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Turn Your Skillshare Class into a Book + eBook generating more Income + larger Audience

teacher avatar Aerie North, Designer + Maker ♦ Art Gallery Education

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Overview + Class Project

    • 3. Step 1: Convert your Skillshare class into text

    • 4. Step 2: Create your book cover

    • 5. Step 3: Publish you book + ebook

    • 6. Final Thoughts + Results

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About This Class

Have you ever wanted to be a published author?
You sat down to write your book but didn't know how to start.
If you have taught a Skillshare class you already have everything you need to publish your book on Amazon and Kindle in 3 days.
AND your book will promote your Skillshare class and your Skillshare class will promote your book.

Class Content

Overview + Class Project
Step 1: Convert your Skillshare class into text
Step 2: Create your book cover
Step 3: Publish your book
Final Thoughts


Meet Your Teacher

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Aerie North

Designer + Maker ♦ Art Gallery Education


Award winning artist, maker + teacher.
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1. Intro: turn your skill share class into a book. Have you ever wanted to be a published author? You sat down to write your book, but you really don't know where to start. If you taught skill share class, you already have everything you need for your first book to be published on Amazon and Kindle in three days, and your book will promote your skill share class and your skill share class will promote your new book. Increasing your Profits and audience being a published author. Provide you with professional credentials for your resume and bio a new income stream marketing and promotional material to support your skill share classes and business. This class takes you through the entire process and three easy steps. Step one. Convert your skill share class into text, which is far more easier than you think. Step two is to create a cover for your book, an e book and Step three to publish your book. Any book. If you do one step per day, your book and e book will be selling on Amazon in three days. The lessons in this class are Overview and class project. Step one. To convert your skill share class into text step to create a cover for your book. An e book. Step three. Publish your book, any book and then some final thoughts. And then you get to see the completed book, An E book. Please join me in class and together we'll get your first book and e book published. 2. Overview + Class Project: Welcome back to class. Let's go over your class Overview. In step one, you're going to convert your skill share class content into the text that you'll need to create your book and your e book. The first thing that we're going to try and use is your text that's already available that you already wrote and create it for your sculpture class. If you don't have a lot of available text, don't worry about it, because we're going to go through a voice typing tool that's free on Google Docks and Step two. We're going to start an introduction on creating your book cover. But in Step three, there's a bit of a lesson about book covers, too. And Step three, we're gonna publish your class content text that you created in Step one to create an e book on Kindle and a paperback book on Amazon's Create Space. And then we'll go through some final thoughts and you'll get to see the completed book. Any book. Your class project is to publish your first book and or e book, using the lessons in this class and share the link to your new book in the Class Project section I said this in the introduction, but I think it's important enough to talk about again. Being a published author provide you with professional credentials for your resume and bio . It also gives you a new income stream, and it provides you with really important marketing and promotional material that will support your existing skill share classes and your business. Please join me in Step one, and together we're going to get your first book and e book published. 3. Step 1: Convert your Skillshare class into text: hello and welcome back to class in this lesson. We're going to go through Step one where you're going to convert your skill share class into text, and it really is a lot easier than you think. I'm currently in the process of editing two of my classes to be turned into paperback books and e books. This class artist bio impress art directors with your creative story is still in the early editing process. But Tero for beginners. I took a portion of that class and edit it into Google Docks to create the E book and the paperback book that I want. All teachers have their own style and their own preference on creating a class. How I like to create a class is by opening and Google docks and just writing down everything I want to say in the class. And then I take my little bits and pieces out and put it in a Google slide show and use that presentation in creating my skill share classes. Here's an example of the artist's bio class that I did so I've got all the information that I used to create the class, and I did it so that it's very easy to turn into a paperback book or an e book just as it is. I just have to do