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Trello Project Management and Productivity

teacher avatar Tahir Yaqub, I Teach Online

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (1h 8m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Trello Teams, Boards, Lists and Cards

    • 3. How to use Trello Cards

    • 4. How to use Trello Labels

    • 5. Trello features: Move, Copy and Archive

    • 6. Trello Notifications and Watch Feature

    • 7. Linking Trello Cards and Boards

    • 8. How to use Trello Filters

    • 9. Linking Trello with Slack Power-up

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About This Class

Trello Project management and Productivity Course:

Trello is a web-based project management tool. You can use trello for managing all types of projects. From a family vacation, wedding to a high-end corporate projects. Trello can be used in many ways. It keeps you organized, focussed and more productive with tasks in hand. Trello is one of the best tools for solopreneurs like myself. I develop online courses and have found Trello extremely useful for streamlining an online course creation process. In this course you will learn how to use trello. This is a beginners to advance level course. We will be talking about basic features upto the integration of Trello with other apps and platforms. Anyone who is interested in project management or increasing the productivity will find this course useful.

Lecture Titles:

  1. Introduction and Basic Building Blocks of Trello

1.1  Trello teams, Boards, Lists and Cards

1.2.   How to use Trello Cards

1.3.   How to use Trello Labels

1.4    Trello features: Move, Copy and Archive

Moving Cards: We move cards for many reasons, To move it to completed, to change its board, to change its priority etc. Card priority can be set by changing label colors or by moving up in a list.

