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Turkish Language Course - Meeting People

teacher avatar Nejla Z., Manager of Information Technologies

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 2m)
    • 1. Merhaba

    • 2. Major vowel harmony

    • 3. Minor vowel harmony

    • 4. Practıcal notes on vowel harmony

    • 5. Consonant harmony

    • 6. Questions

    • 7. Vocabulary - Antonyms

    • 8. Vocabulary - Animals

    • 9. Meeting People

    • 10. Excercise

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About This Class

class description

Learn to write, speak and understand Turkish language quickly and easily!

Turkish language course is a complete course for beginners in spoken and written Turkish. It is suitable for those who wish to acquire a small amount of the language to get the most out of a visit to Turkey. It is also ideal for those who require a deeper knowledge of the language in order to communicate effectively in a range of everyday situations.

We assume no previous knowledge of foreign language learning and avoid grammatical terminology where possible. Where such terms are unavoidable, we explain them in plain lay English. Completing this course will give you an intermediate-level knowledge of both spoken and written Turkish. We have designed this course for self-tuition and so it is wholly self-contained.

Course is made of 9 carefully graded and interlocking sections, which all are divided here in so called classes. Each class include one section which is continue of previous one, and it starts with the dialogue, accompanied by simple comprehension questions and notes about the language or Turkish culture. Further you have grammar lessons, where language points are explained, using plenty of examples to illustrate them. The exercises which follow are an essential part of each unit. Open-ended questions have been avoided so you can complete all the exercises using just the answer key. Each unit ends with a second, shorter dialogue which is linked to the opening one.

For self-study we recommend that you use additional documents provided in the section "Class Project".

We introduce the bricks and mortar of Turkish in small, digestible chunks and they are essential to allow you to communicate further.

After completing this course you will be able to:

Communicate in a variety of everyday situations
Have a knowledge of the major grammar points of Turkish
Master everyday situations in a Turkish speaking countries
Communicate accurately what you want to say
Develop you reading, writing, speaking and listening skills
Talk Turkish easy and fluently
Turkish language course covers all four basic skills: speaking, reading, writing and listening. It is not important if you are a complete beginner or you want to prepare yourself for the business trip or vacation, or you don’t have to time to spent on different classes, through this course you can determine your own pace of learning and to become fluent speaker of Turkish language.

So, if after reading this description you realize that this course is for you than enroll, enjoy learning and of course after completing course, speak Turkish language.

Görüşürüz! :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nejla Z.

Manager of Information Technologies


Bachelor of Management of Information Technologies
International Burch University
Oct 2013 - Jun 2016

