Turn Old Dolls into New Art 1: Prepping Your Doll for a Face Up | Hannie Clark | Skillshare

Turn Old Dolls into New Art 1: Prepping Your Doll for a Face Up

Hannie Clark, Author and Artist

Turn Old Dolls into New Art 1: Prepping Your Doll for a Face Up

Hannie Clark, Author and Artist

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6 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Turn Old Dolls into New Art: Class Intro

    • 2. Turn Old Dolls into New Art: Supplies

    • 3. Turn Old Dolls into New Art: Removing the Hair

    • 4. Turn Old Dolls Into New Art: Removing Paint, Smoothing and Buffing

    • 5. Old Doll New Art: Sealing Your Doll

    • 6. Old Dolls New Art: Until Next Time

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About This Class

Ever wonder what to do with your or your little one's old dolls? Either for sentimental or financial reasons, ever have a hard time just throwing them away? This class introduces a fun, more environment-friendly, and artistic alternative to the landfill. Turn your old dolls into new art! 

Doll altering, Doll repainting, or Faceups are some of the terms used among doll artists to describe this imaginative way of recycling. Doll altering is simply removing all evidence of the manufacturer (paint, hair, clothes, accessories, etc) from the doll, and then, using the blank doll form to create a brand new character from scratch. It's just a more sophisticated way to "play" with your dolls.

This is a basic, beginner class in which students will learn the first steps of doll altering: how to prepare a doll for a repaint by stripping it down to a blank canvas. 

We will cover:

Hair removal.

Paint removal.

Smoothing and buffing.

Saftey and sealing.

By the end of this class, each student should have a blank doll ready for their creativity to run wild! This is the first class in a series of three. This class will be followed by a "Character Building and Face up" course, as well as a "Costumery and Display" course. See you in class! :-) 


Meet Your Teacher

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Hannie Clark

Author and Artist


Hi there, and welcome to my profile page! I'm Hannie Clark. I am a novelist, children's book author, and a 3D floral artist. I love being creative and am very excited to share my skills with you here on Skillshare! I graduated with a Bachelor's in English lit in 2005 and immediately began my writing journey when I started writing my first novel. Two novels later in 2015, I decided to add a new dream to the mix and began pursuing art and illustration. I've written and illustrated three children's books since, and sell original art pieces in between through my Instagram account @HannieClarkCreative

I believe creativity plays an important role in our happiness and development and isn't given as much priority in today's fast-paced, tech-savvy&nb... See full profile

