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Tube Hack System - Create High Quality Unlimited Youtube Videos Without Any Efforts

teacher avatar Ruchik Parikh, Business Owner

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Introduction Of Tube Hack System

    • 2. Create Content For Youtube Video Easily

    • 3. Create High Quality Videos With Few Clicks

    • 4. Create Professional Voiceover Automatically

    • 5. Final Thoughts - Thank You!

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About This Class

Hello Everyone, 

I am going to show you the simple and easy way to create videos on youtube without any efforts.

You don't need any script or any voiceover service for your videos.

How will this system be helpful to your business?

-You can drive much more traffic to your blog.

-If you want to make Adsense income from youtube, you can easily make it.

-You can sell quickly any product as an affiliate using this system

This simple video creation formula which can help you to quadruple your online business.

You can watch my other youtube marketing class .

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3.How To Make Cool Intro Videos For Youtube And Clients Using Camtasia in 10 Minutes

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ruchik Parikh

Business Owner


I have been internet marketer for 5 years and i had helped hundreds of people to learn about internet marketing.

You can follow my course and see the quality and effectiveness of my teaching.If you apply what i am teaching you ,i can guarantee that you will see positive results.

Followings are the key areas where i help my students.

-Self Development (I love to learn always about improving the condition of my life and share what I learn to the world.)

- List Building (I have build database of more than 50,000 subscribers in my niche.)

- SEO (I have ranked my sites on some of the most competitive keywords on google.)

-Product Creation (I had created highly quality info products which helped hundreds of people online.)

