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Travelers Journal Series | Creating Custom Planner Inserts

Daisy Marie Productivity Geek, PlanningPrintsCo

Travelers Journal Series | Creating Custom Planner Inserts

Daisy Marie Productivity Geek, PlanningPrintsCo

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3 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Introduction Creating Custom Inserts

    • 2. Project Overview tips and materials - Step 1

    • 3. Creating our inserts and next class - Step 2

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About This Class

Hello and welcome to this week's class. The second part of my “Crafting a Travelers Journal” series of October.

In this class, I will share my process for crafting custom inserts to use with my “Travelers Journals - Notebooks” 


The intention of the class is to have fun but also create personalized inserts that allow us to craft a productive life while staying creative.

Remember that planning is essential for productivity, but it is also important to love your planner in order to create a habit of using it daily. 

So, today our focus will be to create pretty and functional inserts to use with the cover we created last week. 

Make sure you take a few minutes to complete that class; "Creating a Travelrs Journal, Step-by-Step"

That way it will be easier to follow along this portionf the series.

As always, I made sure to keep this class easy to follow and with affordable material options.

Below are the materials I will be using. Feel free to alternate them with your favorites.


  • Regular printed paper in the color of your choice. 
    • I will be using white for my planning insert.
      • If you prefer to use thicker pages for your planning a great option could be 24 lbs paper.
  • Cardstock paper.
    • In my case I am using 80lbs Ivory and Black paper (usually about $7 per pack)
  • Pattern cardstock pages.
    • I will be using these to create patterned covers for each individual insert.  
      • These can be found in your local craft store. 
        • You can buy them individually for around $1or in bulk as a book of mixed patterns for about $19 

I hope you enjoy this project and come back next Thursday as we take some time to set up our planner inserts focusing on 2020 goals. 


I will love to meet you and share our projects and planning tips over at our social media channels. PLUS, you can see how I have been using a similar journal to stay productive and have fun while at it. 

Follow at @productiveplanning or find out more about at

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Daisy Marie Productivity Geek