1.5.   Trello Notifications and Watch Feature

1.6.   Linking Trello Cards and Boards

      2. Advanced features

2.1 How to use Trello Filters

2.2 Introduction to Trello Power-ups

2.3 Integration of Trello with Slack

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Tahir Yaqub

I Teach Online


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1. Introduction: Hello. I am tired. Yakoub. Welcome to my trailer project management and productive it. Of course, in this course, you will learn how to use a Web based project management to trail. You can use Tello in many ways from planning your family vacation reading are for high end corporate. We will project management. Tello offers a variety of options and features which are considered standard for managing project. This is a fast paced course. There are roughly one hour of video contents in which you will not only get started with Trillo, but we'll be able to use it in a fully professional manner. I tried to organize these contents in a way so that I could touch on all of the main features so that you should not need any other course to learn more. You should be able to explore further ways to use tell on your own. After taking this course, we will start from Tello hierarchy and basic building blocks off trail. You will learn about teams list boards in cars. Card is a singer task in your project. Then we will explore the features available inside this most important building block off trail. You will learn how to communicate with your team members. Hotel career checklists assigned dude urge two cards and hope to do attachments. Then we will learn about trailer labels, which provide a powerful such criteria in trail, which is extremely useful. We will then discuss, move, copy and archive features and what to do with the cards when the task is completed or a project is finished. We will then learn about trail or notifications and hope to monitor the progress of your project using more Treacher. The next lesson is about linking cars and boards. Then we will explore the powerful filtering feature off trail. The functionality of trailer can be extended using a huge number of applications called trail proverbs. There are many power apps available in the market, which can be used to air some extra features in trailer. It is not possible to discuss all of those, but we have selected the single and the best develop our cars. Select slack is almost essential. If your product is big and you have a large team working on the project, you will learn how to integrate, tell over its select in a step by step, we this will enable you to learn how to add power ups. I'm confident that discourse will help you get a full control of your projects and become more efficient and productive. And most importantly, you will learn how to use Tello for your own specific needs, so I will see you inside the course. 2. Trello Teams, Boards, Lists and Cards : trailer is a Web based project management tool. It is suitable for many applications, and it can be used in a huge number of days. Before you start using Tello, you need toe open an account with the tele website, which is trailer dot com. It is a free account that they also have a paid warship, but for this course and for normal use. If you are using this for Army, for your side hustle are for your single to do list. For a couple of projects, the free count is enough for you. So I have created an account and I just log into my account. So once you have logged in, you will be in your boards area. So the first thing you need to understand is the hierarchy in trail. So because cello is a project management tool and most of the times when you are using trailer, you are basically collaborating with other team members. But it is not essential that you must have a team. You can also use Tello as your own to do list. As I mentioned earlier at the top of the hierarchy of Trail Oh, we have teams, so a team can have a group of boards. These are my balls. I have recently added a second member into my team. Otherwise, I was working alone on my boards and these bores. You can think of these boards in various ways. For example, you can say that each board is your one project. For example, I developed courses so by this board is a project for me for this particular course. And this board is a product for this trailer tearing course, which I'm currently working on. And if you have a team, then you can make boards for each department of your team. For example, one board for product development, one board for marketing, one board for quality control. So then your boards will represent the department of your team are department of your organization. So then, after team, we have boards and each board has lists, or those lists are basically each stage of the project. For example, in this course development, I have ah, recording face. Then I have a pre production face. Then I have ah, final review phase, and then I have a launch face. So these are some of the faces in my course development project, and this board is, for example, my own training. I'm currently doing a diploma and training design, so this board represent my own training program, which I am participating in. So in this board, the stages will be different. This is the beauty of Tello. It has a very simple interface, but there are a huge number of ways you can use trailer. And when you will see people using trailer in innovative ways, you will be fascinated with how many options you have, so you can learn the basics of trailer in half an hour. But in order to get full potential after hello, you may need ears off experience. Sotelo is very powerful project management tool, and in today's lesson, we will learn the three basic organizational units off trail after teams. We have wars, then list and then cards. So this is the organisational hierarchy after Hello. So first I will show you one of my boards, and then we will start creating a board from the scratch because I don't want to confuse you. So first I will highlight you one of my bores. So if I click on this board, you received that this board has. These were tickle blocks, which lists first list, second list and sword. And in each of these list, we have these cards. So list is a workflow, and what is a workflow park? Flu is a way you do the task, so there could be many possible work flows. For example, your cars could be moving stage by stage. From left to right, your cars could be staying in the same list. And when one task is completed, these card straight away. Go to the completed lists or this desert called work flows. The way you move the car, the value collaborated the value work in a team the value manage a project, are organized your product. So these are called the work floor. So there are so many ways there, so many work flows are available for different type of application. For example, if you are doing a project management, you will move these cards in a specific manner from one stage of the project with the other state of the project. If you are doing a product development, then the way you move the card will be different. And if you are studying something and you are organizer's organizing your studies are you are organizing a marriage? Are you are organizing your family vacations? You move the cars in a totally different way. So this is the beauty of trailer, that you can work on trailer in various ways and I will be showing you various kinds, off boards and all the features in future lectures. But this is just the highlight off HOA board look like and no, we will start from scratch. If I click on this home, I will go back to this. And now, in order to create a new board, you have toe. Just click on this, create a new board and then you give it a name. So I just say, Project one or something and I and there are two kinds off boards private were only board members can see and added the board and public. So anyone on the Internet can see the boat. But only board members can edit the boat, and we will be creating a private board here. So just create board and there is a background picture here. If you like, you can use it. Some people think that background picture is motivational looks good, but personally, I use only a plain background. So in order to change the background, you click on this chain background and there are some colors available. If you are on a paid plan, then you can also upload your own background colors and images. But I'm on the free plan, so I will use one of these. So let's say this work. So as soon as you create aboard, you will be prompted with add a list and you can add your first list year. So I will say Stage one, for example. This is stage one of my project, and I heard list, and then I can add another, less Stage two. Add a list and then I can say complete it. So this is a completely so this is a start simple board. If you don't want any for the little, just click on this. So this is how you edge a list into a board, and then each list can have