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Tubebuddy Masterclass - Guide to YouTube Management Tool

teacher avatar Nick Nyxson, YouTuber & Content Creator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (1h 6m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What Tubebuddy is NOT

    • 3. Tubebuddy Features

    • 4. Which Tubebuddy License to Choose

    • 5. Tubebuddy Keyword Explorer Explained

    • 6. Putting Keywords in a Description

    • 7. Tubebuddy SEO Studio Explained

    • 8. Conclusion

    • 9. Bonus Lecture

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About This Class

Learn Everything about Tubebuddy, its Features, Licenses, Keyword Research Tool, and YouTube SEO Optimisation

Get a 30-Day Free Tubebuddy Trial Here. You will need it to complete the course and Class Project. Don't forget to cancel it at the end of 30 days if you don't want it anymore!

If you can't use the free trial because you already used it, then get Tubebuddy here.

Finally, a YouTube Channel Management Tool That Makes Creating & Growing A YouTube Channel Fun & Easy!

With a good YouTube channel management tool, you can have a complete overview of your channel's analytics. You can easily see which videos are performing best, which ones need improvement and what your audience is most interested in. And it is completely free!

Tubebuddy is a revolutionary new YouTube creation tool that was designed to make it easier for creators on the platform to grow. Tubebuddy features a new unique algorithm that can be used to search for content ideas, this means this tool will make it easy for creators of all levels of experience on YouTube. No more trying to find the right keywords, no more clumsy keyword research, no more time-consuming uploading process, and no more researching competition.

And This Tubebuddy Masterclass is the perfect solution for both experienced and inexperienced content creators who have created a YouTube channel but are struggling with managing it. This is the only course to teach you how to use Tubebuddy's powerful YouTube channel, SEO, and keyword research tools to grow your YouTube channel.

Here you will Learn:

  • What Tubebuddy is;

  • What Features Tubebuddy provides;

  • How to choose a license for Tubebuddy;

  • How to use Keyword Research Tool;

  • How to implement found keywords in your YouTube videos;

  • How to use SEO Studio;

  • And Much MORE!

It's no secret that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Also, it is worth investing your time and energy into your channel with TubeBuddy to take advantage of the long-term growth potential which will greatly contribute to the success of your channel.

Here is the Tubebuddy Course! You will learn everything you need about this tool and its features and also everything about how to research and optimize your YouTube videos for better SEO. With Tubebuddy, you can finally take your Youtube channel to the next level!

Everything you will learn here will be based on My practice as a user of Tubebuddy and Everything shown step by step as I am performing everything live on video.

And don't forget that Instructor is here for you. For any questions do not hesitate to ask.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nick Nyxson

YouTuber & Content Creator


My name is Nick and I specialize in Online Business, Content Creation, and Teaching. I mainly focus on YouTube Channel building, Pinterest Growth, Livestreaming with OBS Studio (Streamlabs OBS), LumaFusion Mobile Video Editing & Much More other tools & Services to achieve your goals.

Join me and learn an amazing software for content creation and let's create amazing content together. For any questions, do not hesitate to ask, I am always available for help, any time, any day.

