Trendy Wall Art: Bold Colors over Photos | Sova Huova | Skillshare

Trendy Wall Art: Bold Colors over Photos

Sova Huova, illustrator, artist and creative

Trendy Wall Art: Bold Colors over Photos

Sova Huova, illustrator, artist and creative

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11 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Trendy Wall Art: Bold Colors over Photos

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Resources

    • 4. Preparation

    • 5. Vintage pop-art portrait I: Watercolors

    • 6. Vintage pop-art portrait II: Oil Pastels

    • 7. Porcupine

    • 8. Painting over a photo I: Fluid Acrylics

    • 9. Painting over a Photo II: Watercolors

    • 10. Framing

    • 11. Large formats

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About This Class


Trendy Wall Art: Bold Colors over Photos

In this project-based class, you will learn how to craft and paint exceptional modern wall art using collage techniques.

You will learn:

- watercolor dripping effect

- watercolor rainbow background

- to turn vintage illustration and photos into modern art

- cleaning your image in Photoshop

- turn your image into a large print

- create vintage portraits with pop-art feel

(your result might be traditional as well as digital)

This class was inspired by contemporary trends in interior design. I will show how to create several art pieces using vintage illustrations and photos and finish them with bold colors and several media (watercolors, oil pastels, markers) to create an artwork which is unique, and you will love. The best part is that you can create your project in less than one hour!  

These creations may decorate your home or make perfect gifts for your friends.

We are going to use only basic materials for art and crafts. However, I will show you how to use Photoshop to adjust the images (or print large formats), which is completely optional.








No extra skills needed. The class is excellent for art beginners or people who enjoy crafts.

Once you watch the class, don’t forget to show us your work! Tell us about the process, the materials you used and show the final piece hanging on your wall. I can't wait to see your creations!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sova Huova

illustrator, artist and creative


You might have noticed the trend of participating in art challenges on social media. This class is all about sharing the experience with art challenges and creative commitments. I invited special guests to this class to talk about their projects, approaches, and experience.

I'm an illustrative artist and educator. You can find me online as @nestingspirits. I like to experiment and share the process along the way. I make illustrations for kids and dreamlike art. Currently, I focus on building an offline place for artists and creatives to meet and create in Prague, Czech Republic.
Here on Skillshare, I teach courses on traditional illustration techniques for beginners and other simple creative techniques for fun.

[email protected]

