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Turkish Language Course - Grammar

teacher avatar Nejla Z., Manager of Information Technologies

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (1h 6m)
    • 1. Personal suffixes

    • 2. Possesiıve suffixes

    • 3. Adjectives

    • 4. Adjective and Noun Clauses

    • 5. Degrees of Adjectives (part one)

    • 6. Degrees of Adjectives (part two)

    • 7. Vocabulary - Body Parts

    • 8. Vocabulary - Clothing and Occupations

    • 9. Exercise

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About This Class

class description

Learn to write, speak and understand Turkish language quickly and easily!

Turkish language course is a complete course for beginners in spoken and written Turkish. It is suitable for those who wish to acquire a small amount of the language to get the most out of a visit to Turkey. It is also ideal for those who require a deeper knowledge of the language in order to communicate effectively in a range of everyday situations.

We assume no previous knowledge of foreign language learning and avoid grammatical terminology where possible. Where such terms are unavoidable, we explain them in plain lay English. Completing this course will give you an intermediate-level knowledge of both spoken and written Turkish. We have designed this course for self-tuition and so it is wholly self-contained.

Course is made of 9 carefully graded and interlocking sections, which all are divided here in so called classes. Each class include one section which is continue of previous one, and it starts with the dialogue, accompanied by simple comprehension questions and notes about the language or Turkish culture. Further you have grammar lessons, where language points are explained, using plenty of examples to illustrate them. The exercises which follow are an essential part of each unit. Open-ended questions have been avoided so you can complete all the exercises using just the answer key. Each unit ends with a second, shorter dialogue which is linked to the opening one.

For self-study we recommend that you use additional documents provided in the section "Class Project".

We introduce the bricks and mortar of Turkish in small, digestible chunks and they are essential to allow you to communicate further.

After completing this course you will be able to:

Communicate in a variety of everyday situations
Have a knowledge of the major grammar points of Turkish
Master everyday situations in a Turkish speaking countries
Communicate accurately what you want to say
Develop you reading, writing, speaking and listening skills
Talk Turkish easy and fluently
Turkish language course covers all four basic skills: speaking, reading, writing and listening. It is not important if you are a complete beginner or you want to prepare yourself for the business trip or vacation, or you don’t have to time to spent on different classes, through this course you can determine your own pace of learning and to become fluent speaker of Turkish language.

So, if after reading this description you realize that this course is for you than enroll, enjoy learning and of course after completing course, speak Turkish language.

Görüşürüz! :)

Meet Your Teacher

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Nejla Z.

Manager of Information Technologies


Bachelor of Management of Information Technologies
International Burch University
Oct 2013 - Jun 2016

