Travel Sketching: Creating Architecture Impression In 10 Mins | Alina Harvi | Skillshare

Travel Sketching: Creating Architecture Impression In 10 Mins

Alina Harvi, Artist & Traveler

Travel Sketching: Creating Architecture Impression In 10 Mins

Alina Harvi, Artist & Traveler

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4 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Introduction To Travel Sketching

    • 2. Why & Where To Begin

    • 3. Creating Architecture Impression

    • 4. Final Words

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About This Class

This is the first class of the Travel Sketching Course where you'll learn about capturing your impression, mood, and atmosphere of new places in your sketchbook. 

Taking your time to truly observe a place in order to sketch it, to stay there for more than a few minutes is to be fully present at the moment you enjoy. And who wouldn't like that, right?

In this class you will learn:

  • how to choose medium & sketchbook
  • where to start your work
  • not to get lost in architecture details
  • capture & filter your impression, mood, and atmosphere of the place

In the demonstration lesson of this class, you'll be able to dive into the atmosphere of the place and follow me as a create my architecture impression sketch in Barcelona. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Alina Harvi

Artist & Traveler



Hi all, thank you for checking out my Skillshare page! I'm Alina, I'm a translator, manager, and self-taught artist.  My two biggest passions in life are art and traveling. One day I dream to combine those two passions of mine and never take them apart. In meanwhile, I create oil paintings, oil pastel drawings, travel sketches, and art classes. 

I love sharing my knowledge, the process of creating classes is something really inspiring for me. I want more people to discover and to love my art and my classes. For this reason, I want to share them here with you and I hope you'll love it! 


You can support me on Patreon, where I'm sharing the patron-only posts with an inside look at upcoming paintin... See full profile

