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Turkish Language Course - From Beginner to Fluent Speaker!

teacher avatar Nejla Z., Manager of Information Technologies

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Introduction to the course

    • 2. Introducing Turkish Language

    • 3. Pronuncation Practice

    • 4. Turkish Alphabet

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About This Class

Learn to write, speak and understand Turkish language quickly and easily!

Turkish language course is a complete course for beginners in spoken and written Turkish. It is suitable for those who wish to acquire a small amount of the language to get the most out of a visit to Turkey. It is also ideal for those who require a deeper knowledge of the language in order to communicate effectively in a range of everyday situations.

We assume no previous knowledge of foreign language learning and avoid grammatical terminology where possible. Where such terms are unavoidable, we explain them in plain lay English. Completing this course will give you an intermediate-level knowledge of both spoken and written Turkish. We have designed this course for self-tuition and so it is wholly self-contained.

Course is made of 9 carefully graded and interlocking sections, which all are divided here in so called classes. Each class include one section which is continue of previous one, and it starts with the dialogue, accompanied by simple comprehension questions and notes about the language or Turkish culture. Further you have grammar lessons, where language points are explained, using plenty of examples to illustrate them. The exercises which follow are an essential part of each unit. Open-ended questions have been avoided so you can complete all the exercises using just the answer key. Each unit ends with a second, shorter dialogue which is linked to the opening one.

For self-study we recommend that you use additional documents provided in the section "Class Project". 

We introduce the bricks and mortar of Turkish in small, digestible chunks and they are essential to allow you to communicate further.

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Communicate in a variety of everyday situations
  • Have a knowledge of the major grammar points of Turkish
  • Master everyday situations in a Turkish speaking countries
  • Communicate accurately what you want to say
  • Develop you reading, writing, speaking and listening skills
  • Talk Turkish easy and fluently

Turkish language course covers all four basic skills: speaking, reading, writing and listening. It is not important if you are a complete beginner or you want to prepare yourself for the business trip or vacation, or you don’t have to time to spent on different classes, through this course you can determine your own pace of learning and to become fluent speaker of Turkish language.

So, if after reading this description you realize that this course is for you than enroll, enjoy learning and of course after completing course, speak Turkish language.

Görüşürüz! :)


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nejla Z.

Manager of Information Technologies


Bachelor of Management of Information Technologies
International Burch University
Oct 2013 - Jun 2016