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1. Turn Old Dolls into New Art: Class Intro: - Clark . I am an author and an artist, and if you have taken any of my other sculpture classes and you know that welcome to this new class if you were going back again. This is a little bit different than the other classes that I taught here on skills shirt. This is more my hobby than it is my profession, but it kind of combines both my writing skills and my artistic skills into one very fun medium. So I'm excited to share that with you today. So this class is called to your old dolls into new art, and I don't know how much you know about dull altering its It's a pretty kind of cultish following kind of a group on like YouTube and Instagram. There's lots of artists that do this, and it's a very funny thing. I first learned about dull altering in our class that I took from the very lovely and charismatic June Davenport. She included it in one of her face painting classes, and it was really fun exercise. I've learned to paint on a three D surface rather than just a flat surface, like we're used to an arc, so I That's how I learned about it. My first. All right, here was from that class. She is very wrong, but it was a lot of fun to do, and it kind of like, started something new and gave me this new hobby to do that. I really enjoy um so don't alternate is pretty much what it sounds like. It's just taking an old all like you see, here I got these off of. I did all my dolls old I don't ever buy a new dolls. Just actually, I think this is the only new dull that I bought because I was at the beginning and I didn't really know what I was doing, but I always get old dolls from you could get him on eBay and get him on Facebook. You can get them on your local classified ads if you have friends with kids or you have kids that love monster high or ever after high or even if you like Teoh work on Barbie dolls or just any vinyl dull than then that's the That's the perfect campus for adultery and at least the kind of dull altering. But I'm gonna be teaching you about in this class doll dream is taking an old all pretty much stripping it down to its bare campus. Bare bones. You remove the hair, the manufacturers paint close everything and you create a completely new character. Really, you'll find all artists all over Instagram and on YouTube that do this, and they create some incredible characters on these. Behind me are just a few of my own. I've I've got just This is more of a very basic face up that I didn't done. I was just experimenting with putting him eyes rather than painting the ice. And so she's She's just more basic. I glassed this one right here, which she is on the sun goddess of Norse mythology. And so I took her from scratch and created the costume, the headdress, the wig, her face, her eyes, everything and created a brand new character. These are just some of the things that are possible when you're working with these final dolls. It's really fun and really addictive, so be careful. It can get expensive, but it's really fun. This is a Calgary that I wanted to create from also from North Norse mythology, and this right here is just a little Hawaiian beauty that I just wanted to create to see. Mainly it was the winning that I was experimenting with to see how yarn would work to create West's for a wig, and I'll show you all about that in a future class. This class really is all about kind of just the basic knowledge of how to prepare your doll for repaint or to be altered. And what I'm going to be teaching in this class is how to remove the hair and pull up like all of the routing from the hair, how to remove the manufacturers paint and how to prepare your doll with a sealant so that it can take whatever medium you're going to use to do the repaint. This is very basic knowledge, really important foundation for moving forward in this hobby. The assignment for this class will be simply to take an old doll and strip it down to the foundation s O that you have a blank campus pretty much to create a character in a future. Plus, so it's really simple, something you can dio in an afternoon. But the overall process is pretty quick, so this is a pretty quickly class. The next go short class in this category that I'll be teaching will be all about the repaint and creating a character. And then, you know, putting on the face and the hair. Teoh A. Create a character with your your little doll there. So the third class in the Siri's that I will be doing will be all about costume re to be taking your character to the next level and actually giving them a costume to remount detective you've created. So my recommendation for beginning doll artists is to start simple. So what I recommend, as you're starting now, is to focus on the face up in the hair like get those skills down first and then move on to creating a more elaborate character, say, like this one or the Valkyrie. Those winds were a lot more time intensive and required a lot more skill that I will in future classes after this basic serious of three classes going to a little bit more detail , but for starting out, keep it simple and you'll get these basic skills down, and then you'll be in good shape to go on and build upon those issue explore this medium more fully. So I'm really excited to have you class today. I hope this ends up being as much fun for us. It's been for me and maybe you'll discover a new honey or a new sign Hustle. So I'll see you guys in the next segment, which we will be talking about. Basic supplies. Don't need to prepare your doll for a repeat, so I will see you in the next. 2. Turn Old Dolls into New Art: Supplies: