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Travel with a China Eye: Something Interesting about Chinese Culture

teacher avatar Jinxin Handmade, Live like a child forever.

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

18 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Tea Culture

    • 3. Chinese Painting

    • 4. Kunqu

    • 5. Chinese Zodiac Signs

    • 6. 36 Stratagems

    • 7. Cheongsam

    • 8. Shadow Puppetry

    • 9. Mahjong

    • 10. Hulunbuir Grassland

    • 11. Hot pot

    • 12. Dream of the Red Chamber

    • 13. Kite

    • 14. The butterfly lovers

    • 15. Moon Festival

    • 16. Taichi

    • 17. Siheyuan:courtyard house

    • 18. Mulan (Conclusion)

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About This Class

Have you ever been interested in travelling to China, but didn’t know its true features? If so, then this is the class for you!

In this course, we are talking about FUN FACTS about Chinese culture, you will take a on-line journey to travel with a China eye.
With the simple and amusing Introduction to Chinese life ,maybe you gonna jump out of your daily life.

You will enjoy a rosy picture of China just at home, including

  • basic necessities of life in China
  • charming cities and scenic spots
  • traditional festival and folk symbol
  • famous person with global influence
  • the history and its beatiful stories

By the end of this class, you will know all aspects of China, wear another culture and expand new knowledge. You will leave this class feeling refreshed and inspired as if in another world.

Ready to start travelling? Join today!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jinxin Handmade

Live like a child forever.


Hello, I'm Jinxin. I am a Chinese girl, fond of embroidery, handicraft, chinese calligraphy, French and so on. I will set up a course in skillshare to teach something I am really interested in . I hope you will like it, learn from it , enjoy it and I hope you like China and chinese culture as well. My pictures are all my work, Thank you for your attention!











