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16 Lessons (2h 9m)
    • 1. Tube Set Ring - set sparkling gems in smooth modern settings

    • 2. Tube Set Ring - materials

    • 3. Tube Set Ring - equipment

    • 4. Tube Set Ring - soldering equipment

    • 5. Tube Set Ring - choosing the best stone

    • 6. Tube Set Ring - choosing the best tube

    • 7. Tube Set Ring - choosing the best burrs

    • 8. Tube Set Ring - filing the tube

    • 9. Tube Set Ring - burring the seat

    • 10. Tube Set Ring - finishing the setting

    • 11. Tube Set Rings - cutting the tube

    • 12. Tube Set Ring - preparing for soldering

    • 13. Tube Set Ring - soldering

    • 14. Tube Set Ring - setting the stone

    • 15. Tube Set Ring - final thoughts

    • 16. Tube Set Ring bonus - setting an oversized stone

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About This Class

Tube Setting is a beautiful way of adding faceted round stones to your designs, with a lovely clean rim of silver framing a bright touch of colour - and if you follow the instructions in this class step-by-step you will find them easier than you might think!


As well as teaching you a new stone setting technique the class will also teach you more about pendant drills (or flexi shafts, depending on where in the world you are!) as I will be using one to both create the stone setting and to give it a beautifully smooth finish. Although pendant drills do make this technique a lot easier don't worry - it is possible to create tube settings without one and I will take you through that as well.

This class is longer than many of my video classes as I have covered technical information (complete with downloadable diagrams!) to make it easy for you to choose the right sized stones, tube and burrs. Future tube setting video classes will refer back to this information.

Although this video class takes you through everything you need for the stone setting, it doesn't cover all the details of how to the basic ring that they are set on to. This is already covered in the Simple Hammered Rings class however, and a link to that is below. I have also given a link to the Stone Set Rings class as you will find a recap of bezel setting useful for this class as well.

The Tube Set Stacking Rings class continues with series of Intermediate Silversmithing classes. As you progress through the series I will help you build on the skills covered in the Silversmithing for Beginners series, encouraging you to create more complex projects. I will always take you through everything you need step by step, and include troubleshooting sections where appropriate too. We will be covering soldering, various methods of stone setting, etching and more!

The Tube Set Stacking Rings were designed as part of the Ring A Month 2019 challenge. March's prompt was Colour. For more about the challenge visit