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Turkish Language Course - Going to a restaurant

teacher avatar Nejla Z., Manager of Information Technologies

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Mönu

    • 2. Verb TO BE

    • 3. Infinitive Form

    • 4. Present Simple Tense

    • 5. Present Continous Tense

    • 6. Afiyet Olsun!

    • 7. Vocabulary - Family

    • 8. Vocabulary - Illnes

    • 9. Exsercise

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About This Class

class description

Learn to write, speak and understand Turkish language quickly and easily!

Turkish language course is a complete course for beginners in spoken and written Turkish. It is suitable for those who wish to acquire a small amount of the language to get the most out of a visit to Turkey. It is also ideal for those who require a deeper knowledge of the language in order to communicate effectively in a range of everyday situations.

We assume no previous knowledge of foreign language learning and avoid grammatical terminology where possible. Where such terms are unavoidable, we explain them in plain lay English. Completing this course will give you an intermediate-level knowledge of both spoken and written Turkish. We have designed this course for self-tuition and so it is wholly self-contained.

Course is made of 9 carefully graded and interlocking sections, which all are divided here in so called classes. Each class include one section which is continue of previous one, and it starts with the dialogue, accompanied by simple comprehension questions and notes about the language or Turkish culture. Further you have grammar lessons, where language points are explained, using plenty of examples to illustrate them. The exercises which follow are an essential part of each unit. Open-ended questions have been avoided so you can complete all the exercises using just the answer key. Each unit ends with a second, shorter dialogue which is linked to the opening one.

For self-study we recommend that you use additional documents provided in the section "Class Project".

We introduce the bricks and mortar of Turkish in small, digestible chunks and they are essential to allow you to communicate further.

After completing this course you will be able to:

Communicate in a variety of everyday situations
Have a knowledge of the major grammar points of Turkish
Master everyday situations in a Turkish speaking countries
Communicate accurately what you want to say
Develop you reading, writing, speaking and listening skills
Talk Turkish easy and fluently
Turkish language course covers all four basic skills: speaking, reading, writing and listening. It is not important if you are a complete beginner or you want to prepare yourself for the business trip or vacation, or you don’t have to time to spent on different classes, through this course you can determine your own pace of learning and to become fluent speaker of Turkish language.

So, if after reading this description you realize that this course is for you than enroll, enjoy learning and of course after completing course, speak Turkish language.

Görüşürüz! :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nejla Z.

Manager of Information Technologies


Bachelor of Management of Information Technologies
International Burch University
Oct 2013 - Jun 2016

