previous render. And in the active menu you can said the rendering Sepp thing. Just as a few moments ago, I will name the new fight to sample Sunset. We, too, like second version. Then he d run their button. When it is done, you can find your new video files in the selected location. Congratulations. You already 18. About the puppet tool: in this lecture, I would like to show you a tool that can help you to make your animations more realistic. And by using it, you can imitate slow motion videos. The stool is the puppet pain tool for demonstrating. Let's create a composition by right click New composition in the project window. Let's name it Toe Puppet and the other set Things are OK for now. So by pressing the okay button, the new composition is appear. Let's importer jump PNG than movie to the timeline. It is a bit bigger than the composition, so let's make it smaller by said, the value of the scale option in the transform set things. You can find the puppet being too here in the toolbar, and as you see, there are different types of it. So let's like the puppet been to here. On next to it, you can find some options which belonged to the stool. Now let's see, How does this tool work for this? Lets like the layer. Then, as you see, the cursor has changed. European icon. With this tool, you can create bonds in your layer on these points are linking to the layers part the puppet effects works by the forming your image on the pains defined what parts of the image remove so I create beings where the joints are also the edges of the body. As you see when you place your first pain. The area within the outline is divided into a mash, and it is important because each part of these mash associated with the pixels of the image . So the big says movie the mash. Here you can set the numbers of the triangles of the mesh on. You can turn the visibility on or off here. If you select the layer and hit the U button, you can see all the key frames that you have created because the value of the pains position become fixed when you create a pin so every K frame belong to a pain. The selected Pains circle were changing in the composition pan out to a field one. Now let's pull of a the current time indicator slide for changing the position of the pains on. By this move, you can create new key frames, new movement. Now let's change oppose of the skateboarder, but try to pay attention to not break his arms and legs. And when you already you get the movement that looks like a Rhea movement of a body. They care of details because, as you see here, there is a mistake a part of the image have missed. You can fix this problem in an easy way. Just select again the puppet been tool. Then in the expansion option, let's select a bit bigger value. And as you see, the problem is solved by making invisible the match. You can check the whole image, but everything is okay. If you want to achieve the same effect as the slow motion effect, you have to create really slow movements. You can do these by putting of a these key frames, and this way the same movement spends more time. That's all it is, very easy to use tool. You can create amazing movements in une Zewe 19. Animating with the puppet pin tool: Now let's create this three D space often image that I have already prepared in fatter ship , so feel free to use it. Then let's modeling go slow motion with a over the puppet tool. After that, let's run their your project to a video file for this. Let's create a new composition. Right click. New composition on the project panel. Name it Toe sample skater The resolution. Will that be HD and the other settings are okay Now let's open the prepared for years. They file. You can find it in the four other PS the he the import button on in the pop up window. Let's I like the composition option. Also, the auditable layers deception. Then he the okay button. The file appears in the project window, so move it to the timeline. It's a bit bigger than HD resolution. So in the layers transform setting said this K value to 78% than by double click. Let's open the composition. Let's create a new camera by right click new camera and the standard set. Things are OK for now, so he'd be OK. Bottom Andi make all the layers to three d layer with the cubicle. We won't need the layer zero on the layer original, so just leave all off them into the mold. Now let's select the two views mode here, and let's start modeling this three D space. Move the background layers to the background on, scared them to feed the composition window. Use the solar weaken to see only the selected layers if it needed. So this way tried to replicate this really space. Of course, you have freedom about it. You don't have to be too precise, but it is important to separate the layers of the background middle ground and the foreground. Let's check the visibility in the main composition because the PS the size doesn't same as the composition. So move it here, and it will be better if the skateboarder and escape will be a bit smaller. Okay, it's good. Let's check with the orbit camera tool, but they will be done. Okay, it's working. Let's set the camera movement here. You can set an exact time, could let it be six second long. So said this length with the slider. Zoom in a bit, then in the transform set things. Let's great key frames for all the options, Then move the current time indicator through the start point, then select the orbit camera too. And with it, let's set another viewpoint With motion tile effect, you can extend your layers for this. Just drop the effect of a selected layer, then change the values of the output with and that would put height options. And don't forget to activate the mirror. Egyptian. You can save time by copy this motion tile effect to all the background layers for these, select the effect. Then he'd country policy to compete, then select the layers and heat country. Plus we buttons for basting. OK, no, that's better. Of course you can change the layers position to get a better looking