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1. Personal suffixes: Hi, everyone. This is another lecture of Turkish language course, and today we are going to talk about personal suffixes as you heard. Still, Now, in Turkish language, everything is done by suffixes. So when you want to make subject off the sentence, you will use these suffixes or in some cases also predicated. It is probably confusing now, but when we finish this part, you will see it is simply or Danet some. What is maybe specific for a Turkish language is that you don't need to use personal pronounced. Say that you did something or that you are doing Some personal suffixes are used for debt. Unlike other languages, for example, you know I am still for specific personal pronouns. They are specific surface it so fixes as you can see here. One slide and they are added to denounce. So we'll see now for each person how it sounds. We have first Ben and personal, so fixes for it. He's team, um, whom if and as we know from previous lesson, it is because off the rule harmonies, according to the wobble Harmony will choose one of these possible personal suffixes for the first person. Then we have sent you and Bristol suffixes for sent our I mean sun Sun Soon then we have all and for all we don't have personal surfaces. It is without just a route. Well, same. But you will see later in example these or we personal suffixes Possible personal soapboxes are going to the wall Harmony could be is us or who's we have sees you floral and personal Possible personal suffixes forced thes are seen is sadness soon owes Sooners and again we have all our and personal suffixes are left and lost Now we'll see example you can use Ah, a little double Repeat that you can use personal pronoun but he's But it is not common in Turkish language For better or standing in this case, I will use them But in descendants is all Probably not. This is the example We're now ends into constant Then Dr I am Dr Sent Doctor soon you are a doctor or doctor. He she it is Doctor, These doctors we are doctors sees doctors to news You are a doctor all our Dr Lahr, They are doctors. Remember in this case also when now ends in Whoa, whoa! We need fusion continent. What we will see in this next example where noun ends with global. So we will say or in Gene I am student or in Justin you are student orangey here Example that all doesn't have any specifics for the personal pro Know when you see just this kind without any suffixes, it means this is 1/3 person Odin cheese. We are students or injustice. You are students for the plural orangey lack the our students. Next we'll see these negative for negative form in the thirties. Language is made by this word they which means not so We will see now how it how it is for old faces. First we have daily I mean, as we saw at the beginning is the same suffix for the night before. So in daily bent daily I am not what I have toe mention e that they doesn't change according to any rules. Global harmony or not. So it will always for the first face will be digging. So I am not been dating Davidson stand Jason, as you can see Also for the second please, you will always say they seem not the son who Dacian this scene you aren't. They just didn't for the old. It doesn't have any suffix so or they He she he she it isn't Baileys these days we are not Steve the sinners you are not the aren't or on large day for Baylor because it sounds too odd to use lard continuously. If you want to say online day lad, it may be correct as well. But we usually do not prefer to use the second. So don't use Tuller Onley one. Now we will see how uh negative form is in some example. For example, Ben Ozanne Dane, I am not store San Ozone Davison, as you can see Ah personal pronounce are in parent is is because you can use them but it is not usual. I'm repeating ozone days thing. You're not till you zoom Bane He she it isn't till these ozone dailies We are in total sees whose own basin is you are until Susan Della they aren't stop or regency all not, wasn't they? They are not told the same. You can use whatever you want again we will see one more example for the negative form and this is orangey daily. I'm not student orangey days. You are not student orangey day. He she It is not student orangey days. We are not students. Orangey day. Since you are not skidding, all engines gala. They are not student a lot or ngdata. They are not students. This same for the for D. We have two options, as you can see here and in previous example, no few sentences which will help you to make this clear. 1st 1 is then orangey bailing or its many. I am Peter and not student. As you can see, Ban Orangey dating team on gain will meek for difference thes and negative form, or what? It's money, as you can see here, came on denounce. Make Stanton's, which will value debt. I'm teacher order with many. That's that this sentence in the thirties language. So we mentioned we mentioned already, but we will repeat suffixes. Make almost every form in Turkish language Ben Orangey Day or its many. This is the second way you can. You can also, said Ben Orangey Gail, or it's running. This is also correct. You can choose in speaking usual. You'll save energy or money, but in writing will see that orange a gating or its money or the same sentence, The same meaning. But you can say Ben or its money. Orangey day. I am teacher, not spirit. Now we go toe interrogative form in Turkish language. We are asking questions by adding meet MMA more or