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Tropical Leaves Watercolor Painting + Pattern Design in Procreate

teacher avatar Tin Bejar, Watercolor Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. Painting Tools

    • 3. Mixtures and Painting Techniques

    • 4. Painting Monstera Adansonii

    • 5. Painting Monstera Deliciosa

    • 6. Preparing Elements in Procreate

    • 7. Creating Pattern Layouts in Procreate

    • 8. Class Projects

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About This Class



In this course, students will learn how to paint Monstera Leaf Illustrations and finally transform them to Patterns

This class will also discuss how to prepare mixtures, some painting techniques and a step-by-step process on creating Monstera Deliciosa and Monstera Adansonii Leaves.

As a bonus, this class will also discuss how you can transform these paintings as patterns using Procreate. This class will show you how you can remove a background on your illustration and a basic layout for these patterns.


1. You can download my Sketch, Reference and Wallpaper guides on the RESOURCES section

2. Prepare your materials for the class. Here are the materials I recommend:

- Paper: Arches Watercolor Paper 100% Cotton 300GSM 

- #6, #5 and #2 Synthetic round brush for painting washes

-Any artist-grade paint

3. Make sure you don't skip sections. I curated in in a way that all  details are properly discussed per section.


1. Follow me on Skillshare - Tin Bejar to get notified on my upcoming classes

2. Upload your Class Projects on the Project Gallery for me to provide feedback on your Botanical Illustrations

3. Leave a Review on this class.

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Tin Bejar

Watercolor Artist


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1. Class Introduction: Hi everyone. My name is been the heart and the water color indigent are this phase in Manila and disclosure glass I'll be teaching you how to beat propaganda leaves every museum distributions as your elements and creating your own digital bathroom. Will start this glass by learning some water, water mixtures, being the geeks. And the step-by-step process of beeping was therapy. I also show you how if the bearing user being things as elements to your digital. But the goal of this class is to accomplish new projects. Create your own botanical initiations and the gate bedrooms for different kinds of bridge index. So pick up your brushes and let's get started. 2. Painting Tools: For the paper, I'll be using Arches watercolour paper. It's 100% gotten encode breast. I actually prefer using the cold press as a treaty absorbent and those hearings go easily. And form by banes, I will only use two colors. Shadow bean and sap green are discrete Bates. Farther brushes. I preparing a quilt brush and do round purchase. Brush will be used on baby my base layer. One relic brush to be used for loading my pigments, and another rock Bush do loads clean water for blending. I will also use as haranguing pilot for creating my mixtures. And that this shoe for applying some lifting techniques. 3. Mixtures and Painting Techniques: For this lesson, I'm going to teach you how to prepare mixtures that corresponds to the different. Don't know. My usual frightening thing. To achieve a realistic mechanical industry will be paved. Sure goes 30% are males and P mixture. Farther first circle will be if you're betting that the mixture, this mixture would be our lives are stone washed and represent the highlights are for illustration. These highlights will somehow showed the brightest areas of beliefs. I use the D mixture for our debates of the NIF instructions. This mixture we're going to add Dean lard N5, it note that brush with a very small amounts of pigment and mix it with water. Composition should be 90% water and 10% big. So as you can see, the mixture appears very light with only a minimal indication of golden. Next we have them in fixture. This mixture will represent our mythos. Micelles are midway between the highlights and decide those. So basically this mixer representatives that will ponder over illustration. In order to create this mixture, forgot to add Dean waters that were filed. It loads the brushes, big myth and mix it with water. This time, we're gonna apply a mixture with a composition that 50% pigment and take your present worn. So as you can see, the mixture is somehow darker. And this will somehow show variation of flight Georgia and subject. Farthest circle, we have the cream mixture. This mixture blur present or child, those are Galerkin as areas of her basic. Having shy of those allows us to create an illusion of form or initiation. To pay this mixture, we're going to let their brush voters when pigments and directly applied on the beaker. We can add a small amount of water. Traffic cream mixture on the inner circle. So there we have our theme mixtures. This will represent the zonal scale that we will be using. For illustration. We have e, which represents our highlights, milk pyramids and cream mixture, whereas shadows. For this part of the lesson, I'm going to feature exercises that we will be using unfailing arbitrary distinctions. So as you can see, I stitch only a barred the mother. My austerities if if need to be using on this specific exercise will be applied to all the others and consult them. I'll start with are much Sarah, that SEOs initiation, artist sketch and started by drawing a whole that's a medal and a