Turn Old Dolls Into New Art 2: Doll Wigs and Face Ups | Hannie Clark | Skillshare

Turn Old Dolls Into New Art 2: Doll Wigs and Face Ups

Hannie Clark, Author and Artist

Turn Old Dolls Into New Art 2: Doll Wigs and Face Ups

Hannie Clark, Author and Artist

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12 Lessons (1h 31m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Class Supplies

    • 3. Wig Making (Part 1)

    • 4. Wig Making (Part 2)

    • 5. Body Blushing and Contouring

    • 6. Blushing and Contouring the Face

    • 7. Layering and Adding Freckles

    • 8. Eyes (Part 1)

    • 9. Eyes (Part 2) and Other Features

    • 10. Face Up Extras

    • 11. Putting It All Together

    • 12. Old Dolls New Art2 Farewell 480

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About This Class

Ever wonder what to do with your or your little one's old dolls? Either for sentimental or financial reasons, ever have a hard time just throwing them away? This class introduces a fun, more environment-friendly, and artistic alternative to the landfill. Turn your old dolls into new art! 

Doll altering, Doll repainting, or Faceups are some of the terms used among doll artists to describe this imaginative way of recycling. Doll altering is simply removing all evidence of the manufacturer (paint, hair, clothes, accessories, etc) from the doll, and then, using the blank doll form to create a brand new character from scratch. It's just a more sophisticated way to "play" with your dolls.

This is the second class of a basic, beginner series in which students will learn the first steps of doll altering: how to create doll wigs and repaint their dolls face. 

We will cover:

Wig Making.

Face Repainting.

Saftey and sealing.

By the end of this class, each student should have a wigged and repainted doll in their very own unique style! This is the second class in a series of three. This class will be followed by a "Character Building and Costume" course. See you in class!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Hannie Clark

Author and Artist


Hi there, and welcome to my profile page! I'm Hannie Clark. I am a novelist, children's book author, and a 3D floral artist. I love being creative and am very excited to share my skills with you here on Skillshare! I graduated with a Bachelor's in English lit in 2005 and immediately began my writing journey when I started writing my first novel. Two novels later in 2015, I decided to add a new dream to the mix and began pursuing art and illustration. I've written and illustrated three children's books since, and sell original art pieces in between through my Instagram account @HannieClarkCreative

I believe creativity plays an important role in our happiness and development and isn't given as much priority in today's fast-paced, tech-savvy&nb... See full profile