mu according to global harmony Word it is always written separately off the word and goes at the end of the sentence in this sentence already exist in there. If in the sentence over the exist interrogating form, we don't add me MMA or more so we'll see now. So me plus in which is the specifics for the first Please we will get me which means and I then we have missing for the second misting are you? As you can see here in the first case, I forgot to mention that Yeah, he's again fusion constant because we have to World War one beside daughter for the third person, we don't have um Suffolk. So it is just me east seat He it medias me. Plus is we will get to be used by fusion constant and it knees Are we Mr Nous, are you in the plural and Latin for the the Miss Innis RB or on Lar now me? We will understand it better when we see example. So let's see example for the first we will see Salak William, am I stupid Salak My um Salak Musson Are you stupid? Salama? Is he She eat stupid So lock me is Are we stupid? Celac? Are you stupid? Celac Larma, Unlock Salama, your toys Salek Larma Omar Salak MMA. Are they stupid? Now we will see sentences Have that mean and my hope Afghanis in. Are you at home at them? He's he she eat at home, Have enemies. Are we at home? Have them business. Are you at home? Abdullah? Evel Army Rd is home or all our If them a lot of afternoon Your three ways. Now we will see one more example Nia, If they based in why aren't you at home? I mean that never What is in your hands? As you can see here, we don't have, um word meat much more or move. This is because we already had interrogating words. It is wrong to say near the day be seen Don't do it is it is wrong. The is already an interrogative other word. And we we That is enough for the sentence. Mia is the daisy. Why aren't you at home? And it is wrong to say, Ellen, that never Armagh never is already an interrogative sentence that is already an interrogative on word. So it will be enough. It is enough just to call, just to say any than ever what is in your hand? Because they arrogated adverbs already expressed the question meaning. And with this examples, I will finish the day's lesson. And I hope your wife kids and that you weren't something, Um 2. Possesiıve suffixes: Hi, guys. One more time. Welcome to Turkish language course. Today we are going to talk about one more group of so fixes and does our possessive suffixes. If you remember intellectual bristol suffixes, I was mentioned that you can use personal pronounced, but you don't have to. When you maki sentence using personal suffixes, it is the same situation here. Would was acid suffixes. When you use possession, so fixes in making words or sentences you can. But usually it is not case to use in front of a personal pronoun. Also, let's now see what be was for possession here. What must be sad that if the words and we can if the word ends with constant, the possessive so fixes they can narrow wobbles as helper rules. In these situations, the team personal and MMA, possessive in janitor and in possessing seem the same. But he will separate them as long as you understand the topic. It is not too difficult. Now we will see what are the possessive so fixes As you can see here we have the possessive pronoun Ben and the possessive suffix is much when we add Let Irma to the now we will get translation off my something for descending. It is no an equal yours. Oh, no e He's her busy. Miss it. Coming hours Susanin knees. It will mean yours all Little e or Letty And it will mean dear. Now it will be more, uh, clear when we see example. I hope so. We have word Oda One order These room went on Oda. We add letter M which is poured it personal for the possessive but so fix, which is sort of possession My mistake for the possession we will stead that old uhm means my room. So Oda plus m we'll give my room Adam, or done your room. Oda plus uh, as you can see now do wobbles like I we will add letter s in this case. So Oda plus, uh we will get Odessa. He's her. It's a room. Oh, dumber! Our room or Dennis Your room. Oh, don't letter Zero second example These floral over toward Aga floral will make by adding a lot of land. As you remember Oda plus law we will get Adala which means rooms. But now we have end ease Continent letter at the end of word ease constant. So now it is a little bit different. As you know now we will get, um instead of just m so audible are plus them We'll get all the latam or my rooms all the lot plus n We will get all the Laden or yours O de la We will get Odula. He's her teeth rooms although plus must we will get all the ladder muss as either first case will add as fusion our rooms on a large plus in earnest we will get all the ladder nous or yours $0 Plus we'll get or the ladder the rooms Now we will see difference between possessive and personal What I have to mention here is that you need to know personal suffixes where we wow if you want to know difference between possession Personal If so might be so. Advise that if you are not very clear with personal suffixes, go and again here lecture about personal suffixes so you can understand this better. It will be better for you but it is your choice. So we have order in G plus m. We will get order in gym. It is my student. This is possessive suffix em. But Orrin G. Plus in which is personal sucks Farda first person. We have ordinance Gene, as you were mentioning the last lecture. So or in gene needs I am student and order And Jim, He's my student orange