-Affiliate Marketing ... See full profile

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1. Introduction Of Tube Hack System: Hello. My name is music, and I like to welcome you for the scores. I'm not my interpreter for five years now, and I will assure you that how you can create high called the videos for YouTube automatically and increase your earnings. And at the same time, you could increase your traffic for a block. Easy with your creation formula on will assure you that how we can create content automatically for you for your YouTube videos High called the script for videos automatically. And I assure you, the process that hard can create high quality professional videos with simple few clicks. And in the last part, I'm gonna show you how you can voiceovers for your video automatically dumps. You don't need to your own voice for the wise whores. And finally, you can create official videos for the YouTube and contrive more traffic and increase more advertising revenue. So join the class today and click on the role Now button and let's make awesome videos with a few clicks. Thank you 2. Create Content For Youtube Video Easily: okay. And this one will assure you that how you can find unlimited called recounted for their videos and this content is really affect you and high quality content. And I'm really sure a couple of techniques that first you have to go to this website entirely counter dot com and just make a free account there. And you can see that there's a huge data, bizarre feeler articles in this side. And then just such your niche articles in this in there so changes. So, for example, I'm walking to create the YouTube video for self admonish. So I'm going out. Type the word happy, just type of General General Qi would to find more articles for your video and a real uses article Will. You were going to use this article to create the U two features, and I'm a sure everything from scratch so you don't need to worry about it. So just once you type it and ah, you'll find this kind off the results. There's the key would and you will find all the articles containing this key words in the title, so I'm going to use this'll our deal and I already use it and this is the article. So as you can see that the Saudi looks really, really good on, I'm just gonna copy this article and based it on the not beat because I just copied this article and just bases on the not paid as in Cedars on. I'm sure in the later assuring the latest Is that how we're going to use this article for creation off the videos? Apart from that, I'm gonna show you other platforms for creating content for the videos. So this want to kill the best side? And Ah, I don't like the site. But the only thing is inside its little slow. So Ah, just you have to just be little patients. And apart from that, you can use ah, decide, Prosecutor Mark and the side is ah, very famous, basically will find lots off Peeler e books. And you can find this Pilar e books for your YouTube videos and for your content. So you can use this one apart from that. If you help block especially then this is very, very effective technique. Just go to a block and then take this article and and this article is gonna be the script off the video, and I will shew that how we can automate the entire video using the script. So if you have a block, then that's really awesome looking to get increased traffic 10 times to block using YouTube . And about from that, you can make money from the YouTube using Athens. Um, so there's a really killer technique, and if you don't have a block, you can go to them Google and typed the Pilar articles and your niece database lecture, for example, Peeler. So help articles. Andi, I'm not only used detail bees, and as you can see that I find lots and lots off Ah Peeler Azzan. See that 4004 herself embroiled Peeler articles, and you'll find lots and lots off year articles. Okay, apart from that disaster, good side by bizarre dot com. And for that, you have to pay a little little but you for that, you have to pee a 10 bucks permanent. And in the Tampa Dan books you'll get tons and tons of content, and if you don't want to pay it, you can use Feezer is also in the fee wars, and you get a couple of content but not not so much content. So you can test that you can. You can use the side. You can just type it like confidence and search. It has conceded building confidence for kids, and this is free. And apart from that, all this stuff is the Peed War zone. So there's also a good site, and it's been on your knees after all. In the next video, we'll show that how you can automate the video creation poses, Thank you. 3. Create High Quality Videos With Few Clicks: okay. This wouldn't will assure you that how you can make video using counter in Samarai now, Cardinal Samarai is amazing too. And it gives you ability to make video called the content summary dot com and sign up for the Surfside. They're giving seven day feet trials or contested and see that whether this is suitable for you or not and just go and let's make a video using content, Samarai actually can create a new video. Last video. We create a script for the video. So in this food, you're always just copy that stripped and paste it into the Countess somewhere I just click on it here. This is a title Awful video, Korpi. Andi, just best it. Copy it. Okay, copy. Just don't use the last one. Control. See And control, You know, just delete this one. This doesn't looks good. Of course. Okay. And boom, our script. It's ready. Now, all we just need to put the slides to synchronize for this video. And this very is focused on the visual aspect. Authors read you to click on the slides and then conduct Samra is gonna trying to synchronize your content with the slides. So it will take some time and then it's gonna synchronize it. So as you can see that they are figure out it the how Figure out e that they require something. 117 slides for the video. And they're a bunch off the teams. As you can see and check out the teams for yourself. You can even create your own teams if you want. I would be used there pre designed team. So I am gonna use Ihsan. This looks really good. Inspiration team, and that's it. Now, if you doing like now, you can change the Leo Doff this all there to just Leo. You could make the tax year right now. The taxes centered, we can change the tax left. You could change the tax on, right? It created tax on the bottom. You can treat the tax on the top. Just use a watery Just put some awesome images, toe or video. No. Now, this is the best part Off the stool. D r Ghanam Creed emerges bees on the content. So as you can see that they did the content and based on there, you can bees on that. They're gonna provide images for you, and and this images are free to use commercially. She don't have to worry about any cooperate issue. So I'm gonna use this thing culture. You know, I'm just gonna click on culture, and now they're gonna They're gonna showing images for the video. I just got a click on it and boom, there minutes comes. And now I'm gonna go for seconds light, as you can see that it just really easy. You know? Now I'm gonna use cars again, JJ, I just click on the tear, and they just use this one. You know how easy that no job you and I use the second car also for this light. And again, I'm gonna use also the the scar for this particular slide. And now I'm gonna choose office pages, and I'm gonna choose this one. All right, which is this one? And apart from that, you can you will change the tax of the format from here. You can just hide the tax. You know, again, you can even bold italic and underlying tax bees on your needs. And even you could add new slight. You can add video clip and you could even more dure sleights also. So this is really easy and simple. I'm gonna use this one. So as you can see that creating the slide and creating images is really simple things, all your just click on it and they're going home and market summer is going to synchronize images with the tax automatically. And again, I need to use more images. I'm just click on the fortune on Market Samarai s Connors load bunch off images based on the key would fortune. Honestly, I don't like it. I don't get the image what I wanted. So I click on the professionals. Oh, my God. So many professionals images. But again, I don't like it. So I gonna use because I'm gonna use this emerges as you can see that it's very simple. And I I just sort of follow this process into the to the 117 slides and at this article is