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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to our two-body course. My name is Nick. Nick's in and I will be your instructor for this course. In this course, we are going to learn everything that you need to know as a YouTuber about the Tube Buddy, no fluff and no unnecessary things here we're going to learn everything that you need to know about your body and that you can actually use in practice. Because one thing is to know what service can use an another is how to actually use it. So this course will actually be about how to use your body to reach maximum success on YouTube. So let's not waste any more time and let's get right into the business and welcome to the course. 2. What Tubebuddy is NOT: Hello and welcome to our course. And in this first our official lecture, I'd like to dispel some myths about too buddy and just talk about this course will cover and will not cover as well because it's very important. But first thing that I would like to ask you is to not hesitate to ask any questions. If you have them, you have an option to ask me questions directly and I will gladly answer them all. Just go through the lecture first. If you think that I didn't cover something or do you wanted to know something more that I didn't cover? Just don't hesitate to ask me the question directly about it. I will be very glad to answer it because I understand that sometimes I might speak either very fast or I might not be very clear and you want some clarification, so please do not hesitate to ask any questions if you have them. Another thing that I want to cover is the requirement for this course. It's basically what you will need for this course. And it is of course, a Tube Buddy account and preferably a paid too buddy account. But don't worry, if you don't have a two-body account. Colon refers to the bonus lecture. I have a great offer for you that will allow you to actually use too buddy, any license to be fair for an absolutely free, for a certain task, just for you to learn how to. But he wants to go and refer that bonus lecture. You're going to have everything they are bound by the way. Bonus lecture will be the last lecture of the course. And by the way, you feel need a help to which license to choose. What did you buddy? Don't worry, we're going to have an entire decade electrode to that as well. But now I would like to dispel the biggest misconception about too buddy that people have. And it's completely wrong. And it's a misconception that by using a tube buddy, you will actually grow your channel. This is completely false, but not in a way that you think. I have a few videos about two-body on my YouTube channel and a lot of comments are asking me whether they will be able to grow to 1000 subscriber, 10000 subscribers, or wherever arbitrary number that you want, using the most expensive to buy the licenses. And the answer to those people is, of course, no too buddy is not growing your YouTube channel for you too. Buddy is a tool that helps you to grow a YouTube channel. It basically helps you to do things faster, The more efficiently and in this way, helping you to do more things. As an example of one of the most important tools of two-body that will cover extensively in this course is its keyword research tool. By using keyword research tool, you're not guaranteed that you will rank for any of the keywords that you will use. But it will actually save you time looking for such keywords. This tool is not telling you that if you use these keywords, you will get ranked high on these topics. What this tool does, it actually helps you to find the keywords, not by wasting the time when YouTube, by just doing all the things manually, but doing it by the information and resources gathered by 2 buddy itself. It's telling you whether there are a lot of people that are actually using this keyword, or whether there are a lot of people who are actually finding and searching for these keywords. It actually helps you find that the best choice for your videos. It of course, will not guarantee that you will rank for that keyword, but at least you will not spend hours and hours looking for them manually. So this is the biggest thing that I want to get out the way. Remember, the tuba is helping you to grow on YouTube, but it does not do grow wing for you. So that means that amount of help done by 2 buddy is purely determined by how good you are. If you're looking into a lot of information on your YouTube analytics, if you're trying to improve your videos. But it will help you improve even further. But if you just wait for somebody to give you just some keywords that will grant you thousands upon thousands of US. It won't do that. You will do that with the help of two buddy. I know for some of you this may not make sense, but it will make sense as we'll go through the course. So stay tuned and let's go and continue to our next lectures. 3. Tubebuddy Features: Hello and welcome to our lecture. And in this lecture I want to cover extensively what features of two buddy that you will need as a YouTuber and what features that you will need to ignore completely. And of course we're going to cover all the licenses. So without further ado, let me just jump to the computer and I'm going to be explaining everything that you'll need there. So here we are at two features window and here are all the features that you'll get for two-body for all four different lessons. But the Week 3 is licensed type as well. So we're going to cover one as well. And we are going to cover entire list in this lecture. And I'm gonna be telling you whether you need this feature. All you need to ignore it completely. So let just start. So first feature is scheduled publish. It was useful in the past, now it's not anymore. So it's basically ease the scheduling of the publishing of the video in the past, YouTube did not have this feature and all the way to do that was through to buddy and it's available for the star and legend license only and it's not useful anymore. So you can completely ignore this feature. You don't need to budget for this feature. Second is scheduled video update. This is a very useful feature if you have a lot of video updates in the future. So this is very useful feature if you're using a lot of updates in your videos. For example, if you're doing a giveaway, you want to change the title and description McGill way indicating what they indicate whether giveaway is ongoing or it actually ended. So if you're using the features like that, then this feature is useful. But to be fair, I don't know whether it's useful to pay for this feature, so you have to decide for yourself. Next is sunset videos. This is feature that it was available on to body for really, really long time. This is, these are basic, the videos that will be deleted after some time. It depends, again on your niche, whatever you are doing on your YouTube, and whether you need such feature or not. For I have never needed it ever in my life. But if you think that you can use this feature yet by all means, but for me, I don't think that it's various card templates, pretty useful feature, but not as much as you think because usually cards are needed for the specific points in your video. So if you think that you will need a template for your cards, then yes, but in my opinion, this is not a feature that is worth paying for and screen tablets, it's not very useful anymore because you can just take any n squared elements from any videos that you have. So it's not that useful anymore. So what was in the past? Now it's not now can responses. It's also available on a free license as well. Chemical responses, basically a, just a list of responses that you can have prewritten just OK, maybe like Okay, thank you. Or cool things like that. It is useful if people are asking the same questions over and over again. And you can use that if you want. It's useful for the larger channels, But if you're smaller channel, it's usually not necessary because you will not have a lot of questions at all. So, yeah, it's useful if you are larger, maybe 1000 subscribers or more. If you're a smaller, it probably won't be that useful. Default Apple profiles, very useful feature, and this is probably the first feature that is actually worth paying for on to buddies too. If you're not using Upload defaults on YouTube, you are doing it very, very wrong. Up Upload defaults is basically a default title description and tags that you can add to any of your videos when you upload the video. So basically don't need to fill out all the information that is a common for every videos like a social media information, maybe your products, you will not need to write every single time. And if you have multiple types of videos, you can actually use multiple default profiles using two-body, which is incredibly useful and highly suggest you to use this feature extensively. Next is plainly sections. It's pretty useful if you are utilizing playlists, a large enough videos, but if you just started a YouTube channel and you have maybe like 10 or maybe last videos, It's not very useful. However, as you grow, as you accumulate the number of videos and as a cumulative number of playlists, you