in your student but order Benji mean he's off the student book of the student, for example, or engineer Orangey plus e possessive is orangey See his student But orange e plus e is acquisitive. Will, um this is not what we already matching, but we will have lecture off for the state of Nam's what is another free of Turkish language? But now, uh, just to know that Order and G Plus e is acquisitive form off the now. So in this case we will get ordered g, which is the student. But the as you can see here we have a determination. So it is some specifics given some knows too. So ordered u. C is he's student. But Orrin g, he's distant. Let's go, You see? Example some examples. So if you if you are very queer with the division of personal suffixes and possessing ones , you will be able to see difference between those two and also context will help you with understanding in translation too. Now we will speak Dr Bailey or its many. I am teacher, not doctor, but we have Orban in order. To many, this is the same he is my future is the meaning or dumb standing order too many me is that man your teacher and we have Marty Taraba or its many me is the blue car the teachers body Taraba or it Money Feasible card the futures. This is possessive but or Adam sending or committing me Is that man your teacher and pretend as he never language interaction. Also, we have Koboko expressions. So there is different between coca language in these formal one. So here in these lines you can see some depressions used in spoken one. So we can see here standing atop Bender. Your book is with me sending his top school local expression. But remember, thickly correct one. And in riding ordinary fashion will be sunny key carbon Banda. We also have one more example Hostin busy Coe done. Haseney is from our village. This is cool local expression and the correct grammatically would be an ordinary expression would be, um Hassan busy could understand Hassan Busy. Who's that? Then? He's from our and I will finish with the slide. So I hope eighties more queer and that you understand what I wanted to stop The boats sent which message I wanted to send you. So please, if you didn't yet something and you can find your answer by watching this and hearing this twice or third time you can contact me and I will try to answering your questions. So thank you for listening and see you later. 3. Adjectives : Hi, guys. Here we go again with another lesson off Turkish language. And today we'll talk about a Jacque Tous objectives or in Turkish Sopot lot. First of all, we'll say that the ejected ease in Turkish any word that modifies a noun in terms off number, shape caller expect era can be considered as an objective. Turkish and Jack gifts always preceded that now that they describe and cause now, so fix to be added to the describe now. So it is really important. The Turkish A jack ticks always preceded, announced that they describe and cause no suffix to be added to the described now. So there is no so picks to be added who describe now. The basic point is a jacked its modify denounce while a dwarves modify the words, and there are two categories of objectives and Turkish the terminated and attributes the edge activities in front of you. Now, if you want to make the jack table close, you should only put the plural suffix to now. The jacket doesn't take plural suffix, as we already mentioned. There are also do ties off the terminated objectives, and those are demonstrated and indefinite it well first see which are demonstrated a Jacque Tous. So, as you can see here applied, those are bull which this sure which has the meaning nearer than all and further than boo and all Which is that and we have deer. Okay, key group bashiqa. All of that means under now to see indefinite ITV determinative a jack tins. And those are Busta Give me which means come Dido's which means some for the uncountable quantity be chock or back Chok which means a lot off Manny be the Koch which means a few choke oz. Very little too little us is little Few BT pseudo is a lotta and chalk which is many or much now to see some examples forties Jacque Tous And here we have first sentence, which is bash Canny lad The ordered Mackey still room bash the latter or mixed your um I want toe another one which is also we asked Very 1,000,000,000 missing Did not so very belittle. Listen sorry Can you give me some water beat? Also better be Edmiston. Can you give me some water? Now we have second group. This is attributed a Jacque Tous What? We need to know about attributes of objectives he's that it is usually use with located case. It's never a base, the woeful harmony except on Lee. A few exceptions, this type of objectives he is made by adding suffix key. As you can see now, in example, in the slide we have at least three words which will need us for sentence. We have as the example. So we have so cock turkey cattle are Do you shock you to Europe? York So Coxsackie Chad, Ill are you choke you to Europe You're which means three cats Army. He's so much no state. So cocktail at the street. So cock Plaza de, which is located, means so Kakuta or at the street So it is gets at discrete or street get so we'll add a key which will make attributed attractive. So it is so cocky. Tacky ST Teddy are It is just the poor old off Chaddy which death So teddy lap the cat. One more example attributed a jack de ese back to the King Buche Archer. That's like test maze barges Cube. You guard your ass like chest maze. We never caught to be garden