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Tricentis Tosca - The basics to get started!

teacher avatar Jeroen D.

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (51m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Setting up Tosca

    • 3. Modules

    • 4. Unique

    • 5. Testcases

    • 6. Library

    • 7. Execution list

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About This Class


In this course you will learn the basics of Tricentis Tosca in order to execute testcases at your own within a hour. Short course in order to learn a lot in a short period of time.

Topics include:

- Setting up the Tricentis Tosca application.

- Explaining and creating modules. Making elements unique.

- Creating testcases, with an example of a webshop.

- Creation of Library's.

- Add testcases to the execution list.

Meet Your Teacher

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Jeroen D.


Hello, I'm Jeroen.

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1. Introduction: welcome to the course basics off through a sentence. Tosca, I'm room the teacher off the scores. In this course, you will learn the basics of 2% of still Scott and be able to create your own test cases scores. We start with setting up Tosca. We set up the application and create a free trial account. We will start from scratch, so don't worry, Modules. Then we move on with the module section in which we will discuss several topics. Like how to skin. How come it how can we make the skin is unique and we will discuss how we can make the right structure in order to keep your work transparent. Then we move on with test cases. You'll use an example off Web shop, which we used to breakfast. With our first test case, we will learn how to click on buttons, how to verify text and how we can make well test flows from start to end off the dissection . You will be able to create your own test case yourself, so that's really cool. Then we move on with the library. How can we spare time and reused this cases cause we don't want to create the same test cases every time. If you can save it and reuse it. Think, for example, off a looking flow. We always need the same flow in order to look in. It's smart to reuse this step. We will end with the execution list. After you created your desk case, you want to execute them as well. Therefore, we used the execution list to track to progress. What went well during screen. What didn't went well to threat. I hope this gives you a good introduction to the course. And I hope you will like to course. Thank you. 2. Setting up Tosca: I everyone? My name is Sean. Welcome to this first section off the course. Uh, first, we're going to search on the Scot free trial on Google. Click it. Put your email to get started and down. Little scam. I already did it. The installation is running except all the open tusks. Next. Next. Still stuck a man there. It's very important to restart your computer. After that, you can find the sky Commander over there in the books. Click. It takes a while for the first time. Okay, and now it's important to have a user name and password. You received the email. Go through the support at three centers that come and create your accounts. The email address you added before the downloads created passwords. After that, you can look in with this information into Tosca. We already made the connection. Okay, now we're going to create a workspace. You can give a certain name, for example, Best workspace and get started. Click on OK, now New workspaces Creative and we're into Tosca. This guy's a section models requirements. Dsk's design, execution issues, many more. I like to move is a bit. Put the modules first. Okay, great. Let's move on to the next section about Marshall's 3. Modules: welcome to the next section. In this section, we discuss modules. We need to collect the screens in the module section in order to test them. In the this case, a section It's fierce. Brause two automation practice that come, which could help us breakfast. She could see there's a sign in button. Please make an account. Okay, now we're going to create our first module. We name it. Look in website. Let's go back to the home screen. First thing we want to do is to click on Sign in right click skin application. We select the website and click on scan as she could see their many options to scan best sellers shirts, dresses and a sign in button. Click on the signing with Finish Marshall safe successfully. Great. We made our first module. Fellow ranges, click and right click. We can click on it. Okay, let's move on. After that, we want to look in to put the ma dress and add a password and click on the sign in button. Let's make and you watch ill right click scan application. Okay, we need to email address the passwords, and we want to sign in the click on the sign in button. Okay, finish screen the modules safe successfully, as you could see if the first module we can give it another name like Lohan and the second module with theme address, password and sign in Britain. No, we can make a new folder, the Low growth going to skin again to be able to look out again at the end. Click skin Select All screen Sign out. As you could see, it's orange and the item is not unique on the page. Maybe they're