might actually find this blurry sections useful. So basically I'm going to show me what it does. Press little sections and it will show you what it does is basically allows you to order and randomize your video playlists in a different way, which is incredibly, incredibly useful ways to use your playlist. Next is thumbnail generator, which is pretty good tool to use. It's also available on the free version as well to show genetic AND, and only one customer can create them but cannot download or copy of image. This is pretty useful feature, however, I would highly, highly, highly recommend you to use proprietary software for creation of thumbnails. But the way I have actually entire course coming up in your future dedicated to you to plumbers. So stay tuned for that. However, I don't recommend you use it. But if you don't have any other choice, yeah, you can use it, but it's not what painful when you have even free photo editing softwares like 40 p or maybe give that you can just use it wherever you want other than age of thumbnails, videotape it powder is pretty good thing. It allows you basically to plan with the tropics based on comments and different tags. Just, just, it's something like a note. For the future. Is it useful? Yes. As it was being for no. You can just simply write it in a notebook or writing a phone and it would be exactly the same function, probably even more work style. So it's pretty good. Feature, advanced video embed, very great feature. It's actually free. And if you have a website and want to embed your YouTube videos, maybe you want to embed it in a way so would show only the latest video. This actually allows you to some basic feature, great, and it's absolutely free. Now, let's talk about common formatting. It's a great feature if you don't know how to actually do the common formative yourself because it's not actually too buddy feature in its activity be done on any computer or keyboard. They all it does is actually allows you to Bolden the texts or dude italic underline. So for example, if you want to Bolden the texts of your comment when you're writing the comment, just don't need to just select texts and press Control B on the keyboard. So this is not an activity to Buddy feature, but it allows you to music pretty easily. So yeah, it's pretty good. How to actually do it. Now, copper center, this is a pretty useful feature or due to the recent developments within the YouTube, it actually allows you to identify which videos of yours are identified as made for kids and which are not identified as made for kids. This allows you to identify which videos are not monetized because it's flagged as a made for kids and which are not. And just allows you to make it easier for you to find out which videos are deemed as made for kids and which are not emoji picker. It's as simple as it explains, this allows you just to pick emoji. I'm going to show you how it actually works. So when a common comments, you're going to see this emoji picker button right here, just going to press it does pick any emoji that you want. It's as simple as that Quick Links menu. It's basically menu on the top of your YouTube dashboard. Git allows you just to choose where to whatever you want, just to go to wherever feature of the tube buddy or maybe what feature of the YouTube that you want. It allows you to go faster analytics to comments and see bunch of other features very useful. It's available for free and the same if quick, quick edit toolbar here as well. It's just the same thing but available within the videos itself. Now both processing tools, I'm not going through each one of them because it's basically the same thing. But doing a different features like one is for the cards 14 then screens one is just for copying ones for Dell deleting, one for finding and replacing one from terminal overlays. They are very useful feature. If you have a lot of videos and do a lot of cross-promotion between your videos. For example, let's say you have like 200 videos and you uploaded a new video where you want to promote in every single video, basically you want to add in a top of a description of every single video. But the way I do not recommend to do things on a type of descriptions. But let's say that you wanted to do that or maybe you want to do it in a middle of the video, or do you want to just have a constantly changing roster of videos in your description, basically displaying your latest videos. You can actually do this using these tools. For example, in this case, you will need the bulk find replacing the pen tool. For example, take the link to the latest video titled a later video, drop it on this to bind another video that you want to replace. And it will replace this video title and link with the new one in all of your video descriptions, it's very useful can be done with the cards and with an end screens as well. It's very useful. But unless you are utilizing it very extensively, unless you have a lot of videos that you want to just use it to promotions, this will not be very useful for your. Probably the most useful is this one which is bulk find, replace an append. All the restaurants are not that useful. So unless you have a lot of videos, you don't need that. And in my case, I just don't use this tool that much because it's just too much work because I do a lot of videos and I do need to just change the description every single time. You can use it for itself, and it is available for only started licenses. And this is the biggest difference between pro and satellites and sister analyses. It's actually allow you to use the plot processes and tools. We've got, of course talk about them, the licensing lectures. But unless you're planning to utilize this extensively, and it can be utilized extensively, you don't need it. Now, website SEO tools, this are very useful tools and majority of the Bessel's here are available only for two, but the legend which is the highest license of two buddies. So first things first, translator, do you need it? Probably not. It is not affecting that much. Only video's performance too, we don't need it. Search, rank, cranky tracking. You really don't need it. You think that you do, but you do really don't need it. I didn't find any use one. For this one, I would use it. You've been delighted tat translator. You don't need it because you still need to use the same tax-based for the different languages. So it's not very useful. Video IB tests. Incredibly useful tool like this, is the only tool which makes two bar legend absolutely worth it. So basically it allows you to. Upload multiple different variations in your same video. Basically, you can upload two different terminals, two different titles, two different description and two different tablets. And too buddy will just mix and match these thumbnails and titles and descriptions and see which ones actually perform. And after some time, maybe probably around week or a few weeks after, it will actually tell you which one are actually performing. And probably the reasons why they're performing as well. Incredibly powerful tool to be fair as scoured entirely Internet to find something similar to that. And I couldn't find anything that works as great as this one. This is an amazing tool if you have a budget and if you want to use this, this is incredibly powerful tool. This will probably make your journey to finding the best undoes, the best titles, that bad description and best tackle is incredibly easy and incredible fast, much faster than just doing it manually. And probably you will not be changing the third thumbnails and titles manual every single time. So this is incredibly powerful tool, Opportunity Finder. Now that way to just ignore this completely best-practice audit, it's okay. It actually shows you the different things that you need to use for individuals, like maybe use cards like using the names in the title. It's a name and description, keywords and descriptions. It's a great tool and I'm pretty sure you won't be using that very often. Seo Studio, pretty great tool that actually shows you whether your videos actually optimize for the keywords are not, which is incredibly useful. And we're going to have an entire day to get voucher to this one as well. So very powerful tool switched positions. It says it's available for pro certain legend only. But to be fair, it's just a variation of the tag rankings, which is absolutely free to use. So yet by the Tube Buddy of pro license for this one. Now, is this a guest is virtual as well, especially suggest you did keywords the same way as the YouTube suggests you the different words when you prototype in search keyword is for once you know what keyword if foreigners, we're going to cover this extensively. Such Explorer, basically the same thing. Tag list. It allows you to just create a list of tags that you can use in multiple videos available for free as well. Tag rankings. It basically shows you how you rank for the certain tags, tax order, but basically allows you to sort your tags in different ways and view and copy video tags basically allows you to view and copy video tax of other people basically. Now, promotion tools, this is a very powerful tools as well, published to