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Travel Scrapbooking: Bring your Journal and Photos to Life

Iara Baer, Paper Crafting is my way of life

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8 Lessons (24m) View My Notes
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies to document your travels

    • 3. Taking photos

    • 4. Documenting your travels while travelling

    • 5. Words + Photos: Project 365 Album

    • 6. Words + photos: Mini Album

    • 7. Words + Photos: Scrapbook Layouts

    • 8. Class Project

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About This Class


Love to travel, take photos and would love to create a precious keepsake from those wonderful days?

Hello, my name is Iara, I am a scrapbooker-project lifer-mini album maker based in Germany and since 2005 I got serious about documenting my travels and scrapbooking them.

In this class I’ll show you how do I have been preserving my most treasured travel moments using a simple notebook, a pen and my camera. I will also talk about different ways to scrapbook your travels when you are back home.

You will learn what should you take with you to document your travel while travelling and how to create a beautiful travellers diary that is already a keepsake for its own. Then I will talk about my strategies to bring notes, photos and memorabilia together to create mini albums and scrapbook layouts packed with my favorite memories.

I believe that a travel journal is the best place to keep your memories, so you can always remember what you experienced and also share with others.

You sure don’t want to find yourself later wishing you would have documented your adventures. 

See you in the classroom!


1. Introduction: I love to travel, take photos and would love to create a priest. Use kids sake from those wonderful days. Hello, my name is the Atta and Size 2005. Got serious about documenting my travels and scrapbooking. Damn! In this class, I will show you how do I have been preserving my most Citrus idiots? Travel moments using a simple notebook, a pan and my camera, and we'll also talk about different ways to its probably travels. When you're back home, you only an what's You should stay clear if you to do commend your travel while traveling and how to create a beautiful travelers diary. That's alright, Keepsake for its own. Then I will talk about my strategy is to bring notes, photos and memorabilia together to create many our balls and scrap ugly outs. Packet. With my favorite memories, I believe that a travel journal is the best place to keep your memories so you can always remember what you experience it and also share with orders. You sure don't want to find yourself later wishing you'd have documented your adventures. Please take your seats. Enjoy me on skill share 2. Supplies to document your travels: before we start talking about the commenting, your travel let me share if you'd supplies. I used to do mine on the most important thing should take a few on your travels. Beside your camera, of course, are a notebook and a pair. I should take a little more. They prepare in pain because I really love to use all those paper craft supplies that I own . This is a typical books that I think with me it's stakes only small place on my sweet case . And everything I need is here. I really like to have everything in one place like this. So what do I think? Besides notebook and Pam, I beg some stamps, um, acrylic block, so I can use those towns and ink. I do also back pans because electoral sketch who I traveling and so ended some different plans. And this is a time watercolor sets on that also comes with a brush, and I usually take it with me as well. And this is some pains and pains social, right on my notebook off course. And Ethan Razor and supply that a really love to take is washing day. What should they A. Both decorative and also tape so they can use it to blue meme Arabia into the North Book and speaking off memorabilia. I also take some tags and some labels and some scraps of paper that I can use to to decorate and to attach things to my journal in the next video. Who you talk about documenting your travel, who I you travel. 3. Taking photos: now we already talk it about Gianelli. Let's talk about photos in this video you talk about. Choose your camera. How many photos to take, how to organize your photos when you're back home and which photos you should not forget. Today it's really birth unsteady. Always have your camera with you. I always take my big camera with me on those days that we're doing some sites for all other days. Let's see thes the rear only hanging around the beach, for example. I only take my phone with me and that. Sure, this is a very personal cheese, so I will talk about how I approach it is subject. Well, electrically, Lots of photos, and I feel it's a lot when I don't look down on my computer can go through all the image. You can also select your subjects while photographing and be more intentional than I am. The way each one off us document our travels photos deeply personal, and they're not statue. Try to convince you that the way you do it better are perfect because it's your only better to me. So you have to decide if you want, should they? Lots of photos and sell it later. Or if you wanted to be selective, Why for the graphic it away, you shoot downloads all your vacation photos when you're back home and renamed their My Date. This way. The photos were dreaming. Organized, It's in. You can easily find the perfect a snapshot for your journal, our album. Later on Iowa. Select all the photos I took in one day and renamed them to Ah Year Month day for months, and my computer automatically adds numbers to them. These are the photos you should take on your next vacation. Show the please you're visiting for pictures off your family and friends. Walking there. Take a family or group photo will