more signing but buttons Now we can find in the properties on the right side of property, which is unique. For example, the title title makes it unique. Sometimes it's really hard to find a property, which is, uh, yeah, unique finish cream or give it the name. First logos sign out much ill safe, and we can close the screen. Let's move on to the next section about death cases 4. Unique: Hi, everyone. Before we start with the this case section, I want to add one more video because I think this is really important. Um, let's make a fuller we called example one. We move to the website automation practice that come and we do a skin scan application. Select on screen women dresses, T shirts. Okay, this video, I want to explain a little bit more about making the elements unique that you could see they're all notes unique on. They need to be new, unique before we can use them. So first possibility is to, uh, identified by property off the element itself over here. Example visible or last name. This case class name makes it unique. But it can also be the case that there is no property that makes the element unique. What we can do, It's option two. Direct this over here, Then you see another lying elements. So this is the bottle one a little higher, higher, higher. And we can check if we can make ah parent off the woman element unique. She could see its unique and therefore women element is unique as well. With the dresses and the T shirts are not unique. How can you solve this, Anderson? The third option, uh, identified the anchor, Um, identify the anchor. Then we choose an anchor. Control a buff, uh, the dresses, which is unique. If we had that to five anchor now because they identified the anchor contrasts that fiber anchor we men now women make stress unique again. Did the same for T shirt. That's a five anchor women next T shirt. Unique. Okay, if something is changing in the order, this is not this most stable option. So I would always choose first to check if you can solve it with properties. That's not possible. Use anchor. If that's not possible, use image. I will not explain that in this course. And the last option is index. Um, that's try. Yeah. We can also identify it by index if he identify the index. Um, well, now it's already unique because it's still mentioned. But if we say bye Index, we said this is Index one. If they're like two or tree Britain's with women on the page, it will say index one off two or one off tree and Tosca skimming from the top to the bottom And the 1st 1 It's women. In this case, this element 5. Testcases: Welcome back. Let's create our first s case. I like to move to disguise section to the right side, off the screen. So I have left the modules and right that this case is I drag it to the right side. So now we have to test cases on the rights. The modules on the left. It's a really easy way to work. Right? Click desk cases folder. You're creating a new folder. Call it looking and log off. Okay. Right. Click on the folder. Create this case. Give us the name Logan and logo. Okay. Before we can open the website, we need some module. Those guys, some standard modules clicking import soup set. See those cup projects. The sky Commander Standard. Open it. I already did. Have some on the left side. You could see the standard modules off Tosca. We don't have to create ah, module, lycopene, aerial or close rural that there are already standard modules Until Scott Now we want to find the open your l click on the test case control T in which against church and all the modules rights. Open your l click on it. As you could see, the grill is hoping. Okay, what information do we want to out there? That's the link automation practice that come. Let's copy the link. I put it into failure. Great. The next thing that we want to do is to click on the Logan, Britain. Let's drag the module to the this case. This is the next step. Does God open cereal clicks on the signing click? It will create a import action belt. That's fine. After that, we want to put our information into the screen like email address passwords and click on the sign in Belgium. Enter your email address, which you made on the website. I called it test 54321 at Old Mill that come the Bosworth and we want to click on the sign in. But next thing we want to do is log off. Sign off from the account, drag it through the screen, click on the click button. Now we want to test if this case is working. But that's guys currently running in ah browser. It's got Oprah that I would want to use Internet Explorer. Click on the test cases that school figuration and she could see I made browser per meter right click create create desk configuration per meter. Here you can write browser. Internet Explorer. I already did that, so I will remove this one. Go back to details. Now all test cases under the desk case section are going to run an Internet tickler, right click on the test case. Renee. Scratch milk. Now we can check if that this guys is working. The websites opening clicks on the sign in button. What's all the information? Clicks and sign in and sign out. Great. As you could see, this is the scratch book. It shows if every desk case was working, all the steps were green, so there's no problem. For example, if I at number five in the email