Facebook, is incredibly powerful tool that a lot of people are not giving the credit because it's available exclusively on to buddy and it's available on star license and up. So if you have a Facebook page that you are promoting, that you are uploading to YouTube videos. To. This allows you to upload the video natively on Facebook from your YouTube channel. It's not just taking your channel link and just getting the 20 Facebook No, it just uploaded natively allowed you to rank on Facebook as well. It might not give a Facebook a lot of credit, but you can actually get a lot of use and exposure from there as well. So it's very powerful to milestones. Yeah, it's just a vent symmetric basically showing you, yeah, yeah. You reach this number of subscribers on this day or this number of use this day. It's great too, but Nana, that much best time to publish was very useful in the past. Now, not that much because YouTube is actually telling you directly when your viewers are actually own line and you can just choose whether you want to publish at that time or not. So that's a great too, but adds the top tool for the Tube Buddy then is pick a winner. It's basically if you're doing a lot of your waist or comments, you can actually just choose a random comment. It's useful, great tool, but yeah, it's great so we can use it as well. And one of the last big, basically tabs is data and research tools. So channel access is basically allows you to give access to different people on Channel. But yet not that useful anymore. You can actually do this natively on YouTube as well. Click magnet, they're useful tool for the two body legit actually gives you a detailed breakdown of the CDRs audience retention of all the videos at once and giving us suggestions. What you need to improve on what videos. Great and powerful tool available unfortunately, only into by the legend competitors scoreboards. I never use these two. I never compete. I never show, and I never tried to just choose any competitors because I don't have competitors and you shouldn't have as well because you are only your own competitors or just ignore this completely. Export comments, never use this protection Analyzer. Very powerful tool allows you to analyze audience retention of all of your videos to basically see at which point people are actually dropping off. And you can see it on all of your videos at once. You have this rotation analyzer on YouTube as well, but you can see only on a certain video or every single video you need to go individual to see this one. This one, this allows you to see on all of your videos bread alerts. Yet don't use this channel backup is basically creates a CSV backup of your channel now that you saw as well. But if you think that you needed, you can use it helps report is basically something like an analytics overview of a channel. Palsy useful in the past when you took classic was around. Now not that much but yet still good to have. A video links basically gives you detailed information about each and every YouTube video that you will see allows you to compare the views. Don't use it to be fair channel valuation. It says it's available for free, but it was right now. It's not it's using a different service to do that and that service is not free. So you can see, this is actually very old. This is not true. It's not available for you to analytics. It's basically it gives you information about each and every child that you visited on YouTube and allows you to compare your views subscribers. A few of them. Coming toward cloud basically gives you the Cloud of common sense. See which words are being used. The most basic way to see what people are interested, the most demonetization audit, you don't need that, that might because YouTube is actually giving all the information now from now on language analysis. And just ignore this and search insights. It gives you just basically information about different search rankings on the right of your YouTube start pesky want to search for something. It's going to give you all the information about this word. Basically how high the competition is, how it performs. So many videos are there and what people actually uploading there, et cetera, et cetera. Very powerful, very insightful, and absolutely free. Last two, but not least, they are member Pyrex and Cuba, the mobile app. Let's start with the mobile app. The mobile app is not good. I don't like to buy the mobile app. I don't use two by the mobile app. So I suggested you ignore it completely because it's not that good. It's basically keyword is basically a glorified keyword explorer, any video topic planner only that's, that's all that you have and it's not that great. And I don't suggest it to use it and I don't use it myself as well. It's probably the biggest downside of the two buddy, I remember Paris gives you an access to a bunch of royalty-free music, to assets, etc, etc, is pretty useful tool if you are not using any other services and you can use this one just to avoid any copyright claims, corporate strengths for the music in the future. And if you want to use a great graphics plus it gives you a bunch of different discount and a lot, a lot of different services that you can use for your YouTube. So basically this is all about the features that you will need to focus on. We're gonna talk about, of course, each licenses in the future. But this is the tool that you'll need. And just trust me, you will use all the tools that I talked about in this video and just ignore everything else completely because it's not going to be various for you. We just won't be using it. Maybe when the first unit, when you are just going to play with it, but then you're just going to completely ignore it. So just don't, don't, don't bother using every single tool onto buddy. So this should be it for this lecture. I'm going to see you the next one. Yeah. 4. Which Tubebuddy License to Choose: So hello and welcome back. And in this lecture I want to briefly discuss one of the more important questions that people are asking about the two-body. It's which license you need to purchase or whether you actually need repurchase any licensed or not. As you can see on my screen too, buddy actually providing you with three paid law says licenses at one free license for ease, of course, absolutely free. You can install it anytime you want. Then you have pro for $9 amongst star for $19 amount and a legend for $49 a month. We talked about all the features available and if you want, you can just go and go to slash pricing and see all the features available for the different tools. But here's a question. Which one do you need to use for your two-body? And weirdly enough, this question is not easy to answer for one very simple reason. Different licenses will be useful for different people, but we are going to try to cover it regardless. Let's start with a free license. So basically you have no reason to not use free license because the tool that is available for free license is more than enough to justify just install it on your browser. It's an amazing software, even in its purest 34, and you can use it extensively, so there's no reason to not use it. Now, let's go to the paid licenses and which one you should use. By the way, the full disclaimer here, if you go to the bonus lecture, I'm going to show you how we can actually gain access to any of these licenses for absolutely free. So stay tuned for that. But let's discuss which licenses are good for who? For majority of the YouTubers, for absolute majority of the YouTubers Pro license will be more than enough. Basically, this gives you an unlimited access to the order keyword research tools and basic tools that you will use two-body and it's just not given access to more advanced source of a Tube Buddy for the things that you use. And I'm absolutely sure that the main thing that you want it you buddy for is its keyword research to an ability to find the best keywords and optimize your videos for SEO and for that too, buddy Pro license is absolutely more than enough. You don't need anything else to start with it. And if you want to start with it and if you're just willing to page it to body and to see how it actually looks. The full experience of two buddy. Can I suggest you to start with the Pro and only decide to operate to everything else when you feel like you need the tools hi licenses that we're going to talk about in just a bit. So pro license, you start with a free and you like the free and you want just take away all the limitations of the free pro license is more than enough. By the way, you have a small thing to take here. If you will tick this button right here. If you have less than 1000 subscribers, which you probably will. If you don't, then you won't be able to use it. But if you do just take this one and your price will go 50 percent down by itself, which is incredibly amazing. And if you paid annually, boom, even lower. So this is an amazing thing that your body is actually providing for a small creators. Now let's discuss the larger tools like style license and legend licenses. So star license is basically the same as pro license with a few additional tools, but most importantly, it allows you to use bulk editing