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1. Welcome!: - Welcome , Teoh. My second installment of turn old dolls into new art. Siri's here on Still share. I'm really excited. Tabun class today My name is Hannah Clark. I am a author and a artist and just kind of an overall creator. I really love to be creative and skilled. Here is an awesome place to share creative skills with people. So I'm really excited to be here and to be an instructor. So this is the second class in my turn old dolls into new art Siri's. And so, if you are returning student, welcome back. If you are new to this class, then I highly recommend that you go back and watch my first class. It is all about prepping your doll for a repaint. This class is the next step in that which is the during the hair in the face up for your doll. So if you have never prepped a doll before, I'm stripping it all of its painted it tearing everything that I highly recommend going back and taking a look at that class and getting your doll ready. Teoh, come and join us in this class where I'll show you how Teoh start working on your dull and creating a character from that blank canvas that you create in my last class. So in this class, I am going to show you how to do a face up, what they call a face up in the dollar altering world and also how to create a wig for your adult. So this is the little character that we're going to create in this class. I'll give you a close up over. So that's a brand new face. That's my face, not the manufacturers paint. And then I also created this little week here, so I'm really excited to have you guys in class in a and let's get started. 2. Class Supplies: everybody. Welcome back. This is thesis. Apply segment of the course. I'm going to walk you through all the things that you'll need in order to do your hair and makeup for your doll. The first thing that you will need and I'm going to start with the hair portion first for building your wig for your doll are going to be much pot really inexpensive. You can get it at any craft work, for you'll need a pet brush. That sounds kind of like a weird supply, but it is necessary. If you want to have more realistic looking hair. They're not very expensive. I think I got this for like, eight bucks, I think, was online. You will need a pair of scissors. We'll need yarn, my favorite kind of yarn more than 50% wall in it, and then the rest is synthetic. Even get whatever color you want. I I like to stick with more natural hair tones. I just think that they look better, but that also matches my style. That's the great thing about yarn. There's amazing variety of colors that you can choose from also for the hair. What you'll need is you'll need a paintbrush that you don't really care so much about to use with your glue. You'll need a large Ziploc bag and a just a small bag, as well as a rubber band or twist type. Um, then you will need either superglue. I like guerrilla superglue or a hot glue gun with glue. Six. And that's to glue your wig onto your dog, but you will also need for the hair is a piece of cardboard. This is a piece of cardboard that I wrapped in duct tape because I use it so often so I just wanted to make it more straight. But you can use any regular piece of cardboard. This is about three inches by about eight inches. Then you will need straightener, and this is optional. A lot of times your yarn will come out with a nice wave to it. So if you like that look, then you don't need that. The street iron. I like both, and so this is optional. That is all that you will need for your hair. What you will need for the face up or to do the repaint on your doll is your doll. Of course, I should have said this first, but your dull that has been prepped and primed. So all the manufacturer paint has been taken off of it and sprayed with three coats of Mr Super Clear. You will need your Mr Super clear because you're gonna use this as you put on the face to seal the layers. The mediums that I like to use there's. There's three different medians first and one that I used our color pencils and I highly recommend. If you don't want to buy a full set, I highly recommend going and getting individual color pencils. You get those at Hobby Lobby or at Michael's because you can kind of select a variety of more natural tones or facial like, kind of like makeup tones. And I highly recommend getting a good quality clear pencil, because if it's not a good quality color pencil, more than likely won't show up very well on your doll, the other kind of medium that I really like to use our pastels. You don't have to spend very much on pastels. This is a nicer brand because I use it for other things, and I also have ah set of carrying dash that I really love to use on and will sometimes use them on my dolls as well. But you can get something one of the really cheap sets from Hobby Lobby or for Michael's for about I don't know. I think they're about, like, $7 on and they were great. So don't feel like you have to splurge on a pastel set. The other thing that you can use our watercolor pencils. I've seen those used by a lot of dull artists. They're just if you if you don't know what they're, they're pretty much colored pencils, but they are water soluble, and you can also use wash these air. All my Windsor Newton washes and my whole bind washes, and I've never used washes on my doll re paints. I actually prefer to use the liquid acrylics just because I use acrylics all the time, and so I'm were comfortable using these. But I've seen other artists used to quash and, um, and it seems to work out great, because the reason why is because your ceiling, each layer of your repaint with Mr Super clear and that hold it in place so it doesn't have to be a permanent medium to work if you want something a little bit about permanent as you're working. But you like the idea of wash their also acrylic washes their work really well. So just consider that if these other two mediums don't really appeal to Thea Other thing that you're gonna need for your repaint, of course, our detail brushes thes are just told painting brushes that I got out of the craft paint I'll at my local craft story. So don't feel like you have to spurt on these either. The other thing that you'll need is I like to use a makeup brush. This is more for the blessing of the body and also just for the blending of the pastels on the face. It just has a nice soft tip, which really helps it blend nicely and evenly. So I recommend, you know, fighting an inexpensive makeup brush. Or if you have an old one, um, lying around that you'd like to just kind of shampoo out and let dry, and then and then reuse that. That's a great idea as well. Some other things that I used that are totally optional is I'll use I've got a white paint pen, acrylic paint Ben that I like to use for more, uh, fine details. That sounds like a lot of supplies. The other thing that's nice to have on hand is a good or racer. These need herbal erasers by fiber Castell or, you know, whatever brandy get. They work pretty well. This one is a little bit socks, so if you can find one that's just a little bit more firm that you can still mold. But you could, but it holds its shape better. I recommend getting one of those as well, but I also just used these just regular razors. I just make sure that it's a brand new one that has a really fine point to it, and that is everything that you will need for this course. So let's go get started. What we're going to be doing first is we're going to be creating the wig, so I will see you guys in the next segment 3. Wig Making (Part 1): Welcome back, everyone. So this course I'm going to teach you how to prepare your hair West's for mitt Creating your wig. What you'll need for this one is your gallon size Ziploc bag, your piece of cardboard, your pet hair brush your scissors and your yard going to use this pale blond or ashy blonde Just cause I kind of like the way that it comes out better we're gonna wrap it around our piece of property when I go about 25 times. Don't wrapped too tight cause you're gonna wanna be able to get in there to cut it off when you're finished. 