address and try to run it again, it will probably fill. She could see that's the email address. But there's an error. There's no sun sign off bitten right now. So does cask is crashing. As you could see, it shows that's a look of Britain is read it good is click on it. But the aim of the rest is green because Toskay was ableto at the email address and the password and click on sign in that stands it back through the normal desk case. Great. Next thing we want to do is to buy a woman T shirt. She could see their dress us T shirts. Um, anymore. Let's go to the module section. Creative folder by clothes. I'd like to drag it in the middle because it's the middle step off the test case. Right click scan application. Click on the screen skin Select all screen click on Woman. She could see it's not unique if you direct, this dude writes. You could see all things on the needle. For example, the T shirts, bliss dresses. We are click on them. Let's identify the index with the index. Those house scanning from top to the bottom and check what indexes first. Now we say this is index one. So the 1st 1 from Adopter Bottom Tosca sees will be identified as this per meter finish screen. Everything is now unique and the module safe. We dreck the module to the test case. Give it another name. Buy clothes, put it after you log in, called a martial by klutz. Okay, now we want to click on the T shirts, go back to Moscow, use mouse over the mouse will go over the woman. And then after that, we want to click on T shirt. If we don't use the mouse over those, couple not record, not T shirt because it's not visible into the screen. Let's try. If it's working right, click run in scratch book as you could see his work. Okay, Next step. We want to click on the T shirt, so let's make a new scam. Scanned the application scan. Select on screen. Click on the name faded short sleeve T shirts and safe the Marshal. No rename its T shirt. Click. Drag it into the test guys, but it's on the right spot and make a click. If you do this, we come to dispatch. Now we want to add it to the chart to the cart. Sorry. Click on the screen scan at two cards, rename its finish green and a module safe. Great. Drag it to the test case. Put it on the right spot and click. No, you're going to check if drift their steps are working. Select all you shift right click, run it and scratch book well in T shirts, clicks on the T shirt and adds it to the cards. She could see there's another screen with. Continue shopping or proceed to check out. Let's make another module skin. Continue shopping and proceed to check out, Rename it and make it unique in a Texas Continue shopping out of text. Title Title Makes Unique Great We named the macho called a button. Continue shopping finish cream and the modules safe. We drag it to the test case. We want to proceed to check out, so I only put a click there. Let's see if it's working. No, we're moving to the next batch. You practice a lot with clicking parts, but now we can start with verifying values. If you want to verify, for example, the amount of money that T shirt gusts, we can use another macho. Let's get the page scan. Select all screen. Let's verify the total number. $18. 51 Rename its amount and dollar, for example, renamed The Macho and it's safe. Add it to the test case Dragon. Now we don't want to click, but we want to verify. Want to verify the number? Use inter text is what was the number? $18. 51 copy it or write it. So now we're verifying that the value is $18. 51. Let's check, if that's correct. Yeah, the fortification was successful. System expected $80. 51 on the actual failure. Waas $80. 51 Great. What if you expect $80? 52. Those guys too smart for this. It says the for vacation Has field expected. Fill you $80. 52 and the failure is $80. 51 that's removed. Now we want to close the screen, consulte Close browser Now it asked Which title? Off screen we want to close. As you could see, the name is Order, Order my store. But the star right order put a star with the store. It doesn't matter what Texas before are behind text, so everything with order is going to be closed. It worked it close the browser. Now we can make a new fuller hello again and she could see we have a lot of death steps right now And maybe it's a bit hard to recognize which that step is doing what you need to search a lot. Therefore, I make some new Fullers. Look in the execution part in the log off. Okay, now we contract opening around the looking Burton in the low in the little in folder, buy clothes, T shirts at a card check outs and price to the execution folder and the log off and class browser to the logo folder. Now it's more structured and easier to find. Thank you for watching and let's move on to the next section. 