free arch, plus, uh, Arja Wilkie's the specific three we know. What What? Three easy questions. So we have botching Bocek plus located their student located suffix there plus key, which was which will give us a jacket. So bocce dickie or garden garden just made chessman chest. Matt East is for we mess magazines and yes, root of that work. So just maze and we can see met. Plus is we need effusion Continent. Yeah, and it is Destiny's We don't so back to the cube You got your ass like guest Maize would ever car to be garden tree Now some interrogative edge actors. Wealthy hardy. Which means which Koch? Koch Donna, how many? You probably heard that if you have a big turkey Nec Adar How much? He already probably tell this something If you have being in Turkey and nacelle Which how Nestle system How are you? So we have those hunky which catch catch Donna, how many neck? About how much? Nestle How we'll now see examples using these a Jacque tous hunky you vaccine thes university that they they're off Roshan Hunky university there Oculus um at which university you're studying at which university you are studying? Nec Adar EC MCL Awesome How many Brad's we meet? Neck Adar Ec Materialism Sen If the cash ordered give our send off the catch or dingy bar How many students are the or in the classroom? Nothing. But we have all the lard. What kind of house they bought? Nestle You have all the law So these were examples for using interrogative a Jacque Tous and we slide. And with this examples I will finish a lecture about a jackets I hope you want something and that you understand what I wanted to say I hope you enjoy also so feel the next time Thank you. Your shirt 4. Adjective and Noun Clauses : hi guys today in Turkish language course A will talk about objective and non clauses or in Turkish Seyfarth, we seem doomed. Gallery. In this lesson, we will learn how attractive causes for describing a noun, using an objective like beautiful girl and now no causes for describing ownership relationships between announce like cars door our form in Turkish language. First, let's start with the objective clauses, which is simply er and then we look as non close construction. So constructing a jacked it causes in Turkish is very simple and straightforward, almost the same as in English. The only thing you need to do is to put the correct objective before dinner, such as beautiful girl juice. I cause Foster car Hustle Arab See correct objective before the now, without any suffixes or any additional words, Use that cause. Beautiful girl, Fast car Hustle Arab. We will now see more examples. Big House, New York Thick book. Cullen Get up High building yuk sec Veena Hard lesson! So that and slow tree Yeah, bash trend. If you don't add the ejected before the noun, but use it as the main expression in the sentence. The word order changes in English and it changes the same way in Turkish such as these girl is beautiful because just that see now it is not use that because we changed the order book cause use that this girl is beautiful. It will change Hold meaning this car is fast Boat Arab A hustle Our mid East Toll Amit ism . I am toll then also known here as you can see we use the word to be will do its later in next one of the next lessons you are tool Stan. However, note that when you want to see a beautiful girl the word for ah which is a bit in Turkish, is placed between your jacket and the now such as a small piece. Chuck, your departure. I will not say bureaucrats departure. What will say Kuszczak departure. Which will this sermon A small piece. A greedy man. She goes to bed. Ash goes through. Virada agreed. He met Ah blow book. Marvin Perrett Sita Mabi Beer Kita Abou Book A short three Kasab you arch cosa beat Arch are short three. A long movie is a museum Ozone PCM A long movie. Let's now apply what we have. Lauren in the construction off a few sentences. So we'll see. This is a red Rose Bucherer Mazza. Big you? Who could, um, is the Vedic You'd both these could a Mazza that be ridiculed are and it does. Joe is a quiet kid, Joe Sixties Beach A joke. Joe is a very quiet kid. Joe Jocks, This is Beecher Duke. Now we will go on non closets. Two Now's form a close in three different ways and Turkish. And in case one, the first now tells what a second now he's made off. For example, metal box or plastic plate. In this case, you just write these now in the same order as you do in English, without adding any suffixes such as a metal box, metal kowtow, plastic plate, plastic tabac and now causes case too. The first now describes the second now with any relationship except for the made off relationship we saw above and the specific ownership relationship examples for these two. This case can't be Karki or Arab on a bookshelf, he top a Rafa garden door. Bashiqa pasta window glass. Change it, Ajumma, In this case, you right to denounce in the same order is English but add the suffix e at the end of the second. Now if the noun toe which you append suffix e already ends with a wobble, you add the fusion Continent s between these walls two separate little walls. The third example below demonstrate this case which is Bochy Cappas Keep it up Rougher Araba Allah. As you can see, all of them have constant Oh, and Bastia! Capus Because of two wobbles, we have fusion constant s to separate them now Clauses case three There is a specific ownership relationship between this to announce the key off the car, the door of the garden, camels, the other the door of the cop car. In