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1. Introduction to the course : Hello and welcome. Don't want to learn Turkish, then you are at the right place. Welcome to Turkish language course. If you already decided to learn Turkish language, I will now tell you why the scores is something that you are looking for. This course first the wall build a strong foundation in Turkish language skills, and it covers all four basic skills. Speaking, reading, writing, listening. It is not important if you're a complete beginner or you want to prepare yourself for the business trip or vacation or on the other side, you don't have time to spend in different classes. Trudy scores. You can determine your own pace of learning and to become fluent speaker off Turkish language. Their official language course is a complete course for beginners in spoken and written Turkish. It ISS suitable for those who wish to acquire a small amount of the language to get the most out off a visit to Turkey. It is also ideal for those who require a deeper knowledge of the language in order to communicate effectively in a range of everyday situations. So if this were you heard from me is something you were just waiting for click and roll and mobile see in the course, after which you will become fluent speaker off Turkish girls shoes. 2. Introducing Turkish Language : Hi, everyone. Welcome to Turkish language course, my knees Naylor and this is less than one introduction here we will buy something about history of the Turkish language. It's origin's usage, as well as about general info about grammar sounds and vocabulary off Turkish language. So let's start. We'll start with the history of the Turkish language. What we need to say is NEDA Turkish Visa 30 clang guage. Spoken by between 65 70 trained 1,000,000 people in the world. It's the official language of 30 and at a regional or partial level in countries like Cyprus, Macedonia in Constable, Turkish is also spoken by large an immigrant communities and by the Turkish population remaining in eastern European Conference author. The extinction off the Ottoman Empire, including Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia. Some of its major linguistic particulary is our role harmony and extensive, a glue tenacious in. Now you will see its origin's Turkish is first spoken on the territory of today's Mongolia . In gradually stuffer did this wrong insolence off Persian and Arabic and in the times of the also money Empire name poked of local Slavic languages such as Bulgarian, Serbian, etcetera more than Turkish is a distended of Ottoman Turkish. But the reform at the beginning of the 20 century subsidiary the Alfa, between more fanatic version of the Latin alphabet and try to purify no language by substituting Persian and Arab loan words with their original perk ish Akwa Violence. Turkish is the official language of 13. It's also official in Notre Cyprus being cool official for Cyprus together, would Greek at the regional or partial level 30 Jeez, official in Casal in Macedonia. Large communities off AC Nick. Turkish population inhabited The Slavic countries wish for formally included in the Ottoman Empire, and 30 she's spoken there. Varieties Thunder Turkish is based on the Stumble dialect since the wrath firm undertaken. Other taken by opera torque in the beginning of the 20th century. Standard Turkish uses the stumble variety ah, fanatic version off the Latin alphabet and a purified version of the vocabulary where many of the old loan words from Arab and Persian do not exist. Several distinct dialects off Turkish exists the mass significant or which include deli or month, then lad, a Dakhlallah, editor DNA, edger and Cypress. Now we'll see brief history. The history of 30. She can be traced more than thousands and 200 years back. At that time, the 30 going was the community inhabited this territory of today's Mongolia. The development off old Turkish was wrongly marked by the gradual impact off Persian and Arab, not only in terms of, well, cavalry. I also sent his construction old photography. The next stage and maybe the most significant is the period of Ottoman Turkish. It go inside, dotted with a historical existence over the Ottoman Empire, which gradually enlarged to encompass the entirety over Eastern Europe. At that time, Turkish also suffered the impact of local linguistic communities, mainly Slavic but also from Greek and other languages. In the beginning, off the 20 century, one of the greatest Turkish layers camel at the torque. Other took critical Raffarin's of the state of Turkey, aiming to establish both a strong and independent national identity and the last religious dominated perception of the world. He adopted Manu of the achievements of Western civilization. As for the language, the ref ERM eliminated the old rabbit based off of it for the steak off a new fanatic version of the Latin alphabet. It also aimed three established Turkish actuals for all lowers from Arab and Persian Since then. The official version off Sunder Turkish is based on the child off east. Now we will go true. Brahma Turkish grandma eases Simplistic Once you get used to the style, however, it can seem to be worried. Difficult sees The grammatical structure is totally different from the Indo European languages. This is the coast Turkish east from a different language family called euro all Taik languages. Some languages similar to Turkish on Finnish, Hungarian, Estonian, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian Kaszak Who's back data Montceau compared English. The most fundamental differences in Turkish grammar cannibalistic as ordering off sentence part a typical Turkish sentence. He's order as subject plus object plus work as an example. Our condition autobahn all the our condition which means my friend easiness Key subject. Then we have object. What is Arab? A car in this case and at the end we have work or craddock AIG, which is work boat which means bought all the which means bought then second. Most fundamental difference is that in the thirties, Grandma Day reasonable gender. There are no articles in Turkish and no gender associated with words, no gender in personal pronounce the Turkish word for he she and it is oh, true think or a fundamental difference ease global harmony. Harmony off warbles is a worry. Fundamental property of Turkish Their rules concerning global harmony needs to be learned as one of the first steps because they are factually we almost the all water rules are applied and NDN we have use of suffixes. Suffixes are worry widely using Turkish the meaning of prepositions, personal pronouns and dances are all comfort by adding suffixes The word roots Carl being missing You are in my heart. We will see later in our electors how we get peace for off the sentence. But here and this is the best example for these kind of explanation. Once you get to D. C. Francis and learn the basic harmony rules, the rest of the grammar is quite simple. Almost everything follows while we find seem paroles. Another important point is the way you worried a written text. There is exactly one sound for each character in Turkish. A character always represent. These things sound regardless of exposition in a word or the characters next to it, like it is in English. Therefore it is rightful would toe pronounce a word that you see for the first time. Once you're familiar with the characters in the Turkish off of it Was your comfortable or a T least familiar with a harmony rules, the main challenge will be new vocabulary. Turkish will Kabul re can be wary, challenging, since the word have no re stumbles through the European languages. Accepted a few words adopted directly from these languages. And this is all for thes first introductory elector. So I hope you like it and, well, we'll see later in the next lecture lectures questionable. 