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1. Introduction To Travel Sketching: I believe that sketching is one of the best face to get the sense and atmosphere off new place. You're traveling to taking your time to truly observe a place in order to sketch it. To say there for more than a few minutes is to be for the present at the moment and enjoy it. That's why I always have my sketchbook and oil pastel in my bag back whenever I'm traveling and exploring new places. Hello and thank you for joining me in. This quest with us is very special, as it's the first spot, all the whole drivel sketching course. These girls will include all kinds of aspects of troubles catching like our conductor nature impressions, capturing the moment, the atmosphere off the place, grating landscapes or cityscapes, street sketches and much more with practical demonstrations and pieces of advice, this car's begins with one simple yet very important class architecture impression. We can all agree that architecture is a vital part off every city, so I will show you what to begin with, how not to get too overwhelmed with rejection details, how to create your impression of the place and capture its mood and atmosphere before we start in. Next lesson, I'll talk more about by creative will sketches in first place 2. Why & Where To Begin: So when I'm traveling, whatever I go, I love taking photos and videos of the new place. It's something most people dio, and it's clear right? It's the best they toe save to capture the moment and to share it with your friends, your family later. But sometimes it can pull you out off the moment and the place. You might get a feeling that there's a much screen time. It feels meaningless to watch at this gorgeous, beautiful new places for your display. That's why I always have my schedule and oil pastel in my backpack. Wherever I'm traveling and exploring new places, I personally believe that travels catching Istvan off the best face to get the sense and atmosphere off the new place you're traveling toe. Taking your time to truly observe a place in order to sketch it. To stay there for more than a few minutes is to be fully present at the moment you enjoy. Now, as I have already mentioned, I create my sketches with oil. Bust them. There are turns off medium you can join. So like what a colorists, acrylics, pencil spends markers or driver cell. As an artist, I usually work with oil, but it wasn't an option for travel sketching as it gets dry really slow, and I needed something more compact for my backpack. So the next obvious option form Iwas oil pastel and I really liked it. It's sexual, vibrant colors as well as mixing and techniques potential for me. It waas also crucial that I don't have to deal with water and brushes which A's me out off nerves and basing my back. Doctor, I'm not trying to convince you to use oil gas cell for your travel sketches. Know what in French you say is to choose the medio you feel comfortable working with. So I recommend you to find your Medio dr two things out and see what you enjoy the mosque. After you know your medio, you can just the sketchbook. There are plenty on sketchbooks on the market, so it won't be a problem for you to choose one. There are only two things to consider, then the Justin Sketchbook. It's ah, paper quality and its size. Just the sketchbook over the paper, which fits your made on the most. The size of sketchbook is a question off your personal choice. I personally prefer smaller sketchbooks for two reasons. Get stuck on small details. Then I'm sketching. Small size helps me to let go off unnecessary details and to concentrate on creating an impression off the place and not its exact copy. Eso here are my two most favorite sketchbooks. There is. You can see they're pretty small and, yeah, the size difference. So it's up to you. It's your personal choice. I can through the SE, which one I prefer because I love them both. You can have a now aboard inspiring or nice looking place you're gonna find while traveling . When you're wandering and exploring the new place, look at their potential compositions and colors and shapes that surround and inspire you. It can be either one of the popular seaside's off the space or just a busy marketplace. Anything, anything that inspires you, it can be pretty challenging sometimes just to pull out your art supplies in the middle or busy touristic place and to start working. So I recommend you to find the place where you can the seed or stand without people pushing you. There. You can relax and feel the blaze and atmosphere when I find a really nice place to seat on sketch. I don't want to leave it too fast, so I usually try to create one sketch not longer than 10 15 minutes. They say I can create few sketches off the place with different compositions or ankles, so that's why quick sketching is such a good idea for you. In the next lesson, I'll demonstrated the process off terrible sketching. 3. Creating Architecture Impression: So on this video, I'm sketching Inbursa Vonna sitting on the bench in a little park or right behind the Sagrada Familia. The picture on the left shows exactly what I see sitting on the bench. The place is very busy, so I want toe take my time about not more than 10 15 minutes. If everything in these kind off sketching is that you don't feel the pressure like you have to create the masterpiece, especially if you work on small sketchbook. There is no place for smallest details. It's just your impression on the face. You just filter your impression for colors, shapes and composition, capturing the feeling off the place so the architectural details are not important for me. Here I am far more interested off capture in the feeling, my impression off this place, which is busy, hectic, warm and out, a bit chaotic. So first thing I usually do is I create some kind off foundation or background for my sketch. It's usually a few big shapes, like sky and ground. So today I'm going only with Sky, and I want to leave some space untouched. So I'm just adding some blue here and, uh that will be my foundation for my sketch. So now over top off that sky, I can add a new layer. These new layer will define a composition off the environment. What I see is the cigarette of Familia, and this layer will have two functions. It will define the composition off the environment. Off this charge, times looking end. And the second function will be the color statement. So I don't think much about the colors in here right now. What I'm aiming to make is to make it a form, because it will show my emotional experience off this place, which is warm, sunny day. So for this color statement, I'm choosing warm yellow ocher or brown colors. And now I'm just looking at the shape off the charge and trying to copy that on my sketchbook. And once it will be done, I will be able to complete these sketch and make it look more interesting. And so I will add another layer with a few more new colors and ah, few more details. Now, when I entered the second player to my sketch now I can create some architecture in here. As I said before, I don't want toe tap into too much details in here. I just want toe at few more new colors in order to capture the impression off this place and to make these church recognizable. But don't try to create the exact copy over what you see, though. Don't be afraid to modify your sketch to feed your impression and composition. It's up to you to choose what will be there in your sketch just because you see that it doesn't mean it has to be there in your sketch to like, for example, as you can see on the picture on the left. There's lot off reason there some cars, a lot off different objects. But what I'm choosing to sketch is only the church, because it's what important for me here. It's about a bona to capture in my sketchbook, so once again, don't to be afraid. Toe quantify what you see, according to your impression. For example, as you can see you, this church, it's it's beautiful, and it has so many little details. It's so huge and off course I'm not gonna invest my time into and trying toe copy that all . Instead, I'm adding more dark almost black and dark brown along lines with my oil bus tell these black and dark brown lines are helping me toe capture these busy and hectic a life that's going around this church. So many tourists, so many people, so many motion, even though I wanted to make it warm, make it more Auker or yellow colored. I still want to add these different these opposite emotion. No. So these black and dark brown lions will be my last layer on this sketch. They will represent the smaller shapes on this charge, and, as you can see there politick, they help me took up to these business off the place, this motion. So, as you can see, this sketch looks very simple, doesn't have small details in there, but still I believe it represents. Ah, and it captures show was my feeling on this place. So once again, when I start working on my travel schedule, I start to buy great and a foundation or background, which is usually sky, ground or sea. The second player will help you to define the composition over the sketch and also toe create a color statement. After that, you can break up your layers into a smaller shapes, which will help you to capture the impression of this place so that you can use ah, different colors and shapes. And don't forget that you're free to modify whatever you see and Teoh show your vision off the space. And so these last smaller shapes which you will add at the end. Although sketching will help you toe define your impression your emotion about this space and to make the place that I'm more recognizable. - Yeah , - yeah , like like did you way? 4. Final Words: So that's it. Thank you so much for joining me in this class. I hope you enjoyed it. And that for your next trip you will have a sketchbook in your backpack too. For the project. Off this class, I want you to just the medium. For eternal sketching. Choose a photo off popular charge or building you took on your last trip. Try to recall the atmosphere. The mood you felt there and create a sketch off protection impression. This Don't forget to share it in a project gallery.