Travel Photography for Beginners: Let’s Talk About Light | Mariya Popandopulo | Skillshare

Travel Photography for Beginners: Let’s Talk About Light

Mariya Popandopulo, Photographer & Illustrator

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12 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Class overview

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Morning light

    • 4. Midday light - sun

    • 5. Overcast and cloudy light

    • 6. Rain light

    • 7. Mixed light

    • 8. Evening light

    • 9. Shadow evening and sky light

    • 10. Night light

    • 11. Class project

    • 12. Conclusion


About This Class


Once you become interested in photography it is really hard (sometimes almost impossible) to just walk around new places without your camera attached to your body.

You may end up seeing the whole trip through your lens (and on a computer screen afterwards). Which is not really a good thing, unless you are paid for your travel photographs.

So my advice is to find a balance. Don’t just spray and pray that something will turn out ok. It will, given you take a tons of pictures, but the point of traveling is to experience new places and you have to take your experience beyond your camera.

In order to do so, it is very good to know in advance a few practical techniques that will allow you to compose and capture images faster.

In these short and sweet series of travel photography classes I will talk about light, composition, making portraits and some other helpful tips you may find quite useful. I decided to break these topics into separate classes so it will be easier to digest.

So in this first class I will talk about the light! As you know light is extremely important in photography and although you can not control the natural light while you are traveling (yeah I wish I could) it is very useful to know what kinds of light you may encounter and how to deal with a given light situation.

So, press enroll button and lets dive in into the magic of light!

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