many cards. In order to create a card. Just click on add card, and then I would say Task one, because essentially, it's a task at Card Task two, and then you can just love this. Similarly, you can add to trust here, ask one asked to and then just close it. And no, we have created a board three list and few task. And no, For example, when this task is complete, you can just drag and drop toe this completed task and then you're left with this task. Then you just if this is complete looking, take their toe the completed task, and this is how you complete the task and move it to the completely. So it's a good practice toe name these list in a more descriptive manner. I'm just naming this stage one stage tojust toe make you understand that these are essentially different stages of your project. For example, these are your ideas, then these air you're currently in progress tasks and these are your completely task or these could be different way to organize your project. So these are three basic organizational units in Tello. A bores less and cards know a few things I would like to mention here because this is just the first lecture and I don't want toe put too much material in this. But few things I would like to add So let's say I go back to my boss and I have created this board. But I want to, Let's say delete this board. So in orderto delete this board, there are two ways. One is to archive the board to close the board and close means that you can reopen the board at any time later on, and all these boards and everything is stored on clothes on Tele website, so you don't have to worry about. But if you want to delete, so to do that so you just click on the board first. And then on the right hand side, there is a minnow here and in this middle you will click on more and there's a butternut than close board. If you click on close board, it will prompt you to confirm you just confirm close and know your board is closed. If you want, you can reopen it any time. If you want to permanently delete the board, you can permanently delete board here. So I would just reopen the board and off my board is back. So this is the way. If you want to delete a boat so no, if you have created a board and we have added list and cards to the board. And in the next lecture we will see some of the details. Oto Adder detail toe a card. 3. How to use Trello Cards: in the last video recreated a distant board in which we made few list and some task, and I can use this as well. But I would like Toa use another board for this video because this board has a few contents and which will help me toe explain threw off the concepts. So the first thing you do is, for example, this is my first task in the project, and I want to add some details about this. So this task says that prepared transcript for introductory video. So whenever I developed a course, I created introductory video for which I write a script. What I have to say. So this is the task. So I just click on this and here this is the description part, and in this part, I can say include following points in the video. So because sometimes you get our idea that you will explain this in the video. So you just write down here that explain these points in your introductory video. So I will just write down some of the points here, and then when I will be writing the transcript of the video, I will include all these points and the second were to use this description area for task is, for example, if you are outsourcing something, for example, this is a task Prepare Tom a nail for you to me. So what I would say here in this case is exactly contest. So I don't have to tell too much information here because the common name and normally the person I'm using for this time nail they know what are these sizes and what are other requirements for you to me. But just to show you the most important thing is the size of the image. I have just written here size and I can also write that for you to meet you don't have to put some text so I can get this description. People say don't use any text because you did mean does not follow any text. So this is the other thing I couldn't write in their description. And this is the size of the image. So this is the value. Write a description of the task, depending on the task is just to write something. So this is very useful when you are outsourcing some work? No, on the right inside you have this members. So if you click on members, you can add any of the team members currently both off the team members have been assigned to this. So if not, you can add an email address to any person you can invite members by. Their aim is if, for example, you have hired someone on five were our up work. So you just get the email of the person you put it here, and when you include that person into your card or into your board, then they will get a message in the email and they will get a link to join the border. The card. If you have a very average ready to them and the industry, you can add that person into your card and assigned them on any particular task. So this is how you add members, then labels, so these labels can be used in many ways. For example, when I start something in the beginning, I used blue labour and when something is complete, I prefer green. If this is the task in this particular areas, then I can assign a blue level toe This So this is how you assigned the label know about the checklist. I will talk about checklist in a minute. But first, I would like to show you this is another car prepared Tom Nail First culture. Because whenever I create a course, I pull discourse on few websites like you did mean skill share our cyber you. So this is another task. So as you can see here that I have the size of the thumbnail and then I am instructing the person to use Kendra. And then I'm also mentioning some primary colors. And the beauty here is that if you put a color number in this fashion hash and end in a number of the color and then when you saved this also shows you the color that if you have been a mistake, you can just correct it all. This is not the color which I want. So this is a very good way Toe assigned task to somebody. Someone on fiber. And that person will help you in making all these common eights. Because if you make these thumbnails, it will take a lot of time. And those guys will just make all these Tom nails in a couple of minutes. Sotelo is very good for global teams. You can have your teams all around the globe. Anybody can join a task, anybody can work on task. And this is up to you, ho, to organize your project. But this is all you add. Members labors. And for some instructions here. No, Alexei about checklist. So if you click on checklist checklists are basically sub tasks. And for second task, these sub tasks are very useful for Tom Nail. I think this information is enough for the person or to create a thumbnail, but for some other tasks. So let us see what could be the possible sub task off video recording off lecture to So these are some of the sub tasks. For example, all videos off this lecture have been recorded. So even if we do means that where I am talking so are talking had a part of the reduce which I record on my DSLR camera. Then all screen captures where I captured the screen of my computer that have been the cartage and then all external audiophiles. Because when sometime I use an external mike. So all our audio files have been recorded properly, and then I could get afforded a za preproduction folder and in which I curated this lecture every four order. So these are the force of task because sometimes you have recorded this part, for example, and then you are tired on days off and then you move on to holidays. And after three days when you come back, if you don't have this organized in this manner, so you will think probably will waste time. So it's good to organize all this for yourself that okay, I have recorded the skin captured, but I have to record the talking head part of the video. And then I have to create a border and put all the files here when all these are done. For example, if I check this this and this but not this one. And I just click all certain that you can see here that this will show me Three out of four tasks has have been completed. So you used this checklist for your sub tasks, and the Village Clear District list is just click on checklist and then give it a name, for example Check list, too, because I already wanted list. And no, you enter your first item of this checklist kick. I can number one, for example. You add it and similarly check item number group. And you heard this and they're sitting. So this is how you get here, This checklist So very simple. And no, I can just delete this because I don't want this checklist. Another dude it. If you click on do that, it will show you this calendar. And on this calendar, you can set any dude it. For example, Currently, this dude, it is set 16th of February if you want to change. And if you look here on the