Travel Street Photography: Telling Visual Stories with Powerful Street Photos | Sean Dalton | Skillshare
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Travel Street Photography: Telling Visual Stories with Powerful Street Photos

Sean Dalton, Travel & Lifestyle Photographer

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10 Videos (1h 5m)
    • Introduction

    • What is Travel Street Photography?

    • Class Project

    • Basic Photography Tips

    • Street Photography Concepts

    • Gear

    • Shooting I: Market

    • Shooting II: Street

    • Editing

    • Course Takeaways and Closing Words

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About This Class


Join top teacher Sean Dalton on a street photography adventure through the bustling streets and marketplaces of Hanoi, Vietnam. 

Beginning his photography adventures at a young age, Sean has dedicated his life to capturing visual stories around the world. His passion for travel street photography began after Sean embarked on a two month backpacking trip through rural China. The sheer interest in his environment elicited a new level of inspiration, and Sean couldn't put his camera down. Since then, Sean has traveled to countless other countries around the world and has steadily grown as a street photographer. Today, he is ready to share his knowledge with you.

In this 60 minute course, Sean breaks down everything you need to know about capturing powerful street photos. Sean share's all of his street photography secrets, including:

  • What to look for while shooting on the street
  • How to tell stories through your lens
  • Popular street photography techniques
  • Composition, lighting, and styling
  • Camera settings and essential gear
  • How to stay undetected while shooting
  • Photo editing for visual storytelling 

Whether you're a veteran photographer or a passionate traveler armed with only your smartphone, there is something in this course for everyone. This course covers everything you need to know about capturing visual stories on the street, and can help you create lasting memories of your adventures around the world.


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Contact Sean on Instagram: @seandalt

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Sean Dalton

Travel & Lifestyle Photographer


Hey guys! I'm Sean.

I'm a professional lifestyle and travel photographer who strives to capture the true essence of a scene with my camera. Emotion and storytelling are two central pillars of my content, and I am always looking for new and interesting stories to tell via my camera.

I'm originally from San Francisco, California, but have spent the last few years traveling throughout Asia in search for new inspiration. 

I'm super active on In...

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