2 23 24 25 case, you're just gonna hold it there. Cut it. Such your hardest side with that way. Then you're going Teoh. Just reacher scissors in there and just stare cutting it all along that address. Their these nice little sharp sewing scissors were really great for this because they had to kind of get in there a little bit better case. So there are You were strands of yarn here and now what you're gonna do is you're gonna take your pencil with a little bit of duct tape on here and I take about three strands at a time. You take him, fold them in half, evenly like this, and then you're just gonna twist him once taking one, put a wrap them around your pencil and pull him through like that so that they're kind of doubled over like that, but secured. Just gonna keep on doing that until all of your strands of yarn have been attached to your pencil and depending on the thickness of the yarn that you choose, will determine if you'll be able to get all of them on. They're not, but that's OK. You could do it in sections Now. I don't remember if I covered this in the supplies or not. But the more wool that your yarn has in it, the better your yarn will stay together. As you take it through the separation process of kind of combing it out, though, and also I feel like it holds up much better to the straightener as well. But the thing that I like about this particular yarn is when you comb it out, it comes out into a really pretty wave. That's something to consider as well as if you really like the way the yard waves that you don't have to do anything with straight iron. Just nice. Not this yard is made with al Pack a wool and it's about 60% alpaca wool and 40% acrylic. And it's really hard to find full o pack a yarn. But the ones that I have found they don't straighten out is nicely as this mixed of. So really, it's just kind of like an experimentation process what? You have to kind of see what what you like best is really what it iss. So hey, here is our yarn already to comb out. So you see, we got this right here. We've got this little they're all pretty similar in length, and that is what we're looking for. And so now just make sure that they're pretty secure. So you get most of the yarn free down here below the knot and also so it's nice and secure for when you're gonna start combing it out. Now you're just gonna lay it down like this Straight is you can make it. You're gonna take your pet hair brush and you're just gonna start right here. at the very ends, you're just gonna start calming it out? Yeah, that's starting to come loose. And I guess I picked the wrong color urine because it matches. My paper got here. It was perfectly. But hope will be able to see how that's just coming out real nice. Just just work your way up the strand really gently. Um, don't be alarmed. If you're just getting tons of of the yard fibers coming off like this, that's that's exactly totally normal. And I'm like what I like to do with Eases. I'll save them and I'll use them for for beards or whatever on other dolls mailed also. And you could hang on to that if you want, or you can just throw it away. Just keep on coming, keep on coma, and it's going to start kind of nodding up a little bit as the fibers pulled loose from the twist of the yard. And that's okay because you are just trying to work it up to the top of your not trade up. Their These pet brushes are perfect for this because they're such fine cones on your totally worth investing in. I don't think they regularly that till time will work for this. This is something that you really need. This really fine. Steal it like it's guts. Metal bristles to the bridge. Did you see how nice that's coming out? These pretty waves down here really like them. McKee is You're wanting to comb it all the way up to the not up here that you made. And you also want to get any knots that form down Strand. You don't want to get those not sticking your hand plan on losing an inter two of length, which is why you wanna make it long enough because you're going to lose quite a bit, especially depending on the kind of John use that that's okay, because the dolls on small boats were working, so I don't need super long hair. We just old enough to be ableto creator West's. Once you get there nights out and you get up to top of the not and you don't want, you don't want to keep on coming because you don't want to keep on closing the fibers and the length on your hair Here. Think that that looks pretty good. Just turned over looks. Looks like I got a comment on this side too. Okay? I feel pretty good about all that. Now I'm going to show you what happens on you. Flat iron this so we'll just kind of smooth it all out. You need to add a little spritz of water or something. If it's too staticky, that's totally fine as well. But here's our hair here, our yard here. And then we're just going to take flight. I am here, and you just kind of quickly rule it over the the yard. And of course, depending on what your yard is made out of, you might want to go faster or slower or use those slow er's a lower setting so that you don't burn it for melts it depending on what your urine is made out of. Here we go here, Wes kind of finding their way here, frustrating themselves out here. This straightener and also depending on the yard, will determine how straight it gets. Um, this woman doesn't get a straight A. Some of the, uh, yarns that I've used that have a higher level of acrylic in him. Um, but I feel like it's much sturdier, so it's really just up to you what you're looking for. And also remember, your your fibers aren't gonna stay super tight to the hand of the arms. You want to make sure you're not pulling too hard, because the more you poll, you're gonna continue to lose fibers and therefore length on your yard. So just do this part gently. Think sometimes that slower that you go, the straight it will get. But again, that depends on the what your garden is made out of. ST. I'm going to give it one more Come through. I really like comb through. I have to take out too much of the papers. Looks pretty good, team. So now what we're going to do is we're going to take our march punch, said Art Harris, side here for a minute. Try and get as much of the static out he's gonna spritz it with just a