left hand side, you can see the state is here. If I change this, I can change this. And this will be changed here and there. Sit. This is how you change the dude it. And when the due date is within 24 hours, trailer will show you like this that the due date of this lecture is video 24 hours. So you can either move this car tow preproduction stage, as some people do like this. But what I do preferences. I stayed away. When this is finished, this will be completed and I will straight away. Take the studio completed the done list here. The reason for this is that this source the way I designed my workflow Because if I click on this task here, this is just FB means the final video off Lecture one here. I have a different checklist for these tasks are different, so I don't want to get confused with this. So it depends on you how you design your work flow. You improve this with visual experience. Experience is the only thing which can help you improve this thing. At the end of this course, we will also see some off the tools which you can use Toe Arto made some off your task and some of your workflow. There are some automation available in trail Oh, Reacher card poverty ups. And we will discuss this later in this course. No, we have learned all these four items and the last thing is the attachments. So if you click on attachments you have a couple of options. You can attach files from your computer from trail oh crowd from Google drive, which is also cloud stories Dropbox box one, drive all these air cloud storage and you can also add file from your computer's. If you click on this, it will show you your file. Brother, you can select any fighting. Similarly, if you click on Google Drive, it will show you all your Google accounts. And you can click on any of your Google Gmail accounts and it will ask for the permission, and it will enter into your Google try. It's very simple. You can attach fires this task, for example, if you want to add a file with some extra instructions, are any video fighting for training off the person? If you are hiding somebody on Fiverr, you can attach a training file here and which they can watch and see what you want from them. So this is how you are touched files. So, no, we have discussed all this part, which is called a tow card. So this item we have discussed so this power up, we will discuss after a few lectures at the end of discourse, and in the next video, we will discuss these items or to move copy watch archive er, share your cards. So one thing I would like to mention here is that you can add a comment for any of your members if you added simple comment here, for example, this is Ah, Pullman, These response. So if you when you saved this comment, it will be saved. And anybody in this board, any team member will be able to respond. If you want toe comment for someone who is not the member of this card but the member of the board, then you can just put act and then their name because I have only two members. So if I put at and then I cook tea. So as you can see that a team member will come here. So you selector any of the team members which you want to send this common to and then just enter. For example, if it's like this, so their name will be added here and then if I save so this message will go to that person . So this is this is the way. If you want toe, send any message quickly to any person without using the email. So in the next video, we will discuss the items listed in the action. Stab off this card 4. How to use Trello Labels: in this video, we will talk about hope to use labors in trail. I have touched on Labour's in one of the previous reveals what I wanted to show you a few more things about labels. So therefore, I decided to make a separate video. These colorful lines, these air car labels and you can use labors in various ways, and it all depends on your own creativity. For example, these labels can be used based on different stages of a project. You can also sign the labels based on a particular department in your organization and this can also be assigned based on our subcontractor are a subcontracted task. And if you want to use only two levels, for example, you can say that. Okay, argent and knowledge. So this could be a factor of deciding which labor you want to you. So it all depends on you. So you decide your criteria. But what I want to show you Here are some of the matters toe assign label. So the first weight was signed. Label is, for example, I want to assign label toe this lecture to card. So I just click on this card and on the right inside. I have this labels button. Click on that, and these are some of the primary colors available to me. So, for example, I want to assign this blue color. So I click on this, and two things happen. This a blue color shows here in the labels area on the cart and also Arctic Mark appears on this blue color. So if I close this now and I just lose this as you can see, that blue label has been assigned. So if I want to believe this label, so just click on the card again and no click on Labour's again and no, remove this stick. So as soon as you remove this stick level will be gone. And no, you can close this. And no, there's no labor. So this is the way toe Assign a label are to remove a label, so this is first matter. Another way to assign label is to right click on the card, and then you will see this Edit labels. If you click on that, you can assign this Balu killer again and just say so. This is another way to assign labels. You can also assign names to these labels as well. For example, if I just go back to Labour's again and in this labels area I can create a new label and I can use any of the color and I can give a name. For example, I can give this label name see on, for example. You can give this label and name Argent who can give this label and name is a design. For example. This is for design team and they just created what this young label has been created. But no, I have checked these two so I can remove this and I can assign this label like this. I know if you look at here, there is no name. But if you have her on this, you will see this CR name appears. And if you want to show all the names, just click on any of the labor. For example, if this simply condensed this labor does not have a name, but this level has a name. So all the names, if there are any on this board, they will appear here. So just click on any of the labels so you can click on this again and it will disappear, So this is good feature for new team members. For example, you have assigned names based on certain department are certain criteria, but new members want to see what what what are the names. But if you are familiar with the name you don't have toe show the names, it looks clean and tidy in this way. So this is how you can assign names to labels. And there is also our short cut key to assign a label. For example, if I want to assign a level toe this card, you can also enter L. And as soon as you enter L on your keyboard, this labor dialogue box appears, and you can just assign any labour to discard Temple. So this is a shortcut key for assigning, living and justify opened this labels again. There is another way off assigning labels and which is a very quick way, and that is that if you look at these colors, these colors actually have a number associated with them, so the first color is number one. This is 23456 and so on. So you can also assign these default colors by just pressing these numbers on your cable, but you have to hover on the card on which you want to assign the collect. For example, if I over my mouse over this card and I press one on my keyboard, the first color will be assigned. And if I don't like this color, I just pressed one again. And no, I try to or two is yellow. I don't like yellow. I just presto again. It will disappear. Then I can go on and select my color. So three. Okay, I'm happy with three, so I can keep it if I want to wear it. Another Colletto. I can go ahead number four. So no, I don't want for I just press for again. So this is a very quick method toe assigning colors. But you have toe remember colors from 1 to 6. Which other, different colors? No. One of the most important reasons reuse label is because it can makeover such easy, because when you're boards grow searching, anything in the board becomes a problem and we use filter for them, and we will discuss this filter in one of the next lectures. But this is one of the reasons that labels provide us and other such criteria so we can also search based on the label. So this is an additional such criteria which is very useful when we are dealing with the large boards. And this is one of the very important reason of using labels. And lastly I want to show one more thing. Let's click on this in the labels area. You also have, ah, colorblind differently, more try And if you click on this morning to enable this colorblind friendly, more know the labours will have a patron associative tow them so know this