Turn Your Shopify Coming Soon Page Into A Traffic Driving Landing Page | Chanelle Rene | Skillshare

Turn Your Shopify Coming Soon Page Into A Traffic Driving Landing Page

Chanelle Rene, Shopify Designer + Ecommerce Strategist

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9 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. What's A Landing Page

    • 3. Collecting Your Design Assets

    • 4. Asset Upload

    • 5. Coding Your Background and Logo

    • 6. Updating Your Copy

    • 7. Optional Updates

    • 8. Styling and Promoting Your Page

    • 9. Conclusion


About This Class


This hands-on class is perfect for leveraging the power of the Shopify e-commerce platform and turning your coming soon page into a lead-generating magnet.

Join Chanelle Rene as she teaches you how to customize your Shopify store's coming soon page into a branded landing page that can capture emails and grow your list before launching your store.

And if you're new to Shopify you can get started for free!

The class lessons include:

  • What's A Landing Page & Why You Should Use One
  • Collecting Your Design Assets & Creating Your Offer
  • Putting It All Together: Create Your Landing Page
  • Promote Your Offer & Grow Your Email List

By the end of this class you'll have a branded landing page to promote your business and and grow your email list before launching your Shopify store.





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Chanelle Rene

Shopify Designer + Ecommerce Strategist

Hi, I'm Chanelle Rene! As a Shopify Designer and Ecommerce Strategist my goal is to help handmade brands get the most out of their online store. From creating stunning sites designed to convert, to transforming your existing store into a lead generating, sales machine – I'm passionate about the handmade community and helping makers sell more online.

Living in southern New Jersey with my mini schnauzer Kodjoe, I love exploring my own creativity through illustration and a...

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