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1. Merhaba : Hello guys. This action is every next one will start with a conversation and then we'll have grammar lessons. Conversation were in Turkish Cornish Ma This commish Ma is called picnic Varma. So let's see what we have here. Charities On holiday she goes into the local grocers to buy some food to make breakfast. She's going to use the Turkish she learned So this is her dialogue with tobacco. Karen Marhaba United offended Icmec Martoma Watch Beat AC Makhlouf Son Boehner Salama Selome the souk Design me jugs. I use grams. Did you crude thing Sabia Panda, you should be eating Varma you She's dating York CIA Bosch Picky Use Garm loot. So this was the dialogue off the Karen and back. Oh, in the grocer's shop. Now let's see which words we have here. So united would be world warning. The call is a grocer attendant is Madame or sir EC Mac bread. VOD theories Bajema easier be it one you turn, please. This No. What? Salam Salami, Souk? Garlic sausage. Do you sad? Nice joke. Baddie Use 100 gram grab. They'll be Certainly Of course. Is 18 all of York There isn't in paki. Ok, D up to resell conversation and a vocabulary we have in this conversation. We will now have a few so large or questions about the die. Look up there. So you need to ask for under following question. And the questions are EC Mick, Fatma, Salam Varma, your She's dating bar. CIA has 80 varma. So if you read, I look up here again. You will see this. Indeed, I would. You have us with this question? You only need to transfer which bar or yack on. Good luck. See you in the next list. 2. Major vowel harmony: Hi, everyone, welcome again to Turkish language course. Today we are going to talk about what will harmony well. Harmony is one of the most fundamental and important aspects of Turkey's grammar. Turkey's words generally will be to level harmony rules called the major level harmony and the minor level harm. These rules changed the vocals in the suffixes added towards Ah, good. Understanding off these rules is necessary to be able to use suffixes, hands toe, be able to make correct and meaningful sentences. So let me introduce you with a meter wall, harmony in Turkish language, major global harmony or in Turkish do you could do you more before we start with major woeful Hominy rules will state some important facts about global harmonies. There is no wall. Harmony is monosyllabic words and compound words. Suffixes are determined according to the last level in the word, the word obeying major global harmony. Even Warren has only saw or on the hard Robles we will see later what is tough and hardball's. The major global harmony concerns all the walls in the word together and now what? I already mentioned the eight levels in the Turkish off of it are separated into two groups . Cold, hard levels and so falls. Here are four hard walls in Fort Suttles. So hard ball was our, uh oh, or who and soft rubles are e e over who? What we have to mention is that worth of Turkish origin. Generally not always have all hard Orel soft walls. This is just a generalization that you want use for constructing Turkish words and sentences worth that have hard and soft balls together are set wildly to the major wobble harmony, a word that violates the major will. Harmony probably has been adopted from another language or has been changed in the lifetime of the Turkish language. Now we'll see that each off the hard levels are, uh, hard contra bars. One soft wool envy Sivarasa. Following these full wobbles can be feared. We Devere counterparts as follows Hard. Uh, he's a counterpart Soft. He's a, uh e. Or uh, Now we'll see some word examples that will be major will harmony rules. And those are I don't Look, uh, these are all hard wellness. Then we have binger you all soft levels. Said Jack. Uh ah, all hard walls that he it all softballs, and we can see that a Turkish word is either, Ah, hard word or a soft word, depending on eat Last Waldo, So f is a soft word sees its last and only level. It is a soft global off me. He's a hard word since last buckle. He's a hard mobile. God is a soft board, the last one A is a self trouble. Now little big practice after theory. I will give you a few minutes to try to guess if the following words are hard or soft and then I will read you Correct answers. So here you go, the doctor. - So how lucky you will you work? We'll see now. So correct. Answer our mess like he's a soft word. Aduba. He's a hard word. So Yeh MK saw You know, im said, Saw job, book Heart. Now what we need to know. He's what major war will Harmony stays. Is that any suffix? A pendant toe, a hard wobble to a hard word must have hard rules. Any suffix appended to a soft word must have soft schools. As an example to this rule, let's consider several suffixes in the next lines. We'll start with infinitely or muster in Turkish suffixes for infinity or must are back. You are Mark and Mac, and examples would be beaten back to finish all mark to become Oslin back to me. I'm Lemack Toe understand e non mark to believe or to trust. Bilic Talic, FC There is no exact translation for this group of suffixes, but the rock translation would be suffixes for coupling with some or something or something . And those are Ella or let La, Ella, Ella and examples for these group of soup boxes and hardness or softness of the words would be dead. Then he left that them because we have to e which are all soft rules. We'll go eat less so the world would be the Dambulla or with my grandfather. And we have guitar, Ella, he thought, because last one is all it is as we already a Warren hard word. So we will add law and we will get get get Tarawa with a guitar or