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1. Mönu: Hello, guys. One more conversation for one more section. Now this conversation East cold Monia. So let's see. What do we have here? Ali and OSHA and arrest weren't so. Garson said him, Lloyd on it, actually build muscle. You sign? E d Yoshida, Could I look? Sure. Bush, We don't offend. Table over to the table. Scene down and the waiter brings a man. You Boyd on you. The ship here did he? Oh, ninja. So could be shape. They all shut up from as a little fun. Don't be a phantom. Shut up for you, Koko. True Real clues I Amid Leader, the waiter returns with a wide in a large tree full of starters each day each Kinney's the mess LR Melissa. Shut up! Beat us the jock bulls Varma. We'll spot offender man. It's Hammond Bulls. Get it? So Kam SLR Kabul Our Children? Yes. You thought Joke Carney. This bottle of John Sajak Mesilla Media cover Kalama Come on yet the hack on my own time Bahana Meth Andy, Our theater Olsen Shut up! Shut up! So this was conversation between does three and now we have vocabulary education. Alec is for two people. Massari is table Kosher is a corner cut down look dark menu. Uja. Firstly, that and mezza starter. Isha here Ease Yuki drink alcohol, agreed Bitos. A little bus, but both his eyes Hammond East's right away. Then we had more. Yet yet he's brink. Kabul. Easy, Mallon, AJ Uncle. He's a spicy starter. Judge IQ is cucumber in God. Cute carded. This is a prawn. Back in, John is or bridging media is muscles. Now that he's fried. Column are East's quit. Yes, our means. That's enough. The huh? He's more coin Meijin do not put and to shut if it means cheers after the cause of convert conversation and vocabulary about conversation. We, of course, again have sewer lar and questions. So according to the dialogue, you need to us for the following questions Windows are so could a Miss Emma Jojic. So COMESA, me, Messala, Chako salata. Coulda, Mazza salata, animism. So did these Waas everything for this lecture and dis conversation and see you later either . Nexus 2. Verb TO BE: Hello guys united. We continue with 30 ish language course infection about stances. Today we are going to talk about Toby. We already mentioned the stance while we were explaining personal suffixes. It is actually the same thing. But we will recall because in this action we will cover tenses in Turkish language. So we will meet something as a base. And this is Toby Herb. Off course. We will add some things that we didn't mention earlier There were to be for the ease in English is handled in a special way. It is a friend from the add herbs. This is also the case in Turkish. They also the word to be is expressed is very unique. Unlike the other words, Toby is expressed with suffixes. It can be in one off present tense or Boston's Let's see now in present in Boston's for different cases off personal pronounce. So as you can see here on slide, we have present tense to be in English. We say I am den work. You are something he she it is something we are you are. They are in Turkish will say Ben Worth and then so fix em for the second we have Stan Worth and then suffix on the word scene then, oh, for he she it we have in Turkish or something. This and cervix is CES word and so fixed. Sina's a lot than something or on large word lack as ascetics. So the repeat one more again so fixes forward to be in Turkish language are team I mean non or deer that is Sinese and for day non or so picks last Let's now see how it looks like in past tens So we have past tense to be in English. You will say I waas you were he she? It was we were You were nd were in Turkish. We'll see Ben something and so fix them stand something and so pig's ear or something and suffix be be something and so picks big stairs Something and suffix, Damian All our something Usual continent Why and dealers So three peat One more again bean suffixes for Boston's to be our the then the the Viennese e G. Last So there are few notes about work to be and now what will stayed in in the next few slides? So to begin wits note one for the third person e off the present tends to be There are two cases, one with no suffix and one week suffix dear, If you are making a personal statement war or you are talking in a casual way, you use you use on DNO suffix the no suffix case. However, if you want to make a definitive or in fermented statement like want In encyclopaedia, you used this affects gear. An example is produced would be This house is very big. We'll have job yuk An example to would be stunt is larger than Earth You Nash Jr harden the heart Butor. As you can see, we have here dude, which is there according to the global harmony for the world Buche. So you Nash Dona don the hub you So sonny is larger than art This is informally statement from encyclopedia So we ad did suffix Let's now see note to when constructing the third person plural past transform off to be the cervix lower can be omitted. In some cases, these are explained below first piece humans or objects that haven't no individuality. Take singular conjugation for dirt person plural. But even the speaker wants to give objects individual t. Then he can use plural. This would be a Pyrrhic sentence and in case so we have the humans and other things that have individuality. For instance, animal that have means they can take either single or or p floral congregation. Usually if the subject is defined if we know them, then we use plural conjugation. If the subject is undefined, then we use singular conjugation and No. Three see the world to be is different for each personal pronoun. Personal pronounced can be omitted in speech or Ike demeaning Will person is given with this work to say I'm beautiful. You can use one off ban Yucelen or just using him using the personal pro. Now, um gives the meaning off. Stressing person we'll use the personal pronoun in parentis is in the continued to indicate that this is optional and see what to be is used for. So we can say that the baby is used for to construct a sentence which a noun or objective instead of orb like an English. The work to be is the implicit work here. So examples would be you are beautiful stand assassin. You were beautiful sand use acting. This is a house booby trap. That was a house orbit acting. And what, um, I will say again ive that to construct words in different dances. The suffix for each tense is used with either present does off to be or pastas off to be. Actually, it is present tense off to be in all cases except the regular Posen's. And with this I will finish today lesson and I hope that you understand inland something. So see you in the next lesson gushing. 