green label will have this patron Yellow will have this pattern. So the people who cannot differentiate between different colors No, they will be able to differentiate based on these patrons because every person is different . So this feature is only useful for those people who are colorblind. So these were some of the things about labour's. I hope there you will find this video useful 5. Trello features: Move, Copy and Archive: in this video, I will walk you through the action plan of the yellow cards. If Republican discard this is the action plan and it has few options. So I will discuss this move copy and archive option in this video. We already discussed this watch option and this year option we will discuss in a later lecture. So let's get started. So what is this move feature? So more feature is to move the cars. So the question is, when you can state of remove a card from Andy List, too the other list just by dragging and dropping. So then why would you like to move a car using this mean whiter? The answer to this question is that using this move option, you can actually move the card from one board to another boat. So if I want to move this card So let me show you first Another board where I want to move cards. This is another boat which has ah, named diploma diploma is the board where I want toe move the card. So if I click on this board So there are six list currently showing here. So let us say that I want to move this card toe this week 1 March 19. So this list already has two cards. Let's go back. And we were in this board before, so I would like to have this card. So click on this card and click on Move. And this is the current board. And if you click on this, you will see all my boards and I want to move this card toe diploma board. And if you click on this or these are the list available So we want to move over car to this one week 1 March 19? No, as you can see that there were two cars already in this list so we can move this car tow either Position three are. If you click on this, we can move this car, tow any other position. So this is a very handy feature. So let us assume that you have 30 cars instead of three. Then this future would be really useful if you want to move this card to any particular position. So a lot to say. I want to move this car to petition three I click moves and no, the card has disappeared from this aboard. And if I go back to diploma board, you can see that at position three. Here is my card. So this is how you move the cards? Let us go back to this. No, The corporate feature is very useful when you have Ah, a template, for example. So let me show you one of my course boards. So this is one of my previous courses. If I click on this board, as you can see that I have a lot of lectures here. So if I want to copy any of these lectures toe some other board, I can click here and I can copy. And then I can select any board from here and then in the same manner. I can select a list and I can select a position so very easy. So this is how you copy our move your cards. Let us go back to our original board, this one and no, for example, I have completed all these tasks, and when the task is complete, it will be a good idea to keep my board clean and tidy. So that will help me organize my bores. If you have a lot of products going on? You don't want toe Put all your completed task in your bores. You want to archive them So let us assume that I want to archive this card So I will click on this. And if I click on our guy with a simple click, the card is a kite. You get this message The card is are kind and you notice that there is no confirmation dialog box Just click archived and the card is a rite. But what if you have done this in mistake and you want to get your card back So in order to do that, if you go in the right hand side and show me new and then click on more so you will see archived items if you click on archived items So this is your card here, So know what you can do you can send back toe board are you can permanently delete this card So if I sent back to the board this card will reappear in my A list So this is how you archive a car? You can also archival list Let close this if I want to archive this whole list So what? You can do is click on this and then you will see two different options. One option is archive all cars in this list and it means that cars will be archived. But list will not be are kind. And if you archive this list than all these cards, including the list will be archived. So there is a little difference between these two and let us see how it works. So, for example, I archive this list, so I kind the list. Now the whole list is gone. And no, if I want to under Kai are get this list back. So again, goto this show me new and if you see these are the archive item. But there is no list because there is a separate icon for that switch to list. We have archived the list. We did not archive the cards, so therefore there is item switch to list. And no, as you can see, that I have these two lists which are already archived so I can send this to board and my list is back. So this is all you get? Bet your list So know what? If you want to archive this complete board So in order to show you how to archive the board , I'll go back to my home page and these are my board. So let us open this board and I want to archive this book so again go to show me new and then more. And for board, the option is close board. So close board is just like archiving aboard. So you close this board, so just click on this and know it will show you this message. You can re open the board by clicking the boars we knew from the header. So it will show you how to reopen the board. So just closed the sport and diploma is closed. You will get this message. And if I go back to my home pitch No, there is no diploma board here, so no ho toe reopens this boards. If you click on this boards you will see at the and see closed boards. So if you click on see clothes boards. So here is diploma, which is the only clothes board here. And you can re open this port. So if you want to delete permanently, you can press delete button are you can reopen so I just presently open. And as you can see, that diploma has appeared here. So just close this dialog box and we have diploma back. So this is how you close are reopened aboard. 6. Trello Notifications and Watch Feature: Hello is a Web based project management tool. In this short video, you will learn about cello notifications. So no, If I want to see all of my notifications, I will click on this bell icon and it will show me all of the recent notifications. So when you were managing a project in which the team members are scattered, sometimes if they are working from different countries so you want your team members to be on the same page so that everybody knows how the product is going and what they have to do next. And Trailer does this with a system off notifications. And the way this notification works is that whenever anybody makes any change toe a card which represent the task in a project, Tello sends email notifications to all the members off the card. For example, this is a card. If I click on this car, as you can see that there are two members of this card. So it means that these two people are working on these task. There is a list of tasks here. So whenever I make any change, I am also remember So this is me. So whenever I make any change are the other person makes a change. We both get notification in our email. So, for example, even if I put a comment so let's say I put any comment. Hello and the where you put the comment is just saved. The comment. Are you press controlling and know your comment is saved? This is the comment and know the other person will get the notification. It will say something like my name, and this person has put a comment for you or something like this. This is how notification works, not only common if, for example, I change the due date of this card. Currently it is due on Fourth of March. So let's say I change toe 15 months and I save it again. A notification will be sent to this person, so any change made toe a card read cause our notification to all the members of the car tow . No, let's say that someone is not a member of this card and you want to send a notification to get person as well. So, for example, I put a comment and I want to another person to get notified. So in that case, I have to put their sign and then the name of the person. So, for example, this is a person who is not the member of the card but member of the board. So I entered his name and then I put dozen comment and save it. No dead person, although not a member of the card, but that person will get the notification. So this is when you make any change. If I had a checklist, if I change due date, if I change the level to any color, let's say even then that person will get the notification. Who is the member of the carte? Nor the next thing is let us say that I am not a member of a