a little bit of editing. For instance, I highlighted here Class I wrote here this classes for new artist emerging artists, an established artist where I would change the word class to book or e book. The book that I'll be showing you how to put on Amazon through create space and Kindle for the e book is a portion of my Tero for beginners skill share class, where I just took the major arcana cards and their explanation and formatted it so that it would fit the requirements that Amazon wants. Four Create space and four Kindle E books. If you don't write out your class ahead of time, you can also use a really neat tool that Amazon doc has. Another way to convert your skill share class into text is to use the voice typing tool on Google docks. So I just opened a file on Google Docks. I haven't named it yet, going to go to tools and select voice typing. When we're ready to speak, we click on the microphone, let me show you what I mean. I will be speaking a little differently to articulate words and punctuation so that I get better accuracy in my words. Here we go. In this portion of the lesson, we are using Google Doc's voice typing tool, period. New line. I have to speak more articulately while using this tool so that I have less editing to do once I have completed the text period. New line. If you do not have your skill share class typed out already in text using Google Docks, Typing tool is the next best thing period. New line. OK, now I'm just going to speak in my normal voice and take a look and see how accurate the typing tool is. Quite often it is very accurate, but sometimes the voice tool will pick up a different word. Or, if there's noise in your room, it'll pick up that. But as you can see, this is a very effective tool to get your skill share class into text form for your book and e book period. New line. Once you've got some text down on the page, you just simply go in and edit. So here I might say in this portion of the lesson, Comma, you can say comma. We will be using Google Doc's voice typing tool. I might make that capital leader I have to speak more articulately while using this tool so that I have less editing to do. Once I have completed the text. If you do not have your and then this should be capitalized Skill share class typed out already. I'm gonna change this word. Then using Google docks, Typing tool is the next best thing. Okay, then I might want to make this a whole new paragraph so you could see where I'm going with this is you just go into your text in your Google docks and edit. The more articulately you speak, the less editing you will have to do. And as you can see, this is a very fast process. 4. Step 2: Create your book cover: hello and welcome back to class. In this lesson, we're gonna go over step to create a cover for your book. The first thing you're going to want to dio if you don't already have an Amazon account is sign up for one on kdp dot amazon dot com. That will be the Kindle Direct Publishing website where you can publish your e book right here. It says it takes less than five minutes, and that's true. This website is very good for additional help and a couple of videos. Once you signed up, you have a bookshelf. You can look at your reports. There's community and there's KTB Select. Now KDP Select is a program that kindle offers that gives you some benefits. But for this class, we're not gonna go into that. We're just going to put a book right on to kindle. Then we have a little bit more control over pricing. So by this time you'll have your book contents from the class that you created on skill share, and now we want to create a cover for your new book. Whether your content is ready or not, you can go ahead and create a new title. This way you can get your cover created and then add your content. Or like I did here, create the cover, but the contents not add it at the moment. So let's create a new file Once we create a new file, we have some KDP select information, but we won't be using that right now. And then we have some information toe add so you'll enter your book details. So there is your name of your book. Any subtitles. If the book is part of a series and the description you have 4000 characters to play with here, use them wisely. You're the contributors, so when you feel so, you'll click here and add your name. You don't want this to be public domain. You want this to be your work, and then you add what category you're in will do all this part when we're ready to publish the book. But for now, we're just going through to get down toe item number five to upload or create a book cover so you can use your own images. Or you can use the internal launch cover creator. And then in the next step, we will upload the book wait for approval, and then you can start selling. But this step is about the cover, so let's launch cover Creator. So here you can choose designs. Edit preview. You can upload your own images or use images from the gallery. And here's some examples. I prefer to create my own covers using Adobe Illustrator. But for your first book, these are fine. You can change the font style you can edit. It's all up to you. Once you've got your cover created, will move on to Step three, where we put together the content in the cover and create the book to create a paperback book, Go to create space dot com. Sign up for an