biting stuff. Nice group of suffixes are self sexist by which we nique plural off denounce. And, uh, those suffixes are latte or law and examples for do so fixes as you can see here are resting arrestee because we have e and it as a soft Robles, we will add lack because it is also a softball. So we will get arresting laugh, which means pictures and second example East Dua, because, or and are our old hard Robles mobile ads Also Hardball's. So it will be do a lot, which means blast things as the end. We have group off locations, so fixes and those are the the the law medical sound like this, for example, alphabet. Because a is a soft wiggle, add also they because a is a self, so we will get all public or in the alphabet and second example, we have netted it. Oil added a because off do A that you already have either the soft word Netta, which means at which please or where this is all pretty structure and what I have to highlight for you not to worry ease that all of these suffixes will work separately. One time comes this examples are just to go to a global harmony, which is very important part in Turkish language. As I already mentioned at the beginning of the lecture, I hope you get to this one and see later in the next lecture where you will where will go to reminder Global harmony. Course you come. 3. Minor vowel harmony: Hi guys. Welcome again to Turkish language course. Today we're continue with woeful harmonies and we will talk about minor rubble harmony today and to repeat from last time. Whoa harmonies one off the most fundamental and important aspect off Turkish grammar. Turkish words generally obi doable. Harmon rules called the major mobile harmony and the minor rubble harmony more important than the words of being these rules. There are always these rules change the levels in the suffixes added towards ah, good. Understanding off these rules is necessary to be able to use suffixes hands to be able to make correct and meaningful sentences. We saw last time that eight bubbles in the Turkish alphabet are divided into two groups as hard and soft wobbles. Beside these grouping, the eight vocals are divided into two groups according to their shape as brown bubbles in flat Mobil's. There are four flat and poor round global's ah walls. Being round or flat is actually determine from the shape off the mount, one pronouncing that wobble, but it can also be seen in the shape off the capital letters harmonizing worse, According to these rules, he's called minor rubble harmony or in Turkish future. You, William. We will now see what are which are flat and which are round bowls. So flat balls are Ah, e uh, e in round global's are Or do you So let's continue. A Turkish word is ida around word or a flat word, depending on eighth last wobble. So AB is a flat word since its last and Onley wobble a He's a flat global Oh, cool is around Word sees its last level is around world Vogel. God, that is a flat word since its last global a ease a flat wobble. Again, as in previous lesson, you have a chance to test yourself and to see Did you yet minor rubble harmony. So you again will have help off a minute to see if worried, he's a flat or round. And then I will give you right and sores. So here you go, - now bigger of ill Miss Lick sweat Ariba Fled Gives that yeh MK flat Gudermes elect checkbook round in the next years lines we'll see some rules that minor rubble Harmony state and first of them ease If a suffix starting with e is added to ah heart and wrong word the E in the suffix becomes example for these rule ease word local which means school. It is ah, hard wobble Suffix we'll add, is in which gives the meaning. My So my school would be aqua will seize the suffix in changes according Toa wobble harmonies, and becomes so Aquaman. Second role would be if a suffix starting with E is added to a soft and round board. The E in Pacific's becomes you example for this would be word you're which means Rose suffix will add is also in, which gives the meaning My So my rose would be guild Um since the suffix am changes according Toa global harmonies and becomes Whom. So it will not be guru, it will be Gillham. It will not be gilding. It will be guilty since the aim changes according to the minor rebel harmony and made a role harmony and becomes Yeah, One more example. We will see how it functioned toe add suffix according to the major and minor role harmonies simultaneously. So we have words Tickle aka which means chocolate in pastor, which means Jake the work on Gina Kolata in pasta. We have four possible suffixes, so Le Lee Who? And Blue. So what is the last word of Chocolat? It is Ah. So ah is a hard mobile Therefore led and new are eliminated as first you toe e And because they are soft wobbles and are is a hard level then ah is a flat global. Therefore a little is eliminated because oh, he's around global or we have another strategy. Ah is a flat global Therefore aloof and new are eliminated this first because oh, and around walls. So Allah end Lee remained. And because ah is a hard mobile. E is a soft the only one Authorities look so we will get Jekyll, Attila faster or chocolate cake. I hope that's after this example. Now it is even more clear than earlier and that you understand. But of course you will have chance the test your cell in the quizzes you confined in the course Satirical. So that's yourself and see did you get the point? And of course, if you have any questions or some misunderstandings, you can always contact me. Try my me or you damage account. Thank you for listening and see later in the next lectures 4. Practıcal notes on vowel harmony: Hi, everyone. Welcome to Turkish language course again. Today we will continue with