tiny bit of water kind of breaks down the static on this hair. Um, it's a little life lap for me, which is what we need when we're going it down into the Web's said that a site I got my march. Yeah, brush. I can make sure this is a paintbrush that you don't care too much about. Now I'm going to start. So going, Teoh, take some of my march podge and I'm gonna start at the top of my plastic bag and I'm going to just put down a line of glue there. Start smaller until you get the hang of it so you don't. So your glue doesn't start drying on you. Now, what you're gonna do is your gonna take one WEF or one of these little knots at a time. You're just gonna start cutting it off like this? You could see that. So I'm going to just take one of my knots right here. I'm gonna cut it right below the knot, Gonna take the with, and then I'm gonna just spread it out a little bit so that I've got a little bit more with here, and then I'm just gonna start gluing it down. So first I'll set it down on Where are you? Put the glue down. I'm gonna kind of hold it there with my hand or my two fingers right here. And then I'm going. Teoh, start gluing it down to the on the top and you're gonna want to get pretty good and glued because you want to stick the plastic sweater. You're trying to glue all that hair together. You're just gonna move onto your next not explained. Spread it out, lay it down next year and what? And then glue it down like just from the very tips. You don't have to do a big, long line. You could do so little sections as you go. That's totally fine as well, when we when these dry. This is what we're going to be making our wig out of. And the reason why we do this is because it's it's much easier when the hair is glued together and West's than it is to just kind of take off. Say, you did this and you just cut off or not. And then you try and glued on onto the wig to make the wig. That's a little bit more tricky. Just cause the hairs. It separates a lot easier when when it's not glued together in a wept. So this is what I prefer to do. I really think this is a a really useful technique. When you're trying Teoh create a week, it is a little bit more time consuming, but I feel like it saves a lot more time. And I feel like the wigs turn out a lot better when I do this. Plus, I can, you know, taken afternoon and make a bunch of West's and, you know, store, um, for later without, and then I don't have to make him. I can just start right in on making away go. That's nice to kind of do it all at once and then to several different colors all at once, and then storm until you're ready to use them and try and keep them is even if the rest is possible. Because you know how even you get him is gonna determine how even your, uh, hair on your wig is. Did you know, of course you can cut it and trim it as you go on once the week is created. But I'm just got it's nicer to just keep him as even as possible as you go to save you more time. I Okay , so I'm loathe the webs, and now I'm just set up a site dry. We usually take so about five hours for them to dry completely, so I just usually do it over in the evening and let it dry overnight. And then once it's dry, then we can start creating our weeks. I will see you guys in the next segment, where we will begin using your Weps to create our dolls like 4. Wig Making (Part 2): Welcome back, everyone. I did some of these Weps. Previously a Mexican citizens were more wavy than the last one. So we did together. But I treated him so that I could move right along in the course. These are what you're Weps will look like when they're done drying. You just have a clear edge right there. And they just peel right off. It's kind of like this and what I do once they're all dry, they just trim off the edge. So have a nice street in edge on my West's, and that makes him a lot easier to use. But I'm creating the wig. And so I'm just gonna do that right now. Treaty close to the edge so that there's not a ton of glow there when you're going The Montreal. So you see, that's just a nice been straight edge of glue on your left. There. Just through that, just a lot of these. Now I'm gonna take my dull, and I happened tohave exact same doll right here. This will allow me to just move on their as soon as I'm done with the week to the actual face that though I'm going to just use this dull to create the wig, and you just kind of spread her legs out. So she's the nicest stable for you and push you forward a little bit and then you're gonna take your smaller plastic bag and you are just going Teoh, stick it over her head this one time when it is okay, just a plastic bag over ahead because it's not okay Any other time, right? You could take your little rubber band. You're just gonna wrap it around so that it's nice and tight because this is going to create the base for your weight. So now the way that I straighten his legs is I just start by going to get my paintbrush again. Teoh much Watch out. And I'm just going to put a thin coat glue over the entire area where I want to put the wake. And I usually just follow the hairline that was previously there from the manufacturer because that's a good place to start and why you're doing this, you're gonna want to think about where you want a part because you're going to glue that part area differently than the rest of your wick and with her. I think I'm gonna do a side part. So I'm going Teoh term where that's going to be right now. Before I started gluing, I think I'm going. Teoh, have it kind of come right along here. The Syria right here. Just gonna draw a little line right there with the glue on and make sure about that Clear. And now you're going to start gluing so another you've got scalped covered. You're just going to start taking your web. And I like to cut mine into probably, you know, about 2.5 inch sections to start and then what you're going to do. So you've got a bent over a little bit like this. So I'm gonna better over more than I would regularly. So you can see. And then I'm just going to start by gluing along the base of her hair like, right here. And you're just gonna want Teoh press that on for a minute, so it gets a good hold there, and then you take my paintbrush here, get a little bit more glue, and I'm just going to create kind of a glue seal there so that it stays put there's your first part of your your line done. Because the thing is that you want a lot of glue on this wig because this glue is what creates kind of the cat of the week. So you want a lot on there to make sure that it's nice and stable that those Wests aren't going anywhere? He a liberal with your glue? Okay, now I'm gonna move on to the next. I'm gonna cut this little 2.5 inch bit here in half, and I'm gonna use these lifts. You come up around her, the front of her hairline. You can see this. And this is because I'm not sure if I want to do bang's yet or not. So I'm just gonna glue like this and that press it down real good, gets a good could stick there and then ingrained, get my paintbrush again. A lot of glue right there along that edge. Make sure it's nice and coated was getting have plenty of time to dry, so don't worry about over doing it. You're gonna let this dry