Turn Your Thumb Green: Expert Concepts Behind Successful Plant Growing | ERay G | Skillshare

Turn Your Thumb Green: Expert Concepts Behind Successful Plant Growing

ERay G, Permaculture Gardener

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18 Lessons (1h 44m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Welcome to "Turn Your Thumb Green!: Expert Concepts Behind Successful Plant Growing

    • 3. Place!

    • 4. Assignment 1: Oh the Places you'll Grow!

    • 5. Pot!

    • 6. Assignment 2: Looking for the Pot of gold

    • 7. It's Soil! Don't call it Dirt!

    • 8. Assignment 3: Soil...It's Alive!

    • 9. What are you going to Grow?

    • 10. What to look for in a plant to Repot/Transplant

    • 11. Plant the right Seeds.

    • 12. Repotting or Transplanting Assignment

    • 13. Repotting a root-bound "Mother-in-law's Tongue"

    • 14. Repotting a young Rosemary shrub

    • 15. Planting Thai Chili seeds

      Baby Chilis 2 weeks later.jpg
    • 16. Big Seed vs. Little Seed and Planting Dill

    • 17. Putting a leaf cutting propagation into soil from water

      New Leaf on Happy Transplanted Ivy.jpg
    • 18. Congratulations!!! Now Go Forth and Grow a Better World!!! (and post pictures of it all)


About This Class

From keeping your houseplants alive to being an expert gardener, having a 'green thumb' is really about understanding the biology and plant physiology concepts behind healthy plants.

Why You'll Love My Class:

1: The information in this class opens the world of plants up to you. In case you didn't know it, plants feed us and make the air that we breathe. That adds up to a whole lot of awesome...for you...in this class!

2: I have been teaching people about this subject matter for years, literally all over the world, which has given me lots of time to figure out the best way to explain complex ideas with practical and concrete examples. 

3: Did I mention that plants are awesome? Seriously, they make FOOD! That's like magic. You like magic, right? Of course you do. Everyone likes magic. This class teaches you Plant Magic!!!  There, I said it. 

This class is great for:

  • Anyone with no experience whatsoever in gardening that wants to start greening up their surroundings 
  • Everyone with houseplants that are just barely staying alive who wants to know how to let them thrive
  • The gardening beginner looking to understand how to plant seeds and get them started in the right conditions to turn into strong, healthy plants
  • The more experienced home gardener or houseplant owner looking to learn more about the concepts behind common plant repotting and seed planting techniques

Class Project:

Through this course, you will learn how to evaluate and select different components to create the ideal growing environment for new plant or seedling. 

To help in this process, we will share pictures of possible plants, pots, soil and locations as you learn to judge them based on the needs of your plant. 

Then, once the ideal materials are selected with a happy, healthy plant in mind, you will combine them all into your final project and share a picture and the story with the rest of us for inspiration and insight. 

This is How We Do it:

This course explains the concepts behind growing healthy plants and breaks them down into practical steps and common sense rules with helpful video examples and a step-by-step walk through the process. 

The lessons in this class are broken down into the following Units:

  • Place: The most important things to keep in mind when you are looking for the right place to put your plant
  • Pot: What does your plant's container need to have and what can it do without?
  • Soil: What is soil anyway? Why isn't it just called dirt? What kind should you get?
  • Plant: Does your plant need to be repotted? Is it the right time? Should you just start a new plant from a seed?
  • Potting It All Together:
  1. Step by Step walk through of repotting several common plants
  2. Step by Step explanation of how to start new seeds and rooted cuttings
  • Bonus: Pro Tips and Tricks

What You'll Need:

  1. Some place to put the plant you want to grow (Don't worry, I'll explain later)
  2. A bucket, box, bin, cup or some kind of pot to grow your amazing new plant in.  (How do you pick, you say? Someone should teach a class on that...oh, wait, that's me)  
  3. Potting soil or starter mix that is compatible with your plant or seeds
  4. Beautiful bouncing baby or mature green plants of all shapes and sizes that you want to set on the right course to a healthy and productive future
  5. Assignments are submitted in the form of digital images, so access to a digital camera or scanner is also ideal. (please note, most plants do not respond well to being smashed into a scanner)