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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. My name is Jean Sing. Pleasure to see you on the lesson. Will you think of China? Will do you think off visas. Ross tops Kalman Square Chinese paper Captain Martial arts Social Godin's Chinese medicine Chinese calligraphy conf futures etcetera in thes cause We're talking about something interesting about Chinese culture. You would take only journey to travel with your channel I with the simple and amusing introduction toe Johnny's life. Maybe you can jump out your daily life First off, all compared to his Westerners, the Chinese people have traditionally paid more attention to the human ears relationship between human beings and nature, nature and a man out. One is for familiar statement in traditional Chinese ideology. In this class, your injury or Rosa picture off China just at home, including basic necessities off life in China, charming status and seeing exports. Traditional festival and folks. Single famous Bruce with global influence, the history and it's beautiful stories and so own you will live this close feeling refreshed and inspired as a female, not award. Okay, that concludes our trip. Make sure to follow, so you'll never miss a not a video. Thanks for watching. And I can't wait to have your back 2. Tea Culture: As we all know, China is the hometown for tea. Now let us appreciate the spiritual connotation off the magical lives off. Eighth take culture is defined by the way is made and consumed. The people interacted with tea and by thumb hysterics the funding. Take drinking it in cruise aspect off tea production table in t ass and the ceremony. So Sarah, take history, health, ethics, education, onda communication and media issues. Taster moans with its rules in the Chinese, take culture differ among eastern culture centuries the Japanese or green tea ceremony. However, it may also differ in preparation centuries into pets. Welty's Comrie broom did with assault and batter. Different regions often favor different varieties off tea, black, green or womb, and the years difference of flavorings, Sentras, milk, sugar or hopes the temperature and strength off the tee. Likewise, various widely due to the importance off T in Chinese society and culture, tea houses can be found in most of China's neighborhoods and business the streets, Chinese style teahouses over dozens off the right Azov Court and equality concoctions. They are so self a variety off tear. A Tatis Next T culture in China differs from that off Europe, Britain or Japan in such things as preparation methods, testing methods and vacations for which it is concealed. Even though in both casual and formal Chinese occasions tea is consumed irregularly. In addition to being a drink, Chinese tea is used in traditional Chinese medicine and internees creasing the basic Lex. Vacation off is mainly including green tea, black tea along T, yellow tea, white tea and a sent eight among the most common Tesar West Lake Longjing Be launch one. Seeing young Multi in your 90 and black, your nom 40 tear going in the home. Powell Just Monte, etcetera. It is that that different T has different benefits to a human body, but they are time and personal kills the condition to be considered, for example, going to his good in summer, it seems to despair the hate and bring more feeding off relaxation. However, it is not proper for pregnant women to drink green tea. There is awful this video. It has been fabulous journey being with you. Thanks for barging pres like share and follow my channel by 3. Chinese Painting: have you ever heard off Inca Wash Painting It is wolf, So techniques off Chinese painting at the Tang lays in crude go B C. Go look color and so traditional Chinese painting is pressures cultural heritage of our country, and it is striding into the collection market off the world. It involves a centuries the same techniques, such as calligraphy, and it's done with a brush dipped in black or colored ink. All yours are not used as with calligraphy, the most popular material on which paintings are made off. Our paper and suk the finish it work can be noted on schools. Sentras hangings girls for hands girls. Traditional painting can also be down on Alban sheets. Waas lacquerware folding is greens and at the meteor chief that is from the hunt, with the Tongue Dynasties meeting painting the human figure much off water wing off early. Tony's figure painting comes from burial sites where paintings were preserved home Silka, Penner's lacquered objects and the Tomb wars. There are several forms off China's painting Satcher's figure painting, landscape painting, CEO floors and birds, and so many critics consider landscape two bids the highest. A form off Chinese painting the time fronts are found canisters, period towards the north. Um, some period is know, as the great age off Chinese landscape a impure were times painting and calligraphy were among the most highly appreciated as in the court, and that they were often practiced by amateurs, aristocrats and his goal officers who has a leisure time necessary to perfect the technique and a sensibility and necessary for greed to brush work. If you come to Beijing, don't forget your visit to Peng Chau Your market There'll also paintings and out there. Okay, that is awful things Radio. Thanks very much for watching Hope you're nice day, Yes. 4. Kunqu : - I Want You is won't audience to extent forms off Chinese opera. It is recognized as part off the words intangible cultural