Hey, everyone, welcome back to my class in this segment. I'm going to talk to you about the supplies that you'll need In order to prep your dull, I will have additional classes following with the actual repainting and wigging and costuming of your dog. This one is all about just basic. How do I put my doll for this process? So what you'll need, of course, is a dull. And there's two kinds of dolls that I really like to work with and most face up artists do . It's the monster high Barbie dolls or the ever after high bar bagels, and these dolls are available through eBay. I've gotten some off of my local classified ads. Ive gotten them through craigslist. Ive gotten them off of Facebook. There's lots of people out there who sell and trade. And what out of these if you have them already? Great, because you don't have to spend money to get them. If you can buy amused. That's what I prefer, because I'm taking an old dull and making it new, and that's what I prefer to do. It's kind of a recycling thing. I recommend that, especially just starting out. You can also go to goodwill and sometimes find him any kind of doll that has a vinyl, um, exterior, like a plastic and preferably the joints, the joints A really nice. I think that's why these monster high and ever after high dolls are so popular is because they've got the joint. So they're really easy to pose when you're putting them on the doll stand. And those are the ones that I recommend either the ever after high dolls or the Monster High Dolls. The next thing that you're gonna need is, of course, safety. First, some plastic gloves or rubber gloves on a face mask to protect your lungs. Of course, from the fumes that we're gonna be using, you'll need ah, 100% acetone nail polish remover. This is can be bought at any of your local drugstores. Sometimes you can get it in your department stores, but I've had the most success with either Walgreens or CVS. You'll also need regular no polish remover. This is for the body. This is for the face the body can't take. Theus Atonal will ruin the body of your doll if you use the acetone and I just get regular nail polish remover. I mean, it probably has some Macedonian it, but you want a low level of acid tone on. The next thing you're gonna need is you're going to need some cotton paddles. I prefer the pads because they say together better get less of the Tufts of cotton. Q. Tips are awesome to have on 10. For the smaller details that you want to remove, you will need a pair of scissors. I prefer these small sewing scissors for removing the hair, and then you'll need an old pair of tweezers. Don't use a new pair of tweezers unless you don't care about them because they will get messy with the glue from the scalp. You may need an exact Anak, depending on what doll you use, and then finally, you're going to need this very special varnish or sealant that works really well in the face up. It's called Mr Super Clear, and you want the matte finish or the UV flat cut. That's a great version of this as well. You can get this on Amazon. You can get it on eBay. I prefer Amazon because they have Amazon prime, and therefore you get it a lot faster than if you order it from eBay or without the Amazon prime. It can take a long time to get this. So that's why I prefer paying a little bit extra to get it on Amazon because it is cheaper on eBay. It will run you about roughly with shipping about $20 a can, so this is a little bit more expensive, but it's totally worth it because there is no other ceiling out there that will allow you to draw and paint. We'll paint isn't such a big deal, but draw and use your past. Ella's your watercolor pencils, whatever you're going to use to do the face up. No other city assailant will work as well as super clear. So I highly recommend if you're gonna do this, go for that Mr Super clear. Matt were flat. Seal it, and that is what you need to get started on repainting your dolls. So I'll see you in the next segment where we will get started 3. Turn Old Dolls into New Art: Removing the Hair: everyone welcome back for this face Repaint. I'm using the Frankie Stein and doll from Monster High. I just like her face structure. For what? The project that I have in mind for her. So the way that I'm going to start, Of course I'm going to start by removing all of her accessories in her clothes. And now we're going to start removing your hair. So while you're cutting off her hair, you're gonna want to have some water boiling so that you can use that later in the next step. So I'm gonna just start cutting away or hairs. I just start along. The little seems here and just kind of try and cut with the floating what they have. They routed it already. You want to cut it as short as you can. And if you plan on doing more of these altered dolls and you really like the hair that you're cutting off, But maybe not for that doll, then feel free to save it. Sure you can get it, the easier it is for when you have toe pull out the roots. So that's why I say cut it as short as you can just makes that un routing process a lot easier. Okay, that looks pretty good. Okay, so I've got the hot water for my tea kettle, and I've just got a bull that is non multiple on I'm just gonna pour the hot water into my bull here. Be careful is boiling high. That's how hot you want it. And then I'm just going to first. I'm just gonna set the head in here for a minute because you want to soften the head a little bit so that you can remove it from the neck. Easier. Then you're gonna want to gently remove it from the body. And there's this little kind of side of her head, and you want to be really careful when you're removing