Turn Exercise Into a Habit: A Step-By-Step Guide to Habit Formation

Catrinel Girbovan, Life and Business Coach, PhD

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13 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Physical Activity Guidelines

    • 3. Defining Your Why

    • 4. Basics of Habit Formation

    • 5. Developing a Move More Mindset

    • 6. Starting Small

    • 7. Make Getting Started Easier

    • 8. Indicators of Progress

    • 9. When Should You Exercise?

    • 10. Tracking Progress

    • 11. Exercising - Before / During / After

    • 12. Summary and Class Project

    • 13. Conclusion

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About This Class


As the New Year approaches, many people will set New Year’s resolutions. One of the most common aspirations is to exercise more. Unfortunately, many people give up on pursuing their resolution within a month of the New Year. Why is that?

This class will tackle the most common setbacks people face when attempting to turn exercise into a habit and will provide a clear plan as to how you can make exercise part of a healthier lifestyle this year. The methods described in this class are scientifically proven to facilitate your journey.

What will you learn?

Topics addressed in this class include:

  • What are the healthy guidelines on physical activity
  • Defining your why
  • The 3R’s of Habit Formation – The Habit Loop
  • Developing a move more mindset
  • Finding your favorite type of physical activity
  • Starting small
  • Developing a ritual
  • Implementation intentions
  • Indicators of progress
  • When to exercise to facilitate habit formation
  • Tracking your activity levels
  • Social support
  • Exercising – Before, During & After
  • Next steps – the domino effect of habits

Who is this class for?

This class is for anyone that may have tried to incorporate regular exercise into their lives and has previously failed at making the behavior stick or who would like to make a healthier lifestyle a priority this year.

For additional information regarding how best to form habits, including a scientific breakdown of habit formation, I encourage you to take my class "Creating Habits That Stick - A Step-By-Step Guide".

Additionally, if you struggle with procrastination and would like to facilitate your journey in making this habit stick, I encourage you to take my introductory classes "Learn How to Motivate Yourself: Master Self-Discipline and Get Things Done" and "Turning Procrastination into Productivity".

See you in class!