account. It's a little bit of a long process. You have to add a lot of information about taxes, but this is really worth it as another income stream and marketing tool for your skill share classes. Once you sign up and log in, you can get started right away with your project with the title of your book. Whether you want it to be a paperback, an audio CD, a DVD or video download to get started, go to the guided step by step process to help you along, and you can also create a cover in create space. I'm going to go through an example using the artist bio class. I can change this title any time before I submit the project for review. So all just call this artists bio. I wanted to be a paperback and get started. Here's all the information for the book, but right now I just want to go through cover. So this just looks a little different than the Kindle website. But it's very similar that you get to choose matte or glossy. You get to build your cover online with the free tool that they have just like before. They give you a lot of templates to use on a lot of different fonts. I like to use the templates that they have available in create space. But for Kindle, I like to create my own covers. In the next lesson will talk about Step three, where we get to publish R E book on Kindle and a paperback book on Create Space 5. Step 3: Publish you book + ebook: Hello and welcome back to class in this lesson. We're gonna go over Step three publishing your book. Let's first start with Kindle Direct Publishing and publish the tarot book as an e book. So I'm going to come all the way down and show you what I've done so far. So I've got the book Name the subtitle. I will be creating a Siri's. So I have the series title and this is the first volume. So I put one and then come down to the description. This is where your S CEO is going to come in and make your description s CEO rich with lots of words and phrases that you want your readers to find you for book contributor, I clicked, Add book contributor and put myself It's in English. This doesn't have an I s bien number, and I don't want a public domain. And for categories I picked mind, body spirit, divination, Tero and mind Body spirit. New thought. You can click on categories and go through all of these toe. Get very specific on what you want. I'm not going to select an age range or a grade range because this book is pretty much for everybody. For search words, we can put up to seven search words, and that means even using phrases separated by commas. So I have seven words or phrases separated by commas. I had selected that my book was going to be pre order, and I'm going to keep it there so that I can generate some buzz about the book coming out on the 19th. My covers already downloaded, and I don't want to enable digital rights management, and I'm going to select that. This is the final version of my book, and now we go to get the book contents, and my book is now uploading. I can save and continue. And while the book is still downloading, I can continue on with some information. I want my book toe have worldwide rights, and now it's time to set the pricing. I'd already set the pricing for $9.99 so the price of the book must be between 99 cents and $200 and I'm able to change that any time I want. The royalties that I'll receive on my $10 book is $3.50 and come down and I don't want to allow lending, and I don't want to have my book a Kindle matchbook. So I'm going to click and then submit for pre order. So it says here that it can take 12 hours. I've never seen it. Take that long is usually just a now our maybe and back to my bookshelf. So now what I do is just wait for Kendall to say the book is in there and I can start promoting it and have a launch for July 19th 2016. Now that we have our Kindle e book processing, let's work on our paperback book that we're going to publish and create space. Open your create space account and let's start this so we can change the name any time we want. But I like Tero Cottage. It's a paperback, and we will get started with the guide it step by step process. The subtitle is a journey of the major arcana We put in the author's name and you can put authored by our authored with or created by. You don't have to just put authored by, but that's fine with me, authored by and this book is a part of a Siri's Volume One. We're not gonna put addition Number and we will save and continue. Here's where we want an eye spn number. If you've already registered and created your own, you can select Provide your own I ESPN or we can just allow create space to do it doesn't cost you anything and a sign free. There it is. It's locked in. It can't be changed, which is fine and we will continue so you see checks off everything as we do it. So we've always already put the title in I ESPN. Now we're gonna work on our interior. I'm gonna make this book I wanted make this Ah, full page of 8.5 by 11 going to make it black and white and the paper color will be white and I'm gonna upload my book. Look for my file. It accepts pdf Doc Doc X and our tiff browse and there it iss And now we're going to come down and it's gonna ask us, Do we want it toe bleed after the edge or before the edge? I like before the edge and it's going to run some checks for us, which is fine. That's what we want it. And now we go safe. No, it'll upload