it. Um, this because you want to be able to put the head back on and have it stay. Yeah, and this is what it looks like. It's just like a little like a little t joint right here. And you want to keep that in his good of shape as you can, because that's what we'll hold the head on. And then you're gonna take your head and you just want to submerge it in the water and you want it to fill up with the hot, hot water so that it could start melting the glue that's holding the hair roots in and you're going to just leave it in the water for five minutes. Okay, so it's been five minutes. We're gonna carefully remove our doll head from the water and just be careful tested before you just grabbing it in there because they is hot. We're gonna empty all the water from the inside of your head center Bulls water is site. Now, this part of the process is what takes the rial elbow grease. You're going to go inside here and you're gonna use your old pair of tweezers this and you're going to just start scraping the scalp and as you scrape, if if it's had enough time in the water, then you're going to see those little roots. Just start pulling inside will be able to see it probably better, right here along the line. Uh, the NEC ling, see how that's just kind of disappeared. You just you're just to pull on that hot glue away from the scalp. That's just what you want to be seeing you want to do this fairly quickly so that glue doesn't re hearted before you are done. Some little places, we're going to be more stubborn than others, especially the places where they've put in the parts. Like right along here on the scalp. It's gonna be a little bit more tricky than the rest of the scalp. It's not coming off. It might require a little bit more time in the hot water. The only thing you have to be careful with in this is just don't use so much over Greece that you poke a hole through your little vinyl head there, you gotta you still got to be a slightly gentle, But you do have to definitely work thes routes out of the scalp. Okay, so I was able to get that part out without having to put her back in the water. So that's good. All right, so now this is the tricky part. Is pulling out all the hair from inside. Now, if I were going Teoh be making eyes to put in here instead of repainting. Now, I would just cut the top of her scalp autumn and then just pull it out that way, which is really way easier than this. But since I want to repaint her face and not replace her eyes with clay ones, I have to get all that hair out of there. Otherwise, it kind of makes the head a little too heavy. And it's kind of makes it hard if you're gonna reroute the doll's hair or that sort of thing. And it's kind of gross having dinner, so just pulling and pulling and pulling and you want to pull out as much as you can at one time. It just makes it a lot easier, especially because you still wanted to be warm, because once it starts to cool, that's when it gets a lot harder to pull it out of the scout. Just kind of look in there and you can see she's pretty clean. You won't see any hair left, so now I'm going to just throw this away, and now it is time to remove her face with the acetone 4. Turn Old Dolls Into New Art: Removing Paint, Smoothing and Buffing: So I'm gonna put on the gloves because he want to protect your hands with his ass. Atones can be pretty hard on cans skin. I'm just going Teoh, get one of my cotton rounds here. I will start. I just using this and then I'll move on to the Q tip. So I'm just going for myself a little bit in the cap here as well. Okay, so it's gonna start by. It's gonna set it on there for a minute and she comes. It comes off pretties pretty easy. This but this acetone, the acid tone is really powerful and removing the manufacturer paint from faces. Just get as much of it as your office you can with the pad. But you're still gonna have someone like maybe, you know, the I crevices were with the nose or the lips, and that's where you were. A few tips coming handy. Work eggs in here to get that out of those lips. It's a pretty good get her completely clean. And you have a fresh little canvas there to work on. Just exciting as an artist. All right, now I'm gonna use another cotton pad to clean up the scalp. Just remove it from the scalp on Scallop is all clean. All paint is removed. So there we go. There's the face ready to go, and then we'll move on to clearing. Cleaning, often prepping the body. I'm gonna set the head aside. Now we're going to who's our regular fear, not posh. This is when you want to put the hands back on the body so that they get cleaned off a swell just kind of popping back in there. Yeah, I'm gonna take my ground pat again. Just gonna start removing the paint from the body. And this is gonna take longer just because of the lack of the acid tone, the lower percentage of acid tone, it's and the nail polish. And you just kind of have to give it time to sort of soap around manufacturer paint. Actually, you know what? This paint if you're just using it just on those areas, I think it's it would be OK to take a little bit of the acid tone just so you're not kind of just smashing paint around. But you want to get it off there as soon as possible because it it's a different kind of vinyl or plastic, and the ascertainable just tears it up so you don't want it to be on there for very long with I've just wiped her down, Gotten all the nail polish up with just This is just a baby wipe. You can use a clean dishrag. Whatever you won't have on can't to do that with now I'm gonna take my Exacto knife or and I'm just gonna go through and I'm going to see these little lines. I don't know if you