heritage. It involved a from the coercion malady and dominated Chinese theatre from the 16th to the 18th centuries. Country was directed during the late Yuan Dynasty, the 14th century and a famous early pioneer War, So coercion off agenda in town in Kunshan, Quinn shoe has influenced many other Chinese theatre forms, including thing to a petting operas and the country Elements asked through the syllable impacting opera. There are many place that continue to be famers today, including the Pune, a pavilion and the Peach Blossom Thin, which were originally written for the quencher stage. In addition, many classical Chinese novels and stories centuries romance off the Three Kingdoms. What two margin on a journey to the Western were dept. Ated, verily into genetic PC's Quint You operas combines stole and the recital, as well as a complex system of choreographic techniques, acrobatics and the symbolic gestures The operas features are young male lead and a female lead, old man and various comic rose or dressed in traditional cast dreams. Country songs are accompanied by a bamboo flutes, US more John wooden clappers guns and sing balls. Oh, used it to a penetrate actions and emotions on stage. That is all for today. Thanks for watching. If you like my channel Pres Sure it with your friends. See you again very soon. 5. Chinese Zodiac Signs: so showing sell better. No in English. At the Chinese Zodiac size, he's a scheme than two, relates eight year to animal and its reputation attributes according to ultra year cycle. Legend has it that when Border convened in the animal Kingdom to determine how to restore order to the world, only to our animals showed up. These animals came to represent the Chinese Zodiac H, presiding over one year based upon the order off their arrival. While person might appear to be a jungle because they were born in the year off the Jenkin , they might also be a snake artillery and on ox secretively. Identifying this is game using the tomb, so Deac reflects several similarities. Toe the Western Bodog. Both have time, so girls divided into two parts each labels at least the majority off those parts with names off animals and age is wider. Associate it with the culture of attributes, influence off a person's relationship through the cycle poem, their personality and all events in their life. Knowing the signs off the Zodiac is a way to find out a person's age without directory, asking being able to calculate the age off a person based upon their Chinese zodiac Sigh were displaying that you have a deep understanding off the Chinese culture. So which Tennessee? Where were you born in? You could check it in this list to find out your Chinese Zodiac for farm. Okay. Have you found it? That is awful. These video make sure to follow so narrow, miss and not video, if you like my channel. Pretty sure it with your friends until next time. 6. 36 Stratagems: the 36 judge rooms was all Chinese essays that was used to true illustrate groceries. Off stretch germs in cortex war as well as in civil interaction through are no dogs or deceptive means. They are divided angel preference six chapters containing six a stretch germs each and then afterward that wars in complete with missing test. The first of three chapters generate describe tactics for years in London teacher situations, where, as the last of three chapters contain strep germs that are more suitable for this one. Teacher situations. Which proverb is accompanied by one or two comments that experience the application to military tactics. These 36 Chinese proverbs are edited to statistics, mental scenarios in Chinese history and folklore, predominantly off the Warring States Period and the Three Kingdoms. Period off the proverbs is enticed the Tiger to live. It's moting layer, we called it. Who knew Sean now a directory attack on opponents whose advantage is director from its position instead of law him away from his position, separating him from the source off strengths. The latest proverb is, it's all heirs, fails retreats If it becomes obvious that your current course off action will lead to defeat then Richard and regroup. Where signed is losing. There are only three choices remaining. Surrender. Compromise. Oh, escape. Surrender is completely defeat. Compromise is half defeat. But escape is not defeat. As long as you're not defict eight, you still have a chance. Besides, there are several proverbs below. For example, escaped by craftiest came to throw out a minnow to catch a whale. Kenny. Someone which borrow to knife the one thing undercover for another, the rules off self enjoy touring some days competence at the center, which is judging to your like best. Welcome to tell me in the discussion threats. Thanks so much for joining my lesson. Please feel free to ask me any questions already exciting to see your work. And I hope you injury the class. 