thin line current of the first step is to create or these layer. We're going to prepare ethene mixture for this. So we'll be creating a mixture with just a small Big meant loaded and her brush and apply directly on the leaf. Further, I'll be using SAT VBE mixture as my base layer. So ensure that this layer will be very light. As our goal is to signify the writers portion of Urbane thing. We've got to spread the mixture even gotten except for their what's their invokes. Welcome mixture is still wet and we'll be using a guide they shoot unless something in order that I texture searching. You will be waiting for this layer to dry before we proceed to the next layer. Once the base layer is completely dried out, we'll be applying a wet in wet technique. The Creator meant dogs. We're gonna start at the lower left side of the leaf by applying a clean mixture in shadow veins and gradually add clean water using a clean brush to soften the edges. We'll be applying the same process on the opposite side of this section. So basically we're just going to add to our on the metal for the ELL mixtures, the meat, okay, in a very subjugated. So as you can see on this technique, we were able to represent Earth tonal values. Next is we're going to apply the same technique. And the upper section of the leaf as well, and use clean water to suffering some edges will also spread some of the pigment to add more don't stronger sanctions often. As you can see, the skip feeding on the lines to ensure that we signify the veins of this final step for this leap, add more prominent child goes to the other sections to achieve better illusion of form. We can either add P mixture and blended with clean water or just simply applied clean water. And while it's wet, we're just gonna add pain mixture and blended across the whole illustration. Now we proceed to Bain thing are my stereo Then Sony ID part is getting started with the outline. Add some thin for the veins and so much fairer holds. That is Yosef for gun to start again by pleasing the base layer using the SAP vis-a-vis mixture and spread it evenly on delete. Why did sweat? We'll use a tissue deliv some beings. Then we'll continue by adding midtone, seizing sap, green, cream mixture and blend it with Dean water. We can also apply myth zone to the other sections often used the depth of the brush to control the big banks that will be applying around the host prevents us from thinking beyond their getaway. And lastly, to add some shadows, but add to some of the corners and allow sapien cream mixture. So basically, these are the core techniques that we'll be applying on both urban stereotypes. You can practice these techniques on a separate paper first, before you proceed with the next lesson focusing on, I mean, much better initiations. 4. Painting Monstera Adansonii: Pure barrier doing by downloading sketches available on their resources section for this video. Once Fury i do with your sketch, we can get started of beaming demonstrations. So we're going to paint this initiation by applying the same techniques I have showed you in the previous lesson. We're going to start by bathing the base layer. I'll be using a quill brush to spread the mixture evenly on our base layer. Remember to use that dip the brush on the edges that prevent yourself from being, being beyond the drawing. I load my brush with a beam mixture and apply it under Hosni. While the mixture is where I live some paint using a dried issue for additional texture and highlight. So now I'll apply the beam mixture occurs the whole initiation. I will be skipping to paint on the circle drawings to signify the whole tougher leaf. I continue adding B mixture and spread it evenly on her paper. Weight for the base there to dry up before we move on to the next layer. Once the base layer has completely dried up, will now start bit or second linger. The second layer will represent our shadows in mid tones. We're going to start painting on the right side of the leaf. This time, I'll be using my numbers x shroud brush to better control the mixture I apply in my painting. So I'm just going to add a Sap Green cream mixture on the right side using a different brush and gradually add water to create a gradient. I'll actually do the same on the opposite side or thin. Well not faint on the lines for us to signify the vein. So for illustration, again, I'm using the tip of my brush to outline my mixture and prevent myself from going beyond the holes on our illustration. I usually prefer a bigger initiation as it's more convenient to bank on, especially when I'm using a numbered six round brush. So we're actually done adding the middle layer on the right side of thin. As we're waiting for the layered, the guy, we can now continue painting on the left side. Basically I'll use the saint, the heap, but this time adding the cream mixture on the right portion. First. It is also ideal that you add the darker key mixture within the centre of the leaf. This is Tibet there signify the veins under Drawing. So we're done applying the middle layer and both sites. As you can see, the means are more signified the moment we added the mixture to the section. And now it's time to outliers, shadows. To make the painting materialistic, I'll just add another layer of pain mixture on the side of the beans and blended using clean water. It's a deal that the only add shadows on some parts of the leaf to make it look natural. Once you're happy with it though no values we have paid it. You can all read. You move on to the next lesson. 