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1. Trendy Wall Art: Bold Colors over Photos: 2. Materials: Hey, guys, this is silver. Let's jump right in. You'll learn how to craft and paint modern vel art using extremely simple collapsed technique. Contemporary trends in interior design and decoration inspired me to create this class for you, so I hope you will enjoy it and that it will encourage you to create something on your own . The materials for this class are very flexible. You can choose anything you injured to work. This here are some of those I was using to create my paintings. You often asked whether you can complete the projects with cheap parts supply. So this time I will be using cheap an alien based watercolors. An Indian paints are very bright and perfect for this project, but you can use any water colors with bright pigment. One of the port threats will be finished with oil pastels. One drawing will be completed with topic markers, and these markers are pretty specific. To work this, they bland and have many lovely characteristics, but you can use any markers. You currently have a dome. I used India ink in the background of on portrayed. Any bottle of India Inc will do, and it's also optional to use it. I'm finishing one off the pieces with gel pens, which are my recent favorites, and you can also use acrylic panes. I will be using these liquid ones, but that's not necessary. Adore cheap brushes should do the work sufficiently, but since I'm used to working with my slightly more expensive brushes, I will be using them in following projects as fell. Concerning the papers, we can use somewhat lighter paper for raja colors. It should bear a bit of pain, especially when you decide to use somewhat techniques. However, we are going to print on the paper. So depending on your printer, you have to check what is the heaviest paper your particle of printer can handle. Also decides off the paper should work well. This your printer So I'm using a four former are you can let it bring somewhere where they have printed specialized for this purpose Off course and brink larger formats. I will be bringing in black and white, so just pick your favorite medium ca. Large pencils clash anything bright enough to make a good contrast to black and white. You can also try to edit your piece digitally. I will show you how to do that. I'm using Adobe Photo Shop, but I left you a ling for a graphic free there in the project description. Keep in mind when you want to edit your are digitally. It might take a little longer in one hour, but I think the results are definitely wanted. So I encourage you to try that, and it's also fun. 3. Resources: let's start this project by finding some appealing images, which would create a great base for our work. They need to be under a creative Commons license, and I always prefer to have a free license also for commercial use, because I never know when I could want to display my final book somewhere. But if you are sure that you won't sell your artwork, you can pick the ones with free license for personal use. I used picks Obey where I found plenty off free old Hollywood photos so you might find your inspiration there. I decided to choose a portrait off less Taylor because I love her, especially in the movies. Get on a hot tin roof and in the Taming of the Shrew for the windage illustrations item to visit the Biodiversity Heritage Library Flicker collection. If you look for some windage pictures off fauna and flora, you can try it here. You can download the images in different resolutions, and I always big toe highest. Once I will leave the links for the other resources off three photos and illustrations in the project description, so don't forget to check it out. I only want to remind you did the class and project description. Is this able only from your desktop? Not in the app You have probably also your own photos that you can ever graced this picture of BlackBerry's most taken with my phone and it's nothing special, which is exactly the kind of picture I would like to river work and give it a fresh feel. Let's start this project by finding some appealing images, which would create a great base for our work. They need to be under grated Commons license, and I always prefer to have a free license also for commercial use, because I never know when I could born to display my final evoke somewhere. But if you are sure that you are not that you won't sell your artwork, you can pick the ones with free license for personal use. 4. Preparation: now. As I said, digital editing is entirely optional. You can create a great project without it. But since I broke as an illustrator, I edit and clean almost everything to achieve perfect results. If you don't want to edit your image, just printed out and sit on printing in black and white, that's it. Then you can crop the image to decides you prefer are cut out the parts you don't want there. That's okay, but when you want to play with it a little bit more to achieve more controlled results, this is what you can try. The first thing I did was I was a bit post the saturating the photo. You can make this by pressing shift command to you in photo shop, then was command shift L. You can open your levels and just the levels off black and white. My final boat red looks more posterized, and it seems a bit like she's missing her hand. But I don't mind it for this purpose. The higher level off contrast it's more important for me. So in these images I increase the level of white, and when I didn't like something, I simply daily the debt. I made a selection. Was loss O Toole and President it right, right, right was the photo. I adjusted brightness and contrast that first. And then I changed the exposure. Migrated to versions off this photo. One in lower contrast and great owns. And the 2nd 1 looking more like a post right fun to function posterized. And then you can adjust the level off post realization. The right option depends on your taste. But I wanted my image to be strictly black or white. I saved these images, and I prepared them for printing by creating a new file in a four format. Again, the chosen size depends on your printer. I turned settings to gray scale. I opened the previous image in a new panel and dragged them into my new filed. You could think about this is that I can place them on my page exactly where I wanted them to be. And I also don't lose an equality by printing them bigger than they actually are. You can export it now as pdf or JPEG and bring your file 5. Vintage pop-art portrait I: Watercolors: The first project for this class is this windage port, right with pope part Feel, which is painted over with bold colors specifically with the 1,000,000 motor colors I showed earlier. So let's begin with this life. The message. Print off windage Pork threat. I found out that black color from a laser printer slightly repels water, which was useful in my case. You should probably check how the brings from your brain to react with the pains before you start painting over them. I recommend using some cheaper paper and testing it before you start working on your final piece. I apply plenty of water on the top of the paper. I want to spark Toby really bad. I'm applying pigment to the west part and I'm working quite quickly. I'm going for this dripping effect. So I lived the paper and let the painful and I help it on the places where it acts. Too lazy. I applied the color sin layers, starting with blues, deny and agreeing any yellow, green and blue violet in the end. - Can you see how do hair and the I part is left out and stays uncovered? I quite enjoyed it. I'm applying white liquid acrylic on the top off the dripping to reach some lighter tones when you don't have liquid acrylic, and you would like to achieve a similar effect. A. Do you can dilute some white acrylic you have. Or you can try using water to lighten the layers. I wanted my pain to makes with the NL in paints and stay opaque, so I used to the other side of my brush to make them. You should never use your offensive article of brushes for acrylic paints, huh? Once this part is dry, I think my India ink and just feeling old watch spaces like I was trying to pretend that the ink is the