7. Cheongsam: so chance, down or cheap. How in Chinese is involved from one kind of Asian clothing. Awful. Menchu as Nick Minority impatient times It generally referred to long girls worn by the people off from Manchuria. Mongolia Ender eight Banner after the top off the roll off Seeing dentistry in 1911. Many customs were no longer existed, while the familiars off shape house survived in the critical change and with later improvements, has become the traditional jurors for Chinese women. Chanson centuries. Just a one pictures as normal it's most. A typical feature lies in the color Sleeps and the close fitness. Its enormous well restaurant also is importing AIDS, embroider materials and different lands and styles. The chance some yo sure, is made of excellent and materials like silk, silk brocade, satin satin brocade over lure. Nearly all colors can be used often, so Johnson gets a certain pattern, such as Chinese genders, different kinds of flowers, part flies or other typical Chinese icons. Johnson features Joe National flavor and importantes beauty of Chinese traditional costume . It's in the only represents Chinese female Castro, but also becomes a single off the Oriental traditional costume as Western fashions changing the basic Johnson designed changing to introducing High Nectars live owners jerseys Bill lacks lives and the black lace frothing at the hand There are also different styles Still fancy chainsaw If we are girl, would you like to wear one? Okay, that's why fourth is freed. You please don't forget to follow on a shirt with your friends. See what came there very soon. 8. Shadow Puppetry: people of the world helping perform a Shinto poppy to place for hundreds off years. Shadow Play is a patient for most storytelling and entertainment, which uses flats articulated figures, shadow puppets to created the impression off moving humans and other three dimensional objects. Shadow poppies are cut out figures, which are held between our source off light and US cream. The count out shapes off the poppies sometimes include translucent color or other types off detailing. Various effects can be achieved by moving both the poppies and the light. Source. Shadow Puppetry is wolf the oldest, The traditional handicrafts and performing us in the world appeared in China long before the invention off motion pictures and television. Should a pop tree originated during the hunt industry? We want the Conquer buys off Emperor off How died from illness. The end were was devastated, and he summoned his court officers to bring his beloved back to life. The officers made a ship off the concubine using donkey leather. Using all your lamp made her shadow move bring her back to life. Shadows. Theater became quite popular as early as their song dynasty when core days were marked by the presentation off many Shatto place. During the main Dan State, there were 40 to 50 shadow show troops in the city of Beijing alone. It a can't eight weeks to make a puppet stripping co. Or donkey hide toe just lost on layer coming off figure with thousands off minuscule carts and had a painting complected toe work today. Puppies mid off letter and moved on sticks are you to tell? Genetic versions offer traditional fairy tales and Mrs In Council Province. It is a common aided by 1000 music, while in dealing, accompanying hunger, music forms some of the basic mortal opera. No, said Tikhon. Crews are trip today. Thanks for much for learning with me. Make sure to follow. So never miss another video by now usual. 9. Mahjong: My job is a game that originated in China. Comrade Preed by four players similar to the Western counter Cain Romney Margin is a famous kale stretchy and a calculation and involves a certainty. Griff Chance. The game is pretty. Oh, it's a search of one country and the 36 tires based on Chinese characters and symbols, although some original variations use a different number of tiles. It your player begins by receiving 13 tires in turn player's jaw on discard tires until they complete a legal hand using the footing jong tile to form four groups, males and a pair head. In ancient times, the margin was mostly mated by bowl open book bag. It can be said My junk art is after a account with a combination off donors while the missus off all reaching off March on. So just down to confusion, the Chinese philosopher directed came in about 500 b. C. The three Jenkintown is also green with the three Cardinal Virtue ALS because to buy confusion, Home Jewel, Red Middle five Time for charity and by bomb whiteboard represent benevolence, sincerity and video party, respectively, for some day. Marchais Extreme ridiculed game. It takes patients and the concentration and the roads aren't easy to pick up. Janice playing my joy in order to relax Not all margin games involved Chambering A Quinton Z is often gather to play for farm with no wind during Take the special game in my country about you. I love to note interesting culture of your country. We're going to share it Prison. That arrow won't see what is special about your country. Thanks for watching hope to see you very soon. 10. Hulunbuir Grassland: a map of China is shaped like roaster held in the town. The whole India grassland is on the rooster's comb. The plane was named after the handsome holo and the beautiful appear to younger lovers in a legend, for young lovers are separated and becomes the legs holding and beer. The area is the home off, many minority as make groups, and it is an important Chris four defensive rotations off the nomadic groups in north China . The whole MBIA grassland is no answer Kingdom of Pastureland and has murdering no 1000 species off plants in the Crossland al Karim dress good for flowers, six sec reverse crystal clear legs, shape and counts. And the husband's wrote sending forth off recurrence off wine and off a T with nuke so human beard. Breslin's abound in shape cattle, cashmere, goats, some camels and, of course, lots of courses. Almost all of Colombia prefectures lies on the flat mogul earlier plateau, which is a lows plateau set a significant remove photo things every Jew clay and descend grassland, with its fertile fears off handlers grand started here and