global harmonies and again we will repeat. Wall harmony is one of the most fundamental and important aspect off Turkish gramma thirtyish worth general, you'll be to global harmony rules called the major Woman harmony and the minor bubble harmony. These rules change the levels in the suffixes added to words. A good understanding of these rules is necessary to be able to use the taxes hands to be able to make correct and meaningful sentences into these less than well state some notes on global harmony. So let's start as far as well. Harmony is concerned. We can separate all the suffixes in Turkish into two main groups. Thinking in terms off these two cases simplifies these seemingly complicated rules and these are case one the suffixes with first global e, which are e the your in in and case do so fixes would first bubble a the suffixes you the then and ED IQ also fixes which first normal e u fall into the first group and they are a different forms of thes case modified according to wobble Hominy rules, so you can see some example here below Endo's are Belen, my honey, my hope. Sen If, um my class bean my tongue Someone my left Gerson My I a cool um, my school and June my grape also fixes with first bottle a ah fall into the second group. And they are different forms of these case modified according to all harmony rules. And some example for this case would be Arab a done from the car, every then from home copper done from the door. Then he's then from the sea, sold, done from the left just then from the I are cool done from school Koppett done from the door Note that no suffix has all or who as the first mobile Actually no suffix has the letter o in it and there is only one so fix that has the bubble This is the suffix for present continuous tense and it is your and this all in this suffix does not change According toa any wobble Harmon murals Examples are buckle Your you see it is looking tell your he's coming secure is squeezing Bill er each knows course you are is running get a yacht East thing boehlje east finding and you New York is laughing. Of course, we'll do the stents when it comes to the dances, but it is just to see how it functions and suffixes. And these group of suffixes, because and related to global harmony rules Pacific's is in Jay's. One are effect is from booted, the major world harmony and the minor bubble harmony. For example, the suffix D can become the the do or do, depending on the word at which it is a pendant. We had example below here, and those are added. The found Gedi came curd. The broke big new sold left you're do I mean bolder found. And so should you get Coke. As you can see, sure, the translation of these words that I just run red. Those are Boston's off the works, but off course, as I already mentioned, we will do dances separately. So don't worry. We will cover everything later during the course difference. Indifference from the suffixes in case one of the cervix is engaged toe are affected by only the major wobble harmony room. The minor rubble harmony is not related to this case off success. For example, the suffix Eric can become Eric or Iraq, depending on the word at which it is a pendant. So it will be back A rock with looking sad Iraq Week loving Cicak with squeezing Bill Arak with knowing, knowing, going Korshak with running geodetic. We've seen Wardak with hip thing and BUE Karak with bending with this slide will finish the day lesson and these were notes under global Hominy rules. This is all for this lecture. But I have to ask you something. I want to ask you the one word words Yohannan slides off course will have a cavalier vocabulary lectures separately. But more words you weren't quicker. You will learn some language and start to speak it. So please, it is desirable off their ever lecture toe. Learn a lot or if you're not able some of the words we mentioned here. So till the next time, grocers 5. Consonant harmony: Hi guys. Here we go again, says the Turkish is all about harmonies after we finish rubble Harmony. Today I'm presenting you that at a confident harmony beside the bottle. Harmony rules. There are other basic rules that affect the way suffixes are used. A level following an adder is never allowed in Turkish. So remember, ah wobble following another is never allowed in Turkish and they are also avoided the situations when they a cure as a result of at Earls. But we'll talk about it later. There are also rules about constant harmony that make some continents change in certain cases. So let's eat well. Harmony rules cause the wobbles of suffixes to be modified when they are added. To some words, there are similar rules about Constant's. However, you may feel that all these rules are to many just for a simple star. Then I advise you to or meet the constant and harmony rules. When you want to see or write something just for the beginning, you will still be understood. Constanta Harmony is mainly for making speech more fluent. It doesn't have a major affect on understand ability. You will eventually learn these if you decide to continue learning Turkish as you read sentences or released into Turkish speakers. And of course, there are two different cases of constant harmony. 