Travel Sketching: Capture a Favourite Place in Watercolor | Nic Squirrell | Skillshare

Travel Sketching: Capture a Favourite Place in Watercolor

Nic Squirrell, Artist and illustrator

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11 Videos (37m)
    • Travel Sketching Introduction

    • Why sketch?

    • Materials

    • Choosing a Location

    • Explore and Assess

    • Start Sketching

    • Composition

    • Preparing to Paint

    • Painting the first layers

    • Painting the details

    • Final Thoughts

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About This Class


Travelling and sketching are both wonderful things, so let's combine them!

In this class we will start by choosing a place to sketch which means something to you, and either go there, or do a bit of armchair travel via Google Street View.  We will take a walk around and do a bit of detective work to discover all the things which give it a real sense of place.  

We will sketch the building shapes, windows, chimneys, doors, and all the little details, then mix them up to make a finished painting in watercolor which gives a real flavor of the location.

This class is suitable for anyone, and needs no special equipment.

Don’t forget to follow me to be kept up to date with my new classes.


Click for link to Winchelsea on Google Maps

Click for link to my photographs of Winchelsea, which you may use for reference if you like. They are not very beautifully photographed, but they are good to sketch from!

If you would like to do more urban sketching on Street View and join in with other artists to virtually sketch the same location, take a look at Bill Guffey's excellent The Virtual Paintout.  He also has a lot of information there about copyright relating to using Street View.


BossaBossa Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License





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Nic Squirrell

Artist and illustrator


I am an artist and illustrator living in Kent, England.

I studied Creative Visual Art & 3D Design at the University of Greenwich and loved every minute of it.

My illustrations are on many products from prints to suitcases and everything in between.

I loves drawing on my iPad as well as using traditional media, particularly watercolour.

If anything stays still long enough, I will draw on it.

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