Turn Your Illustration into an Animated GIF with Photoshop | Carmela Caldart | Skillshare

Turn Your Illustration into an Animated GIF with Photoshop

Carmela Caldart, Illustrator

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6 Videos (33m)
    • Introduction

    • Planning and Sketching

    • Illustrating on Photoshop

    • Layers of Movement

    • Animating with the Timeline Tool

    • Exporting and Uploading your GIF

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About This Class

Learn how to create an illustration and turn it into an animated GIF in a few simples steps - illustrator and designer Carmela Caldart describes her process for going from a digital illustration to a simple animation. In this 30-minute class, you’ll learn to plan, sketch, illustrate and animate your own self-portrait.

You will dive deep into: planning your animation, illustrating on Photoshop or Procreate, animating through Photoshop, and exporting your GIF for use on social media and online.

This class is perfect for illustrators who want to give their work some movement and life, as well as anyone who is interested in very simple animation. The class is very straightforward and detailed, and no previous knowledge is required - all you need is a pencil, Photoshop, and a drawing tablet!







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Carmela Caldart



Hi, I'm Carmela! I'm an illustrator and designer from Brazil, currently living and working in Barcelona.

I'm a lover of traveling, bike riding, and making GIFs nonstop. 


I have a couple of classes on GIFs - the first one, Turn Your Illustration into an Animated GIF with Photoshop, teaches you the basics of creating a part-static, part-moving illustration using Photoshop. The second, Illustrate and Animate a Character GIF with Photoshop an...

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