tools. We will talk about this in previous lectures. And volcanic editing tools is actually very useful and very, very powerful tools if you are utilizing it constantly. So if you're uploading a lot of videos and want to change the links in the description. And you know, the people who actually going through the descriptions because they actually do to find the next videos to watch, you can actually put them there any just increase the chance for people who are actually finding your other videos. See your newer videos, which is very, very, very powerful tool. And additional US you want just if you, for example, you have a sponsor who wants maybe a link in your description. You can't just put the description of the sponsor in every video only be if we want to use affiliate link. You can put it in every video all at once, which is incredibly powerful and very, very useful. So this is the thing that you can use. It. It's also allows you to bulk change your cards and n squeeze. And to be fair, I never ever found any need to do that. Because usually I use the screens that are picked by YouTube itself. This is the most recent video, and I also choose the best suited for the viewer because algorithm is actually better at finding which videos for them to watch next to them, I myself. So gap, I'm just don't use this. I use the building at the description. Templates changes and it's very powerful tool. And solid ice has also has an ability to upload to Facebook, which is very powerful tool as well. So if you think that you will utilize these tools, then I highly suggest you to go first analyses. However, I still recommend starting with a Pro license. First, to see how it feels and CC understand whether you will actually need more advanced tools or not. Now, the legend license, legend license is the most expensive one, cos $49 amount or if you go for a yearly plan, It's a $39 per month, but you can actually get this even more discounted price if you got a bonus lecture, of course, whether do you need it or not is another question. And to be fair, if you have a budget for this and if you just allow yourself to spend this money on it, and if you're beautiful is making this money already, then it's absolutely worth it. I'm not kidding. It's absolutely worth it. You pay for the license for only 12 plus. It has all the tools of the star and pro license, which is already a big bonus. Basically, you can take away $220 from this, but only one tool that is incredibly useful and you cannot even imagine how useful it is. Whereas it video epitaphs, video AB tests is very useful and very powerful tool and allows you to take away your headache, whether your thumbnails are good enough for their tunnels are going to have it allows you to test at the best-performing title, some notes and descriptions and tags for your videos or maybe all of your videos, which is insanely powerful tool. You cannot even imagine how powerful days. But again, you need to utilize all the other tool in order to get to this first. Another very powerful tool is actually click magnet. It's incredibly useful to, you can actually use this menu yourself using Q-tips advanced mode, but it's actually much more tedious and it's very good to have here. And retention analyzer is a very powerful tool as well. But still, I think that these tools are not making the two-body legend word to pay for. And the only thing that is making what you pay for is video EPA test. It's very powerful. I've used it a few times and helped me out a lot. So I highly suggest you to use it. However, again, if you can afford it, this is not a cheap price for the YouTube tool subscription. It's not and only use it if you can afford it. And all you did that you know that you can use this money for making more money basically from YouTube, other than that, 100% to buy the probe, amazing bargain, amazing purchase to buy the start. If you want to use BOC, BOC tools and a Facebook uploading, amazing too. And again, Video AB tests. If you think that you absolutely needed, that this one is greater, it will not make your videos better per se, but it will allow me to find which one of your thumbnail sounds are actually better. Which one of maybe your colors are looking better? Which one of your titles? Structuring of working better, which only on descriptions are working better, etc, etc. This is incredibly powerful and you can utilize it for yourself as well. Again, too many pro, absolutely worth it to me. Worth it if you needed to buy the legend, voice it if you can't afford it. So this will be for this lecture first got the next one, then. 5. Tubebuddy Keyword Explorer Explained: Hello and welcome to our lecture. This lecture will be more hands-on experience on actually how to start using too buddy. Practically the most important features that you need to be using right now from a tube, right? So without further ado, let me jump to the computer and I'm going to be explaining everything right then and there. So this is the video that we are going to be using as an example. This is one of my, one of the more popular videos that are uploaded just a few months back. And just to give you an example, this is the video about comparing affinity suit with Adobe. So if you don't know it, basically a different graphical software, it just for users know which one is better. And this, what you see right now is one of my, let's say, default descriptions. And it is very important to know why I'm doing this. Think that of course we're gonna talk about the descriptions in the next lecture, but know that this is the key words that we use. However, the majority of you will want to know more about the tax because you think that too buddy is actually used to Buddy keyword research tool is used for jags, which is kinda right, but it's actually rock tags have practically no effect on your video discoverability and searchability. However, you will still use tax in order to make your videos more discoverable. And I'm going to show you how you can do this. But first, you need to actually find out the tasks that are very useful for your video. So let's again see, all right, here I have a lot of different tags, but I only rank for a few of them, which is still a good enough because I rank for the majority of them. And there are some mistakes here that we are going to fix together. So without further ado, let's just jump into the keyword research and start researching different keywords just to show you how it's actually done. So my regular YouTube homepage, it doesn't matter whatever you will do from here, from studio or from homemade, It will be the same thing. Let's do it from the studio. And what I'm going to show you right now is I'm going to show you how keyword explorer actually works. So it's actually pretty easy to use the keyword explorer. And the biggest mistake that users have to Buddy are doing is trying to find the keywords that are low in competition but high search volume you see it's extremely difficult to find a search keywords. And more often than not, you will not find such keywords that are perfectly matching your videos. What you should is that it's finally keywords that perfectly match your videos. It is far more important to find the keywords that perfectly match videos then just to find the keywords that are high in search volume. So let just go and research our topic. So in this case, let's return to the topic of our video that we already uploaded, but let's imagine that it's completely new video. In this case is affinity versus Adobe. As you can see, it's immediately right there and there. And this is one of our biggest points that we need to take a look into. So I think I see immediately when we search affinity versus it immediately gave you the top results. Higher the keyword is in results, the higher search will you eat has. So in this case, because my video is actually all about affinity versus Adobe, not affinity versus a Photoshop, because Affinity is a software collection which consists of, in this case, of three different software. And Affinity Photo with one of the competitors of Photoshop. But Photoshop is just a separate software. Of course, we can create a video about that as well. But because our video is more about comparing the collection of the programs, apps, not just separate apps and affinity versus Adobe will be the good for us. So we know that this keyword is actually very good. But let's continue. Would you let it just go and search for anything that I've said? And immediately this pops up as well, affinity versus Adobe 2021. This is what it's called long tail keywords, affinity versus there'll be easily long-tail keyword at all because it consists of three words, affinity versus an Adobe. And if your video we'll perform really good. Hello Ryan, for all three of them maybe except for vs. because it's not the word that you can actually rank for. But if you can rank for affinity and Adobe, but when you do it longer, you make it far more specific. And because you are far more specific, your competition actually shrinks considerably. So you should focus on the longer keywords. Pretty sure you already knew that, but just to reiterate, so let's go to affinity versus that'll be, by the way, I'm