3. Pronuncation Practice : Hello, guys. One more time. Welcome toe. Turkish language course into the less we will have pronunciation practice as well. He's introducing you the Turkish pronunciation. This action will give you a kick start is her while the words and phrases So look at the 75 items into several next life while listening at how they are a spell. Repeat the words aloud as you hear them. So the worst are divided into several groups according to the situation you needed for. So let's start with the basics of it. Yes. How You know Luthan, Please Salvo. Thank you. Marhaba! Hello, Hachiko. Goodbye Nestle Centers. How are you? Oh, I'm going. Pardon? Excuse me. One more time of it. Hi you Which son? So Marhaba host you Come on. You know so listeners E Barton next group is about talking on London. I understand all my modem. I don't understand. Think hard again. Repeat. Yeah, brush slowly. Let the Mac What does it mean? Indicia English Don't just in there. What is it in Turkish? One more time on London on Mama's. That car? Yeah. Bosch NEDA Mac injury share. Look just in there. Next section is about shopping catch butter. How much urges? Cheap. But hello, Expensive, but very some Yuck! It isn't any full stamp jet on talking for use in public telephone one more time. Koch Bata Oh, Juice! But Hohler but York Cool! Jeff Han. Next group is about eating, but calm listens. Waiter! Excuse me. Yeah, please Price list hyssop be or there, Jimmy. Lunch One more time back. Artemus Ina's the artist. Hiss up or you a Gemini. Next action is about directions. No head there We're so left. Saw rocked Use straight on catch Kilometer. How many kilometers? One more time. Meditator soul Use Koch Guillemette. Then we have traveling. Nice Ammann went Hunty or abuse? Which course would bus ik first? So on Los Millette ticket Borga here Interject bar. I want to get out. Oh, one more time, Nazem on hard Your toes Yuk son, be left Florida and in a car. Then we have accommodation B tickets She one person be to get yet one night. CJackson hot water. The farm will sue nonstop border Cobb, Alta la He's breakfast included one more time. Be Ricky She be to get yet said Jack. So the bomb was so couple to die Then we have times Da Kika minute sought our given the Hafta own Gia earlier ago She may be now Solana later Dune Yesterday Bigon Today and yet on tomorrow So one more time that Kika sought June earn Jeff Shame D Central given their tune and young and then we have numbers us a little joke Ah lot be it one key to hooch You got four Desh Hai use 100 being 1000 mignon millions and really our baby in one more time Us Chuck B is iki huge Dort bash Use game maybe on end media Next rupees about places so well it toilet post on e post office edge Donna Kim Auto guard bus station He's a killer Jefty Fairy Shop Backo Grocer's Shop So let Boston edged on there Oto God use killer and back Oh , and we have group words words for trouble and those are in dot help Gaza accident Dr Dr took a Yup shame on you and with this slide over finished today's lesson But you're a piteous words immediate accent reader files I give you so you can easier fall electrics and host a CO 4. Turkish Alphabet: Hi, guys. One more time. Welcome to Turkish language course. This is second lecture and we will today talk about and I hope learn Turkish off of it in Turkish, off a bit is called Al harvested and consists off 29 letters off which eight levels and 21 constant Each letter has exactly one associative now which never changes woes in Turkish language are, uh, e uh, you know, or oh, if one more time. Ah e ah e Or while continents are b j she there the year Uh, hey, z k Lee made me beer every say she okay. The year to say one more time. Biggy cheese be big. Uh huh. J kill and men here very c shaped a year, is they? There are three letters off the English awful bit that are missing in the Turkish off of it . And those are que double way and X. But additionally, we have seven characters, not founding. Mingle shop of it and those are to and you must get and sure, uh and you and in the end, e the letters of thirties off of it. And the sounds associated with these are in the following tables. And now I will read, Um so you can hear how they are Pronunciation id So letters, Uh, like deep A like they are in a car. Colin East Turkish example. Colin means then then we have books like the bird in best bullock fish. Just like the Julian gender. Jap means pocket. Then we have to like the durian chance Turkish example would be charged the like The in depth Turkish example would be never camel e like the e unless house would be Turkish example. Then we have so like that. But in a colony and Turkish example would be see LF then we have good. Like the good in Jane and the Turkish example would be gammy. Which means she then we have, uh you must have you for soft G, for example. E always you mush on G. Always problems are global and east pronounced in one of two ways. If the Waldo before it is one off our oh, then you Moshe g Will Lenten the sound off that wallow for example? Yeah, most or arch. If the world is one off a e, then you shaggy will be pronounced as year for example. 18 e since you most chunky, he's always preceded by a wobble. There are no words in Turkish that start quitting Next letter would be huh? Like the her in hello Turkish example will be hobby, which means travel. Then we have a like the earth in halted and the Turkish example would be a spa knock, which means spinach. Then we have eat like the e team and Turkish example would be engaged, which means English. Then we have a sure like that Malaysia Turkish example would be gymnastic men's gymnastics . Then we have Logica Town, Sally and Turkey. Example would be heat up, which means book. Then we have Mullah like the Little England limit would be Turkish example. Next letter. Ease em like the M men and Turkish example would be Massa which that's or table next letter east And like the enough No like no in the neighbor no mas, which means prayer. Each Turkish example Oh, like bull and Turkish example, would be loco, which means school next. Either East. Oh, who London do in urge or deck? He's Dr. Then we had, like both in pen and Turkish example would be pardoned. Marc betweens finger. Then we have a like that, and Turkey example would be addressing. Which means picture next letter ease like citing send and 30 example would be so water we have then, sure, like the shirt insurance. Turkish example would be shake at next letter. Ease the like. The intense in turkey example would be top, which means bull. Then we have, like the new in good Kolchak or airplane. He's Turkish. Example. Yeah, like Newt and they're good example will be checked, which means country. Then we have the like devil in men Basel. He's Turkish example. And it means these. Yeah, like the year. Yes, Turkey example would be Yemen, which means food. And again we have is a like this. That is that and 30 Turkish example would be Zomba. Which means, really, this would be Turkish off of it. I hope that it is Goat explained. And I hope that you will learn this so we can steep Turkish authored the next. If you lectures. I hope you like it. And I hope death will to leader even X Lexus. So goodbye,