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Travel Sketching: Capturing The Charm Of The Street

teacher avatar Alina Harvi, Artist & Traveler

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Getting Ready

    • 3. Street Sketching

    • 4. Final Words

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About This Class

This is the third class of the Travel Sketching Course where you'll learn about capturing your impression, mood, and atmosphere of new places in your sketchbook while traveling. 
1. Travel Sketching: Creating Architecture Impression In 10 Mins
2. Travel Sketching: Creating Cityscape Impression

Taking your time to truly observe a place in order to sketch it, to stay there for more than a few minutes is to be fully present at the moment you enjoy. And who wouldn't like that, right?

In this class you will learn:

  • how to get ready for street sketching¬†
  • where to start your work
  • finding and capturing street charm

In the demonstration lesson of this class, I'll create sketch of charming little street of Venice I was traveling to on September 2019. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alina Harvi

Artist & Traveler



Hi all, thank you for checking out my Skillshare page! I'm Alina, I'm a translator, manager, and self-taught artist.  My two biggest passions in life are art and traveling. One day I dream to combine those two passions of mine and never take them apart. In meanwhile, I create oil paintings, oil pastel drawings, travel sketches, and art classes. 

I love sharing my knowledge, the process of creating classes is something really inspiring for me. I want more people to discover and to love my art and my classes. For this reason, I want to share them here with you and I hope you'll love them! 


You can support me on Patreon, where I'm sharing the patron-only posts with an inside look at upcoming paint... See full profile

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1. Introduction: dribbles Kitchen is one of the best ways to get the sense and atmosphere off the new place . You're traveling to taking your time to truly observe place in order to sketch it. To stay there for more than a few minutes is to be fully present at the moment to enjoy Hello and thank you for joining me in this class. This is the first class travel sketching course. There you will learn about all kinds off suspects off Charles, catching my architectural landscapes impression capture the mood and atmosphere of the face , landscapes to escape streets and much more with practical demonstrations and pieces of advice. In the previous classes. Off this course, we have learned about creative architecture and cityscape impression sketches, So if you haven't seen them yet, you can find them in. My profile. In this class will continue this travel sketching course with learning how to sketch on capture, the atmosphere off the streets. Sketching streets can be very rewarding. They are full of different buildings, colors, motions, shape. I will show you what to begin with, how not to get too overwhelmed with details you see on the streets and how to create your own impression off the place and capture its mood and atmosphere. 2. Getting Ready: so, as I have already mentioned in the previous last ST sketching can be very rewarding but also overwhelming. At the same time, streets powerful off different buildings. People motion colors. When you draw streets in your sketchbook, your filter your impression off these streets through composition, colors and shapes. It can be pretty challenging sometimes just to pull out to your art supplies in the middle on the busy street and toe. Start working. So I recommend you to find the nice place that you can seat or stand on. There. You can relax and die into atmosphere off this place, but you have found some inspiring place you want to draw and a place you can stay to do that. The only thing that left for you is so sketching itself. Schedule Streets is complex, as they usually have so many objects, not toe. Get lost in the details. Try to keep in mind that capture in your feeling and impression off. This place is far more important than toe. Create exact, detailed copy off the street in next lesson. I'll show you how I create streets, catches and how I capture my impression off this place 3. Street Sketching: I know that sometimes the hardest thing in the whole sketching process is to start. So to overcome these bank and west intimidation, I follow a few simple steps have developed by great in my travel sketches. So the first thing I do is I started by using just a few biggest shapes to create a kind of foundation for my sketch. So let's take a look at these reference photo. The main areas see here is sky ground and buildings areas, so the first logical step here will be to divide the canvas into three main sections. In this case, adding just a few simple lines to identify the buildings here will help me. To start on. Defined in the composition, started with a few simple lines, is also a good start as it's easy to fix or to add some new shapes is usually these classical be demonstrating based. I will walk you through the whole process or create in this cage while explaining my every step off the process. A second see in this class, I will be using oil, pastels and small sketchbook, too. Small size of sketchbook helps me not to get lost in details reminds me that the most important thing here is to catch the feeling off the place, not to create its exact coffee. You can use any me, too, and materials for these class. Anything you will be comfortable to. You spend your traveling. Okay, so let's go to the next step there. We will add colors to these big plane shapes. This first layer off color will help you to make a color statement and create a solid background for your sketch. For example, when I look at my reference water, I see a lot of sunlight and rooms there, and I want to keep it that way in my sketch. So I started with this guy. I wanted to be bright and clear. So in today, sketch I will be using only blue color for my Skype. After that, I will add some neutral color into the ground and proceed to the most interesting, insignificant part of this cage to the buildings again on the stage, we just and the ground colors to the sketch. So try not to other think it. I'm ed in men colors to the buildings here, mostly taken into account my impression of the place, and the main Culebra lets I see on the photo, which is mostly brown yellow okra, and I thought of it a pink and white buildings as a reference for today's sketch. I will be using a water I took on my last trip to Venice in autumn 2019. You can use your own photo reference, maybe a photo off some nice charming street to talk on your last trip. If you like for two arm using and you want to sketch from it, I will leave it for you in the Project and Resources section. Just keep in mind that you can only download it from your laptop. He won't be able to find this section in the APP. Capture in the charm off the streets is easy when you notice some interesting details and appreciate its uniqueness. So what usually adds charm to the street can be lots of things, from colors and shapes to people and motion off the street. Find something that catches your intention and save it in your sketch. For example, in the gays off the streets I'm sketching today, I say its charm in these buildings on smoke affair. There, people enjoying their A parole and conversation. I say its charm in few passengers and told green trees after crowded touristic places in Venice. Being on this street, for me was like a breath of fresh air. Baykal and relaxing. So once have entered, Teoh made the ground colors. I can proceed to adding more smaller details to this sketch, like small windows and doors. The jurors I see on the reference photo off this objects. I consider smaller shapes, and I add them on the top off the background. This will create a deeper and more complex image. - I will also add this tree I see on the reference photo. I don't want to ignore it in my sketch. It adds certain depth and makes the composition more complete. A sale was empathized to my students in the troubles catching glasses. You don't have to create a masterpiece. An exact copy off your reference photo. All the streets you see venues. Kenshin, don't be afraid to modify your sketch to Pete your impression and experience off this place . It's up to you to choose what will be there in your sketch. So if you don't want this three here for example. Don't feel bad if you will just ignore it, because once again, it's your sketch, your impression or and your view change the colors, shapes, compositions. When I feel that I've added all the details, I wanted the last thing cramp. What I wanted to do on the finish line is to get people to this Kinch. For me, this is very important stage in the process, all streets catching because people and motion are the essential part of the streets. They add these unique charm. That's why every time I sketch streets, I'm trying to add people to it. When I do so, I'm trying to dive into too much details. I just add simple shapes and few basic colors to that, and that's it. Once you've added people to a sketch, it's almost done on the stage. Off the sketching. It's time to take a look at your sketch. Maybe at a few list details. I fixed something you don't like. I sometimes feel of the leg off the picture, and in this case I usually used some sharp objects to scratch a little bit off oil pastel from the gambles to add more texture and make it more interesting? No. And that's it. The streets gave sketch is ready. In the next lesson, I will talk about a project for this class for you. 4. Final Words: So that's it. Thank you so much for joining me in this class. I hope you enjoy this and that. For your next trip, you will have a sketchbook in your backpack for the project off this class, I want you to choose the medium for your travel. Sketching? Choose a fortune reference off the streets. You talk on your last tree. Try to recall the atmosphere on the mood on this place and create a sketch off this series impression. And please stop. Forget to a share. 18 Project gallery. Uh