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Triangle pouch wristlet. Pyramid pouch wristlet. Samosa pouch wristlet. - A super easy project

teacher avatar Diptee Raut

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Getting started

    • 3. Initial preparation

    • 4. Making the strap

    • 5. Attaching the zipper

    • 6. Finishing up

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About This Class

In this class you will learn how to make super easy triangle pouch. Some call it a pyramid pouch or a samosa pouch too. And you will learn how to make it into a wristlet to carry it around. This is very easy to make and can be made under an hour. It is a fun project to make and I hope you will enjoy it.


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Diptee Raut


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Fine Art Creative Basic Sewing

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1. Introduction: Hi. My name is the T. Rowe cannot teach you how to make the super cute tress lit. You could call it a samosa about trying and pouch or a pyramid pouch. No matter what you call it, it's super cute, and this is what it looks like. It's very easy to make and you'll be making tons of this in a jiffy. So I hope you enjoy making these have fun and enjoy my tutorial. Thank you so much. 2. Getting started: Hi. Welcome to our first session, Onda. Here's what we want to need for making our triangle samosa power tress lit. So we start with a top fabric, which is a 10 inch by five inch. Now, if you want a wristlet, that's our Bausch that slightly big, then you could do a 12 inch by six inch and feel the smaller. You could go for an eight inch by forage. Basically, your your your length has to be doubled that off your breath. All right, so that's a top fabric. 10 inch my five bridge your inner fabric, which is also going to be dead inch by five minutes. You will need a fuse built into face, so it's also called pasting. Here. This is basically a 10 into fees, which has a slightly glossy side of on a plane sighted. The Lottie side is what sticks true fabric when you live in it. So this again is standing by five inch for the for making our oh strapped. We're gonna use a strip off fabric Oh, which is approximately 14 inches so long, and it's two inches white and also another interface here that I have chicken, which is around and inch in the on again, 14 inches in length. You know, this only adds, makes the strap a little stiff. And we like it like that. Besides this, we want to need Oh, a Zippo. Your support has to be bigger than your five inches or whatever will be the with off your fabric. And you wouldn't need your sewing machine. So in the next class, I am gonna be teaching you in the next session. I'm gonna be teaching you how to get all of this together and see you soon they 3. Initial preparation : Hi there. Welcome back. Remember making a triangle samosa pouches and there will be a risk slipped. Last session we saw the requirement for making this pouch and today in the session, they want to see how we prep it up. So to start with, we have taken a top fabric, which is, as you remember, 10 inch by five inch. Um, this keep it right side down on the Indian to face. There's a lot east side. I don't know if you can make it out. It's Chinese. You put the shiny, glossy side or top of this, take your even. Make sure it's nice and hot. Make sure that the Aydin is really hot. What it to stick, but not what the people in your fabric right there is it. You see how it's stuck to the drop Patrick rate is going to come off? Get off these ages here, which is bigger than the fabric vehicle. Similarly, we will take a strap fabric right side below. We will take then to face strip and place it on top of this right in the middle. So you have besides the ages coming out of it driving and go for it again. The glossy side is below so that it sticks to the fabric. That's the Ivan on that. It's stuck. Do that. So we have a strap bit ready. We have adopt fabric ready. We have the lining fabric on a zip already. The next step is to sort it all up and it will be ready with your butt. So I'll see you in the next session. But I show you how to add the zipper on how we make this truck. See you soon. 4. Making the strap: Hi. Welcome back. This session, I'm gonna be showing you how we make our strap for a triangle or some Osama slipped last session. If you remember, we had bred this strap fabric, which was a 14 in fabric two inches in with. With that in to face this today, what we're gonna do now is waterfalls the extra bits like this from both the sides and then right in the middle. This May they want to do this all the true like this to keep it in place. You Can I run it up of it for that? Steven, please. - All the Rachel, if you wanted a little more secure than this, what you can do is add a little pins. But if you're confident so it without the pins, that's fine, too. Study ages here. So it stays in. Please do. So. This step is only two people in, please. Why we saw it. If you are confident of sewing without it, that's both ratify. All right? It's did this to us away machine, and you need to so right here at the edge. All right. Not in the middle, but one side Once I'm done sewing. Unsure to you. So that a better idea? How did stuff stop the big note on? Go on, - David . So you see it? It's right on this side. Oh, this trip. And now to make it look pretty, we will do the same thing on the other side. And it looks nice. - There you go. Do you see this? Decides a perfectly pretty study strap. That's what we have. 5. Attaching the zipper: All right, so let's start attaching. Does it book? We had adopt fabric, which we have attached the interface to the pretty own fabric. We had a Zippo, which is slightly bigger than our five inches. And that's it all seven. They just And we have, though, inside fabric or the lightning public. So before I start with the dog fabric right side on dog, we take the zip up the right side of the zipper is you know, you have this bit you. Please. This what? Don't. So the right side of the zipper is facing the right side off top fabric. He praised this. Line it up properly. We