Turn Your Ink Art into a Digital Repeat Pattern | Leia Kap | Skillshare

Turn Your Ink Art into a Digital Repeat Pattern

Leia Kap, Illustrator, traveler, internet girl

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9 Videos (22m)
    • Intro

    • Things you will need

    • Sketching

    • Inking

    • Photoshop- Levels adjustment and separating the ink drawings from the background

    • Assembling your objects

    • Coloring your inks in Photoshop

    • Composition

    • You have a pattern!


About This Class


In this class we will create a colorful digital pattern using your ink doodles and sketches.

With each video tutorial we will cover the steps of the print design process, including:

  • Coming up with an idea.
  • Sketching out the motifs.
  • Inking your drawings.
  • Digitizing your ink art.
  • Transforming your scanned art into a digital pattern. 

I will be showing you my work process, so by the end of the class you will have all the tools to create your own original patterns.

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An interesting twist on creating repeating patterns. I recommend this class to anyone interested in surface pattern design.
Great lesson. Thank you.





Leia Kap

Illustrator, traveler, internet girl

Leia is an illustrator currently living in SF bay area.
She has been interested in art and design ever since she can remember. Her interest in watercolor began at the age of 3 and her design journey began 10 years later, with her discovering Photoshop release 5.0. She has been on the same journey ever since.Her designs reflect her various passions in life: fashion, traveling, animals, hula hoops, mighty back bends and much more.

Stick around as she gives out all her profess...

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