overnight and really as long as you needs to to get nice and hard , we're going to, and we're gonna take this other bit here, and I'm going to do this exact same thing over on this side. If you need to use toothpick or, you know you can use a pencil, you can use something to help you just use that to help me push it down so they don't get global My fingers just holding it down so that it sticks really nicely. Teoh, I'm gonna take my paintbrush again. Going to get this through on here really good. Until you get to your part. We're just really kind of doing one layer at a time here. And you're, you know, trying to get him. Well, it really depends on what look you want. Um, I try and get my lifts kind of just stacked right on top of each other because I like the thicker hair look, But you can Our course can do whatever you think. Looks better. You, Hopefully you can see what I'm doing here. I'm just pressing it down with a toothpick to give it a good stick here on. Then I am next year. You might need to add new, more glue as you go along. Because this tries much partnership drives pretty fast, which is a good thing and, well, that problematic sometimes, too. So I just work with it. Some people will just will use their hot glue gun for this, but it's usually only when they're gluing it straight onto the scalp, and I prefer to kind of test it out by building a wig on the plastic first, just to make sure it's something that I like before I make it permanent by gluing it onto the scalp. So you, of course, can do whatever you want, but they gluing it on with the gun is quicker, but it's not necessarily as efficient. - I think putting this one down right here cut backwards because I don't want the glue of the left to show you have to do that backwards in order to hide it. So I'm just kind of glowing this stand on backwards right here and then when I style her hair, it's going to come forward and said it backwards like this, but it's going that forward motion is going to hide the glue, and that's exactly what you're gonna do with your part as well as you're going to glue it backwards to what you The way you've been glowing everything else and that's going to kind of cover of it. What you've been gluing. I'm going to start working on her part. I'm going to do what I did appear front ankle backwards like this. Just try and keep here left up out of the glue. And that's the trickiest part. Is making sure you don't the hero tacky glue glue that done really well. So, uh, stays put even though it's going caught backwards to everything else. And then just try and kind of to go the direction you want it. Teoh. You're probably not gonna want to set it down on the good quite yet because it is really wet. Um, but, uh, that's the way you want to go. So now I'm going to do the exact same thing right here. In truth, it's just a little bit bit. That's more sites that I want. And then I'm going to light down right along the part right here, then going to do that, you know, I'm going to need 2% toothpick. Make sure it's got a pretty solid hold on that glue there. Just this part here. Use this kind of feeling over here. No trauma s. You can see if this this is that kind of an awkward angle, but we're going to just fill in. The gaps up here were created by, um by gluing that opposite to what you would originally included, as I will do the same with this left right here by going it. Okay. Along here. Suppressive, countin. That's going to go that way eventually. When the time comes and the place. - Okay . You know, I'm just filling in gaps where I feel like it needs a little bit more coverage. All right, there is your wig for now. Or been What a drag. So it's been about 12 hours, and I've let this rig go ahead and dry fully. And so now I'm going to show you how we take it off of the plastic. Tell you what that looks like. So I'm just gonna take my scissors and just cut the rubber band that's up against her neck here. Well, in the plastic bag, we're just gonna take it on, and this looks pretty dry. Everything looks pretty clear, but you might find, as you take it off that there is a little bit of white still inside. And that's OK. As long as it's you could feel kind of like a hard cap underneath the yarn. That's what you're looking for. So you're just gonna gently pull that your with and pull the plastic away And what you're left with is just a little a little wig with that kind of a hard glue cap on the inside. And now I'm just going to set this aside and let it continue to dry before I glue it on your head just cause you want that as solid as possible and you don't want the shape to get messed up. But I'm just going to really quickly check and see how it fits onto her head. And it does. It looks like it fits really well. So you're in good shape, and I'm just gonna set that aside. Never gonna move onto the face of portion of this course. So I will see you guys in the next segment. 5. Body Blushing and Contouring: Okay, welcome back. So this is the blushing portion of the course. What blushing is is it's just kind of taking and using your pastels to make sure that the tone of your body is the color that you want. For example, hers is to ping and for what I'm going for. So I'm going to need to bring into more of a neutral skin tone, and it's also adding the shading and the blushing of, you know, parts of the body. That would be a little bit maybe a little bit rose. You're like elbows and knees and stuff like that to where you want them to be. The brush I'm gonna be using for this is this makeup brush that I showed you in the supplies portion and the makeup brushes air just really nice because they're super soft until they give you more of an even blend to your blushes. I've got a color chart here, and what I wanted to show you was so her skin is is right along this color right here, this pink color. And so the way that you kind of neutralize it a tone is by doing the complementary color. So right across here. I've got the green right here. So what I'm gonna need to use in order to neutralize that pink tone to more of Ah, neutral skin tone is green. And so I've got these two pastels right here. Just some kind of pale greens. I'm just going Teoh get myself a little bit of the greens hostile right here on my little piece of sandpaper. Then you don't need to have sandpaper. You could just draw right here on a piece of paper and get pastel built up for you. So what I'm gonna be doing it is just using these pastels to neutralize the peak. We're gonna start with the body, and then we'll move on to the face, start with this lighter tone, and then you just start flushing. And if you've got enough of your Mr Super clear on the body, it should pick this hostile up really well. But you will have to build it up a little violent. That's the way you've got to do it with these pastels is just build it up by layers. That screen is just a quick you get Dr Truer. Greene said something a little bit closer to this screen right here, which I've got this car. That's more thing that you don't want is you don't want her turning green, especially if you're going for it more of a neutral skin tone. But you do want to kind of cancel out that pink because it's a