card. But I want notification will be sent to me. For example. I just remove myself from this car. No, I know what the member of this card, but I still want a notification for some reason. For example, if I am a product manager and I want to see the progress of the project and I don't want to myself to be a member of the card and the reason for this, I will explain in one of the later lectures when I will explain some filtering, I don't want myself to be a member of this card, but I want to get the notifications. So in that case, what I will do, I will watch this card. So if I press this watch so no, this stick mark mean that I am watching this card and I will be getting that notifications . Similarly, you can also watch Ah, whole list. So this list contains three tasks. Three cards. So if I want to watch this list, I will click on these three dots and then watch. And no, I'm watching this list. You can also watch the board as well. So, in orderto wash the board, you have to first click this show meaning and then here you have this option watch. And if you are not in here, you are, for example, in this, uh, me? No. Then you have to click on this more and then you will get this watch option. And if I click watch now, then I am no watching this board. This is the way or north or notification works and how you can watch any board. Our list are card. No, this notifications are sometimes very annoying in particular when you newly joined trail. Oh, and you get notifications for each and every change, then it is very annoying sometimes and sometimes you don't know what to do. So you can change the frequency of these notifications by just going on the right hand side and just click on this bell icon. So here it is. Option change notification, email frequency. You click on that. So there are three options. So if you were regularly following this board and your team members are really actively working on the board and they don't want any notification, you can just click Never and you will never get any notifications. But if you want to notifications Tobie sent to you on a roughly an hourly basis, then you can select this periodically option. And what this means is that whatever changes you make, it will not send email before one hour. So this is what periodic means and instantly is by default instantly said. So a struggle means that whenever there is a change, notification will be sent to all members. So this is how you can change the frequency of the notifications. So these were some of the basic but important things about notifications 7. Linking Trello Cards and Boards: so no, you are progressing into this trail, of course. And low in this short video really learn how to connect. Two cards are hard to connect. A card with a board to the first question again is why one would like Toa connect to cars. So there could be a few reasons for that. For example, this is a car and their own discard. This member is a new team member. You have hired this member and there are some instructions off hope. We're just a volume off a video. So these instructions are returned in this card, you don't want to explain each and everything toe this a new team member instead, you want toe connect this card which has this audacity, which is a software. Do you want to connect these instructions in this card? I know this team member is working on this car, so this person has to perform these instructions. But you also want that this team members should know the instructions returned in another car. So in orderto do that the card which you want to link, you have to go in that card first. So just click on this card and there is the share butter and very quickly can share button . Every card has a associative link, but this is the link of the card. So just I just copy this link into my clipboard and no, I just close this and this is the team member here. I want to asking toe, look at the instructions. I can add that card into this comment area description. We are even in a checklist. So let us say I want to add an item and I want to say that please read instructions. And then I just paste the link here. So it seems there's a very messy ling. But as soon as they add this and you will see here that this is the title of the cart So act yellow icon and the title of the card has been inserted. So know this team member can click on this and as soon as we click on this the state of a goingto that card which we want to toe link. So here are the instructions and for example, this is the tutorial video which explains how to perform this task so their team member can click on this video and learn how to do this stuff. So this is one of the reasons you can. You might want toe link a car to another card sometimes. Also, one specific task is common between two different projects. So then you might want to link this card to another board. Are you want to abort to link with this card? So this is also possible. So this was one way of linking the car. Just have a look at another way of linking a card. So, for example, I click on this card because normally there is a comment associated with linking a card that you want to know somebody that you want to inform somebody why you are linking the card. So you write some comment. So, for example, let's say you want to write down. Please look at this car, and then you want to insert the card so there are four buttons here, and the light most is add card. If you click on this aired card, no, it will show you all the title of the cars which are available in this board and at the bottom. You will also see some other boards if you click on this board. This board will be included in this here. And let's say I include this board and I said so, No, we have included Ah, hole bored into over car. And when somebody clicks on this one, it will go state in tow. This board. So this is, for example, this is the old project and you want to refer this project toe a new team members. So in that case, you would link aboard tow a car so nobody's. This link is still one way link. We cannot go back from here, toe back to that one. So now let us see. How can we do that? So before we do a two way link and no, there is another way off linking a card and this matter I like the most because it looks very good visually, very good. And that is by using this attachment. And if you click on this attachment and because that link is still in my clipboard, so I can place the link. But if you instead off tasting a link here, you can also click on this trailer. And when you click on this trail Oh, this is exactly the same meaning which we have seen uglier when we click on this button. So here are the cars that the title of all the cars available in this board and you can also select aboard to link with this card. And no, let us assume that I want to link discard. So I will just click on this and no, as you can see here that this looks very good because not only it looks like a card, but also it has some details here it has the title of the card, and it also has the boat and also the list names. So it has all the information. It has the name of the card, the name of the boat and the name of the list. So this is a very good way off linking a card. But this card is showing in this. Hello, attachments. So let us see if I want to link aboard here in these attachments. So again, click on attachment and then trail and select any of the board. Let us see. I select this board. I know as you can see that we have inserted a board here which has the name. So this is how you link a card and a boat or the last thing is home. We can make this connection move your connection because no, this connection is one way. If I click on this card, I will go to this car. But I cannot go back. So let us see how we can make this connection are two connections. So just go back again and there is a button here. Connect cars. And if you click on disconnect cars, it will show you this dialog box. And here there is related both cards. So if you really can relate both cars no, you will see a new icon has been added here, and it shows one. So one only indicates that one card has been related. So if you click on this one, we will go into this card. And if you click again on this to hear, you will go back. So this is how you make are two connection between cards. So this was the last option in this action area. We have no discussed all these options 8. How to use Trello Filters: Trailways off based Project Management Tool. When you are running multiple products, sometimes it becomes difficult to such for any specific information. So for this trail, open wires, a powerful search mechanism in the form off trailer filter. In this video, we will learn. Hold these such filters work and what are the difference? Such criteria we can use to such in the yellow boards. So let's get started with this filtering feature. In trailer, you can search your products in multiple ways. It allows you to search by name off your team members. It allows you to search