there, with the hearse off Catto shape and goats and the occasional conglomerations off yours and with its vast open skies above the Columbia grasslands as a poster image of fans board nature, the players up to cast the grass veers off myriad off California wildflowers that bloom eight year during the short summer season. The bull expense off lake holder vice with the verdant expense off the grasslands photo. And to find the beauty off these unique piece off nature, the beauty of colon be a grassland is very dory, described in the Chinese poem The Sky's Blue and the Crossland is the counselors when the grass pose in the wind courses and shape appearing your eyes. If you like last land so much, it is a pretty good priest. Obey with friends to go to school and beer grasslands. Thanks very much for watching. I love to know it's the most beautiful praising your country. Where is the very place in your eyes? Welcome to shore it. See you very, very soon. 11. Hot pot: Chinese fund do Oho port refers to several East Asian varieties off stew consisting off a summary matter port off stock at the center, off the dining table. Well, the whole port is captor. Simmering ingredients are pressed into the porch and uncooked at the table. Typical hopeful dishes included. Sing these lines to meet leafy vegetables, mushrooms, one dems at dumplings and say, food. Let's suppose fish and meat should be fresh. The CO two filters usually intern with a dipping source in many errors. Hope for two mirrors are often intern in the winter. The Hope Old has a long history in China. It originated in the north, where people have to fend off the cheer. Early in the year. It is spread during the town dentistry a day 618 to my 106 later. Not so nomads who settled in China enhanced support with beef and mutton, and the southerners did the same way to seafood. In the team dynasty. The Hopwood became popular of throughout the whole area of China, different kinds of hope. What can be formed in Beijing tip three more modern, it released over the section the ball with different flavor. Two brothers in each section, more traditional or older as establishments. Self off rigor. Milder broads in the whole port, which is a large grass vessel dictated by burning coals in the central chimney broth is bored in the deep. Don't know how to shape the bulls a long time for Jimmy, once the most famous violations is challenging, all junking my life for port to which a special spice no, As far is added, it creates a sensation on the town that it's older, spicy and burns and along slightly, almost my caffeinated beverages. It was usual two years, a variety off different meats as well as last. Martin Silly welcome to come to China to injury the hot atmosphere and thanks much for having me. 12. Dream of the Red Chamber: Jim off the Red Chamber, which was composed by how Shit Sing is, well, Chinese for great classical novels. It was written in the mid off 18th century during 13 Dynasty. It is considered to be a masterpiece off Chinese, later, Richer and his general acknowledging to beat the pinnacle off Chinese fiction retaliatory. It's a future study devoted exclusively to this work. The novel circulated in manuscript copies with various titles until printed publication in 17 19 long. The number is also no enter story off their stone. While the 1st 80 chapters were Region by How Shooting Godal added 40 additional chapters through complete the novel Jim of Red Measures described the life and declining fortunes off a large feudal family. The heart off the normal is a tragic love story between job out You think that you and share about Chai. The novel is remarkable not only for its huge cast of characters and psychological gold, but also for its precise and detailed observation off the life and social structures. Tip three off 18th century Chinese aristocracy in China Jim off retching Burr is Priest as a new encyclopedia for analyzing futile sincerity, Men s pass off Chinese culture. Sanchez Medicine Creasing tea culture Proverbs, Me solitary Confucianism, Buddhism dies own feeling piratey opera music painting classically to Richer's So four books at a sectoral, maybe during portrait among thes, the novel is particularly notable for its grand years of poetry. The face off men off the characters are foreshadowed. It has been described as Wolf, the most of complex and psychologically penetrating works in all of worldly to Richer My friends part. If the description off Pau and guys love, I Mean where it breaks the old love pattern, it shows that the new love you cloned with the simple Democratic thoughts. Thanks for watching Pres like and assured the video in social networks and to help you right back to you as fast as I can. 13. Kite: flying kites is popular in many countries. On the wall string can take the kite up to the sky. That's really something catches a tattered aircraft, the necessary left to makes the kinds wing fly wing air flows over and under the kinds wing to produce low pressure above the wing and high pressure below its it is general accepted Pantic Eyes War first developed in my book Salutary 2000 and 800 years ago in China, where ideal materials four kinds will rhetoric available in China. Silk fabric for sale. Materia fine hi 10 style strands of silk for flying line and a resilient Ben Bull for strong light way to for him work. The kite was there to be the invention in 15th century Pacey by Chinese fellows, first mortal and the little punk bad. At least 54 80 people kinds were being for long, he said, to recorded