6. Library: Welcome to the next section in this section will go to talk about libraries. Right. Click, Create the step library. Right Click creates for usable test step block called Le Guin. Right Click Business para Meter. Right Click for a meter. You know, user name Bossert. Okay. For Logan Process. We used this. Three modules, right. This three deaths steps. We drag it to the library. Reusable tested. Look, why are we creating this library? If you want to test the website very after, you're always going to use the open grill the Logan and click by them. If something is changing into this flow, you create, like, 100 test cases with all the test steps, you have to change all those their steps. If you used from the library, you could use just change the library and all test cases will be changed. No, we used brackets, P l open email or user name. In this case, ever do the same for the boss words? Okay, Now it's linked to the euro, to the user name and to the password. Now, we can use this in every desk case. Let's make a new test case, create this case That's case Dio direct Logan from the library. Now we only have two at Realm. The user name and password. All the underlying steps you don't see anymore. But they're still there. They will work. Let's go pee the email address and I will at the past birth. Let's create another library. Log off, creating new reusable test that block directed that steps to the library. Now we can reuse this every time we need it. Great. Thank you for listening. Let's go to the next step. 7. Execution list: Welcome to the next section in this section. We're going to discuss the execution list. We have two modules and here the execution list. Let's create a first list. Right click, Create execution list. Right? First list she could see we created to test guys is if we have, like, 40 test cases for 20. This case is it doesn't matter. We can select them click shift selector, mouth and direct them into the first lift. No, you don't have to execute all this cases. Who on my one you can just click off first list, right? Click and run. Then all the test cases will run. Okay, let's try to run the first list. Right? Click. Run. Now it will run to test cases science. And okay, now we get an error. That's stupid. She gets SSI. It's loading for a long time. Sometimes you have this kind of problems. So what it can do? Um, let's go to project settings. De books synchronization. Now, uh, the sky waits 10 seconds. Certain 1000 milliseconds. Yeah, for finding and steering to control. Um, if we want, we can set this to, for example, 20,000. Now it's waiting 20 seconds for the website to respond. Um, maybe you want to keep it on 10,000. Because if you want a good performance off your website, you say I accept only 10 seconds. Then keep it on 10 seconds. Uh, I like to put it a bit higher. Okay, let's try to run it again. Sign out close. Browse here. Sign outs. She could see to us error. And it shows where the error wasin What? Which, if that their steps off this case one. Let's clear. Clear the loss. All Neil. Right. Click run. Okay, All steps are checked and it gets in there. Okay, let's close it. Let's check if you can't find out with errors. Cesc. Isha! Error in love off. No matching step was found, so let's go to check out love off. Sign out. Close brows. Okay, so the sign in, sign out, but and it's not clicked. Um, I remembered we made the module of to sign out button on the my account page and this is not on my account page. So the name is order my store? Um, probably if we go to our accounts. Let's go here, sculpt my count. My store on here. It's us. Order my store. So that's another and under name. So we have to change the module. If you go to the lower graph. It was a jump. Too much ill will find the module Harry after properties on its using my account. My store. You also can called like star my because both off the websites as my in it, my store, my store, my account. So now we can try it again. That's a cart. Let's try it. Can love off now. Run a scratch book, she concede, now confined about them. That's great. Okay, let's close it. Let's go back to the execution list. First list. Run it again. Okay. And that looks fine. Sign out Closed ground, sir, and starts a new desk case. So now it's already opening the second test case. It said that it close the browser, but it didn't. And that's why I stopped execution list from running. Um, Y did it Say it. Close the browser, but it didn't. Gus. The actions were too fast. It the next disguise already started before it close the browser so but I like to do is to end the local sparks with a weight off like five seconds. So I click on Log off, Click on Control and I write waste. Then you get a module T book's weight who can make it to 5000 milliseconds, so it will wait five seconds. Now let's try to rent this guys one more time and see if it's working. It looks great so far at the guards Science out and closest browser. Yeah, nice. Now it's opening the second this case. Okay, that you could see both dsk's so green. So that's great. Um, I hope you learned a lot about execution. Aly section Um always try church if you can. At de book's weight If some steps are not moving to next step, um, in that way, you you can help those rabbits and make great execution list. Um, now we were made one execution list and some business companies. You have several environment, for example, test environment. So you can say, for example, this is first list this you can create another one with first list acceptance, and the only thing we have to do is then exchanged the you're l, for example, destitute automation. Oh, our acceptance that automation and that's good issue. Government. Multiple execution list in multiple environments. Okay, Thank you for watching. And I see you next time, but