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1. Introduction Creating Custom Inserts : welcome in this class that we are going to be creating customized inserts for the travelers . Turn will cover the week read last week. If you haven't done that part, I do invite you to stop over at that class and get covered done so you can kind of follow along a little bit easier from this actual portion of the class Siri's so the classes will be full. Same Colon has created customized inserts that can be arranged. In my case, I am going to sharing three on my favorite answer. This is a fairly for, however, to emphasize waiting. Customized is very personal flat last week. So do along the class, but also make sure that you are fitting and arranging those inserts to fit your needs to follow him on the class. I have included a list of materials and the descriptions to make sure that that you have those materials available to you to follow along before we get started. I do want to invite me, always follows on social media as predicted planning, and you learn more about this effort. Is planning coach 2. Project Overview tips and materials - Step 1 : all right. So you guys know that we are all about productivity. And although productivity just needs to be more focused into what you're doing, you can also make it fun. So in my case, I like to make my inserts fun in a way that allows me to be creative and add my stickers and pictures and all of that stuff. But at the same time, I try to, you know, do my best to stay predictive. Let's do an overview of my planning. This is the cover that I'd made with a cart stuck. We're going to be creating that one and then pages that I have in here are a mix of pages. In this case, I have a cream orb, age tone kind of page. This are a little bit thicker than printer paper, and I am going to, um, Axum descriptions or some details in the description on where you can find these. These are a little bit more expensive, and they do the same thing. All you need is paper, so just printer paper will be just fine, unless you are bothered by ghosting with your markers and stuff. If you're like me and you like to add color to your pages, then you might. It depends on how you like it if you're to bother with the ghosting off the markers. But but as you can see, I like to add colors and have my creativity with my planner, but at the same time again, Just enough space for it and to state productive and focused on what I'm working on. And all of these just in this one insert I have from July 2 December. So it is six months in, Just does one insert, because I minimized on, um, What I use what? I included it, right. And this is one insert that I divided. I divide my my activities in my projects than this next. Insert it for social activities. So my planning for social media, um and all of that stuff, my courses, even the this class is right here. It's planned in here, and everything is in a separate inserts. So if I needed to take this concert out to work on it or move it somewhere else, I haven't separated from everything else. So that is a good tip and something to keep in mind if you're working with things that you think you might need later on. Then I also have a insert for Vision board. In my case, it is a visual vision board off my goals in my dreams that I've continued to work on a having finished just yet. But it iss filled with images and the things that I want to accomplish in my life in that's what I focus on that's that's this is just for my dreams and my goals. And then I have trackers. I'm not gonna flip through this one because I have some details in here that I do not want to have all over the Internet. But I have trackers and bills and things, and I also have this in a separate answer. As you can see, it is a separate insert so I can move it with me to a new partner if I have to, or if I decide to change, to cover, and then this one is one of the ones that we were gonna be creating today. It is a black page insert, and it is great for, um, for creativity, and I use it in my case for memories. So I write with a white, um, jail pen. And then I include pictures just like this one, and I just kind of use it for to stay creative if I want. If I feel like writing more, I will do that. We used this one and use it as my memory insert. So what I'm trying to show you right here is all the things that you came make with this Travelers Journal and make it functional for you. So you don't have to have all the inserts that I have. Um, just kind of go with simple inserts to start with. If this is your first Travelers journal and just go s add more as you go And as you find what works for you, including the pages and a paper and everything. So today we are going to be using some budget friendly pages, but you can also upgrade later on once you feel more comfortable and and once you find what you like now for the materials for the inserts in this case, I, um I just have materials that I every have at home. But then again, if you have to go and buy some materials, don't go too crazy on the don't buy the expensive ones. Just get Just go with whatever you have or the more affordable wounds, so you can try before on Ben. Find out if you are comfortable with the project before you use the quality materials. So this one right here is a cardboard on the cardboard cart's stuck paper. It comes with it comes in a booklet, and I just cut it to the size is that I need. And so like the designs that I like. I found this one's and everything in my local craft store as well. Then I use simple print paper for the inserts because I do not mind using them for writing and planning. Um, if you wanted to use a more thicker paper than you can use car stock material to do inserts to the entire insert. These are cards stuff. However, these are a bit heavy. I cannot remember the weight of thes because it's again. I have them already at home, but I had black and I had cream and I used in both poor planning as well. I used them for covers and I used them for actual writing and planning, although they are a little bit thicker than the usual inserts for your travelers journals. But again, I'd like to use what I have a home, so I go with what I have. So again, I have this cover car, stuck printer paper and the cores for the actual covers of the All Right, So let's go ahead and get started making our first insert. 3. Creating our inserts and next class - Step 2 : Okay, so we are ready to start with their inserts. And now you want to start separating the pages as you want to use them and, ah, the covers and all of that or the the cover for the insert I meant so in this case, I want to start with my plan and insert and for my planning insert, I usually go with a pretty cover. So to do that, I use this cart's stuck, um, paper, paper and these you can buy in booklets just like this. We can also just go to your local craft store, such as Michael in places like that in find different patterns that you might like. So I'm gonna use this one for the cover and then on the inside of this insert, I'm going to use printer paper. It is OK for me to use this one for planning, and this is the one that I use for my social media planning, as I showed you previously in my house social media insert. And it's bunch of friendly and it works just fine. So let's go ahead and start with this one. We are not going to cut much this time. since we are working on the A five size, Um, if you do need to cut, obviously you can do that step. But the only thing that I'm gonna cut right now is just want to make it fit the size for my printer paper. And I You want to decide which way I want it. I think I might want it this way. So let's go ahead and cut this form to fit. And now I have the cover for my insert. Now we want