Turn Your App Idea Into A Business | James Hutchinson | Skillshare

Turn Your App Idea Into A Business

James Hutchinson, Entrepreneur and DJ/Producer

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9 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. 1 Introduction

    • 2. 2 Start the planning phase

    • 3. 3 Skills required

    • 4. 4 How to find a co founder

    • 5. 5 How to make the app

    • 6. 6 Make a basic version first

    • 7. 7 Build on top of this basic version

    • 8. 8 Outsourcing and generating new ideas

    • 9. 9 Summary


About This Class

There are many people who have an app idea but aren't sure how to bring their idea to life. Maybe it's just a single idea or maybe you have several different ideas that you'd like to work on. Whether it's a mobile application or a website application; the process is the same.

During this class, you will learn how to plan, execute and test your ideas in a real world situation and you'll understand the importance of using groups of people to trial your app on a smaller scale before going big.

You don't need to know anything about programming to take this class. All you need is motivation to start and you'll need around 20 minutes of spare time to watch this class from start to finish. Everything in this class is packed with information - straight to the point.

In this class you will learn:

- How to identify your target audience and design your app to fit their needs.

- How to identify the skills required to build your app. You may have them all, or you may need a co-founder to help you. This class covers both situations.

- What you actually need to start a new app business. You don't need office space or any expensive equipment - I'll tell you why.

- The best place to find a co-founder who can help you bring your app to life. You won't learn to code during this class - instead you'll learn how to find someone who can help you with the technical aspects of the business.

- How to make a basic version (Minimal Viable Product) to be able to test the concept before you spend time and other resources building the full version.

- Free tools and online resources that you can use to communicate with your co-founder (if you need one) and to design the prototype of the app.

Class objective:

By the end of this 20 minute class, you'll know how to build your app idea from scratch. Whether you have a mobile app idea for Android or iOS, or you have an idea for a website application; you'll learn the fundamentals of how to work quickly and test each version that you release quickly and build on it each time.

You'll know which online tools to use to make your business processes more streamlined and you'll know how to find a technical co-founder if you don't have the coding skills required.

Anything is possible in the world of technology - take the first step after watching this class and make your ideas come to life!