using a pro version of a tube, Maria, I'm not using anything expensive. So when you go right here, the weighted score for the video for me in this case or just just before I'm waiting because that's usually what you'll see if you're one for free, it says that it's very good. Search volume is fair, competition is okay, and adopted interest rate is pretty high. It says it gives its 67 points. However, what it doesn't include, what this keyword will not include that you will see in a free version. It will not include the factor how large our channel is and how many views or channel is actually getting. So we'll go to, to wait it. It will give me the real results because my channel is actually not getting a lot of views per video. I have a lot of videos and upload videos, daily Apple baby shorts. And for that reason, my channels getting far more US, but per video, maternal views, my video is actually pretty low. And because of that, The competition for me will be more difficult and the weighted results is far more representative of the real results that you can expect, and this is what you need to look into. However, if addition of any longer words will make it a bit more out of the context. You should not add it, and you should use it as messages get. Because my video is more or less applicable for 2021 as well. I can just go and we're 2021 and let's see how we will perform right now. And as you can see, the score jumped from 24 to 37. Now I have higher chance it will not guarantee the double rind for this one, but at least I will have higher chance to rank for these keywords. I'm just going to be comparing on average like this. Top video says around 800 views. I don't want to just disable the dark date because it's not that visible. 8464 affinity versus Adobe. Let's go love Schroeder keyword puts an advert, it's one hundred, seven hundred. So it's much more easier for my channel to reach 800 views or maybe even a 100, then it's too few, tau 1000. And also you need to take a look into this interest over time as well, because you might be making videos about something that is not that interesting anymore. So they should be taking this into consideration as well. Now, the problem is that what you think that we are doing right now is that we're looking for texts. We're not, we're actually looking for the key words that we'll use in titles and descriptions. So that's what the people are missing because they are dropping and stuffing, stuffing rectangle lists with a lot of different tags, hoping that you will rank for it. However, YouTube is actually not paying that much attention to tags anymore. So you're basically wasting your time if you are not putting any of these in your titles and descriptions. In this case, let's go and find the one for 2021. Let's see how it will. Doesn't have any more black, longer tail keywords that can be good for us. But if a university will be 2021 is more than enough. Any, any additional keywords will basically make it redundant. And Eric, any additional related searches are more specific like Adobe Illustrator versus Affinity Designer. So because this video, our video is not about that. That's all that we need that you can actually go and search for common tags as well to see what people are actually using for these types of videos as well. Let's go. And because like, oh, my video that you want the top, it's actually using a lot of text for my own videos as well. So just go and find anything that is good. Let's go. We already have f inverse, so it'll be, well, we don't have the thing traversed Adobe as well. So if you want to use it in your tags, always select this one. Then we're going to go and search whether we have something actually good. I don't reverse of in-between 21 as well, which is very good. Remember someone might be searching Adobe versus affinity because they want to compare Adobe with the competitors, while some mood to compare affinity with the competitors. So you should do the different variations as well. To be fair, it will not affect your seaward the ranking that much. But that's still good practice to do. Let's go and search for another keywords that might be useful for us. Uh, no, that's actually very specific keywords like why living Adobe After Effects live in Adobe Photoshop. That's actually less specific. Our people might be looking for it. Affinity Photo bad if it sucks. This can be done as well. And yeah, the majority of the things are right here and all we can do this, just press action. Yes. Actually, we are ranking for this one as well. Now, who knew? And weirdly enough, Did you see what happened right here? We would never use that keyword in the tax, would just edit in a text, yet, we have to rank for it. So that's actually shows you that the tags has very little to do with actual ranking of your keywords. So more important is what's happening in your description and in your title. This is what we are going to be explaining how you can actually put your keywords well in your title and description. And you can also utilize some more additional tricks that I'm going to teach you as well. By the way, you can actually find the related keywords or downright here is 10 recommended tag. I always go with the keyword score because it's like more important for me. And when I go if I don't see anything green and that is related to my keyword. I just don't use them unless I need to fill out and I need some keywords to fill out right here. That's all. Unless it's more or less related to my keywords adult, and that's it. We've just got to press Save. And it's going to show us the rankings as well. They just see the rankings in other place. We connect to press this button right here. And you can just go and see such positions right here. And it's going to show you the keyword rankings for four different tags. And as you can see where to rank for, for keywords if a diverse set of between 21, Adobe Bridge to finish 2021, affinity versus Adobe for a second place, and Adobe versus affinity seventh place, as you can see, it's still like this because a lot of people, a lot more people who are actually comparing Adobe to the competitors than competitors to Adobe. I don't I don't know. It just fits. So if it makes sense, but it's just the specific, just specific thing for this term. And yeah, that's how we actually use keyword research. You don't just go and look for the words that are higher-ranking get and hope that it will do good for you. You just take the word that perfectly explains what is happening in your video perfectly, or just dropped the video, or you already just dropped the words in the keyword research in hope that it will actually auto, fill it for you. By the way, you can just simply use the autofill of for the YouTube channels will I'm just gonna show you how we can do like in this case, we can go to affinity versus and as you can see, it gave you exactly the same results, exactly the same result. Let's go to Adobe. In this case, it will show you even more results right here. If I go with 2021 and let's guess it, there's not much here as well, but if I go with Adobe versus affinity, it's same for the second one here, infinity. And we can go 2021. And as you can see that all that we can find becomes more importantly, people are actually comparing Illustrator with the designer. Well, so that's an interesting video idea that we can actually put and we can actually use for our future videos. Plus there's not much big videos for this one is also I can, I think we can actually wrap for this one as well. So yeah, this will be it. For the keywords. Don't forget, use the titles properly. And don't forget you are looking for the keywords now for tags. And I'm gonna explain this in the next video. See you there. 6. Putting Keywords in a Description: Hello and welcome back. In this lecture, we're going to learn how to utilize the keywords that we found right now in the tube buddy for our video. So let's just jump into the video now. So we are back with our affinity versus Adobe example. And I assume that you actually found all the keywords that more or less describe what your video is all about. So in this case, because I don't have a lot of choice because my view is very specific needs, affinity versus Adobe or Adobe versus affinity. That's it. Orient you can just add the year for 2021 and 2022 for year 2, anybody, wherever it is. That's all that there, is there enough much for that with an actual field out of this tangle is with the names of the software as well, which is now the best thing to do. But at least you can try because it's more or less related to the video and it's not like completely against the video. So you can actually do this as well. It won't hurt you that much. However, the tech placement here is a bit wrong, but in this video we're going to talk about something different. We're going to talk about using these tags actually in the titles and descriptions because it's far more important to use it there, then to use it here. So now, first things first, you need to identify from this tags right here which one is the longest tail keyword and which one identifies and explains your video demo. So in my case, will be affinity versus Adobe. And in this case, I'm