5. Painting Monstera Deliciosa: So far this lesson, I'm going to teach you how to beam ermine stereo, the diffuser. This is quite complex compared to the malaria than Sony a, as it has split leaves and smaller hosts. So for creating the layers, I suggest switching from quilt brush stored on brush. You can either stick with the numbers extra brush or you can choose a smaller brush for this. Same in the previous lesson, we'll start by painting on the base theory or using a light beam mixture. I'll be using addition to lift some pains to add more dexterous. We're actually going to use the same sequence will be beanie offers on the right side of the distribution. Same for the mid dose. I use a key mixture and applied on the left side part of belief and use a different brush to blended with clean water. You said that buffer brush on outlining your mixtures as outlined for the business USA is smaller in Mark compact compared to then Sony I Leafs. Play the same technique on the other parts of tin. For this illustration of the adding shadows on the opposite side of a realistic effect of the painting. So I'll be adding a key mixture on this site and landed within water. So I'll be using the same technique across all the divisions of this def Pergamon stare that seem shy, those veins appear more prominent. So we're done with that dual leave initiations. For the next lesson, I'm going to show you the gas projects we need for this course. 6. Preparing Elements in Procreate: So to prepare for this lesson, you need to take a photo of the two paintings we have created, habits save and V's image Esther brocade application. In this part of the glass, I'll be showing you how to remove the background of our photo and use it as our elements for the buckling that we will be creating. So I'm going to hide the other illustration first by clicking on the layer button and unchecking the leaf layer will focus on painting that then Sony I leavers, I'm going to start by choosing and the selection tool and chase the outline the Pharisee and selecting, I'll be doing a proportion. So I'm gonna start on the right side of the leaf. And then next is I'll click the Eraser tool, choose 100% as my brush size and capacity level. And erase the version that we have selected. I'm going to click on the selection tool again to select the other half of the leaf. So basically I'll just follow the same process on deleting the background. I also applied the same process and dealing out the holds firm stereo leaf. So we're just going to repeat the process of choosing the selection tool to trace out the version that would water move and clicking on the eraser tool to finally this whitespaces. So once all the white spaces have been removed, we will follow the same process to workman stare that Sue said. So there we already have a dual elements prepared for battle and we can now move on to the next lesson. 7. Creating Pattern Layouts in Procreate: For this lesson, I'll be teaching us simple layout within these two elements. I'll be grouping the two elements and rename it this ref. So basically I'll just duplicate these layers to pay. Maybe. I'll start by having one when Sarah set. Then I'll duplicate this layer and add another 0V below. Slightly overlapping. Adopt. I'll duplicate this layer again and added beside their second def. Habits, lightly tilted to the left to show variation. And then finally add rather than Sony elites. This will fill up some space in-between. Ideally, show said, I'll be adding two leaves in different sizes to show variation in their bed. So I'll start the merge these six elements to serve as our center BCE for bad. To fill up the whole scheme, I'll duplicate this piece. Flippers are Delete. And I did on the upper right section of her badly. I'll be adding the same on the lower left part section effort. I'll also defecate, or rather Tony, I leaves to fill up the corners of our baton. And the Philip Morris basis I'll be adding to the fuel cell leaves tilted in different directions. So there we have computed the layout for this bad thing. We can modify our color background, which using the background layer, began exploring, choose a color that suits best undergrads layout. And it's also nice that you add some texture to the background. Add other elements to go feature design. 8. Class Projects: So for this course we have do class projects. First is he can meet your own copy called Black botanical initiation by applying the mixtures in thickness. I have shown that maybe these lessons, you can also follow the step-by-step process on how I mean that both Masarat moves. You can choose on creating either a single month stereos and Sunni elite. Once there that is USA leaf or having a combined thickness being big. And for the other class project, you can also do things as your elements in creating your own countries. As for me, I use my Mather and established and fully known speeds. So basically I just downloaded the pattern I created and broke eighth, have it saved in my full in an iPad and set them as my gadget looks Keats. Feel free to explore and turn it into different kinds of useful merchandise like BCE. So this marks the end of this class. Thank you, and I hope you enjoyed this course. Don't forget to follow me and skill share leaves some reviews. Your best project under project gallery. So I can comment and aid you on your version of these illustrations and families. Once again, thank you for attending this class.