can see it in the video with these little lines here from the manufacturer. I'm just gonna go on. I'm just kind of kind of trim those down so that when I come through in sand, I got less work to do. We have our have got this. Just this. It's got five different kinds of grades of sandpaper ish, I guess whatever it is that you use on a file, I'm going to use this Step three, which is the fine grit. Smooth just to smooth the just so those little white kind of rectangular cubes that you get no fouls. I think that those would work perfectly. So if you could finals at Walmart. They're super cheap. And that, I think, would be perfect for buffing the thing. You don't want to use it. You don't want to use anything That's, like, really sandpaper. Really high crit. Keep that in mind when you're choosing one. Okay, so I think that she is all good. And that is how we prep for hitting the doll, ready for the seal it 5. Old Doll New Art: Sealing Your Doll: All right, everybody, welcome back to the final segment of her class. This is kind of the moment you've all been waiting for and what you've been prepping for it , Which is the spring, The body in the head with the Mr Super Clear, Flat or met. Before I do that, I'm going to take a wipe here. Or you can use your wet cloth again. I'm just gonna wipe off all the sand sanding dust that I that came off of her while I was buffing her body. Let's make sure she's all clear because you don't want anything between, uh, you're Mr Super Clear and the plastic You wanted to be as clean as possible so that you get a great undercoat here. So once you're done with that, what you will need and I'm not going to spray her on camera, so I'm just gonna walk you through it here. First of all, I can't stress enough how important it is to read the instructions. Um, this Mr Super Clear is extremely flammable and extremely toxic, so it's really important to do this in a well ventilated area. I highly recommend doing it on Lee outside my kids have asthma, so I don't even mess around with this stuff. Absolutely. Wear protective mask. You do not want to be breathing this in, even if it doesn't affect you the first time. If you do this multiple times, it will build up. And you don't. You don't wanna mess with that. So definitely protect yourself to place the dull. I just have this old piece of It's just Amazon box that I broke down on. This is what I'm using to kind of protect my outdoor surface. So I'll just lay the doll like this. Spread eagle. You want nothing touching? No. Our legs or hands touching the body. You want to be totally spread eagle, and then you want the head separate. This allows you to get a better coverage on the head and no sticky build up between the neck. Joint the head in the neck right there. So what I do is I'll shake this for about, uh, about a minute. Just give it a good shake. Then I will lightly from about 10 inches up, lightly spray the first coat. Still let it dry for for a few minutes before I pick it up once I feel like it's dry enough that I can move it and it and it can light lightly set on the carpet service. I'll pick it up by the plastic t appeared, and I'll just turn her around and gently set her back down like this. And then I will spray her again on the back side. Do the same with the head. I'll get the front and all very carefully from the scalp. Turner over Once. I've given her a couple minutes to dry to make sure that I get the underside of risk up and then I'll quickly turn her back over to the top because I don't want I would rather have the back of her head getting a little bit of something, some kind of dust on it in the front. So do that quickly, and then I will let it dry for about 40 minutes. Then I'm gonna repeat this process two more times, so you want a total of three base coats of the Mr Super clear on your doll before you start any of your painting or past selling to do the the repaint, so make sure you do three coats giving 40 minutes between each coat for the for it to dry properly, and that is that's what you do. And once you're done with your final and your third and final coat, then your doll is 100% ready to start working on. And so I will see you guys back here in our last segment, which is just kind of wrapping things up. 6. Old Dolls New Art: Until Next Time: Okay. Thank you so much for joining me in the skill share class today. I had fun. I hope that you did to hopefully you found a new hot me or possible side hustle. Depending on how far you want to take this. I would love to see any of your projects. I hope that you'll feel free and feel comfortable enough to share them here in the classroom with me. I would also be happy to answer any questions that you have about dull altering My instagram handle is hand h a n underscore and just the letter n underscore dolls, D o L l s. And you can ask any questions there and I respond as soon as possible. I hope that you find lots of other doll artists a follow on instagram too. There are some amazing ones. Feel free to look in the people that I follow on Instagram to get some ideas and also on YouTube. There's so much more information about how to do this and all the awesome ways that you can explore this new media. So I hope that you have had a great time and I hope you'll join me in my next altering class, which I'll be hosting promptly if I havent posted already and we'll learn the next step in how to alter your dull. So thanks again so much for joining me. Feel free to explore my other sculpture classes. There's artistic classes as well as writing classes, and I'll be posting more all the time. So thank you so much for joining me and we'll see you next time.