little too pink, at least for me. I don't really like how I think it is. But one thing you can do, you can take it. You've been add a little bit of maybe a little bit a brown with it to kind of balance out the green, warm it up just a little bit. A lot of it is really just kind of playing around with colors until you find what's working , what's gonna work. Best reader, particular lift for the natural color of your particular dull. It's out of the working. I've got this cool brown that I'm gonna try on and see how mixing a little bit with it of it with the green helps to even out skin tone because she's got this. But I want her skin tone to go well with your hair color, and so we're just gonna try and cool it down a bit on that actually looks like it's working really well. So I think I might just stick with that instead. So mixing a little bit of greeting with the Brown looks like it's cooling down this pain really well. So the key is not using straight green. Otherwise, just gonna look great, but adding the skin tone that you want with the green to kind of neutralize that pink. And I feel like that's working really well, actually. Now some people will just take, and I've done this before where they'll just take some acrylic paint and just paint the whole body the color that they want. And you can absolutely do that. I prefer the blushing, though, cause I feel like it looks more kind of has more of an artistic look to it. But but it's really up to you what you but you want to do. I also like the more organic look of it for fear tones, kind of like a more rustic artistic look to it. I know not everybody is like that. Some people might like more of a clean look, but I kind of like, um, this look of of art I like the imperfection of it. So So this area, right here on her body, that's just a little bit more saturated, the colors liberal Saturday, it doesn't really bother me. I kind of like like that cause it makes it look more bohemian old, antique ish, and that's kind of my style. But you decide what you like. If you want a cleaner styled and you want to kind of spread your color a little bit more, even the other thing that I recommend is while you're experimenting, trying to figure things out. That's why I start on the body first, because the body isn't as visible or as important as the face. So I kind of do my trial and error on the body first to figure out what works best and then I'll go with and work on the face. And so I recommend that you do that as well. Just cause it it tends to usually work out better that way, and you save your best work for the face instead of kind of messing up on the base. Bruce. Okay, now we're going to be working on is highlights and low lights, and I think I wanna warm her up just a little bit. So I think I'm gonna choose a little bit more warmth in her her low light as well as her highlight and going to go with Dr Brown on a want like a warmer doctor. Thank you. You mix that with a little bit of marble kind of terra cotta. I'm going to add peach blush. I want to get our highlight, Mr Like flesh toned color. All right, So clean your blush. Fresh as best. You can get a fresh set of colors, man. Start blushing. That blush contra color. Just adding just a little bit of the blush into kind of picking it up shoulders. Anything that kind of bends, you're gonna want to brush up a little bit. You look a little bit more hand painted dollars that you were, You know, seeing more artistic camping to go bend those knees to get right into those joints, do a little bit around the ankles, joint the toes. I always pick up the toes on the other side. The rest area area. I do a little bit of a different thing. Ensure the girls area. Uh, you have a regular indenture thing. Hey, so sure you can see how this thinking is? I kind of just making it look a little bit more rosy. That's what we're going for. Is this in a rosy look that you see on dolls? A lot. Gives it more of a statistic. Somewhat realistic. Look, I think so. Now I'm going to do the contrary with just the shading, and that's gonna be anywhere. And the body that goes in I'm gonna be putting some shaving. - Okay . Body looks nice and contoured. 6. Blushing and Contouring the Face: start with shading on her face. Start of course, in the eye area that to be nice and con cave. Okay, now I'm gonna go with a smaller brush and got this little more flat edged brush that I'm gonna be using to do a little bit more shading on her face. Such as under the nose, around the mouth, you shading and through there a little bit under the lip here. And then we're going to start doing I'm sure you've seen on Pinterest store just online, Um, kind of the contouring for makeup we're gonna want to be doing the exact same thing with the dollface is to kind of give it more depth. We're gonna be doing the same country as you see on a like a makeup diagram started a base of the hairline, just kind of put in that shading right through there come years down around the jaw line area here because before anything that should be going back, they're gonna want to do the low lights, you know, around the neck, the bottom of the next back there behind the years. Get your dark, darkest color back in there. I see her face is becoming a lot even more. Three D. Um, you know, I take your more flat edge brush, and we're gonna do under the cheekbone editing, right? You're there. Kind of sculpt that a little bit more, giving more of you good, hollow cheek right there. By the years, - at this point, I kind of like to maybe any. What kind of hair is just sketching a little bit of the eyebrow so that when it comes time , Teoh, I use my pencils on that area. Kind of have a little bit of a template to go with for an idea of where he wanted to be, an expression that I wanted to have. Okay, so now we're going to do is we're going Teoh, hit their brush Rush back up. I'm gonna just kind of sweep over. Get any excess out, huh? No. Take our blush really lightly with the bless. You kind of want to start, Definitely start like taking in stages with a blush. You should take it up a little bit into the eyes because you're gonna do highlights that. Anyway, how much? Bless you. Use really depends on the kind of character that you're trained Teoh come up with. I usually put some on the tip of the nose appear and then over the lips just thinking about it. Take a brush that's somewhat clean and kind of sweep over the whole face and get all the excess. And then I would take a smaller brush and clean it off as best I can as well. And then I'm going to start doing the highlights on her face. All the highlights were gonna be anything that comes out of the faces where you're gonna want to highlight. So the front part of the forehead down the bridge of the nose, apple of the chin, the cheekbone top of the cheekbone here, just below the eye. Do the top of the lip right through there came to the nose. You see, we're getting more of a three d Look on her face here. More of a contoured look. Don't worry if it's not looking as contrary as you like, because again, this is all layers were doing all of this in layers and also a cure on the ground bones. It's a good place to put a highlight helps you kind of sculpt