this case, you write the describing down first and the describe down second as it was done in the preceding two cases. However you added the suffix in tow the first now and the Celtics e to the second. No, if the noun toe wish you upend the cervix in already ends with a wobble you add diffusion constant end between two walls to separate them for the suffix e. The fusion continent is same as told in the previous case you add the continent s to separate the word and being with a global from the suffix e. So three to remind to repeat if the now toe which you upend the Celtics in already answered a wall. You added diffusion constant end between the two walls to separate them for the Celtics e the fusion continent east stain as cold. In previous case, you add the continent s to separate the word ending with a wobble from the suffix e. So in case three known causes case three we at the first word at so fix in and to the second. Now we add suffix e So we will see now how it looks like with examples the key off the car . We will see Auto Brennan on a Aqaba. No Arab A. We have a new so fix. But we need fusion continent. And for the first now it is and always. And in the second case, we have enough that which is second now. Oh, no data. We don't meet any fusion concept here, but we add so are abundant on a the key off the car noted they use a fusion constant and here for the first down number, the door of the garden burkini cappas Bostian Couple system Here you can see almost the same situation as up here. Botch it in these specifics. But we need fusion constant and any Kuby bob chaining copper and added, So picks. But when, if usual, constant sell, we get back. Cheney, Capasa, Camels, daughter, Camel e causa the door of the car Arab Brennan, Capasa. The same as in the second example. So the door of the car autobahn on capsule off course. There's always exceptions from the rules. So in this case, the word for borders so is an exception for diffusion constants in a noun causes the fusion constant for water. So is always, yeah, collar a warder. So for the first now and we have so fixed in. And I heard the second noun a bank we have so fix E. So by applying old rules regarding to wall harmonies, we will get so Eun rangy, not someone ranking. We will get so Eun Frankie always. Yeah, water of temo. 10 months. So you camel e So you not Cameron system what we have to mention ease that here. As you can see in the case off camel So you observe is used in Turkish to separate a suffixes from pop private words that needs to be always capitalized like camel in this case And in this with this slide, I will finish the day last one. I hope you understand me and that you learn what I wanted. The T two so go should was feel the next time. 5. Degrees of Adjectives (part one): Hi guys. We continue our Turkish language course with the degrees of objectives, comparative and superlative. Comparatives and superlatives are constructed in a wary, straightforward way in Turkish language. Besides thes, there is a special we owe making a jacked it stronger in Turkish and this is not wary. Tribal in this lesson will cover all these topics. Comparative off an edge acted is obtained by adding the words Dahaf before judge active, we can see that the heart is the word for more and all objective comparatives are constructed like more clever, not like foster like in English. Because in English, you know, monosyllabic words are by adage, as in the Turkish, it is just by added dot forget each word. So we have some examples. And those are foster the ha ha slower the Hayashi more intelligent the Ha Zeki more hard working Hahaha. Charles Con More beautiful dog is that if you want to say less beautiful or less hard working, then replace the word Taha with the hot Well, In this way, less past would be the harm US hustle, less intelligent. The Haas Zeki less hard working da ha as foolish con, less beautiful Dahaf us Use that. Now Let's see how the comparative form often ejected, is used in sentences. And it will be like bed use. Ellen, I am beautiful. Then the Huggies. Then I am more beautiful. You'll are more beautiful. Sand. Aha! Use ison. She's more beautiful. Old. Uh huh. Is that bull husband, Peter Taraba. This is a fast car. Buddha Ha has no peer. Araba. This is a faster car. You are a ba da hustle. This car is faster. Now we have more done clause. And if you want to compare, to announce with respect to an objective this structure used in English is as follows. Now one is more objective than now to. For example, Arman is more hardworking than magnets. And I am more intelligent than you. Any turkeys? The structure to express the same meaning easy as follows. Now one now too. Then the hajj active example. One would be Amit, Memphis, Tenn. Dada con Ahmed is more hardworking than Mamet know. That opposite of sign is used to separate private names from their suffixes. As we already mentioned in some of the previous lessons. An example to all of the Ben. Stand them. The has a keen. I am more intelligent than you. Examples sentences with this expression would be burial. Is it beautiful? That is that. Go. She's more beautiful. Ghosheh, The Huggies san Go! She's more beautiful than burial. Go! Shit, Betty, Then the hockey Stan. He's more hardworking than me or Ben. Then the hatchling con. My car is faster than your car. Ben, you are a bomb Sending out a Bunton. The Ha Ha Ben in our A bomb standing are abundant. The hustler us is larger than Turkey America to kid then the hub Yuk! Now