3. Infinitive Form: Hello, guys. Today we are opening one more section off the Turkish language course. Any section about words off course. The best way to open the section about word easily infinitive form, infinitive form or mustard holly in Turkish language. So let's see how infinitive is made in Turkish and how we use it. The infinity for over the world is made by the Soviet mock Mac on the route of door infinitive Form of the world is how you will find in the dictionaries and examples of infinitives ar ou, which means sleep is the root of the word. You must, is how you will find it in a dictionaries, so we'll mark means to sleep infinitive. Second example would be won't or not means forget root of in its mark or to forget and examples using infinitive would be boy this to Jack Kabbalah have a large au yeung. Sore sleeping is hard at such hot weather. Boy, this to Jack have a larger your mugs or us on the bolero. Cornish macaques is awesome. Zabaleta Cornish macaques is actually there is no need to talk about it. Burana Cigar, which make your stock, is forbidden to smoke here more Or does he Just cigar which make your stock. So now to see something about root of the word what we'll get if we remove this infinitive suffix, we will get to things first thing is the root of the word But second thing that will get is in perfect case the second singular. We will do imperative separately, of course, and you will see how we how it dysfunction. But now to know that if we remove the infinitive suffix, you will get road of the World And of course, imperative keys to second singular. So now you will see for examples yet Mark ese work to do If we a take mark, we'll get you up which is door It s the root of the work but yeah East do in perfect The second singular no second example and Werbe watermark which means the states to sit down to drought the lips so oh, tour by Mark Mies State season down route of the world But all tour is also a break in the second Singler Now to see negative form if you bring the negation suffix Met ma toe the root of the work You make the world negative. So let's see. Let's see how it function. We have root of the word again. Gal. Mac is infinity Form gel is the root of the gal Mac. So we have gelled plus met, which is negative. Negation, sir. Fix. Then we have Delmon Gellman neck not to come. So, gentlemen, don't come if we, uh, taking consideration that this is important for the 2nd 2nd singular. So Djalma means don't come. And we have a second example which is your home. Look to get tired, Ural. If we add Ma, which is negation, suffix and mark, which is infinitive suffix. We will get your own mama not to get tired. And last example would be on Lamarque toe understand And llama plus Mark will give us unlimited mark, which means not to understand. I hope this is clear to you because with this light, I will and first lecture about herbs in Turkish language. But stay tuned because we just thought it by and see you in the next lesson 4. Present Simple Tense: hello to your students. Welcome to another lesson of Turkish language course. In this lesson, we continue section about tenses, and today we are going to talk about President Simple. This or in Turkish Jenny Summer. What we need to know at the beginning. He's that's a deer are five fundamental tenses in Turkish. And those are presidency bulletins organic. Someone present continuous tense or she recuse a month. Future depends or geologic zaman past tense B to D or D League s mu. Someone or regular pasta in Boston's With Miche or mutual engagement is a month also called the story past sins. So let's start with the present simple offense or gain issues. Some A The presence in Bolton's is used worry much like in English. So to make general statements, for example, water boils at 100 degrees. So used village of there kind are, and to mention things you do regular way. For example, I run every morning has Sabah kosher? Um, president people, friends in Turkish is constructed this way were brute. Plus it or Aaron plus present tense the beef. So this affects for constructing the present singletons off a word is not always the same. The cervix is sometimes year or sometimes at this is the only tense with this irregularity . So there are certain rules that who tell you which one off which want to choose mouth of design So the rules that will help you choose which one off it or have to use as suffix are as follows. So 1st 1 east even the word as we can walk the walk off the suffix falls and you add on me for example are off and sweet awoke So if you'll be our he calls then we have aqua were brute which also answered of Oh well we will have awkward he next one is if the word has more than one Silom ble use it for example compact Plus you according to the role harmony eat groupie capital he closes and Cornish plus years it will be corner short. He talks if the word has Onley Once salable, we have two cases First case ease If the wo off the Silom ble is a or a And if the world ends with look no order a, l, n or r then use is for example, gay is jelly It he comes that it that if he gives or in second keys, use ad for all the other single salable cases. Work, get Do that. He goes. Wash our Gorsha. Now let's look at how the presidency both as is used with different personal pronoun still example one. We have work to come in Turkish yell neck So I come We