Travel Photography for Beginners: Quick Portraits on the Go | Mariya Popandopulo | Skillshare

Travel Photography for Beginners: Quick Portraits on the Go

Mariya Popandopulo, Photographer & Illustrator

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10 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Сomposition rules still apply

    • 3. Don't obstruct the scene completely

    • 4. Watch out for details

    • 5. Cropping the portrait

    • 6. Aim for flattering light

    • 7. Candid portraits

    • 8. Show how to make a portrait

    • 9. Don't forget to have fun!

    • 10. Conclusion and project


About This Class

In these short and sweet series of “Travel Photography for Beginners” classes I will talk about light, composition, making portraits and some other helpful tips you may find quite useful. I decided to break these topics into separate classes so it will be easier to digest.

This is the third class of the series and here I will talk about how to make quick portraits on the go

  • How to crop your image?
  • What kind of details are worth watching out for?
  • How to make a candid portrait and why?
  • How to ask to get your picture taken in a way you want it to be? 

So, press enroll button and lets talk about travel portraits!

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2) Travel Photography for Beginners: Let’s Talk About Composition!

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I've got you covered with an iPhone photography class

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Music in intro: “Singing In The Rain (Instrumental)” by David Mumford

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