we'll see Clause as s If you want to say that to announce are equal with respect to an ejected disruptor used in English. Easy now one is as objective is now toe, for example burial easy as beautiful as grow ship. I am as beautiful as you. Both of these exact expressions have to see meaning the structure to express to see meaning in Turkish easiest follows no one now to Qatar objective or now one dead now to Qatar Objective. For example, burying the Gokcek hot dogs. I, Ben, that's sending Kadaga Is that board of this expression have the same meaning you will understand the worry. Slight difference as you see them use one point to know here is that if now to is a simple pronoun like Bandstand Bush then it is used in possessive for like Benny Standing Woman, shown on example for the clause as as are Burial is beautiful. Betty, Is that go? She's also beautiful. Go Should Exane go? She's as beautiful as bad work Should they're betting Kadaga Zan. He's as hard working as me. Older been in Kadar Childish con My car is as fast is your car Benny mantra bomb the study not a ban Qadar has long us. He's almost as large as China. American inanity searching cada byuk No today said, means almost super walkers. Supermarkets are also straightforward in Turkish, like it is in English. Instead, off the mosque, you use n word and and also relatives are constructing using this word. For example, the fastest and huh's law, the slowest and, yeah, Bosch, the most intelligent and Zeki, the most hard working and chilis con, the most beautiful and use. Then when you want to use the superlative form in a sentence, there are two different cases. I am the most beautiful Ben and use it. This has the meaning off. Describing yourself like an answer to the question. What are your treat? I am the most beautiful and resell many. This has the meeting off the answer to the question Who is the most beautiful? So who is the most beautiful Angus Albany. I am the most beautiful. But what are your treats then? And you send me volume The most beautiful. More examples we will see here. Such as I am the most beautiful girl, Angus l cause Binney. I am the most beautiful girl in disc lass boot, Son of stocky, exactly. Spinning you are the most beautiful girl in this class. Boosts and off Turkey exact was sensing, boasted after Kia User she is the most beautiful girl in this class. Boosts enough turkey. Angus, with this line will in these examples and this less than and we will continue with the objectives and and making an objective stronger in the second part off the same lecture. So see you in the part two 6. Degrees of Adjectives (part two): in English. When you want to make an attractive stronger you use the word wary saying where he fast is a stronger statement than just think bossed. The same matter is applied also in Turkish language and the word for worry ease. Chock handsome, very fast. Wolsey Chock Hustle. Very slow Choke Yash. Very intelligent joke, Zeki. Very hard walking joke. Tillis Con. Very beautiful Chuck gives that you are very beautiful. Sancho Keys, Aspen. She's a very beautiful girl or child Causal beauty because this girl is worry Beautiful Blucas Chalk Jews I There is a second way, another way of making an objective. Stronger. But this time giving the meaning extreme is to use the word to saying something is too fast . Gives the meaning that it is extremely fast and should be slower. The world for two in Turkish cheese pasta so it will be too fast. Basel. A hustler. Too slow Bosley. Rash toe intelligent Foz Ledecky. Two Hardworking Bosley. Tell us, Khan. Two Beautiful falls like is that we are still fast beast. Foz la Hezb. Lia's discourages too fast. Boo Arab Fazlullah has law. Ah, Third way, Comma Leo's in Turkish, which is not seen in English. The making a Jakti stronger is adding a modified form of the first Silom ble before the edge. Active. Important points to note here are there is not a rule for how these first salable should be modified, which makes this rule hard to learn. This gives the state meaning as using the word worry and make the edge active stronger. All objectives can be me stronger using this matter, and there is not a rule to understand for which objectives this matter can be used. Ah, group of a jack tissue can always use this matter. These colors to express that color is strong. However, there is no rule, exactly say which a jackets can be me stronger like this because there is not a well defined draw, it will be very difficult to go over a jackets and see what the stronger form off each edge activities. I think you shouldn't try to learn these for each attractive every step. The best strategy here would be to note that there is a role like this, and when you see it used, you will understand what it means in your sentences. You simply can use chalk plus attractive is that and you will be clearly spooked examples for these turret week. Our hustle a fast but help Heslin is a very fast Ceta, easy yellow subset where yellow strong Hello Mabi is a blue Must Marty. Very bulls from below, they asked. White Ben Beyonce worry wife, strong wife checkbook Koolwijk Charge to book Very quick. Callen Peak Cap Cullen. Very sick. Another way to make an attractive stressed in stronger is the repeated twice again. This is not done with all objectives and the best we could learn for rich objectives. This rule is applicable. Eastern Note. When you're here and objective used like this, don't be afraid. By these rules, you will learn how to use