out the the eyebrow a little bit more. One more low light in here. - I'm gonna take it even smaller, fresh, and just get that peachy blush color. And I'm gonna just focus just on the little lips here. Yeah, that picks up nice. It's kind of what you're doing. Where is that little bit of pinking there. And then we'll do a little bit more in the blush area cheeks just to get that little bit more, because a lot of it's gonna fade once we go on, put our first coat of Mr Super clear to hold what we've done here in place. You get this job, I know that we're over here on the sides, fading that caved and cheek and oh, I like that. So now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go and spray these with my first coat of Mr Super clear. And then after gonna let that drive for about 40 minutes and then I'm gonna come back and do another coat of detail, though I will see you back here in just a little bit 7. Layering and Adding Freckles: Okay, So my first coat of Mr Super Clear is dried, and now I'm gonna start layering again. So I'm just gonna keep on smoothing out the tone, trained fix any mistakes I had in the last time. Okay, so there she is, nice and blushed. I feel like her body and her face match. Very well. I'm gonna take my smaller brush here to do a little bit more. Highlights fire highlights on the nose and on the brow bone. Right here. Here on top of it. Okay, Chief, Everybody welcome back. So I put on another coat of the Mr Super clear. And now I've decided that I want my little doll to have freckles. And so I'm gonna teach you how to do freckles. I'm so over here. I've got a little bit of gua sh Just a brown wash mixed with some water, and you want it to be a fairly liquidy consistency. You want a pretty pretty wet, and it doesn't have to be quashed. It can be just varnished. This is a acrylic wash. So it's permanent. But you can just use regular quote acrylic paint. You can use acrylic ink. All those things would work. And all you're gonna do is you're just gonna take I've got this old toothbrush here. I'm just gonna get some of this Go wash on the tip of my toothbrush and I'm gonna test it by just kind of running my thumb along it over here, see out spatters, and then I'm going to just hold it over her body and we're gonna start with her body first and just do the same thing and to give her some freckles, let's make sure that it's not human. Entered a weird angle so that she gets spirits, watches. There's her little freckles on the way. That's the way it looks with the hair. And I really like how that's looking. So I'm going to keep it high month. This is drying in a sprayer again with the Mr Super clear. And then we'll come back and we will start working on the details. 8. Eyes (Part 1): All right. Welcome back, everybody. So now it is time to start on the actual details of the face. And so I'm going to get going on that. And I got on my color pencil set of out here, Decided to have blue eyes. So I've got my various shades of blue and I got a couple of different shades of red and pink lips and brushes. I details. That's a white water clear pencil. I've got a Blackwater toy pencil in red pencil and then a few other cars for shading and other things like that. So I'm going to start with my dark brown Here. Start with eyes are tricky part, probably the part where I get the most nervous because the eyes will make or break your dog . And so it's worth taking the time necessary to make straight as possible. Just start by outlining the upper lip. Work on bull's eyes at the same time because I feel like that makes them the most even that was pretty. Try and stay out of the way here so you could see this. I'm going to take my blue, my dark. Just realize I'm going to like these when she had the irises in there. It's going to show your ice. The outline of your eyes is big enough or not. You have to go back working. Okay, I coming on way. I do my eyes as I take them from the outside in working with the darkest to lightest. First, make the shading darker, up, up, top more, and I will kind of work lightly down around black people. You want that things are even passable. What water Karpin's will here, Just like my people. I started feeling good. Moore's lighter. There's lightening things up. I think I want a little trick Ways in. There's going Teoh trick wise. What brings in a lot more light in those things? This is something that you usually have to get on. Well, no, to get down in there tight, too. Make sure that those details are even kind of like what? So far take this later. Vitus Flu people. This is a blend cut, moving, cover around. Oops, some some colors show up better than others. He is just working it, working it and being as patient as possible. So there's that's how far gone so far in the eyes. I actually pretty happy with how they're coming along. I'm just gonna keep on layering and the effect that I want his eyes. No. You know, for this. So I take my wife white sturgeon lining around the iris, ate the white of the eye area. He sees the light watercolor tensile that I'm using here. The main reason why you're able to draw on this final and have it show up with color pencils and this watercolor pencils is only because you used that Mr Super cleared. Mr. Super Clear is what makes it possible for you to be doing this and so I can't recommend it Enough. It's really great. Silin. Come on. I'm gonna take out my dark blue again, and I'm going to carefully outlining irises again. - Okay , e add a little bit more of this awkward in there. It's just that, uh, detail and riding in their colors. I really loved ice blue. Also like that Don't work. Okay, that's pretty good. And I also like to kind of you said change to sort of blood things a little better. So here I so far cover coming together. Now. I'm gonna take my this is a French grade. 50% French. Great. I'm gonna use it a little bit more in the detail around her eyes. You re a little lid here. That will take a piece more defined. Okay? No, I want to take my black water toy pencil here. It's going to help. - Finishes are always a little bit treating that What helps the most is to have a really shirt pencil shaper. Those refuse coming along well, more your details coming together? No. The people here wearing black distinguish where we want the lights. Eyes to keep. Okay, just let this the eyes alone for a minute. 