didn't take a lining fabric. Andi replaces it on double that lining dot perfectly and showed it all the sides a perfectly lined up the right side off are lining. Fabric has to be facing the light of the right side of the dock fabric. All right, so once that is done, it's secure. This simply is with a few pins. My to is what touched a bit like this. You see that? Now what we need is a zipper foot. This is what it looks like on most sewing machines come with foot. Let's attach as a foot. It's It's useful for attaching zippers. And then what? We opinions as you keep sewing because you don't want them to come in between. It's my freakin meaty. You go. You see that? So you don't get around. This is how you soon it up, Flip it, tell it around, give it a little breath and let's stop. So this bit now, the reason we talked. So it is the case. What? It looks pretty and to it just insoles that the shrapnel did not get caught in the zipper. Every time you open, there you go. You've top stitched it. Do you see that? Lovely, pretty stitcher ideal? Yeah. Now I want you to pay attention. Your dick adopts tactic. Andi, you don't need round and nine it with the dog bit off visible like this. Just ensure that it's all lined up on all sites. Okay, Okay. Don't it around. Take your lining fabric and do the same thing. Light it up with the top part or physical. You go on lined up. Ready? Let's been this to be at the to and sure that it's all perfectly lined up. Yeah. You see that? You have these little tiny pockets. That's what we want. It's secure it up with a pins that it doesn't shift and go. Hey, why be so it up? Do you go and let's stops. Wait. Same did remember, truly opinions as you saw awards. Really? One double. I made that mistake and broken many, so we're doing that. Go. All right on gloves? A little bit off a tricky part. So your dick is that Geo? Open it. Just go in through this and open it all the way out. You see that? And then slip open the whole thing. Yeah, Let's leave that. Okay. You see that? It's already starts looking like a little cute little box. Yeah, the sides open. So there now decidedly gadgets disorder the side of the zipper that we just attach. That's presidents down to, and yeah, you got it right. That stopped. So this bitches, no others. And so why People taking slightly longer. Suppose because helps, baby. Typical top stitch done from off the exists treads alone. And that's what it will look like. Pretty, isn't it? Already. So in the next and final session uh, we will be finishing this triangle pouch. I'll show you how be given the trying to less shape. And also have you attached the strap that we had done to make it Doris lit. So you saw in the next class B there? 6. Finishing up: Hi there. Welcome to a final session. Um, we have a strap ready. We have a Zippel attached to a fabric and we're also to make a triangle or pyramid or samosa pouch as a risk. Cleage whatever. You got it. It's just fun. So last time we saw that this now we had talked soda zipper across. All we want to do now is don't this around so that we have a lining fabric on toe and our our fabric or adopt fabric inside. Right? You're dake the strap that we had prepared earlier. Hold it in half like this and they would put it in this way On line it right. You okay? This is the top of the zipper. This part is where years apart opposition like this right here like this put it up in peace . It doesn't No, the zipper, it will close it. It's half wanted stuck outside right loses it. We have this idea when we have the doctor people. Now just fill this up straight like this. All right, take up enough. So get that. So this strap because you want that fixed for sexy Thanks That you saw this letter. What does it look with the strap? Bit inside? Did not the other side. And it is a parent open because you needed that space to donate her out. Okay? No, we thought this this way, right? The other side. We will flatten it out like this. Imagine it up so that you have sorted this way. Anyone through the site like this? It that and sure it's right in the middle. Just give it a little fool to check that. If it's right, that's in, please. Yeah, keep it here. No, you want to ensure that this does not well, please. So I'm just going to. But the doctor, that zipper doesn't go up that. But it wants to handle this. And I want to throw up this big now. So do you get that this? It's soon, Logically, this. I would be able to throw it up. What is on daily. Let's take a blow machine. Let's go floor the stitcher because they do not want zip a growing apart, it's nine it all together. Let's adopt on slowly. It's too slow that for what they don't back school on the little so that your support is all go go back on it so that it's cured. Offically doesn't rip open. Okay, Right. And that's it. See that this took a couple states here so that we are give the zipper secure on their its own. So what, you can either side horizontally this side. They have been out and let's criminal on the extra sites. Now you could use your regular scissors or you can use these. These are called pinking shears. They have these exact teeth to give you that exact touch. That so that your fabric does not the fabric business that moves and it stays in place. I just that looks pretty similarly on the silence. So this up. Let's this up on that bitch the strapped for your wristlet. So he's dreamed about the sides. Assisi. See that? And now what we do is turn it off. Is it all on the sides? Out it out all the way. You go because Benson lower with scissors ends and it's just broke. The result, the off perfectly. You see that? Okay, but it go extra treads old. This little guy on the right of the black pushed up through people. It wasn't that simple. They will. Pretty little symbol, Sarah slit. You can use it as a point, buzz. People drink Internet, do you? Pretty cute, Lovely. The most are a slipped. So I really hope you'll enjoy this tutorial on. I would love to see some of the pouches that you make me pouches was your bitches Get in touch with me if you have any doubts on and I'll be there to and you and I hope you really have fun making this. Thank you so much for watching my dear Dorrie.