in that year, or PayPal kinds of was used as a message for rescue Mission patient and the medieval Chinese uses kinds for measuring distances, testing the wind lifting men sig, knighting and also communication for military operations. So all is the Chinese kinds were flats, not boat and rectangular. Later, tellers kinds incorporated are stabilizing. Bolan kinds were decorated to with me solid recall motifs and the legendary figures, some more fitted with the strings and whistles to make music off sounds. Always flying more than dramatic kinds years through all four lines to control the kinds angle. According to the window check. Shin Kinds may have addiction. ALS lying through the power of the kites and a quick release mechanisms to disengage flyer and kites emergency. Maybe your injury kite flying in the open space industry one day. 14. The butterfly lovers: do Your Lord's Apart to Fly Lovers fall in Concerto The matter is very nice. This music is composed by famous Chinese folk, a tail part of flying lovers. It describes a beautiful and a sad tragedy. Love story, The love story off along shampoo and the true entire is the top off the Chinese classical tragic, which express a stone pure love perfect ary. It is low as Chinese Romeo and Juliet, now Sean Bull and the jewels in Thai host names formed the tight off the story. The tighter is often abbreviated to True. To entice is a beautiful and intelligent young woman in her family. She's the night, the child and only daughter off the wealthy true family off Xiangyu chilled young, although traditional error discourage females from going to school Tween time managers to convince her father to allow her to attend the classes. Disguising as our young men, she for the love whistle classmate Young Xiang bore, but he feels to notice the family and characteristics exhibited by his classmates. One day, Jewel receives a latter from her father, asking her to return home, and so it's possible monsters later, when young, this is true she discovers down to Sri So woman, the passionate about each other and the make of off till death do us part bachelors parents have already arranged for her to marry. A man from a rich family called Maman's High Now is heartbroken when he hears the news and he's hails gradually deteriorates until he dies all the day off. Mark and the jewels Marriage, Mr Years, we'll wind prevent the wedding procession from us, coating the bride to be on the lungs. Grief, which lies along the journey who leaves the procession to pay her respects too long. She descends in, beta disappear and the backs Fourth of Grief Open Saturday, the group opens with a clap of thunder without further hesitation. So throws cozy off into the grief to join Young. There's big system into a pair of beautiful butterflies and emerge from the grief. They fly away together as a pair for butterflies, and I never to be separated a game. Hope you allow this story since very much for fortune. Finally, Pres enjoy Young chose except save our very soon all right. Yeah, no 15. Moon Festival: Where's big health? The Chinese faster roars off the top of your head. Maybe it will be Chinese New Year, the String Festival or your own self, Esther Rolle. But in this video, I wanted top onto the more faster role when the moon becomes wronged and meet. Orton is also a special festival for Family Re Union. Even many Chinese poems mentioned the Mid Autumn Festival. Sentras. Thank you, Erin Chance you, Cindy Chunjin, Which means May man live forever sharing the beautiful More, though Miles are parts, the Mid Autumn Festival is the popular Luna Harm is to fester row celebrity to my Chinese. But description off the festival first appeared in Writes Off Joe, a written lecturing off creatures off the Western Joe Dentist eight from 3000 years ago. The celebration became popular during the early town danced in. I just watched the feel most important holidays in the Chinese calendar. The festival is held on the 15th day off the eight month in Chinese calendar, which is in September or early October. Integrate Goering calendar crossed with the autumnal equinox on the Moon Cake Festival accompanying the celebrations. An additional cultural original customs centuries 80 mooncakes carrying bright, relate letters. Floating Skylanders fire, Jenkin dances on the more federal. In some parts, off channel tenses are held for young men and women to find partners. One by one, young women are encouraging to throw their Hank trips to the ground. The young man who catchers and regions the hanker trips has a chancel from ments. According to a widespread awful tale. The Mid Autumn Festival commemorates an uprising against the manga rulers off the U. N 10 ity in the 14th century. All the night off the moon festival, the rebels attacked and overthrow the government. Henceforth, the Mid Autumn Festival was separated with the moon cakes on a national level. Have you ever eaten mooncakes? It won't, Larry, you don't. Okay, that is awful. This video. Thanks for watching press clicked off All I can you to subscribe to my channel so you'll be on old China. Tend to post three CIA 16. Taichi: I don't know which exercise in trust to meet the most in my country as the people doing every morning in the punk. In open space, so many people take cut in regular exercise. It looks like a bit off shadowboxing. Actually, it's a traditional Chinese exercise. No, as Tai Ching in Chinese timeshare is also called a times each turn. There are five major starts off Taiji, each named after the Chinese