be glad you did it. Do not forget stick ended shots. They add so much riel life to your story. Tanning. Take photos off places off interests from different points of view. And be sure to includes a mix off white angle and close up photos. Combined nighttime and daytime shoots off the same place Impossible. Be sure to also photographs signs with information about the place you were visiting. You can use it this information to add some of the Village Journal interior albums and layouts. Think about what makes a place unique and take the tail photos that illustrated his idea. What about the season? Take photos that show how the nature looks like on the place you're visiting. Take a random fruits. You can always use diesel to close gaps in your album. Later on, Do you have a special travel Companions? The sure wants to be included in your photos. Handled the camera to someone else. This way, you have a different point of field that we will agree to your storytelling. Now that we talked about photographs, let's talk about John Ellen on the next video. 4. Documenting your travels while travelling: If you keep your diary or use a planner, you're all set. Just take it with you when travelling and be sure to make time to write on it. For those off you who not keep a diary, I suggest you buy a travel notebook like a moleskin, or I'll rushed to him 1917 and fill it for the years. Does the notebooks have number of pages? Are blank index and they have pockets inside the back over where you can collect memorabilia. I've really use it all kind off notebooks for the years and until last year, my favorite kind off book, Waas simply my daily planner with a page spreading Lee out. I would take it with me and just keep writing as I make at home with a little more details . So I could later used his journaling for my layouts and many albums. There are a lot of options for size in Kovar colors, and you should just something beautiful, something that you really can you imagine it taken with you for years to come. If you choose a notebook, hey, I'm sure we mind launched to him notebooks. You should not get one bigger than have five size. We sure that the journal has number of pages so you can create an index and refer to eat later on. If the notebook does not have the signature index, you can leave the 1st 4 pages blank. True at your index entries as you go. Actually, my favourites way to the command trip is using our Travelers notebook. I am really is meeting with this former toe and have a read feel. It's your notebooks, one from the some of occasional last year and one from a quick trip to building. This works for me because I keep a daily planner off my everyday life in a Travelers notebook. So it's all about keeping writing on it and making a GNU in Satch to take with me. You see the Travelers notebook for the billing trip, so I made a insets just used in some blank pages, blank paper, print paper, and I wrote everyday ands also collected memorabilia, and when I waas back home, I printed some photos and a dead shoe. Places that I read have left blank for these for these photos, and that's it. I really love how it's turned out and all information. So everything about this short street is here. So now I'm so we knew my travelers not book for the summer vacation, this wasa long vacation. So we were two weeks in different places, and I kept rotating writing on Sorry, but I still did not it in photo studio to see. That's not quite ready. I have some designate place for four to some blank pages, but I still did not add anything to dissipate. Just But as you see, I kept my notes. It's everything written, and I've also a dead Thies, thanks to Joe some this cryptically outs for my kids albums. When you have decided on the Journal, be sure to get your memories on paper while it's fresh writing. Every day we're help human thing. Your momentum miss a few days, and sometimes the practice off writing a journal can be lost for the entire trip. So try to make a notation, no matter how small. Take a few minutes every day to feel a page with the things that deeds and your feelings. Nothing beats a hand reading memory buried with tangible things like tickets, both Scots photos and maps. It's also not necessary to lease to the chronology off your day, including how you got from your hotel to every place visited things like that. It's not interesting. Live it out. It won't be important to remember that you took a taxi from your hotel to the gallery and that it took 15 minutes arrived. Also avoid to only write least it's like identities. And then I did that. Your travel journal should keep your story, your feelings, your impressions and not be a to be sort of list. Yeah, China can be only for you. You do not need to share it with the world. You can keep it fair. So now if you want to share your travels with friends and family later on, you could make a mini album or a scrapbook. I will talk about many albums scrapbooks later in this class. Try to be selective and creative about the memory clear you collect. Keep interesting. Keep in mind that the Travel Jonah are a scrapbook full off maps is just not interesting and that you do not need a brochure from a place you did not visit. You also do not needs to keep each Buell from all the meals you ate. Keep on Lee. What? It's main food. Wherever you decides. Do not over think. Just do it and keep it. I promise you not be sorry. In the next videos, I will show you how to organize and bare words and photos in them Arabia to share it with the world. 