Travel the World: Reinvigorate Your Creativity On the Road | Chanel Cartell & Stevo Dirnberger | Skillshare

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Chanel Cartell & Stevo Dirnberger, How Far From Home

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7 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Travel and Creativity

    • 3. Deciding Where to Go

    • 4. Experiencing the World

    • 5. Sharing Your Journey

    • 6. Final Thoughts

    • 7. Perspective


About This Class

Join Chanel & Stevo from the popular blog How Far From Home for an inspiring 28-minute class on keeping yourself inspired and creative while traveling.

In 2015, they left their advertising jobs, packed 4 bags, and took off. After more than 50,000 miles and 60 destinations in a single year, they're ready to share their insights and secrets. Your "someday" trip can happen sooner than you think!

Learn helpful resources and fun tricks for getting inspired, making money and optimizing your time on the road for learning, adventure and creativity.

Whether you're on an afternoon adventure or a long-term international voyage, travel is a great way to get out of a creative rut and expand your mind and your practice- this class has all you need to get started.