family from which it originated turnstile young style who house style well, style soon stale. The measure of families. Towns sure much underlying theory but differ in their approaches to changing. There are now dozens off news towers, hybrid styles and off shoots off the mains towers with pure Leo Hills emphasize Tai Chee classes have become popular in hospitals, clinics and communicating and senior centers. In the last 20 years or so, those Morton Bush rinse off tighty have things become in In a Girl, part off International show tournament computation and have been featured in popular movies starring all choreographed by Will. No social competitors. Sentras gently and don't a year now that's a majority off for health. The starters have two straight on tangible benefits in some areas to practice off. Tai Chee health professionals have called for more in depth the standards to determine mitigating factors. Century, the most Beneficial Style suggested the duration of practice to show the best results and whether title is as effective as at the forms of exercise. Settle for things we do. Thanks very much for watching Hope you like it, and please be sure to follow by now. 17. Siheyuan:courtyard house: Traditionally most Eldon Chinese used to live in car gender's called Social Yah, or four side in close to courtyards. This court's, as the name implies, are formed by inward facing houses on four sides, crows in by enclosure wars, a small or medium sized on silk. A lawyer usurious has its main or only entrance gate built at the southeastern corner, off the car, gentle with US cream war just inside to prevent outsiders from peeping in such a residence offers space, comfort and acquired privacy. It is also good for security as well as protection against the dust and storms. Grown with plants and flowers, the coach is also a sort off garden in feudal times. The courtyard dwellings were built according to the traditional concepts off the five elements that were believed to composed the universe and eight diagrams off divination. The gate was made at the southwest corner, which was the wing corner, and house was made to face the sauce with the main building on the north side, which was believed to belong to water on an Eamon to prevent fire, the master off the house lived in the sunny main building and their Children in the side chambers The southern role on the upset side. Those nearest er towards the entrance gates were generally used at source Daddy. So reception room, the main solvents to running or four sundry properties. That is awful today. Thanks for watching. If you like my channel pres Sure it with your friends. See you again very soon. 18. Mulan (Conclusion): well, these cars is coming to an end. Hope you like AIDS. Think of your company. In addition to the content interest in the past, Chinese culture is lost in a profound with a long history, and the language cannot be assault state, for example, the first most Connery eaten by Chinese people, such as dumplings, tofu, Don't fool one dance Kuantan, Friday Chopsticks, todo rights group balls, tongue young all have out of their stories. They're also add a fascinating things like Burst Nestor and the Water Cube. Don't want more girl caves. Terkel Charmy shouldering monastery she champagne Now and so even more surgeries to say as fortunate in Chinese culture, Chinese noting CEO Katyn, Lucio, acrobatics, etcetera all have unique wisdom. Cabral's Asian China. Have you ever seen the movie long? That is a top shelf attorney story. In the end, I won't tell your story about Chinese history and culture. It is a story for from veterans for romantics, be rates on every level. Qatif Pamela is a legendary figure from Asian China in order to fight enemies. How father has to join the army, but her father is old and you can't fight, and her brother is a young child. Can't joint Army, either? Mom along disguised herself as a man and joined the Army in Prince off, her father, galloping on horseback across the battlefield. For 12 years, she performed numerous brilliant x troy. It's without anyone realizing she was a woman or Shrine was dedicated to her memory during the Tang Dynasty. Okay, story co staring off while more Long is uncertain, the early start counts off. The legend states that she leave the during the North and Wei Dynasty. The story was expanded into a novel during the late Ming Dynasty. Over time, the story of Kwame Lola rose in popularity as a folk tale among the Chinese people on the same level at the butterfly Lovers said to introduced into Before It is one of the first of poems in Chinese case story to support the notion off gender equality. Below is except off the well known Chinese poem, which describe the happy moment when along comes back home from military service with her father's name for T, which means Jack Jack Jack Long is waving by the front off dull. In fact, Poland refuses to fit the expectations off young Chinese girl off Asian to time Chris for demure obedience and silence, by the way, has become subject. I'd love to know the interesting culture off your country. Welcome to shirts present Arrow one. See what a special bob your country for us to use it on them your country. Then you can talk about and it's backed off your country. Just one sentence or many you can use pictures, mediators, text, etcetera. Thanks for much for sharing, please like share and full of my channel. If you want to learn more predictable for my future courses. Thanks so much for watching hope you only the best sin that's time by