composition, said the View resolution to quarter for help the rendering process. It will be more cool if you change. Zoom in captions. We track that camera tool, I said the active length to the main composition to and by pressing the zero button in number, you can start to Peru enduring process to check your progress. That's good, but maybe three better if we reverse the movement for these, select all the key frames. The right click on a key frame. Key frame assistant Time reverse key frame on your movement. We reversed. That's better. The set up of this three D space and the camera is done. So let's move the girls layer in the middle ground. Select the girl left layer, then said the starting position of it When it's ready, let's create a key frame by pressing the time American here after that moved, the time indicated in a finishing point than by changing the Xterra position. Let's great another key frame. That's great. No, let's do the same with the girl down layer. Select the layer. Let's create the starting key frame. Also, the other Cree frames off the position on the SK boarding Now. Now let's work with skaters layer. Let's hide all the other layers by using the solar weaken and the one you mood is enough for now. I moved the current time indicator to the end point, and by selecting the puppet being too, let's create key frame, just like in the last lecture. Concentrate these pains to the joints on to the edges off the body. When you already moved the current time indicator to the start point on with selection toe will change the position of the body by moving the pains toe another positions. That's nice. Don't forget about the skateboard. With this tour, you can set the position off the inter point, and now it is necessary to move it to the center of the scared board. Because we went to rotate it, you can rotate it in all directions, so let's create key frames on X Y and Zed rotation. Then move the time indicator to the starting point, and let's change the values of them. There's great everything is moving, and because of this you can activate emotional eruption toe the moving layers for the smooth their movement. Now let's create the program under in quarter resolution for checking the movements, and I can do that by pressing the zero button in number. It's almost good, but for the better result, let's at the more dynamic path of the skater and he skateboard. So let's fix the position of the start on the and points by creating key frames in it. Then somewhere in the middle, let's change the path, and by rotating this layer through the sad axes, the results will be better great. Now let's do the same with the board's layer. Then the last. Check it again. Just one last thing. Let's make slower the Gores movement in the background by moving of a disc e frame. Mind you better to slow down the whole composition, I said the active part of the composition to eight seconds, Then select all the layers by pressing counter, oppose a buttons. Then he the you button to see only the key frames. Then let's move all of them to the new endpoint. Let's check it again by pressing the zero button in number. For now, I'm satisfied with everything. So I were under to project a video five by pressing contra plus and buttons, or in the composition up to render cumin. You choose a video format in the output model, set things on, Gaudio set things, then choose where to save this new file. Then he d render button, and here it is well done 20. Importing After Effect projects to each other: in this lecture, I've assure you, How can you import aftereffects projects to another one? It's an easy way to link your animations in one new video project. This way, all of your animations stay in an inevitable condition, so if you have to change something, you can do it without rare in the ring any of your project. So let's create the new composition by the new composition option in the project. Bonner and let's name it two projects. Their their settings are okay, so just hit the okay button. Now let's import enough that effects Project five. The method is the same as any other fight. The book Rick on the project on Our Dental Hasbro's in After Effects five. From the A F Order. Then he'd the open bottom. And for now, let's import another project file. That will be the Sensor Projects file, and the two furthers appeared here. Each waters contain all the assets that belong to the project, or so the compositions, and we need only these compositions, so let's move them to the timeline off course. If you click vice on the layer of a composition, it will opening on There. You can find everything the asserts, the movements, the key frames under effects, too. So you can add it everything if it necessary. In the main composition, you can set the other set things independent of the compositions content. For now, I said the length of these layers to hide the unnecessary frames, and I would like to cross fade them to each other. So I create a key frame off the opacity by clicking on the time American. Then I set another one here and now. I said the first key friends value to zero on move the second composition for stream to the first key from here. So this way you get a nice fade. Of course, you can do this as many times as many projects you have, And this way you can create a slight show, for example. So don't forget if you import project fives, all the things we're stays in an edit trouble condition, so you can change everything without the time consuming around their process. 21. Thank you! Good bye and good luck!: Congratulations. You have made anti at the end of this course. Thanks for being my student. I really appreciate your presence. And I suggest you to start creating your own animations and your own projects. Right now, you have already know all the necessary things, so just go ahead. And if you have any questions, if you have stacked or something wasn't clear, then feel free to ask. I'm here to help you. So good luck. And if you like to share with me, your results