5. Words + Photos: Project 365 Album: Ah, great and simple way to document your travels is to take a Jonah with you while traveling. Writer notes. Taken photos and back home at this. Words and photos. Two years Perent. Bridget Life for bringing to 365 album Let me show you how a documented our trip to Brazil in 2012. As you see, I had a little notebook where I wrote every day about the things with it. There is no pictures. There's no decoration, just simple words every night. Not forget what we did back home. I bring it photos, and I put them in this album. That's my pre it life album for 2012. As you see a stategy, we've our trip and the airplane, and the first days when we arrived is the first time we went with the kids to the beach and all the visits with the its ends. Everything we saw, all the words that you see here or just a little cats with words are basically the copy off the words I roads on that notebook. I love to the commenter trip this way because I am doing a Project life album anyway. and it just have to make some spritz that I'm or the stage and the documentations don't. But I did not always took me my entire year like that. And before I used to make a mini album about my travels, and I'll show you one off them in the next video. 6. Words + photos: Mini Album: I really, really love to make many albums off my travels. I love to have a small book with words with photos that I can hold my hands that I can show to the kids that I can show two visits. It's so cool. This is a mini album I made you during another trip to Brazil in 2009 and I made some page Trojan ailing using for the shop and made a mix of paper journal that I took with me in these. Jonah. I had some color pages off Pretended paper. I had some envelopes and I had these pages that I am showing how where I attach Generally, you definitely not need the special page like that. You can just add some notebook paper to your album. But if you can, I believed you want to play with for the shop and make something like that just for an album. It's also really fan. Is the CIA printed little photos and adapt to this the pages now. So there's a pretended beeper pages, and I wrote a lot. This is the original joy mailing that I wrote in Brazil. I did not spell make New carts withdraw. Mailing. Really? I took this Jonah with me in my bag, and that's it's the entire documentation off the street. Yes, here it is, a little cute police. And I might say to you, I love that I love to have everything in one place I love to have. Oh, that's keepsakes and memorabilia and photos and words all together to remember the beautiful days with pants on our holidays. I have another class here on skew share college mixer, paper journals where I show you how to make two different journals that you can take a if you on your next trip. So if you want to land on how to make a journal, I would love to see you in the class room in the mix of paper journals glass. In the next video, I will show you how to do coming to your travels through scrapbooking layouts. 7. Words + Photos: Scrapbook Layouts: another way to the commander Travels is creating its cryptically outs that you add to your arrange album. I make one album for each one off my kids and deadly out Sudan in chronological order. There are basically two different ways to makes rapidly outs about tree. You can make one layout pretty off trip, and this is a very good approach for short vacations. For weekend trips here, for example, we spend one day in Venice, so I should some of my favorite photos that included my daughter bring today and in meat to page layout, telling about what we deeds. And so from that day I took sermon photos that one day they could easily feel an entire album with them. But would it make any sense? I don't think so. Please don't forget that you do not need to scrap all the photos you take. It's about the memories and not about photos. The other way to scrap book a trip is making one layout prayer team. This is a great approach for long vacations or trips that include lots off sightsee. Let me show you some layouts I did with photo steak and during a trip to the Algarve Hit your own import. A girl with spans. Two weeks there and especially out We've Title is an introduction to the vacation here. I write about why and when we went on the Strip and what we did without any deep detainees into. Secondly, out collards Number one I write felt our number one activity during to strip. We spent a lot of time in the bitch and this layout. There's just history. Next, layouts show the most important sites we visited, using a simple approach off, combining photos and words. All the text you see here in dizzy layouts come from my notebook. Sometimes it takes months until I sit down to scrap vacation photos. My priority is always to keep going. The Protect Life Album with our everyday life. I told you that album in a previous video. I can always a scrap invocations later because it is a good return. The communication while way were travel. Here we come back to the subject off the first video off this class, the importance of adrenaline. So let's talk about a class project for disc Lares on the next video 8. Class Project: after taking the class, you should have a strong idea about how you went to the community of occasions from now on . For this reason, the class project for this class is pretty easy, and you can do it right now. After watching this video, I want that you let me in. Your classmates know with kind off notebook will be taken with you on your next vacation. A daily planner. A blank notebook, a Travelers notebook. I also want to know. How do you want to get your words and photos together? Who in your back home do you want to? Just simply add photos to your travel journal and college. Don't the You are ready to make a project Life or Projects 365 album and will endure words and four to show it. We'll make it meaning album. We'll make a scrapbook. Layouts. Please don't forget the secret off. Getting Ahead is getting started. You are also welcome to share a photo off your travel supplies or travel journal. I really would love to see it. Thank you so much for taking this class and have fun documenting your travels. Hope to see you in one off my other classes here on skew share