them. If you start raiding Turkish tax or if you speak to native Sprint speakers, you can still express yourself without using these matters for making a Jackie stronger. Simply used the word shock before dear Jackie, but I am eating these rules now so that you know, demeaning when you see such a usage somewhere and to know that exist those rules. But you not have to use it at the beginning. And until you really know Turkish. You don't have to use these ways. So examples for those to repeat it twice our view. Buchanan big houses, the property. Big East rest. So if you want toe stress something you will see Big Buchanan are you want Teoh share that they are really, really big Cetus said Alma. L'm a lot yellow apples, The property alloy stress. So you will not translate these yellow yellow apple's. We'll just see yellow apples and know that it is wary. Yellow, strong yellow. There is also another way to stress anedge active and make it stronger. Becky's adding a modified form off the edge, active off their the original. For this is again an irregular role and you don't need to notice completely. Just understand it when you see this usage. Sometimes an objective followed by the modified form of that objective may have a slightly different meaning. For example, Yash, I mean old for people. Yeah, schlub, Ashlan Old mature s key. He's old for object escape. Priscu very old and useless. This is all from me in this lecture and I hope that you understand how all in all the ways how objectives can be stronger and off course from the first part, comparative and superlative. It is one of the important thanks. Turkish language and speaking and writing. So I hope you'll learn something. End, This is all for me. So see you in the next lecture, the ocean. 7. Vocabulary - Body Parts : Palo Guys, It is time for more wars to be learned. So let's begin today's topic These body parts. So let's see body parts in Turkish language in Turkish language our body We will see Raju demos and worth about our body are head cover. Bush body or jute? Got there. Arm Come leg bag, Jock, hence l hoot. Ah, yuck! Finger bar Mark Index finger. You sure it's part of Mullah Some Bush bar MK I Gus here, Kulak here. Such nail. They're enough nos modem. Mouth us! Don't this Deng G cheek? Yeah, Knock Jeanne! Jenna! He wrote Boss Neck Boy, you I lash get a peek I lied. Joe's copper I bro cash foreheads All one sampler Shock cock Greece B lack cold billing Ankle Ah, Yuck! Billy, you no book elbow. Do you stack me these leap do Doc Moustache by York Beard stuck Hall shoulder Almost waste bell door Ayaka bash Parma Abdomen, cardamom And now we have organs or in Turkish organ Lot. So first heart would be called lung buggy at leave live er cottage yet didn't he go back so much? Me that Wayne Dhamar Doppler blood con brain baby and with the slide I will end Did a lesson and see later in the next one 8. Vocabulary - Clothing and Occupations : one more time. Hello, guys. Another workable or a lesson off Turkish language course. Easy in front of you. And today topic ease clothing, clothing or in Turkish Elvis's. In the first part of the lesson, we will see clothing or al extra. And in the second, well, we'll see occupations or Mestre clack in Kurdish. So first, let's see some Turkish names for clothes. We have 1st 1 belt or Demet loose or in Turkish. Nos glows in the Turkish will Be L diva has carved. Could be a sharp Barschel. Trust you, Jack. It would be month jeans Court panto. Long Jersey, Gaza Juba, Torbit Would it be Juba Overcoat? Men's would be bottle overcooked for woman's would be Montel Pence or trousers in Turkish would be Pontell pajamas. P. Jones shirt. Young black. Sure, I, uh, cub skirt, Ethnic shocks. Trona suit. Welcome. I I crab tracksuit. A short man T shirt. You short and underwear would be each jam Absher Now to see some occupations or mess like lab in Turkish language. So we have accountant or Moha said Reggie, businessman or ish? Adama. Sure. War a dentist war. This happy me doctor is the same doctor, engineer or you hand this farmer or she's she journalists or Gaza DJ lawyer or cut north or Ham Shida researcher or are rushed. Imagine student or orangey teacher ordered Meant and writer or Yasar and this is all from the occupations and clothes. Hope you like this lesson and see later in the next one. 9. Exercise : Hello, guys. It is already time for the practice through. So let's see what problems do we have now? Desk one in the past one. We need toe reorder the sentences below to form a meaningful dialogue. So you have several sentences which are a little bit been disrupted, and you need to define the or order. So to make a meaningful dialogue, you have a Kabul over here on the right side. So it will be may be easier for you and Daddy's for the task. One task to ease about feeling the gaps in the sentences so you can according to the vole harmony and according to the rules, and decided which one is the master property. Often ma me more or view. So you has sentences such as Istanbul Jerusalem Day walk. Sham Alter Kushida suggests Al dozed Buddha Bosch. So let's go on the task free and see what problem is here. As you can see here we have ah 10 numbers and we need to put these numbers in the correct order. So and the last one test score is that there are eight Turkish objectives hidden in the square. One has been found for you. And it is, as you can see, use I So you have to find. And I was summoned. Turkish objectives. He didn't even be square. And so good luck.