1st 1 is either the last constant off the main word changes. Or in the second case, the first consul in off the suffix changes. The trouble making constants in this case are, uh, uh, income. We have first case, which is word mutation. And there are two conditions that must be satisfied for word mutation to a cure. And those are you have a word ending with one off butcher and you want to add this word a so fix that starts with a wobble. If the word has Onley one Silom ble like such, you are safe. The word usually doesn't change. So we have stature. He's her east here and suffer to the handle. However, if the word has more than one style herbal than the constant at the end usually changes, so per becomes. But jer becomes Joe, the becomes the and cook becomes Oh, and here are some examples Cities hot will become odjidja to the tree. Want me add suffix off, Shut up when we add Pacific's UN will become shot up on off the wine in frustration coat When the ads topics are will become college, State of paper and we're a dake When we add work, so fix a it will become gay. Yeah, student here As for any rule, there are exceptions. There are exceptions the water this single salable and multiple salable cases mentioned about for example cup When we add Sophie's aw will become Kaba to the container and thought when we add sulfites in will become Sarti the clocks one We have to note here that you should still learn and apply the rules dough They are not too many off these exceptions and second case is just so fix mutation for the stiffest mutation All Also two conditions must be satisfied 1st 1 ease, uh, that you have a word and me with one off? Uh, sure. Uh uh huh. And sure you want to add this word a suffix that starts with J or the in this case, the first ladder off the constant changes. So Joe becomes true and the becomes the examples for these keys would be let means polish people and to make a word Polish language, we will add suffix j But because off the constant harmony it will be less chair which is Polish language. It is same for Dick Turkish to work well, say the it is in from relation Turkish people. But if you want to make Turkish language, it will be to check. It will not be cargo jet. You see, It sounds very weird. So as I mentioned at the beginning, Turkish people are all about harmonies, harmony in Turkish language and last example ease. Yeah, which is which is work do And, uh, in the bus says with a civics, The it will not be Yeah pretty. It will be chapter he did with this examples. I will finish today's lesson and this is old for constant harmony. I hope this was clear and that you'll learn what I wanted. Teoh tell you. Of course you have to repeat after lessons to see was are you were abilities the test yourself to see what you learn. So this is all for me for me today and see later in the next lesson Logical 6. Questions : hi guys on our lesson of Turkish language course is in front of you and today we are asking or a T least learn about asking in Turkish so questions in Turkish we call so large. So let's see what we have here For the beginning. We have questions. Sentences in Turkish like in English question sentence. This can be classified into two groups. Yes, no questions and regular questions. There are also questioned talks, for example, questions off a form You're coming, aren't you? In this lesson we will see how these different types off questions can be asked in Turkish . So before looking at the questions Ah, how the questions are constructed. Let's see the question worth in Turkish. So in English we have what in Turkish will see next? Who team Which Honggi? Where? Metta. When Nazem On how Nestle How many catched on it? How much neck Adar How often Net Sickle oclock. I will repeat one more time. 30 Schwartz and it will be next keen. Howdy Metta, Miss Amman, Nestle Coach Donna neca dot Next the core cloth. So let's continue which yes, no questions in 30 she has no questions are constructed with the question so fixed me. It is important to note however, the question so fix me is written separate from the word it is appended toe so you could weaken. See now examples. This is a book Booby, Get up. Is this a book? Will be key Chapman note here that how'd irregular sentence east turned into a yes no question sentence by the addition off the question. So fix me and as force would be Yes. This is a book that will be a key top or no, this is not a book. This is a notebook Higher hope it gets up the movie it left that you can ask at this point . Why is it a suffix? Why me is called a so fix up instead of a separate work If it is written separately The reason questions so fix me is regarded as a suffix is that it has to satisfy the major and minor wobble home and your local Hominy rules for the word is appended to now Let's see some example sentences them was trading the use of the questions. So fix me His name is Amit On other armament is his name Arm it on other are met me, as you can see here now it is me back. Later you will see some water. Example. Yes, he's name is on it. No, his name is not arm and his name is Mamet. Hired on other arm. It's daily owner, other arm. It just mentioned calculation for the first sentence because it missing here it will be yes or none other Amit and second as worries. No, his name is not on his name. Is Mohamed higher? Only other mitigating on other arm Mamet? No, his name is Matt Mitt or 1/3 way off. Answering these questions at question would be hired on other arm it. Then we have a second type of questions, and those are regular questions. So regular questions are the ones constructed using the question worth listed in the second slide. And the answer to these questions are not simply yes or no. In English, there is a certain word order for regular question sentences. The question word comes first, and the rest of the sentence elements follow it. In Turkish, however, who ashes are constructed in a quite different way to learn how to construct a question, a simple way east to follow the following sets. So this is what will work in most cases and stuffs are first step ease so constructed the ends for sentence second step, ease to located the word or phrase that is the actual