doesn't take very long. So it says while it's working, we can start working on the cover, which we already create it. So do we want Matt or glossy? I'm gonna keep it glossy, and I want to use their templates. So I'm gonna build my own online. I'm gonna launch cover Creator. So this is similar to what you can do in Kindle Kindle. I like to make my own covers and create space. I like to use their covers and my own photographs so we can choose any designs. We have loads to choose from their six on this page and there's five pages we can take a look at the next page and the next page and the next page I'm going to select this hickory spineless. I'm going to click on it and say okay, because I can edit and make changes to the color in the fonts. Okay, so it already put in my title, and I can change this image if I like, So we're gonna look at themes. So right now it's on the solitude. Theme. If I click on journal, just take a peek and see what that does. There is wind, like the fonts on that beginnings. I like that one as well. Simplicity. And the last one is twilight. Okay, like beginnings and wind. So I've narrowed it down to two. I'm going to select win type of for that one a little bit more. I like the little daughter detail, and I like the font on this. So the title we have terr o cottage. But I also have a subtitle they want to add under here. Okay, so it's a journey of the major arcana apply. Okay, so I'm going to change this image in the back soon. I'm just gonna go down. Author. That's fine. Front cover image. You can use one of their images or upload something of your own. So I'm just gonna see what they've got. So you can select anything from their categories or you can look for everything because my text is quite large. I might want to try something rather simple. This is quite nice. If I do this one, I would have to consider the background color because I could always come back and change this. I'm gonna just select that for now. And I might come back to change it. I'm gonna go with this image. Okay? So I'm gonna use that image. I'm I change it. Design ornaments. That's a little dotty. Things that I like. If you don't want those, you just click the visible icon here and they'll go away. But I like them back. Cover text. This is where they give you that globally group stuff, and you can just take all that out and then replace it with your own text. And what you can put here is the description that you use for your book. I've already copied in paste here. Let's see how that looks. Apply, Kate. That's good. And now I'm coming down to the next information about the author. So here you can just select and lead all that and then right about the author. You can come back and edit that as well. I was just gonna be a little bit there. You can take it out it as well. I will put more in there again. I don't want a picture of myself. I could, but by just taking it out. It'll go away. It will disappear. Publisher's logo Same thing. Don't need that. It'll disappear and background color This is where we get to play with that pink. I like blues, greens, purples Since we have this celestial blue let's see what a really light blue would look like What's to light And this can always change What I like about blues is it blues Represent a communication color Click Let me try purple That's too dark Let's go with a light blue Try the super light blue and fought color I'm going to make this if I make the font color white Okay, so the font color white looks great here, but not there. So if I go back to my background color and make that a little bit darker, the white will look better. You know what? I'm gonna try. Try Black. Let's see what that looks like. Okay, for now, I'm going to keep this. So now I submit the cover so you can play around with this all you want. But for now, I'm just gonna submit it so you can see the process. Okay, so our cover went through. Now we're going to say complete cover, and we have a check mark. But our interior of the book that we download it has action required. It always has action required, so we're just going to click on that and see what happens. So here it says, there's two issues. So I'm going toe launch Interior Review, and it's going to show me what's wrong with my download. Pdf. Okay, so it says that my images are less than 200 d p I, which may appear blurry. So they do suggest 300. So I'll probably go in and make thes 300 and that they're removing all the non printable marks. That's fine. Okay, so that's good. I like that first page. That's good. And so that's fine. So this is going to be an information book coloring book, okay, and let's go right to the end and we're done good. I'm going to save and continue so I could make changes or I can say, ignore the issues and continue. In this case, I'm going to ignore the issues and continue, and that I'll just download the images again later. So our title information check. I ESPN Czech Interior Czech cover check now, just complete. Set up. So here we have our title. All our information. Very good. Now files. I need to go in for review. It says it could take about 24 hours. It usually does take less than that again. Tells you it's gonna take about 24 hours. It won't take that long. Okay, so we want the book to go on Amazon and in Europe and in the create space store you can select it to go to libraries