9. Eyes (Part 2) and Other Features: nostrils a little bit. One house, a little shape. I'm gonna take my I want her lips to look natural, but I also wanted to have a little bit of colors. I'm gonna adding this and then blending it a soft pink. And I mean, you can completely change the color Are the shit hole shape of her lips if you want to. Um, but the thing that I like to sit there iss the shape that's already there to help you. You're not really comfortable painting that little now that there's something there to follow along with. So that's really nice as well. From having these dolls had such great detail molds her little lips right now is this Dan, I'm going to add a little bit lighter. Take my red pencil in their depth. I'm gonna take care. I'm going to 1/4. I do. You water planus? All right. No, again. Now, this is where I like to use. My liquid acrylics is I'll take my white. I might. Golden acrylic cures were at a little bit. Get me my finest detail brush, and then you don't have to spend very much money on these. It's time to really those white. You don't want too much. You just want justice back in the people's last time paid stink. I'm doing this because I'm going to be putting on fake clashes, which was totally optional. I have to do that, but I'm just something that I like to do. So this is where we are right now. You know, I'm going to take my payment in small tip Quiet to highlights. Rise. Friends exact since signs. Otherwise there's problems sometimes two. Pickle coming on hand to do the smooth dipped into my white My life paint there too little one, right? I think. What did it? We're highlight. I think she's coming to get a phone now tick and I'm going to draw in my my brows when we started this light trench grade consulting going to start by, lined up here longer in and do the same thing over here. - Well , we will take our dark ground just creating just gentle strokes to create a hair like you. You need to give them make you go contraction him. Here's her little things so far, really liking your trier her face with your wig. See how she's looking here. And I like her a lot. Just looking pretty cute. So, yeah, experience working on these highlights. - I think that was pretty close to being done. I'm feeling pretty good. Good about it. So now what I'm going to do, I'm going, Teoh help. Just a little bit Work highlighting. Just like longer cheeks here. It's kind of like a little bit of sparkling cheeks. I think about it. Cheeks news. - Okay , All right. Now trained on the wigging in. Okay, She's looking really cute now, So here she is. I'm happy with your face. I'm not gonna do anything. Work to it. 10. Face Up Extras: No. What I want to do is I want to go ahead 10 lashes. And again, this is an optional part. You don't have to do eyelashes. Got these? Just these kiss eyelashes. I got about TVs blue going to use for them. Multi surface it, he said, because it helps me stick to plastic. Very dries clear tweezers. If you want your desk. And I like to use these kind of curved tree spears, we're gonna do that, just sticking with the short ones. If you can get even extra short, that's even better. So I'm gonna do is I'm just going to dip a little in a little glue, not too much. And then I'm just going to tax them where you want them. Just leave in there for a minute. This is probably the biggest pain of the whole project is putting on the eyelashes. I will end up trimming these later. Just monitor it. Those flashes dry, going to get out this glossy accents. Just just give the areas of your up your face that would originally be a little bit wet to give them more of a wet look. You look just a little bit more really Well, sub sealed them so that the work that you've done on rises protected, that's always a good thing. Okay, I'm going, Teoh, get the same thing with your looks and look a little wet. Okay, so she's done, and now I'm gonna do is I'm going to go out and I'm going to spray the super garnish one time. 11. Putting It All Together: All right. Welcome back, everyone. So our doll's face up is complete. She's been afraid with the Mr Super clear to seal everything. And now I just need to trim her little eyelashes and then put on her wig. So I'm gonna just take my scissors to do the trimming of her eyelashes and we're just going Teoh just kind of go at an angle like this and just kind of do a little, um, just I don't want to all be just kind of straight across. They just want Teoh kind of be a little bit further to be a little bit more variation in them. Here we go. There's one side, and now we're going to We're kind of doing a up and out sort of a look for her right here. So going to do the same thing over here? We're just kind of quite cutting for a minute. We get the longest link that we want in there. We're gonna take it in about right, and there she is. So now I'm going to take her head off of the pencil and I'm going to carefully squeeze it a little bit, as I put it back on to her body. You're just squeezing it so you can get that little T piece over the top of it. But you also don't want to break the seal up here, Mr. Super Clear. You might get a little bit of cracking, but just you know, it's all in the gentle squeezing. There we go. OK, now we've got her in back up a bit. Center next. Like that. It should be. Her body is all set, and now it's time to glue on her wig. I'm just gonna test it out, See where I want her hair to go and to sit. And I wanted it to be a side part, so I want to make sure that her little heart, their wrists over to the side and that looks really good. I like that. You know, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take my glue and I've got this ultimate Multiservice adhesive. You could also use superglue where you can also use your hot movement. And I'm just going Teoh, escort this inside of the wig, Do my best not to touch any of the outside here. I'm going to get all around this little well you kept that we've made. See? That's what I mean by not touching your hair. Just gonna cut off this. But here, so it doesn't stick to the wig. Nakedness of the hear it all. So over there can't leave. And then I'm going to you gently put her wig on with the part where I wanted it. After this site, I'm just gonna hold that they're all around her head to make sure it seals everywhere. I wanted to win that. That glue gets a good hold on her. It's already starting to harden and stick. So that's good. Then I'm going to take a cut off a little bit of these. That's a heart from when we're making the way just to clean up her wake a little bit. So far, so good. There's her hair and a side swept a little bit, which I like. It's more that more free, and I really like how she's turned out. She's pretty cute, I think so. There's her little here, all done. It will continue to harden as the glue dries. - There she is. I think she's pretty cute. I will meet you guys back here in a minute, and we'll wrap things up. Oh, 12. Old Dolls New Art2 Farewell 480: All right, everyone. That is the end of this segment of my turn your old dolls into Newark. Serious here and still share. Thank you so much for joining me. I hope you had a ton of fun creating this little bohemian girl with me or whatever you chose to create with your own doll. I hope that this opens up so many possibilities for you in your character building of these alter dolls. I have one more class coming in this particular Siri's. There may be more on altering, but this just of the basics that this one is all about continuing to create your characters through costumes. So stay tuned. Thank you so much for joining me here. If you are interested. I have many more classes here and skill share on art and also someone writing. And there will be many more to come. Please feel free to follow me or leave a review If you like this class or if you didn't like this class, that always helps me to become a better instructor as well. And it also helps others who are looking to find my glasses. So your support would be really appreciated. So thanks again and take care