my label label. Colors are label names, as you can see here. It also allows you to search with the dude it whether the dude it is a doing the next day or the next week. It also allows you to search with multiple combination of these such criteria. So before I do a start filtering, I would like to explain this little board in real life floorboard could be very large. My boot is very small, as you can see there, you can also see all of the board by scrolling a little bit horizontal in vertical direction. But in real life you're bored, Could be very complex board and I want to highlight some of the features here. So this board is far tell a training course which is discourse in which you are currently taking this lecture. So in this course I have different stages off my horse creation process and normally I use only one color label. But these labours I'm using double color label just to explain certain features to you. Two things I would like to explain because you might overlook these things. And for example, if you look carefully, some off the cars have one team member like this one. Some have three team members are this card has to be members and also they have different colors off label some label have names and also these are the due dates. You can see that this is the dude. It also these tasks have been completed. They are in the done section. So these are a few things which you should know th but that when we start filtering, you can understand how the filtering is working. So in order to start filtering, you will click on this show meaning and in this you will see this fatal car. So in this area you can see that there are labels and if you want to see more colors, you will just click show all labeled it will show you all the labels. If you scroll down, you will see the name of the team members. These names are given here so that you can search based on their names and then further down you will see some other such criterias doing the next day doing the next week due in the next month. And these type off a such criterias are available. And at the very last you will see toe very important criterias here which are match any label and any member and match all label and all members. And I will explain this in a minute. And no, let's say that you are a project manager as you for a moment and you have assigned task to your team members. But there might be some cars which do not have any team member assigned. Tow them so you want to such for those cards what you will do, You just click on no members here, and if you click or no members television show you all those cars which do not have any team member assigned. So this is the first criteria you might want toe such for. If you are responsible for assigning tasks, then you might want to search all the cars in which you have assigned. Let's say this this team member doubly so if I click on this double E. No. But before that, you should make sure that you un select this because as soon as you select this criteria, there is a pick which appears on the right hand side. It means that you have selected this criteria and because you can select multiple criterias here for this stick, sometimes stay there. Sometimes it automatically vanishes, and I will explain this in a minute. So let's say you want to search all the cars in which this guy has been assigned. If you want, select for this one so that you can see all the ball the other way to see all the board, which is the correct ways to just press the clear filter option at the bottom. So this will on this will clear all the filters which you are currently using. So let's say I want to search the cars for is why we'll click on A and no, these are the cars in which is a team member. If I want to know such for another team member, let's say I want to such for empty em. Que is also a key member of some of these cards. But no, If I select empty from this side, then what will happen? The system will show me all the cars in which either E or M key are both are. The team members are maybe some extra team members as well, because I am selecting this empty. So let's let em keep and you will see that another card appears here. In which m case remember? So what if I want to select all the cars in which E and M K both are members, not anyone but both off for that, we have to come at the bottom and know these two options are very important because currently you can see that it is selecting Matty's any label and any member. We're not using any labels, so this part is irrelevant, but it is matching any member, so whatever members were selecting here trailer is showing us all the cars in which any of these members is present. But if I select the last option, we seize matches our labels and all members. If I select this, you should know that distinct disappears as soon as I select this. Because only one of these options can be selected at one time and know it will show me only those cars in which both of these team members are present. There could be a tie. Remember, As you can see, there TK, is also present in these cars. But because my search criteria says that show me all the cars in the four team members, all labours and all members or label is in their element. All members are prison, so all neighbors were not selecting any labour. But all members are present in these cars. No, let us say your next search is for all those cars which do not have any label. So the best thing to do that first clear the filter and as you can see that as soon as we clear the filter, this stick goes toe this option. So it means this option is by default selected So you should give this in your mind. And no, For example, I have a policy that every card must have a labour and I want to search for any missing labor. So what I will do in the labor second at the top, you can see no labors. As soon as I click on this, it will show me all the cars which do not have any labour. No, it's the time for me who assigns labels to these cars. So no, let's say that my policy is that was signed due date. Tow every car. This is a company policy and I want to see whether any card is missing a dude it. So then I what I will do, I will search based on has no duty. But before that I will clear the filter. And then I will select as no duty. And no, These are the cars which do not have any duty. And no, I can assign our duty to be scars as a project manager. Similarly, you can select overdue and it will show you all the cars for Mr Do. That has been expired toward Dude. It has been passed on now you can see that these cars are overdue because today's 26th of February no, again, I clear the filter. And no, let us see how we can start the card based on labels. So if you look in this label area, you will see that there are two yellow labels. Both are same color, and it if you read this, you will see that this yellow label is by default. And this yellow label has a name review. As you can see that these are review labels. So all these labours in our case, our review labels this one there could be a yellow label I can assign to anyone, but I have not assigned. If I start based on the label color, I can select this one and it will show me all the cars. Which Yellow review labor the name of the labor. And if I un select this and start based on this color default color, there is no such card, which has a yellow default color. So this is how you can search based on the label colors. You can also start based on to label colors. For example, I such green and blue green for below. You have to click on this and blue. So no, I have selected green and blue. So these are the cars which have either green are you? And if I want only the card which has both green and blue, what I will do, I will go at the bottom and I really like this one. Matches are labels and all member, so it will match all the labels which I have selected. I have selected green and blue, so this is the only card which has green and will both. So this is all you can search based on the labor. You can also stared labels and the members. For example. Let's say I a green label just intellect this one at only green and then I can add this to remember These are the cars in which green level is present and the team member is present . And know if ice like red label here as you can see that if I select red label because I have selected the bottom option, so it will only show me in which all the labels which I have selected, and all the team members which I have selected all conditions are met, so remember is a labors are green and red and option is the bottom options. So therefore, all these conditions are met only in this card. So this is how you can search different card based on level colors. You can combine the such criteria and this is a very handy feature in particular when you're boards are large because for large bores it is possible that you can miss some do. There's two can miss some labels exit, so I hope that this video makes sense to you. 9. Linking Trello with Slack