going to be using a year as well. So in this case, an Adobe versus affinity or affinity versus Adobe, in my case, I choose as affinity versus Adobe in 2021. But our architectures, this one as well. Whatever it is, it doesn't matter. You can choose any one of them and it will work fine. Because in this video to be focused more an affinity sides why affinity is actually better than it will be. I chose to put affinity before Adobe, and to be fair, it doesn't really matter. But in this case, it actually showed because we are ranking number 24, affinity reset OB and number 6 for Adobe versus affinity. Well, it is what it is. We don't know exactly how will the YouTube will work. We don't know how viewers will work because viewers usually decide what ranks high would not love YouTube. On the contrary, believe because whenever you are, so what you're going to use YouTube, we just reacting accordingly. It's not that they decide who to move the put on top and home till the bond bottom. It just how YouTube just reacts to you or to the viewers. So I know that this affinity first Adobe 2021 is the best keyword for my video on what did I do here is I put a finger reversal of in 2021 as the title. So usually what you should do with titles when you are tightening your video, you should title your videos in two different sentences. First is explaining basically exactly what your video is. And secondly, it's just creating a problem or maybe just making your video's description a bit better. So in this case is best Adobe alternative and five reasons why. So this is just to incite people to watch, to incite curiosity of the people to make them find out why their affinity is actually better than Adobe. So in this case, I used it right here. However, I did one thing completely wrong. And you shouldn't do as well. You see the first few lines of your description actually shows up in the search. I'm going to show you right now. So let's go with a UTI versus Adobe. As you can see, my video popped up right here, and it actually could pop up right here. But you see, what would you see right here? Just pause and tell the producer and you already know. But still, what do you see is that not just the title is visible, but first two lines of the description as well. So in this case it's offending photo, which is one of which one is basically everything until this one. This is visible in the search ranking as well. And more importantly, when you go you see that actually we highlighted, I'm going to disable the dark page here. Oh, but it's still dark. It doesn't matter because it's YouTube's dark, but nine and add in my case, but as you can see, it's barely visible, but affinity and Adobe and Adobe and Adobe and infinity and infinity, they are actually a bit bold compared to everything else. So that means that this tax actually factors in, in ranking as well. So that's what you should be doing as well. Should put your main keyword in the first few lines as well. That's what you should do. So in my case, I did it a bit different way, a bit, a bit wrong way. Maybe I did like Affinity Photo Affinity Designer and Affinity Publisher versus Adobe Photoshop, adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign just made it a very, very long when I couldn't do instead is definitive affinity. Affinity versus Adobe. 2021. Just put a line and then make everything else told this way. This is exactly the same way what we could do. We're just going to press save, just in case. And I'm going to show you why I did press Save. Because sometimes when you do this, you actually go up in ranking just for no reason. Or maybe it's a reason there. So let's just went up because this video is pretty old and it might actually cotyledon ranking, but sometimes it just, it just helps. So in this case it didn't help, but it might help in just few hours, as low as in a few hours, the video might go up in ranking for these keywords. So we just know that you can't actually do that and you need to put your main keyword, main queue, lucky words, main keyword on the top, on the first few lines and more you will use it organically, the better it is. And then just write affinity, affinity, affinity of India versus Adobe, Adobe. Adobe, Adobe, don't do that, it won't work. You should put it more organic there. So in this case it's more or less organic. Let's see if it already changed right here. Let's refresh it. It's actual didn't didn't just yet. Maybe let's refresh it again because it's sometimes it takes like 23 minutes, sometimes it takes a few hours. So in this case, it is, It hasn't changed, but when it will change, we might actually go up and running. By the way, by the end of the lecture, it might already went with that, but Let's see how it will continue. Now, next important thing that you should be using with your cube body is not the two buddies feature itself, but you should be using it as well. If you go down in my, basically whatever I'm doing right here is that you will see something very interesting. The topics in this video, basically graph and you see that there are actually different names right here. And if you look a bit closer, you can see that these are exactly the same keywords that I use in tax. So what I basically did right here, I took the tax, copied it, put it right here, put them on ever own separate line, put a dot in front of it to make it look just better, to make it look like it's at about two topics in the video. What I did instead, what I did in reality is I put my keywords not just in tags, but in the description as well. And putting your tags in a description has far more power than just leaving them in a tax. That's the secret, guys and girls, that's the secret. You need to put it right here. To be fair, you usually need to put it more on tablets or in this case, I'm going to take this one. I'm going to take control x here, is going to take right here. I'm going to put fixed one and put control of your work. The more important affinity. Affinity, the more important the tag is, the higher it should be in the list. It won't affect that much because this few, first few lines are far more important. And my grandmother said that I need to put a comma there. First. We y's are far more important, but still put it on the top, it will be much better. This is actually a secret. This is actually how you use the keywords. You don't need to actually stuff like that like I did, but you need to do one more thing right here that we're going to be explaining it in next lecture because this is not good tag list. There's one thing that is not guaranteed really affecting your tags and your rankings. But it might effect because it's a good practice that you should always use. Another thing that you can actually use that is a bit of a secret that has nothing to do with the two buddies that you need to add your videos in a lot of different playlists. So in this case you've opened it is easy to create an affinity pseudo gap, a lot of different playlists. You can put it in there for a lot of different toilets. And if you will create playlists named affinity versatile be the damn going to be doing just right now. Affinity versus there'll be create. And I can actually create Adobe profuse affinity as well. This is a little secret that has nothing to do with the two buddy, but still this two pilots names actually rank in search as well. So you can just put your keywords in playlists too. And this will actually help you tremendously. And in addition, if in the future, let's say if I'm creates something more specific and say I will create a video about Affinity Photo versus Adobe Photoshop. I can put just the same video in this toilets, and it will help this video to be available in suggested videos of the future video as well. I don't know if it makes sense, but case in point is that names of the playlists are ranked factors as well, and you should consider them as well. This is what it is, and this is how we should use the tags of your two buddy in the keywords. And in the next lecture, we're actually going to discuss SEO Studio. And I'm actually going to show you how I know all this stuff because SEO studio to help me to do that, I'm gonna see you next lecture. 7. Tubebuddy SEO Studio Explained: Hello and welcome back to the lecture. And this time we're going to talk about SEO Studio and we are going to be fixing one mistake in this video that probably might be preventing us from ranking number one for the keyword that we want. So today we're gonna be talking about SEO Studio. So what is your studio does is it basically helps you to do whatever I told you in previous lectures, but with a simple tool. So in order to access SEO studio and by the way, assisted is only available for the Pro plan and up, it's not available for free, unfortunately, all introduce press too buddy tools right here. And then in a video SEO press SEO Studio. And this is exactly what I told you and this is exactly what you need to buddy for or you can use to buy before you can just go and look for. Affinity versus Adobe. 