to fold it right in the middle. Now, one tip that I can share with you is to have an idea of how many pages you may want in your insert and just want insert. Not that you can not add more later on, but it's a bit difficult doing it the way that I'm gonna show you today. Usually the inserts that you buy online or that you've that you buy in a regular store oh, are meant to fit just maybe one or two months after that is done, you will remove the insert and start using a new one. Now, in my case, I like to like a showed your purest previously. I like to have at least six months in just one place. So to me it was imperative to have all the six months in just that one insert. So what I did is that I did not stapled the middle off the insert, So if I needed to add more, I can just continue to add more. Now, the trick is how you at them as you. Since you're going to be using them like this, they're going to be folded in the middle. So when you use this one, it's not like you can add one between these because you won't have a ribbon toe. Hold it. So you're going to have to add it strategically, I guess with ribbons and more more adding more ribbons to which is one insert so that can become complicated. So the tip that I can give you before you even start is to add as many pages as you can come to avoid having to go through that. If that makes sense, hopefully that mixing. All right, so now we have the cover for my planning insert, and I have the pages that I want to use, and I will just had them in the center. And then this is an extra step that you can take. I don't really mind, but if you want to have them flushed, you can cut a little bit. Then let's try to make sure that we have the right sizing. Open it in the middle and inserted using the ribbon that you wish. Whatever you want to arrange it to. Now, if you see this right here, it is right at the end or the edges off the planner. If that is something that bothers you, you might want to cut it. And and now I do realize that I have to cut this one just a little tiny bit. So now we are cutting. I'm gonna cut about half an inch on the edges to allow the inserts to flush inside the cover. All right, so I cut. Since I already folded this one, I just could happen inch towards the outside from both boats, sides to allow to allow the insert to flush against the, um to flush with the cover eso. Now you can see that is just flushed in there. All right, so this is one insert. This is going to be in my case is going to be flipped for my planning in search so I can go ahead and insert it here to show you how you start looking. Now I'm gonna do the next insert will be for my that's do this one instead. This is made with car stuck pages, and these are beige or cream color. And I like I used this once for planning as well. But I also like them for my memory or my my vision board inserts. And again, we're going to be folding these in half. These do you might want to do one by one, since they are card, car, stuck, page or paper. And it's a little bit, um, more stiff so you might end up folding it incorrectly if you try to fold more than once more than one at the same time, not we are putting all of them together. Just insert them in the middle off each folding folded page. So next one, now, once you once you fold all of them and you put them together just like this. Since it is carts, duck pages, they are a little bit more stiff as I mentioned before, so you might want to cut a little bit on the edges right here to flushed each page. So I'm gonna go ahead and take a minute to do that. Alright, So I've cut a little bit on the edges right here on the side to flush my pages. So let's go ahead and insert this one. This will be my vision board insert, and you can add a different color if you wanted to have a different cover for your insert. In my case, I like to use the same pages, so I just create a maybe a cute banner or something to add in separate the cover. Now we have to inserts. And now we're into the third insert. In this case, I want to use the third insert for my memories for memories. Now Indus. I am going to add a different cover. So for my memories or black pages insert, I decided I'm going with a different cover. So I cut it by cuts and extra of the car stuck with the designs to make it might cover. And now I have to just folded in half as I did previously. That's just the one by one to make sure that we don't mess it up. Now I will add more interest, but just for the purpose of the class and keep it short. I'm just adding a few to show you how to do it. But I will review. Before I started using them, I will review the inserts that I have made in how many pages I have to make sure that I have enough for what I want to use it for. So again, you can go ahead and cut the edges right here to flush it. I'll take just a minute to do that. So now I have. My edge is flushed and I'm ready to add it to my cover. Let's go ahead and add it here and now have three inserts. Have I still have ribbons to add one more, but I'm just gonna leave it at three for now. And now it's time for you to review, um, the overall feeling of your planner if you feel this is enough that you can leave it like this if you need more inserts, you can add more. Um, now a trick that I want to share with you if you need it more than four. Answer, since we have four ribbons in the in the middle of the week with added four ribbons in the cover, the actual cover. So if you have extra stretchy ribbon the one that we use in the first class, just make sure that it measures enough to hold your cover and could and this extra ribbon wolf hurt help you to add additional inserts if you need it more than four, and I'm gonna show you real quick how to do that, you can do this as many times as you need. That's what I've been doing, a mine I have right now seven inserts. And I only had four ribbons on my my original insert on my original cover. So, um, having extra bourbons just like this? It's very helpful. So let me show you how to do that, pretending that we already have four. For instance, here we don't have any more of these available. If you want to add more inserts than you can just have them separated like this and use your extra ribbon to hold this one. Add it moving towards the center, then get the next insert and included in pass it through the same ribbon. And as you can see now you have to ribbons mean to inserts with one ribbon. Now this inserts you will pass through the elastic on your cover, so and it's going to allow you to use just a one insert to hold one ribbon toe, hold to inserts, and then you have two additional available again to do the same thing over and over again as many times as you need to. Now, once you start using this one, he's gonna stretch a little bit, and then you will be able to Adam or inserts just like I did over here, and I mentioned before that I have have seven inserts on this one, so it it's pretty thick, but it allows me to carry everything that I need in just one covered. So eventually, once you start using your covered, your new cover more often you would allow you you will see that you will have a little bit more room to add more inserts. So right now we have three here. We can continue to add more if you need to, but for now, the class is over. Now we have the inserts that we need and we can begin designing our inserts to make sure that we have all the layouts that we need to start a predictive year. And that will be next class. So hopefully I will see you next Thursday, where I'm going to share all the inserts that I have again. But then this time I'm going to be designing a layout with you along. So hopefully I will be able to inspire you to start designing on yours as well. So I'll see you then. Thank you so much for joining.