Power-up : in this video, we learn hope to integrate Tello with sled, so there are a few reasons you might want to integrate trailer. It's one of the reason is that, for example, I have these 14 members and one of these team members like to communicate on Skype. The other person wants to communicate on Facebook Messenger, and let's say the tired one wants to communicate using emails. So in all this situation, what happens is that when you are dealing with different type of communication channels, so there is a chance that to get stretched out and you lose some of the critical information. So in this type of situation, when you want to unify your communication in one place, then you can use our APP card slack. And it's so basically a chat platform. In order to use lack, you have to create an account with them. So I have already created a company, so I just assigning and then this dialog box will appear and here you have to enter the U. R L F. Your workspace or my workspace is already mentioned here. So I just click on that and no, I am into my slack work space on the left hand side, you will see these channels. So these are the communication channels. So by before, you will get these three channels. But you can create more channels by pressing this partner. Create a channel. You can link these generals to your cello boards. You can also link these channels to your teller teams. So whenever someone on your team wants to communicate, so you will get a notification in this channel. So this is my channel, so you can also share it with your team members. By using this text area, you can just type your message and your team member will get the message. So this lack makes your team communications very easy and under control. So select for wires, instant messaging and notification. So the organizations which prefer open and transparent communications, they use this select so that everyone can see what is going on with their project. However, if there are some issues are the some sensitive information you don't want to discuss with all the team members? Then you can kill yet some private channels here, so select for wears a unified placed for team communications. Slack also has many other features. For example, it also provides you some space to apple or your fight. You can also integrate select with Google Drive or dropbox or box, and there are so many features off select that it deserves a separate class. But in this lesson, we're only talking about hope to integrate trial of its leg so that we can get tell notifications in one place. All the team members can communicate in this and we can organize our notifications. Organization of notification is not good. Intel itself. Teller does not provide you off more fine control on notifications and you will understand this event. We creator select alert. In order to integrate trailer and slay fasting, you have to go toe Trelleborg or to integrate trail of its leg. The first thing you have to go on your right hand side and click on show menu. And here in the power of section. If you click on the power up section and you then you can search for select. As you can see that I have already added Select on, you can see on the right hand side. I have to power up Skilling there in select. So therefore there's no air, but otherwise, if you don't have to, like already added, you will see a red button here, just click on evidence like will be added. And if you are on a free trial, work on, then you can only add one power up after time and most probably will have this calendar. You just disabled this calendar and then you add this leg. So then you will be able to use dysfunction, which we're learning in this class. So once you have added this leg, no, you can go to your slack and inside the slack as you will see this trailer application. So this turn replication will be added. I know these are the channel, so you can link any one of these channel channel to your cello events. And in order to do that, we go back to tell you again and we going over board is it the Trailer training board and in this board you click on this select because this, like I can't will appear here once you ever did the power. So just click on select and we have toe heard a slack alert. So when you click on slack alert So these are the events for which you can add us like alert. For example. You can say that if anybody adds aboard, if some member added a border removed aboard you get a notification. If someone renames the ball, you get a notification similarly for list. If someone creates a list, you get a notification. So whatever events you want to select, you can select from this list. So most of these events you probably don't want notifications for you can select few off these. If due date is change, we want a notification and we don't want all other notifications similarly for checklist. If somebody airs the checklist, we want a notification. Otherwise, if the item is added, we want a notification and we don't want for these two. But probably we want a notification when someone creates a car. So these are the events in happening in Tel aboard For these events, we want a notification Tobie sent so rich generally want these notifications to go. So here you have to select the channel. So he never slack boat. I have created that training channel, so I will select the training channel and this is my work space so you can create another workspace if you like. So what's been selected General selected And the event for which you want notifications. Everything is selected just pressed down. And no, because I have authorized this workspace already. You will get another message to authorize. Your workspace are your team. So then you have to just click on the tries button, and it will Your slack account and your trailer account will be linked together. So you have to try. So there is a step missing here because I have already authorized my team. So you will click, authorize, and your team will be authorized. Oh, no. You can close this and know if I create a list. For example, in this board, I create a new list. So I go to the right hand side and I add another list. So my new list is the name, and I heard this list, so no, this is a new list. If I go to my slack account, No. So, in this lack account, as you can see, that I am in the training channel and here you can see that they are, you could ask, created my new list So in this way you can see all of what is happening in your trailer board here. You can Jack with your team members in this channel. And no, the question is what type of communication you should use in trail. Oh, and what type of communication you you should use him slack. So the best practice for this is if if something is related to this particular card, are this particular task which is reader in this card? Then you communicate on this title card. That would be better, because that will be more organized. But if there is a general discussion about your project, if there is that general discussion about marketing of your product so you can create a marketing channel and you do all your communications in select so that your tell aboard stays neat and clean and all the relevant information sharing of knowledge, everything is permanently stored in your in. This is like area. So, slapper, where's you five g B of stories for free account, and it is enough for normal process and it can stores. I think 10,000 eso messages. So which is more than enough for normal projects if you Look at this. Select alert. Just construct alert here. You can see that for large projects. You have so many options, you can organize your notifications for every particular event and you can organize by up by having a separate general in slack. So in select, you create a channel for any one of these event, and then all of those notifications will be going towards the channel. So for large projects, slack is ascension. Because there is no way of organizing your notifications on this micro level. Incredible. One last thing I would like to highlight is that whole connect your teams with the slack. So, for example, I have created this 13 for this particular course. So if I click on this team, there is a settings icon. Yet if you click on settings No, you are on the home page of this team, and there is the button here, act to select. And when you click on this air to slack no, you will have to or tries your team. So you just click on our tries, and then you will just go to your slack account and it will be connected. I'm not going to connect this team because there's nothing. There is no boarding this team, so I just can't sell. So this is how you can connect your whole Cantrell routine with slack slack has, ah, very big ecosystem. If you click on this APS you will see that there are huge number off APS available for Selek and you can links. Let all these applications. So that is it for this video, we learn how to integrate trailer with slack, and I hope that you find this video useful.