2021 is the keyword that we want to rank for. Or you can just go and how to find the right target. You were to press this one to actually allow you to launch a keyword explorer. But let's go with this one start, and it will give you the ranking. Now, it actually said that American for 95 percent in a tube body SEO score made meaning that it's all the most perfect because it showed you exactly how to improve your score. So first is include your target keyword in the title. We already have it include 80% of your target keywords entitled. So it means at least 80 percent. And if you hover your mouse over on this one, it will tell you exactly what L of those miscible means that you can call it an exact match of a target word doesn't sound natural and, or make sense, in this case, makes sure that at least a good portion of your target keyword gays included very important because in my case I could have something to say every long, like affinity. The same with Affinity Photo comma Affinity Designer comma Affinity Publisher versus Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign. I could do something like that. This would be way too long. So in this case, I could do something like similar, like without feeling like 40 designer, publisher versus Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, I could do something like that. It would be almost 80 percent, but still it will be there. So if just follow this one, if the using of the entire keyword is impossible, use at least 80% then that include your target keyword in the first 60 characters of entitle. The same thing that I told you. For 60 characters of your title will be visible in the search. You can actually give you, and you give me a wave keywords closer to the beginning of the title more than the words at the end. So tragic included teleports upfront. Absolutely correct. Then include your target keyword natural in the title. Well, we'll have more or less not force. We just don't put it on over and over again. And if anybody feels the light is natural, that it means it's natural, then include target keywords in the first 200 characters with description, not just first AD, but in first year, a 100, not just for 60, but first to 100 as well. Because as you can see, we have multiple keywords sprinkled here and there. So it's perfectly good when you go down. You can see here as well, this is the main keyword as well. It sounds perfectly fine and then include partial matches of your target keyword in the description so it makes it all or description. However, you see that we have all the green check marks positive 95 percent, how we can get it to 100, we can't get it to 100 percent. We're gonna go to next. Or in this case, we have some problems with the tax. It's not that big of a deal. That's why it's all that, that's why it's only taking 5%, but still, let's make it 100 percent. What the hell? So once we have a problem with that, including your exact target keyword as your first tag. It's actually important. So in our case, we don't have our exact derivative of the first act. We have it all the way right here. One to, you. Just select this one from here. And just put it all the way up right here. And then we have a 100 percent. And you called partial matches of your keyword, which you put have, by the way, the darker yellow means statuses is exact match. And a brighter yellow means that this is a partial match. So you'd know that you need to actually use it and you can just go and just look for everything. But as you can see, there's some problem with that because if Adobe or civility, it's just a partial match. But actually one thing just got me thinking if you go back of exact match right here, do we need an exact match? Are the places where we can actually take away the word in right here and have exact match right here. Just in case because people are looking, usually don't use the word in the title kid, you scope Adobe affiliate versus Adobe 2021 as simple as possible. That's what they're doing. So why not make it exactly what people are looking for? So we have a 100 percent here. Then we're going to continue. It's going to show us how would actually look like because the top of my video right here, because he has much larger subscriber base. He has much larger viewers as well. And he actually uploading my videos earlier than you have to upload videos that I did. So it actually shows us how it actually compare, it competes and it actually looks pretty good and it actually shows the thumbnail as well. So in this case, it shows shows whether your thumbnail might be a problem or not. And to be fair, I see the thumbnail might be a problem. So it's not the two parties thing to do, but we need to update our thumbnail to make it more clickable. And that's the thing that's we can do other time. And this is just to visually see whether your thumbnails actually good or not. So in this case, as you can see, like lot of very similar thumbnails and they're wrecking pretty, pretty, pretty high. And we can actually use this in our advantage. So let's go to the next. And yes, we can actually save in a drafts or just applied to the video right here, press Apply did a video. It will take some time just to take few seconds and it will populate everything. We're going to close SEO studio and just press Save. And just like that, we have everything done perfectly correct. Let's just refresh maybe this one to 50% of you. Let's go with 2021. Let's go for an exact match. And as you can see, we are ranking number one for 2021 with ease. Let's take away. Without 2021, maybe we just went up. Actually we didn't because it is not updating it just yet. It still uses in right here. Let's go and refresh this one. Maybe we will have just in case. Let's see, because it takes some time for the things to refresh on YouTube and yeah, I didn't refresh back to them and to number seven right here. So yeah, sometimes things just happen because your ranking just goes up and down, seemingly randomly. But in this case, One position of announced and it doesn't really matter. So this is actually how we would do your keyword usage in your titles, in your descriptions, and in your tags. This is the most important tool of the two-body at this is that you should be using pretty often to be fair, this is the only reason I'm paying for anybody because other tools yet by need them more or less often. But this is the tool that I use every single time when I upload on YouTube. So this will be it for this lecture. Let's go to the next one. 8. Conclusion: Well, congratulations on finishing the Tube Buddy course. Now you actually know how to use the two buddies service, which is one of the best services for YouTube in practice. And this will probably give you advantage against yourself in the future to work more effectively, more efficiently, and work faster and in turn, work better. But if you think that I miss something, do not hesitate to reach out to me directly because I will probably add your question as another lecture in the future. Again, thank you for this course. Don't forget to check out the bonus lecture where I have an amazing things prepared for you take here. And I'm gonna see you in the next course. 9. Bonus Lecture: Hello and welcome to the bonus lecture. And this is where you have an amazing deals for you for two buddies. So first things first, you probably want to know and learn how to buddies. Different licenses actually work and I have an option for you to use too buddy license. Any license doesn't matter, will be pro and B star will be legend. It's up to you. You can just go and start with a legend if you want to see everything that anybody has to offer for absolutely free. And with this, I want to give you an exclusive free trial for a two-body. This will be one month free trial. You are given access to all the tools of the two body. And it will be great if we use it for discourse as well to use in everything that I taught you in this course. Just don't forget to cancel your trial in the end if you feel like you don't want to pay for two buddy, just write it as a reminder, a few days before the traveler expire, just to cancel it before you will be charged. By the way, these do is for every one who either never registered on to buddy or would never paid for two-body, any one of those people can use this. However, if you paid in the past or are paying right now and want to decrease the price of two buddy, I have a great deal for you as well. You can use the coupon code, Nixon buddy, I will have it, of course in the course materials and I will have a veil leak directly that'll take you there. You can just use the code Nixon body and it'll take 20 percent of any plan. It doesn't matter what plan you have. It's little bit like a pool before proble be four-star or legend or will it be monthly or annually? It doesn't matter. It'll take 20 percent of the maximum savings if you feel like the queue will be using too buddy for real-time, choose annual subscription for any licence and apply a coupon there because it's going to make your deal even better. They haven't paid for two-body go and gets the free trial because you have literally nothing to lose. Plus you're going to get access to one of the best YouTube tools available in the market. Well, this will be it for the bonus lecture. And I'm gonna see you in the next lecture or the next course, whichever comes first. Thank you.