origin the color of the background and devote a color spoke over it. I use a small brush when filling. It didn't and I find this process kind of relaxing, - and we're done. This is the finished painting would we have created is basically a simple coal ash on the front. Two components, a photo and a paint. I love the intensity of the pains and loved a color shades, but I will also show how to create a color versions from your paintings. In the last lesson off this class, if you are interested 6. Vintage pop-art portrait II: Oil Pastels: and now we get to report, read, finished with oil bustles for a long period. I underestimated the beauty off this medium, but in the last months I have been discovering it, and I thought it would be a good match for this project. I just color the background in a massive way with the color shades. I like the nice Monday them lightly was my finger and I colored her cheeks likely. And so much as Bill, - right to the final results. It's slightly disturbing looking clack of Big Green, but it was my choice. You can certainly achieve myself to results by keeping the contrast, however bear. I can also imagine some grayscale flowers include over this one completing the Clash look. So here you had two ways help to revoke a vintage photo. And now let's get to windage illustrations. 7. Porcupine: in this lesson, I'm going to show you do waste off revoking windage illustrations in a really simple way and turned them into a modern piece of art. We start with the picture off a bowl combine that I found on Flicker Off Biodiversity Heritage Library, which is one off the resources I have shown you earlier. The first we make is going to be done with Marcus, and it's read a suggestion so you can use watercolors again. If you prefer. Does. You can play with geometric shapes and place them next to your illustrations and over them . I started with this straight line and edit health circles around the line with markers. The Coptic Markers Act similar read to watercolors when you use them. I made one mistake here. I was too confident about the color, so I didn't make us watch for this one. And then I found that one off the markers is already starting to dry, so to brown isn't so smooth as the others. And absolute about you can check another example of combining random shapes with vintage illustrations in my older block post on making vintage paper jewelry, which I edit into resources in the project description. I must admit that the other broke opine print inspired me much more than the 1st 1 Sometimes accidents make the best artistic operations. Initially, I wanted to bring another bowl combine on the other side because I noticed some small splashes off color on the paper and look what I got. I absolutely love. It's surreal feel. So instead of fighting the splashes, I decided to finish the whole broke appliance twist with the splashing voter call a technique. I took a brush and split trickle over the drawing with my finger. I helped it in some places to connect into larger air s off color. I like how it's making the impression of an identified obstruct movement under paper. If you play with several illustrations printed one over another, please cereal results in the project gallery. I'm so curious about both else. It's possible to create way 8. Painting over a photo I: Fluid Acrylics: and our last project for this class is spending over a photo. As with the previous pictures, I decided to finish this project in two different ways, using only one photo. I do this picture of blackberries when I was walking in a forest and trying to make my baby fall asleep. So this photo is a memory for me. But as I said before, the picture itself is nothing special. I showed how I prepared the grayscale picture with lower contrast in for social before and now I can start painting. I wanted to combine geometric shapes with the dripping effect. This time I used liquid acrylics because the photo is darker and I wanted to be sure that I use something opaque enough to cover it. Another good medium to work with would be quashed, but it can be so a bacon liquid at once. So I chose the Spain's. I used the knife to blend them together on the paper, and then I'd write them with a hair dryer to speed up the process. Hair dryer is my favorite art tool. - Once the pains were dry, I usedto wide till panted role geometric shapes, but should remind blackberries growing from the dripped part of depending. When I moved the ruler around, I have to pay attention. Not was much mind rowing Visit with another gel pen. I drew a crystal in the left corner off the photo. It wasn't meddling gel pen, so it glitters. The spends are great, however, it could be difficult to skin them as well as other metallic pains. 9. Painting over a Photo II: Watercolors: the second piece is easy to paint. I used an alien voter colors again, plenty of water, and I applied color bicolor very quickly, trying to achieve kind of rainbow effect. I pay attention and I never let the borders off color and paper to dry because that would be visible in the result. I created this colorful political background in a few minutes. I loved the lightness and confidence of depending. 10. Framing: Oh, it's time to frame a murderer for both pieces. Like days. I like to use classic white frames with the Met. I always check whether pending matches the Met. Sometimes I decided to grope my painting at this point, but not this time. I use washi tape or simple masking tape to hold the picture in place, which is necessary because you don't want it to fall later. It's always better to use a knife rather than fingers to put these holders in place. It saves me a lot of time, and now I can hang it on my wall. 11. Large formats: this could have been the end of this class, but maybe you would like a larger image to hang on your wall, so I'm going to help you with it. You will need to scan your image in high resolution. I always try to clean my scanner before skinning, because I don't have to clean the mess digitally later. I skin depending in the resolution off 800 dp I in the most cases, but my skinner could go even higher. I checked the details off the picture after skinning, and I'm happy with the result. I cleaned the image in photo ship again when it's necessary. Um, um um um, I use a patch to remove these dinos pleasures of water, which could to my painting somewhere in the meantime, and I can change the hue off my picture, Which is exactly the trick I did to create the second version off the windage pork. Right? - And while it looked very nice only original Boeing, you can see that skinning the metallic help in wasn't the best idea is I expected so I decided to enhance it a bit. I picked the bully gonna lasso tool to say like the shape and adjusted levels off the selection, turning them more white. And I also changed, if you to become more violet and much the other colors and the original photo off the blackberries. I could have used the clipping mask imitating the glitter texture, but that would take much more time in this case. And I think that these changes I made helped a lot, and the DIS picture is okay without liquid texture. I often do this when I have some metallic effects in my bending and I want to greater bring from it. I enhanced the image differently, instead passing the metallic part because I don't think it could ever look so good printed as the origin. And once the painting looks like you want, you can save it is a huge J pack or pdf in C and y que colors. When you didn't change the colors of the picture, you might keep the original settings even for printing. You just need to be sure that some of your bright RGB colors won't look too light when print it and turning it into seem like a is a good way to prevent that. And then you have to find a place where they bring platform. It's to be pretty. So that's it for today. Thank you very much for your attention. And if you watched my glass for so long, that probably means that you enjoyed it. So please, you might consider leaving me a positive review or following me here on skill share on instagram so that you aren't going to miss any off my next glasses and announcement. Thank you. And I hope to see your work soon in the project section.