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Turn Yourself into a Character: Create Your Own Merchandising

Carmina Soler, Illustrator & Animator

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12 Videos (35m)
    • Class Intro

    • Step 1 - Character expressions

    • Step 2 - Get inspired by yourself

    • Step 3.1 - Start sketching

    • Step 3.2 - Keep sketching

    • Step 4.1 - Digitalize: Outline

    • Step 4.2 - Digitalize: Color

    • Step 5 - Organize elements in a table

    • Step 6.1 - Sell your chat stickers

    • Step 6.2 - Create your designs and mockups

    • Step 6.3 - Sell your designs online

    • Step 7 - Project deliverables


About This Class

In this class I will show you the process to turn yourself into a character.

You will create a lot of expressions and elements that will help you to communicate specific emotions and messages to others.

You will sketch, digitalize and organize all the elements in a table to keep track of all of them easily.

Once your character is ready you will be able to sell it as chat stickers or create your own merchandising online.

I will be using illustrator for this class but you could also follow along with photoshop. 

It’s not an Illustrator class. I show you how I work with Illustrator and explain each step but I don’t go deep in each tool.

It’s going to be a fun classs! I hope you'll join me. 


Music by AlumoMusic (Matt Harris) - Song "Sunny Side Up"

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Absolutely. Excelent class step by step from sketch to finished product great to see the design and the process and what you need to think about. Thankyou
Great Class!
Great Class. I will definitely be using the techniques for my own characters.
Cassie Brenn

Creativity Chaser





Carmina Soler

Illustrator & Animator

Hi! I'm Carmina Soler. I'm an illustrator and animator from Barcelona (Spain).

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