answer to the question. And third step would be to just re please that word or phrase that is the actual answer to the question with the appropriate question word. Well, we'll see now how it is one. We apply this on an example. So the question we want to ask is, Who is this worst? That the answer sentence will be something like This is my brother Beau Bannon Kardashian. So the first step to make as were sentence this is my brother Move any Kardashian second step to find a phrase which is actual ants were the answer to the question is the phrase my brother Ben in Kardashian and straight step to replace this praise with a question word Who ? Or a team and the question centers becomes looking. So will Kim Bo Bannon Kardashian. Who is this? This is my brother Now, to see some more examples for the this case, so consider the sentence. Amit, ever give your arm? It is going home. Who is going home? Kim, ever give your Amit in the Rangel centers is replaced by hope. The rest of the sentence is the same. Now we have Where did Army go? Amit Meg F in the regular sentence Easily pleased by Netta question work noted that the question word Netta also take the suffix air off the world off the word F and becomes narrow area meaning toe Where what is Ahmed doing? Amit Neha Pure the phrase every video in the original sentence is replaced by Naoya Per your What's he doing? So now you're pure the phrase ever give your is replaced by Neha Pure and we got what he doing Now we have ah to make questions asking a work note That's to make a question sentence, asking a word we use in English What plus to be in the appropriates and tens plus object plus to do in the A property tense For example What are you doing? What do you admit to do? And in Turkish, this rector becomes object last night plus yeah Mark India property tense and person for example. Then Neha pure Orson or Amit Naor. This is simply the regular sentence. Were the action is replied, replaced by next plus yap Mark, which is consistent with our rule for constructing questions, sentences so constructing. Now we have, ah, one more topic for today and this is a question talks third type of questions. Constructing question Uh, phrases in Turkish is very simple and straightforward. You just add day me at the end, regardless of the sentence, for example, you are home, aren't you? Have the same thing. He did his homework, didn't he? Or did any activating me? Mamet will come to day wanting madman beauty, Allergic Davey Just sentence. And again, at the end of the sentence, you just add gave me. So this is all for for me in this lecture and about questions. I hope you understand me and that you learn something s so see you later in the next list. 7. Vocabulary - Antonyms : Hello, guys. We continue week learning boards. And today the group of words we are talking about are and tons or in Turkish caution on mama souk in the first lock. And in second part of the lesson, we have Pam creation. So let's see some basic Antam the next several slides you can see some basing. Antonis, you want to know? So strike a learning eso we can jack your knowledge later. Big, small, big Kucinich Fast, slow. Huh's law. Yeah. Bosch Quick, slow checkbook. Yeah. Bash ho! Empty dole Bush Easy, difficult. Cool. I zor heavy light. 0/2 you open Shot our Chuck Coppola, right? Wrong door. Young, lush old New s key Jenny Old Young Yash Le Dench First Lost Inc Sun Beautiful Ugly Use that chicken free busy, sad best Nash You good bed e good to better wars The high the hawker to the best The worst on e And go to early late I can get right Left saw So so short Who's on this So dark light call you I took high low yuk sec Kolchak theme Deke! Inger, Come one Selene set Zou shmahn Cheap, expensive Oh, juice About how our year Far. Yakult! Zach! Here, there. Borda. Oradea. Now, second part of the lecture would be punk creation or knock the llama in Turkish language. So let's see. Go. Stop in Turkish will say, Knocked out while comma. We will see. Vic. Your question mark would be so. Charlotte e exclamation mark would be earn Manish authority. Apple strudel would be guest. May shot quotation marks would be knock, Ishara. Culinary cool on would be 18 Octa semi colon would be Look, the love you you pardon basis would be Pontus. So what slash would be ache? Cheesy. And with this double and steady lesson and all you need and now ista Barmby's words till the next thing Goodbye? 8. Vocabulary - Animals: hi guys. And welcome to another lesson off Turkish language course. It's time to open a new section and to start to learn words. So we will start wheat animals or in Kurdish hive on law. As I already mentioned, it is worry important toe Lauren, your words if you want to learn some language. So ah head of you are dozens of words in the vocabulary section. So here you go. And now let's see some Turkish names for animals. We already mentioned that animals are called highball are in Turkish language so animal would be high. Von Lyon Arslan Tiger Koplan Sheep Ghalyoun go E neck Oh Baugh! Okay, Cocu's and talk Rooster Harrah's speak dumb was horse, but donkey Eshaq Turkey Handy Doug, your pack get did the mouth. I thought it fish Well, look well Bolland Ballerina Dolphy Eunice Shark Que bec Bala Octopus Ah, the booked Insect Bug Mu Jack Butterfly Telebanc be and Caryn Job Wolf Court These Jake Bet Yeah Rossa Beaver Kondo's Gore Go Marta Hawk Shocking Hija Hog Q B Square room See job stork Lee Lack Walter Baba Warm Court solo John West. I shake ourselves Me for that cook I Arc Gina, Sort of one. Grace Hopper. Check you to get zebra, zebra, fox snake, Yulon elephants. I see beer. Ah, yeah. Do you know you're a far fingering England Spider room? Jack