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Travel Photography: Using The Human Element As A Storytelling Tool

Tiffany Mueller, Your potential is limitless.

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8 Videos (37m)
    • Welcome!

    • Project Overview

    • Why Is The Human Element So Important?

    • Different Ways To Capture The Human Element & Why They Work

    • Preparing to Travel

    • Evaluating a Scene

    • Travel Photography Etiquette

    • Building Your Creative Process Into An Everyday Practice


About This Class

The human element plays an integral role in travel photography. It's by including people in our shots that we are able to tell the stories of our travels- from local customs and culture to our own personal narratives.

In this course, photographer and full time wanderlust, Tiffany Mueller, delivers a detailed look at her creative process and the methods she uses to create powerful, eye catching travel photos by using a human element in the composition. You'll discover creative ways to incorporate people into your travel photos, whether you're photographing complete strangers or your closest friends and family. This class will give you the tools you need to break down a scene and conceptualize a shot. You'll also learn invaluable tips on etiquette and approaching strangers to photograph them, how to put yourself in the right place at the right time to catch inspiring candid shots, and training your eye to always be “on”.





Tiffany Mueller

Your potential is limitless.

Tiffany Mueller is a photography educator and blogger for a handful of select websites like Lightstalking and LoadedLandscapes. Though based in Hawaii, she is a restless wanderer. Her travel and adventure photography has appeared in CBS, USAToday, The National Parks Service, Mashable, and has been featured on People Are Amazing.

Mueller sits on the official judges panel alongside some of the industry's leading professionals for the prestigious EyeTime Photography Competition. This annu...

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