quite along. So based on this article, I have to put loss off images. Andi, it will require some time, and I'm not gonna make you bored. So basically, I'm just kind of falls right now, and then I'm gonna played and show you the complete video. But how? This looks all right. It's done. And as you see that we have put images to all those lights and even in some off the slides . I didn't put the images, but the team looks real. Profits also it doesn't required. And as you can see that I put the images on. It looks really good. Now all I need to put the voice on this video. Okay, So in the next video, I'm a shoe. That how you can voice over this? Read you in the move, simples and easiest manner. Thank you. 4. Create Professional Voiceover Automatically: okay. And that's what I want to show that have you can synchronize your voice and you can complete your video and looks really professional, attractive and a limit. You can get more buyers and mawr subscribers to your YouTube channel. So that's see that how this works. So forcible. Click on the voice and then you'll see the three options. Record your own voice track, upload a voice trick and no y strike. So obviously I uploaded voice and complete the video so forcible I like to shoot the final videos. You will get the exact area that how this is gonna created by the voice track system. So I I am goingto so. This is the final DDO life striking. And as you can see that this looks really cool and this is not my voice. Of course, Female always. And I use basically tts softer text to speech software, and I would assure exactly how these things, how I had done this thing. And if you don't like to use this thing, you can oversee record your own voice. But I just like to automate the entire system. So I just automate the things and as you can see that this is the experience, stress and anxiety, The street of strategies posting material advantage in the dictates of the Okay, I'm gonna pause. No. And I'm gonna show you exactly that how I done it. So first year to Google it and the soft recalled East Peak. You know, it's a fee software and you just have to download it Onda, and based on your always has downloaded, I only download it, so I'm just gonna open it. It's a very small software. It's ah is gonna see that this list is about to work for you and be so it doesn't require much space on That's how it looks and now already just based your tax here at the sex and so that we just delete it. Remember the force part? I showed the script off this video, and now you have to just copy the script and face it ear. That's it. It's shown. Delete this Wait. And if you want to contest it, how this looks, you know, you get just tested. Speak the key to a happy life striking a balance and the balance. No, As you can see that in my video I have used the female voice because this looks much human and much, uh, good and much professional compared to the this Microsoft inbuilt DVD task or desktop boys . Um, if you just don't know this tool, this voice will become by default in this application. But I have used this voice. I like to use this voices. I want us on DA. You can see that the key to a happy life striking a balance at work and at home in a cultural stop it now and I'm gonna show that how you can by this waste basically have to produce it. This is not a fee. So all you have to all right, you can. Okay, you can go to the site and you can buy the voice from here. And there's the voice which I'm using. I've Woonam Andi. Um, you could test it. You can go to their official site for more information. There's a very famous and probably one of the most popular text to speech you site and you're checking your you can see by yourself and you could buy any individual packet. You can buy any individual voice from the site. And if you don't like to buy anything. You can use the Microsoft default DVD boys, which is of course, a fee. And, uh, you can use it. So once it's done all you have to just click on it. He received two real and then this is Ghanam C diff I, you know, click on it and I'm just gonna see it. So it's a very simple and easy going off. The notification on your laptop on you can just click on OK, and it's done. Apart from that. If you like to change the settings off the voice you can hear Lee can play with here. And I people like to use this voice sitting, which is 44 key at that studio. I always like to use the steel voice, and you can and you contest by yourself there. What's your favorite? Their format for this voice. And of course, you can change the rate and you can choose of all the Mosul. So that's very easy and simple application to use and a very useful, very, very, very useful. So final video. Finally, I just go the contact, I'm right and I click on the This year is our upload a different voice. Try attract because I've already uploaded. So that's reason I'm clicking on here. In your case, you need to click on here, upload a voice like because you are applauding other false time. And if you like to record your own voice, you can use this option. And if you don't like to use any kind of the white shake, you can use this one. But I don't think so that this will be good expedience for your users. Just click on it here on. I'm gonna use this option and it's done and that's it done. It's finishes up. OK, now it's uploading the voice, and once it's applauding, I can add the music and the music I add from the convent. Summary music is gonna make your video much more professionals, so make sure you add music in your final video, and this music is gonna add from the Condit Samarai music Library. So did so. You don't need to create any music for the video, okay? And it's done and it's okay, sir, and show you with a message that your voice like will successfully uploaded and plea voice track the key to a happy life, striking about their florid I'm just going to stop it and I can click on here and preview the video and I can click on it and it's showing me the creating a slight timing. Okay, just click on it preview. And as you can see, that it looks like here and I contracted by year to click on it. I can just click on it here and striking him. Okay, because you can see the in background. There is a music, and the music is because I added it. Hear music and I can easily PVT music by clicking out here and doom as you can see that I can hear the PV off it and absolutely choose this one all you just to click on it here, just click on it here and then music volume, body fold. There will be a 20% and all the escape this 20% is And, um, everything is done. In fact, if you can change in fact, if you like to change, you can manually adjust the timing. But I just don't do that because I wanted to speed up the process as us as I can. So I just finally click on it Here. Looks good, continue and the video is going done. And once it's gonna done, I'm just going to click, downloaded and uploaded on the YouTube. You know, just easy. Just click on a generate video, and now there's gonna generated. And after that, I'm just just just click on it here and download the my final video. That's it. It's very simple. It's very easy process. And then I can upload it to the YouTube Onda, uh, I that I can get to travel from the YouTube or either I can make money from the art. And so that's it. There's a very simple process, and you don't need to put much efforts to create the video. You just automate the entire system using the tools that I show you in the course. Thank you. Okay. And one final thing I like to tell you that you're listening toe echo in the damn a video, and so it's an open speaker and it really creating echo into recordings. But if you go to the YouTube and checked the voice quality off the video, it will be perfectly. It will be it will be really nice and it's really great. So don't worry about the Akko. Just so don't worry, would echo. You're listening echo because I'm shooting the video in open space with speakers and you will not Akko. You'll not get Akko in your video in the final output off your video. Thank you. 5. Final Thoughts - Thank You!: I won't thank you for taking this course. It has been quite fun for me. Sharing this kills Batum. And I hope that this new skill will help you in your business. I hope that you like this class. And I really question Zack, win this class to the student. So just click on it years and chair your opinion about this and you review about this class . Thank you. And I look forward to see you in math class. There's a searching and have a good day.