TurboCharge Your Twitter Presence | Mike Pitt | Skillshare
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21 Videos (1h 31m)
    • Course Intro How to Study the Course

    • Defining Your Content Strategy For Twitter

    • Getting Started Creating an Effective Twitter Profile

    • How to Perform Basic Functions

    • How to Shorten Web Urls with Bitly

    • Notifications Your Twitter To Do List

    • The Importance of Names in Driving Engagement

    • How to Unfollow on Twitter

    • Best Practice Use of Direct Messages

    • How to Block Someone on Twitter

    • How to Use Twitter Search to Connect with Your Audience 1

    • What Most People Aren't Doing With Twitter Lists 1

    • Applying the Pareto Principle to Your Content Strategy

    • Visual Content to TurboCharge Your Engagement 1

    • When to Use Trending Items and Hashtags

    • How to Show Your Personality While Remaining Focused 1

    • 5 Common Twitter Mistakes to Avoid

    • Tweet Scheduling Tool: What is Meet Edgar?

    • Unfollowers:Statusbrew One Specific Feature

    • The Theo Paphitis Explanation

    • Twitter Presence: Final Thoughts


About This Class

Course Goal

Use Twitter strategically to promote their business, organisation or individual profile

Who is the Target Audience?
This course is for people interested in generating more opportunities or clients for themselves or their business. If you work in a sector where Social Media use is restricted e.g. police, military, some finanical careers etc then this course is not for you.

What Will I Learn?

How to Use Twitter strategically to promote their business, organisation or individual profile

Are you not seeing any real benefits from Twitter? When people mention Twitter do you roll your eyes because you are yet to see one new opportunity come your way because of Twitter. Do not worry - you are not alone. Many people are not seeing a real return on their investment but are reluctant to talk about it for fear of embarrassment. Even if you are using the platform it is possible that you are missing an opportunity to efficiently do one of the following:

* Promote your business or organisation

* Raise your individual profile

*Promote new music or creative work,

* Sell out business and entertainment events

* Generate more opportunities and contacts

This course is a step by step guide that will unlock Twitter for you and generate more opportunities. In the course I will teach you how to use Twitter to generate new opportunities and contacts in an authentic way that your audience will appreciate. You will be able to differentiate yourselves from the masses.

I have used Twitter professionally since 2010 both on behalf of his clients' businesses and also for my Content Marketing Agency based in London.

The course is made up of over xx hours of course material broken down into 19 lectures. 

Take this Twitter course if you want to learn how to use one of the most important Social Media platforms really well rather than trying to be everywhere at once. You will see results in real-time so you can become successful on Twitter very soon. Are you ready? Let's go.





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Mike Pitt

Content Marketing. Social Media. Author. Blogger.

Content Marketing. Social Media. Author. Blogger. Founder.

After working for many years in marketing agencies Mike set up on his own in 2010 when he founded Marketing Fundamentals Ltd, a B2B Content Marketing Agency for Professional Services Firms. Since 2010 in addition to building his agency's clientbase he has created many informational products including his book, ' How to TurboCharge Your Business with a Blog' which is available from Amazon and Audible.

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