will say then jelly you come Will three stand Giller steam He she eat comes we will see or gal ius we come these jelly areas or just Kennedy's you'll come sees jealous tennis They come on love jelly It last to repeat jelly him Jail your sin, Jimmy It gelatinous Jellison is Jared Lee. So we have also example to an example to in example two. We have a word to talk or in Turkish corn. Schmuck. So I talk in Turkish will be Ben Roche Room Ben Corn. Oh, sure, you talk Stand he she it talks or corner short. We talk corner shows these connoisseurs you talk see Kona Shorter knows de talk on lot Cornel short a lot again, Cornel short corn ensures Cornel shoot. Oh, sure, and the negative off presence importance is a little different done just adding the negative making. So fix met. Construction of negatives or presence in both men's is given in this table in front of you and the slide, the negative making. So fix becomes mess, except for I and we. Moreover, one negative so picks is used. The present simple tends So fix is not used. We can see example for these in this life here I will read it. So Werbe to come or yell Mac, we have I don't come Turkish. You'll see Ben. Gentlemen, you don't come send gel Messy. He she eat doesn't come or gel mess. We don't come These gentlemen, you don't come sees gel messed they don't come on large Gelman's laugh So again, Gentleman Gelmis, Gelman's gel Maze Gel Messinis Gel Mesler So, Mrs End. And what we can conclude at the end of these lecture you that present simple tens ease the mosque irregular, tense and Turkish. It's not simple as the name implies. So I hope you understand me that you learned something and see you later in the next list. 5. Present Continous Tense: Marhaba, Nestle Summers. You are a Turkish language course. Affection tenses, and today lesson is about present, continuous tense or in Turkish shame duties. Emma. So what we need to see at the beginning is that they are five fundamental fences in Turkish , and those are press and simple pence organizations. Amman hasn't continues sense or Shin Kick is a month future sense or Yellow Jack Salmon bust. That's with D or DVD. Get me summon regular Boston's and Boston's with Mitch or mutually Get Me. Salmon also called the story past tense. In the beginning, we will see some works will use in the following lessons and their meanings. So Gail Mac means to come get Mac Togo Oko mark to read copepods mark too close course mark to run our remark to call Cornel Schmuck toe talk there, Mac to give kind of mark to boil. Jolly schmuck who work Yeah, Mak to eat Bechler Mac toe Wait. As you can see here, I wrote a note that work are orbs are presented in infinitive form, which is made by adding Mac. Mac moved over work as we over deep learned in the first election. A blessing about dances. So I will just repeat one more time A Turkish words and we can start. So in jail, Mac gets Mac. Oh, Mark Karpat. Mark Course. Mark out of luck corner schmuck. Bad Mac guy. No, Mark. Jolly schmuck. Yeah, Mak back Lemack. So let's see what we have now. So the meaning off dances are given using some suffixes. There are some important properties coming toe all these suffixes, the node interns. And this is the surf expert. Tenses is added right? Our right after the war boat If the word is positive or authored and negating cervix if the word is negative. Okay, The present tense for to be comes after this affects pertinence. Therefore, the order becomes were a brute plus negative. If the sentence is negative, blunts plus tens plus present tends to be This is different on Lee for the regular Pozen's where Boston's form off to be is used. Let's start with present continuous tense or shiki sama. The suffix for present continuous tense is your present. Continuous tense is used very much like the one in English to tell what you're currently doing. For example, I'm working now seem to tell sure or I'm eating ice cream. Don't during my your room. So shame. Details Sure. And don't want my your, um And to tell something you will do in the close future. Wait, I'm coming in five minutes. Better bash the key cation Miguel, your room backlit Best a Kika itching to get your president continues sends off a word east constructed in this way We're brute plus negative You you want negative sentence Plus your plus presents tends to be if the word you want to add the suffix ear and sweet a whoa dropped the last bubble. And at your otherwise just simply add your Be careful about the global harmony rules for the e off here. Now we'll see some examples where these words are put into prison present Continuous tense . So we have first gay del, your He's coming. Did your I'm going. As you can see, we have Geet plus your plus presents a fence off to be aqua Yours he's rating cut but yours We are closing as you can see here ever t every time, uh, mobile harmonies applied So be careful about a global harmony And you have to learn those lessons about global harmonies. Very, very hot. Kosher. Your He's running. Are you some You're calling corn? Oh, sure. He's talking. Now we will see how present continue stands. Look like for every pronoun to herb gal Mac, which means to come. So I'm coming. We will save Ben. Tell you you are coming. Stan Gale. Yours. He she it is coming. Oh, jail! You. We are coming. These valuables, You are coming. The's Gilyard. They are coming. Omar! Daddy! Cal! Your last again yell your, um del yourself. Gail, you Galileo's Yale, Your son's gel. Your law. Now we'll see examples in the sentences for present. Confused. A quality no Europe. Your symbols, as you can see here in apartment passage, aren't cases we have. How we got? Yeah, for your sins. So we had. Yeah. What is wrote off the work? Your what is so picks for Present continuous tense. And Sinise, what is president to be work to be? So we have net yappy your photos. What are we doing? Thin is yours. We are watching movie. She may be Axum. Yemi, Your lord, They're having dinner now. Shinji, Auction Yemi Your law. Indonesia. Alarm your, um torque. Check Cornish I'd understanding, which was big Turkish English teacher on long ago to look Checco knows. As you can see here, we have on law as root work, MMA as negative. And your we have. So if export the present continuous tense. So on Lamu torque check. Cornish. I'd understand English. I speak Turkish. So this was all for the present. Continue stance. I hope you understand it. And then you're like it. So see later in next lesson. 