if you want. I'm going to save and continue. Now. I get to set the price because this is a paper book. I'm going to set it a little higher than my Kindle book. So let's calculate the royalties. So when a book sells for $15 on Amazon, I will get $6.84 selling on Amazon war $9.84 in the Create space store where this is good as you can use the link to the create space store and make $3 more. And there's three European and the Euro price saving Continue. You can set your books at just about any price. I'm setting it market value. Other books go for this. So the channels of where we're selling it has set the pricing set. The cover is finished. And now description and I already have the description cut and paste category. Here. We get to choose a category. I'm gonna go with mind body spirit again and look for Tero. Try divination. And there it is. Terrible. And choose that category. Okay. Okay. Here's where we get to use our key words again. Tero Comma. Okay. Adult content. No large print. No. And saving. Continue. Okay, now here. It asks us if we want to publish on Kindle. I wanted to show you what Kindle direct did. If you know you're gonna have a paperback book and a Kindle, you could just go into create space and then go to take me to kindle direct publishing now . But I wanted to show you how to just do kindle. So that's why I've done this separately. But here's where you could make this book a Kindle book, which we already have done. Okay, we've done everything now. So now we just sit and wait for Amazon to get back to us to say everything's fine and you can start marketing your book 6. Final Thoughts + Results: Welcome back to class. Well, you did it. You did all the hard work of getting that skill share class on in the first place and then taking the content, turning it into text, creating a cover and then publishing it on Kindle and on Create space Amazon. So let's go see the results. Here's the Kindle book that we published, and it's ready for pre sale. If your content is ready to go, you can just put it on and sell it right away. I opted for a pre sale option so I can generate a little bit of buzz for the launch of the book. Now let's go over to Amazon. Create space after an hour or so, Amazon approved everything, but what they want us to do next is to proof the book, and then it's ready to go. If everything's the way you want, it says congratulations. Your files are printable, and then we can go down here. There's two options for proofing your book. If you want to see the paper back in your hand is a physical copy. You can order a proof on the inside back cover. It will say proof on it so you really can't resell it. And it's only $2.15 plus shipping and handling, which really isn't that much. Or if you want to just get it done right away, we can do the digital proof and that's free. So let's do that. So it says the view, the digital proof, Let's launch And this is what the book will look like. So I've got the cover and I've got the back information, which is the description that I used. I don't have a lot of author information. I will be putting that on there. There's the I S P N number. So there's the front cover and the back cover. And when you open the book, this is what you see and then you can go through and I'm just gonna click all the way to get to the back. And it's good to go on an exit Digital proof, and I'm going to tell Amazon to go ahead and approve. If you want to make changes, you can just simply go back and make changes. But I'm going to approve it, and there we go. So now you can share your news right on Facebook. You can sell your book immediately on the Create Space e store, and that's where you get that higher royalty. Or in 3 to 5 days it will be ready on amazon dot com and an Amazon Europe. But as usual, Amazon doesn't really take that long to get it done. If you want to know a little bit more about marketing, you can click here. Congratulations. You're a published author for marketing and promotion. You can use the tools that are on the create space and the Kindle websites. But I know you're pretty excited to get going right now, So I'm gonna tell you three things to do that are gonna help market and promote your book, which in turn will market and promote your skill share classes. Tell everybody you know about your book and your e book. Communicate that through talking to them. Get on the phone, talk your friends, go on your social media platforms and let everybody know, send them links to your book. Announce it to your email list. Your friends, your family and another really fun thing to do is to give away a little taste of your Booker E book. on social media or to your email list, leaving them wanting more. I hope you enjoyed this class. I loved teaching it, and I really hope to see your e book and your book links in the class project section. Please stay in touch. I love helping other creative people build and their business launched their business. Try something new. I really think that's the way of the future. That's what jobs are going to be. We're going to be creating our own enterprises, so stay in touch. You conjoined my email list at ari north dot com or join me on Facebook. I'll put all my links to my social media in the class information below. It was a pleasure to teach this class and congratulations on your new book and e book.