Crocodile. If you saw Blizzard Ted, thank Keller. Turtle Koppelman Bar rabbits er shun Bird Kush frog quarterback and monkey. My mom and Eddie Ent um we'll see sacks of animals. What is important to mention here is that sex of animals is defined by added words. And those words are L CAC for meal animal. And is she for female animal? So Arslan male lion would be at kick Arsalan while seem a lion would be the she Arslan. So you can see court and check or Mabel's the she court female candy kicks Keady mill cat, Dishy candy, female get And it is always the same room. It is the same for the human being. Also on Lee. For a female, it is not dishy but cause for example, may child would be heir check Tragic And this child would be for female trick. And this is all for this part in this lesson. So see you later in the next one 9. Meeting People : Hi, everyone. Welcome again in 30 ish language course after we hear something about Turkish language history and learn off of it. Now we will go to some basic conversation praises in some example of the conversations in Turkish language. So Matt hubba Benmont Nailah had the bash murals. First we will see how meeting people he's in Turkish language. When you meet people in Turkish language who will probably use most of these phrases and sentences. So let's see what we have here. I will read just Turkish examples, but you can see a translation ride above it. So many Haba united a lot e exam lot Never nail Hodge Gallatin is our school Duke for Gansz were unwelcome in Turkish language, very specific. As for as you can see, it is Horsfall book. It means thank you, but it is just replied to welcome. Now we'll continue with introducing in Turkish language. Introducing in Turkish language will include phrases like this. What is your name? Otherness. Next My name is Nayla. Adam Naylor. How are you? Nestle's. I'm fine, thank you. Dish It coulda didn't e in the so next lies. Who will just continue with these phrases So let's see. How old are you? Catch. You shouldn't Listeners. I'm 20 years old. Ben is here. Me yesterday. Um or are you from Metarie sinners? I speak English. Ben. Injury. Jack, I am learning Turkish bank Kercher or in your, um I'm pleased to meet you, Memon. Oldham, please to meet you to bend the man Oldham. Now we'll see example of the basic conversation in Turkish language. I'll translate to this for you. Marhaba! Ben! Layla! Hello. I am Layla Marhaba Bent the abbey. Hi, I am Mabi Memory Oldham Police! The Medio Bend. Me too Mentally sinners! Where are you from? Injuries, Terra C. I am from England. You bandit! Turkiye! I'm from 30 Net Isha for your family. What is your occupation or what job you do? Me mod? Um I am an architect. Bend their or its money. I am. And professor and second example, as you see, will show conversation between some people who know each other. So let's see. Marhaba, Nissenson! Hi, How are you? Aim said I'm fine. You bend the you sell. Is she Nussle? I find too. Thank you. How is your wife? Oh, that he She's fine too. issue nuts like Give your How your jobs going. Kennedy Young. Because it's not bad. I'm just a little bit tired. Have a large is that I bought a lot. The water is nice these days. Ebit jock, you said? Yes. It's very nice, Nacer. Girls shoes. Whatever. See you. Your shooters. See you. These were simple basic conversation in Turkish language for the beginning. And after we go through grammar rules and other rules in Turkish language, we will go back to talking. So remember in Oldham, good shooters. 10. Excercise : Hello, guys. It comes time for us the practice A little bit. In this first practice, you will have four tests. Try to ask her nose question, correct according to the knowledge and intonation A little bit. And then you can check answers in the documents I provide in curriculum. So let's see. What are our task? We have a right the right form off suffix dears. Like it is done in the first example. Go. Adam issued it according to the vocal Harmony Sin According to the rules we already met in previous lessons You old side which form off suffix Pierre will be appropriate in the sentences Buddha Bar Ogle OSHA joke Go park is Dan or kill and this is all for the task one . Now we have a task to or write in negative formal following sentences. So you have example here also for the first case and sentence or Adam Gang Institute in the negative form will be or Adam again inch they get. As you can see here we have a board daily, which is negative word for did mayci sentences and you have four more sentences to turn intern Agathe form and those are or cold or bookie tap la Schum a start that you're decided . Then we have task pre following sentences, right into negatively questionable form. And it will be alike. Who couldn't haas that Booker than hostile. They need it. As you saw in previous lessons, you have negative and negatively questionable form. So it is again with the negative word Dade and off course with the word worst affixes mutt , mean and mu. So you decide which one is a property it here according to the sentences shooter Duke all into tears. Boo or Manders or them profit. So, dude, orchid in Yash livered orcas designed it. And again we have task four and translation. So you have tasked to translate next sentences e Turkish from English. So you have also example First here this is Window would be Turkish book Banchetta and you have questions sentences story that our doors This is not See this This leak is it's child . This kid is beautiful. Is this girl worker? Those are forecasts you have in the practice One you will of course, have more practices and you will have chances to do Tak your knowledge feel now and so I will just say good luck