6. Afiyet Olsun! : Hello, guys. We are at one more end all this section and it is marked with a conversation. The conversation in front of us is cold back our Miss Ennis. And let's see what we have here. Ali and I should have reused the desert course of the A restaurant meal Body one Don't know , Master Pat said Andi. She took office. You then the harsh therapist. You don Keech man, I'm a John. Um, she said that the harsh autumn far. But Karmazin's Boyden it's a Carvel son. She can let me shake passes me. But have you thought that the ash maybe shake at me? Very soft. Mutfund hem and a founding RV It Olsen. And this was conversation between Ali I shot with Carson. Now we will see vocabulary related to this conversation. So don't Norma is ice cream shop at as the same Super baklava is a sweet past three desert John. Um, darling Shit. Cat sugar Sheikh Ali with sugar shake passes without sugar. Saad, please Hess up view hem en strike away And this is sold for dis lecture and see leader in the next one 7. Vocabulary - Family : Hello guys. Another lecture Turkish language course is ahead of you and we continue Wheat Learning Awards today Topic ese family or in Turkish Island. So let's see some words for a family father in Turkish, we will see Gabba while murder. We are saying on brother and check car this sister because cars ish elder brother on the elder sister Abdullah son Oh or architecture Duke no over would be would be cause or causes Jujube aunt for mother side would be day za on from fireside would be holla grandfather would be dead or the you Bubba and grandmother would be Nina or the Yukon grandmother from the mother's side would be a nun and grandmother from the farther side would be Babban, nephew or knees would be Jan while uncle from the farther side would be arm Gia and uncle from the martyr side Would be Dahlia cousin would be cause then father in law would be collagen Bubba or Chi'en said that murder in low would be kind Nana or Kalyan volley death sister in law would be bald owes and sister in laws. Husband would be barge Enoch Sunny law would be Demotte daughter Law would be dealing sister husband would be any step grunts, sunt son, grand daughter and grandchild would be total between our it kiss twin brother twin sister Mickey's car dish. Why trainings for the wise Esh Hunnam or cutter husband? Georgia Stepmother away on this and step daughter. Who? The Bubba and this all from this lecture. See you later in the next one. 8. Vocabulary - Illnes: Hello, guys. Next lesson of Turkish language course vocabulary section. Ease about illness or in Turkish hostile look. So let's see words about illness seek in the Turkish will See will say hasta at our hearts is headache. We will stay bashed Arson to catch a cold would be soak all mark who getting I'm useless nest left. Do you think dish arson So much ache. Could an artist contagious? We lost. Did you ulcer Would be Is that cancer would be constant to faint would be bio mark Hey Kipps would be her church could look migraine would be needed Heart attack would be called Chrissy which would be cash it toe each caution mark angina would be and Jeanne bronchitis would be grant No We'll see some examples about how sentences about six are told in Kurdish . So I am Sikh would be hostile I am worry sick would be joke Hasta liam. I have a toothache. The same are yours. I have a cold Leslie or Nesler old. I got sick, hostile older or hostile andan I don't see well e he's that your room? My food is itching. I, uh, cash into yours now since Turkish language is very polite language and have to those phrases which will make your organization more polite and more lovely. Such a phrase is also a phrase when someone is sick that you wish him a quick recovery by word. Get Mitch Olson, or I wish you a quick recovery. This is all for this lecture. I hope you understand, and that you weren't something and see later in the next one. 9. Exsercise: Hello guys After several grammar lessons 80 Stein for it that ended up one more practice. In this practice we have four tasks and so let's see Water Day. That's one. And reordering the sentences over leads to form a meaningful dialogue. So you have those those sentences Burek Muscle Burek both artist about media TOBA calamari Subject measure Never tell Mama Sandon charges their bid Good back baby Calamari so disrupted again disrupted sentences Need the order them in right way So here you go then we have task do and task to fill in the gaps in the sentences below with endings given in brackets. But make the changes require ease from global or constant harmony and insert a buffer ladders or up strokes where necessary. So we have Bhutan parties Me then find out Barge Judge Chuck, Who's that? What s going on? I can't get met that then Massa coy. So here we go again. Then we have a task tree and to match the questions and the answers. On the one side we have questions Nestle, Nick Adat less Amman medicines or team shoe. Masada Never and audio decide We have answers. Ali, He stumbled William joke is that b she yoke and vetoes and task for ease, to match stat praises to the situations where you would use them. So we have Phrases are fused, wholesome, a little alleys, a sulk hospital took and all, I guess, and and if initiations are to someone who just having lunch, just someone studying hard to someone who's just welcomed you did a hoste who has co fewer dinner and to the person to whom you are passing distilled. This is all for the practice for this practice, and I hope you like it. So good luck and see later in the next lesson.